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About Kerala
Located in southern India, Kerala is an amazing destination filled with major tourist attractions set against stunning backdrops. It is like opening a lucky bag of surprises. Locals call Kerala “God’s own country” for a reason. Down in India's most southern state, serene backwaters offer an approach to dynamic rainforests and tropical wildernesses, overflowing with flavor estates and untamed life. It's a mysterious little heaven away from everything. The province of Kerala extends for 550 km along India's southwest coast, separated between the thickly forested piles of Western Ghats inland and a lavish, damp waterfront plain of rice paddy, tidal ponds, streams, and canals. Its strongly tropical scene, taken care of by the most elevated precipitation in peninsular India, has inebriated guests since the old Sumerians and Greeks cruised looking for flavors to the shore known as the Malabar Coast. Explore this beautiful destination with our Kerala Tours and enjoy every tiny bit of it.

Geography and Seasons

The coastal state of Kerala lying on the Southwestern tip of India has usually been known as the tropical Paradise of India. Limited by the Arabian Sea at one side and the Western Ghats on the other, the delightful land with staggering excellence has an equable and tropical atmosphere offering a satisfying climate all through the whole year. The coastal state has a hot and humid atmosphere during April-May and a wonderful, cold atmosphere in December-January. 

Wedged between the Arabian Sea in the West and the Western Ghats in the East geologically Kerala is remarkable and lovely. This remarkable topography of Kerala gives numerous slopes, high mountains, and valleys, thick timberlands alongside the wonderful water bodies, backwaters, lakes, and seashores. With a region of 38, 863 square kilometers Kerala's coast runs 580 km long and 35-120 km in width. Kerala is the one spot with numerous assorted topographical highlights.

The culture of Kerala is a great blend of both Indian and Dravidian culture and is being influenced by the neighboring states as well. 7 As for the heritage of Kerala, it can be said that this heritage holds a special and important place in Indian history. Providing national integrity is Kerala Heritage. 

This culture and heritage of Kerala are reflected in its various art forms, dresses, and amazing south Indian cuisines. And each festival in Kerala is celebrated with all its pomp and grandeur. The main festivals in Kerala include Onam, Vishu, Eid, Thrissur Pooram and many more. Ayurveda in Kerala can be dated back to as long as 2000 years. Earlier it was done by the natives but now it has become famous especially among the other native Indians and foreigners.


Kerala is one of the best travel destinations in India that has a lot to offer to a traveler on each visit. From the vast tea estates of Munnar and the gushing waterfalls at Athirapally to the snake boat race and the art forms of Kerala, the list of experiences in Kerala is long. Let’s have a look at some of it.

Houseboat Ride on Backwaters in Alleppey

Alleppey is blessed with the charming backwaters; this is heaven for all the nature lovers. Cruising on the backwaters on a traditional houseboat is truly one of the unique experiences of Kerala. Be it for a vacation with your entire family or honeymoon with your better half it is all about a true delight. Excursion through the favored eco-circle of rich greenery, influencing palms, old towns and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Kathakali Dance Performance - Alleppey

Experience an Indian social convention at Kathakali. The arts center has exhibitions displaying the intricate dance-drama along with martial arts. Find out about the importance of different movements as artists are dressed up in energetically hued customary ensembles and cosmetics that clarify their significance.

Thrill Yourself with Water  Activities at Lighthouse Beach

This spot is an amazing place, as from here you can take a look at the captivating Southern coastline. The shining brilliant sand, completely clear water, and rough precipices expand a truly flawless view that will tie you in its appeal. Reaching out to the Lighthouse shoreline is extremely simple and one can either book a taxi or can go for nearby transport like an auto-rickshaw. Respect the excellence of Lighthouse Beach.

Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala Tour Packages



Kerala Backwaters with Beach 

4 Nights /
5 Days

$ 180

Wild Kerala

5 Nights /
6 Days

$ 210

Kerala with Munnar

6 Nights /
7 Days

$ 280

Kerala - God's Own Country

7 Nights /
8 Days

$ 280

Whole of Kerala (Land Package)

9 Nights /
10 Days

$ 180

How to Reach Kerala

By Air

Kerala has just become India’s only state with four airports that run as international flights. They are Trivandrum, Cochin, Kozhikode and Kannur Airports. This makes flying into Kerala easy and convenient as each airport sits in a different region of the state, so you can easily land at the one that best suits your itinerary. Cochin International airport is Kerala’s busiest and amazingly runs off solar power! Karipur Airport is in the city in the past known as Calicut, presently called Kozhikode. It has two terminals, one for residential and the other global. By and by, you can show up here from every single significant city and explore places like Beypore, Wayanad, Kadalundi town and Kappad Beach. At long last, the new Kannur Airport takes you closer to renowned spots like Thalassery, Bekal Fort and Payyambalam Beach.

By Sea

From Cochin, ships are attempting towards the Lakshadweep Islands. Backwaters of Kerala not only as a famous transportation medium but noted as a prominent tourist attraction in themselves. Today these inside water transport systems are the most well known travel product of Kerala. 

What to Eat in Kerala?

There is surely a reason why travelers go gaga over the varieties and flavors of Keralian Cuisine because the flavors of Kerala are enhanced with chilies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and asafetida. So for all those who think Keralian food is all about idlis and dosas you are in for a surprise! Kerala invites you to experience and indulging in the best gastronomic experiences that probably won’t let you leave the mesmerizing state!! Indulge in with our Kerala tour packages for family. 

Puttu and Kadala Curry

A famous breakfast recipe out of the many Kerala dishes, Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake that is cooked in a mold with grated coconut. It can be served with ripe bananas; grated coconut and Kandala curry (the Keralite version of Kala chana).

Appam with Ishtu

The staple element of Keralian cuisine made from fermented rice, coconut milk, coconut water a teensy bit of sugar, Appam is essentially a thin pancake with crispy edges. These crepe-like dishes are best appreciated with Ishtu, a sort of stew that has been initially derived from the European stew and is produced using coconut milk, cinnamon, cloves and shallots, and sometimes additionally mango pieces with the sweet scent of coconut milk is sufficient to bait foodies to Kitchen!

Dosa with Kerala Style Sambhar

Listed among the ‘World’s 50 most Delicious Foods’, dosa and sambhar in Kerala cuisine make up the deadly combination. Made from fermented rice and lentils, the ghee roast dosa is first cooked to the perfection in pure ghee and then roasted till it gets as crisp as it can.

Idli Sambhar

Perhaps the most popular among Kerala food, idli sambhar are fondly eaten in not just all households in Kerala, but everywhere else in India! The perfect combination of fermented rice cakes and a deliciously tangy curry of aromatic spices and vegetables like lentils. Apart from being a favorite of foodies for its taste, idli sambhar is also universally accepted for the health benefits it bears.

Which are the famous Indian Restaurants in Kerala?

Only a real foodie with commitment would know that South Indian state has very different flavors to offer. South Indian states have the best of every food you can imagine. Explore some of the finest Indian Restaurants in Kerala with our tour packages to Kerala.


BTH Sarovaram

The restaurant provides superior quality south & north Indian traditional vegetarian cuisine in a tastefully decorated, relaxed environment. Their skilled chefs can modify traditional dishes to suit vegans and guests with dietary restrictions. Enjoy your meals in air-conditioned comfort at Sarovaram. With a traditional décor and soothing ambiance, BTH Sarovaram restaurant is a must-visit for delicious vegetarian Keralian cuisine. 

Mothers Veg Plaza
Mothers Veg Plaza is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum city. The Ambience here is decent enough and a bit crowded which is justified by the quality of food. The service is really good and the staff will make sure that you are comfortable. The menu is great with a wide range of dishes to opt from. A variety of dosas will be a highlight for you. And yes they serve bananas after your lunch which is unique. 

Dosa De Thekkady

There can be no better place to enjoy crispy, delectable dosas other than Dosa de Thekkady. This place is a famous dosa joint among locals and travelers. The best part about this place is that service is quick without any compromise in the taste and preparation. You will have unique varieties of dosas being served here. Apart from serving traditional dosas, they also like to experiment with the dish which you can order from their menu if you like to experiment with food.  

Annapurna Veg Restaurant

All the vegans out there may rejoice! They serve Gujarati, Marvadi, Jain Thali, Chinese, Punjabi and South Indian dishes. This fine-dining restaurant serves distinctive Indian specialties; this restaurant is truly a paradise for gourmets. Every ingredient used at this restaurant is fresh and sourced only from suppliers who share their values and passion for quality. That is why Annapoorna is different from other restaurants. From name to fame, two elements are key in the restaurant’s ethos-the magical taste and the royal service. Annapoorna is authentic in all respects; not limited to just the cuisine, chef and ambiance. And this even carries through to the interiors of the restaurant, which were designed by experts hailing from the regions where the cuisines originated. 

Places to Visit in Kerala

God's own country, Kerala has some amazingly delightful vacationer goals to hold the attention of worldwide voyagers. There are hill stations, backwaters, business urban communities, villas and considerably more to discover. Rich culture and heritage of Kerala also attract nature lovers from all corners of the world. What's more, here are the best places to visit in Kerala that must be in your tour itinerary. Discover it with our Kerala tour packages.

Athirapally Waterfall
The splendorous 80 feet high and 330 feet wide, Athirapally cascade in Kerala have legitimately earned the title of being the Niagara Falls of India. The overall experience of traveling to these falls is fascinating. Enjoy the mesmerizing views and the sound of fall; it is indeed healing and soulful. This beautiful fall is 80 feet (25m) tall and originated from western Ghat. Athirapally cascade could make anybody begin to look all starry eyed at the start sight. Its excellence is the explanation that it will pull in you towards it. Thus it is an incredible spot to escape with your gang.

Kundala Lake
A scenic place that looks more like a picture postcard, Kundala place is a major attraction. You can go boating at the lake in one of the many colorful shikaras available. A perfect place for a family spot where you can click amazing pictures and it is surely a place where you can marvel at the picture-perfect scenic beauty. With some luck, you can see some cute elephants loitering on the banks of this beautiful lake. Just don’t miss out on this attraction on your visit to Kerala. 

Spice Plantation
Kerala’s history is closely linked with the spice trade that dates back to 3000 years ago. And it is famous all across the world for several years. Traders from many foreign countries including Arabian countries and Europe came to Kerala for the trading of spices. But to be more precise, pepper is known as the king of spices, but here various other spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, and turmeric are also produced in large quantities. 

Things to Do in Kerala

Some of the best things to do in Kerala are as below, let’s have a look! 

Relax with Ayurvedic Spa
Munnar is a hub for many Ayurvedic spas and that is a reason why it is considered to be the best place for your daily dose of spa therapy. So, if you are planning to get your spa treatment done right, consider this to be an ideal place with loads of spa treatment centers.

Go for Periyar Jungle Safari
Thekkady is the area of the Periyar National Park close to Kerala-Tamil Nadu outskirts. It is popular for its thick evergreen, semi-evergreen timberlands, and savanna prairies. It is home to elephants, sambar, tigers, lion-tailed macaques, and Nilgiri langurs. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary can be accessed via trekking, boating but the most thrilling experience is that of a jeep safari. The Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River forms an artificial lake in the area where the animals come to drink water – truly a beautiful sight!

Paddle Your Own Canoe/Kayak in the Backwaters
Kumarakom is a paradise in the backwaters of Kerala – it is a village situated on Vembanad Lake. Imagine canoeing or kayaking on your own in God’s own country. This bliss is an easy reality in Kumarakom; in fact, it is the best way to explore the beautiful backwaters. Surrounded by paddy fields and lined with coconut trees, the sight of houseboats, migratory birds and lotuses dotting the waters and a complete sense of calm is overwhelming. So, when in Kumarakom, paddle your kayak or canoe to row by tiny, colorful homes and surreal, large resorts.

Go Out for Street Shopping
Shopping in the Kumarakom market is more rewarding than it may seem – there are antique items, jewelry, ready-made garments, and ethnic hand-woven textiles, fresh spices and even delicious banana chips! Kathakali masks are quite typical and symbolic of the place and work as great souvenirs. What steals the show is traditional silk sarees sold in small shops that are of great quality and reasonably priced. 

Kerala for Family

Planning a family vacation can be daunting. When considering little ones, it may be difficult to find vacation spots that are suitable for both the young and the older. From beaches, glamour, and kids friendly entertainment parks Kerala has it all. 


 It is indeed a family-friendly place where you can take a bag full of memories. It offers some really beautiful cities that will take your heart away. Kerala is truly iconic and has now become a part of world culture. 


So, if you are planning a getaway with a whole gang, Kerala has the most family-friendly attractions and is the perfect place to make your family holidays worthwhile. Explore it with our Kerala Tour Packages for family. 

Which are the Best Areas for Shopping Tours in Kerala?

We describe Kerala for its charming beachscape, lush greenery, and cultural significance. What's more, every time you go for a walk down its narrow lanes you would need to bring home some piece of its excellence. So, whether you are looking for big brands or some street shopping it serves as a perfect place for shopaholics. Shop until you drop with our Kerala tour. 

Kalyan Silks
Today Kalyan Silks prides itself in world-class showrooms in Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kannur, Trivandrum, Kochi and many others. The product lines are different from other players in the textile industry, and so are its infrastructural facilities. Kalyan Silks has a cord of looms in all foremost centers across the country. In- house designing centers and manufacturing units helps Kalyan Silks bring the latest to its shelves. In addition to all this, Kalyan Silks owns India’s largest wholesale textile showroom, which powers this heritage brand to control prices and maximize quality right throughout the year. 

Jayalakshmi Silks
Ever since Jayalakshmi has been part of the growth story that the city has witnessed. It has been trendsetter in fashion with its signature style of silk. With time, the array on offer has grown from Sarees to include ethnic wear, western wear and branded wears. Jayalakshmi has constantly esteemed its clients giving them the best in nature of items and fine mood to shop in. The inside stylistic theme of the outlets is elegantly done by the expert originators making the shopping knowledge at Jayalakshmi a noteworthy encounter. Adjusted to contemporary tastes, Jayalakshmi has assembled a client base begrudged by many. Every one of the four outlets registers a normal of 5000 to 10000 walk-ins every day. This increases to twofold and threefold in the festive and wedding season. The extensive designs of the stores make it a favored family-shopping destination.

Spice Market
India is known to be the land of spices and various Indian dishes have a good amount of spices and seasoning. Some Herbs, Some Spices and plenty of love is the base of Indian cuisine. Spice Market is merchants of the highest quality, hand-selected, and hand-prepared spices and herbs. Do you want something extra to spice up everyday dishes? Herbs, spices & seasonings are some of the choicest plants and their derivatives, which have medicinal value or are capable of adding that special something to a meal. There is a lot you can do with these in your kitchen & home. If you are not sure how to go about with these, then there is always the option of getting a recipe blog that will effectively guide you on the usage of various spices and herbs. Now, get your hands on some exotic herbs and spices, and then you can always go through the varied options available at The Spice Market. 


Happy Travellers

We Love Partnering With You On Our Travels!

Thank you for reaching out to us! The trip was fantastic. Our driver was a very nice guy, spoke fluent English and kept his car sparkling clean! He was a very good guide as well... Highly recommend him ! Also our resorts and the services provided there were out of the world. Thank you so much for arranging the candle light dinner and anniversary celebrations for my parents. They were blown away and really happy ! All in all, we love partnering with you on our travels! 
Also special thanks to your team for making my cousin Nishad's honeymoon to Mauritius super enjoyable as well.
One more thing. I have cc'd my very good friend Ashutosh in the email. Ashutosh got married this year but hasnt had time for a honeymoon yet so he is thinking to do a trip later this year. He is also thinking of a similar to Kerala trip (that we did) for his parents and is looking for ideas on what fits his budget. I am sure you will take care of him  in the best possible way
Thank you once again! And Cheers and Kudos to the Flamingo team.. 
Ratna, extremely sorry for not finding time to come meet you in person but I owe you one for making my family super happy! 
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Nov
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Hotel Food And Staff Services Was Very Nice

Hotel in Boracay ( Astoria Boracay) was excellent. Hotel food and staff services was very nice. More over hotel is located on beach and whole day it’s happening place. Island trip was interesting and we enjoyed lot.
Reaching Manila, even we been straight for city tour didn’t felt tired . Hotel IM manila also very good . Food was good. Overall it was an excellent trip.
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Ahmadabad   Travelled in   Feb
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Singapore Malaysia Tour-21st Dec to 31st Dec

I thank you for arranging the subject trip on time even though it was finalized in last two weeks of the travel day. Special thanks to Jayarajbhai, Amitbhai and Vidhimam. I gathered my experience of the trip which is narrated below along with recommendations. Few photographs are attached of the trip as requested.

Overall trip was exiting with adventures and filled with unforgettable sightseeing.

Trip: Singapore and Malaysia Tour (21st Dec to 31st Dec 2019)

Overall Summary:  We (Family-Four members) enjoyed 6 days stay in Singapore and 5 days in Malaysia including travelling days. We booked our itinerary through Flamingo Transworld in Ahmedabad, India. The trip was with amazing rides, full of enjoyment, wonderful sightseeing, delicious Asian vegetarian food and lot of unforgettable activities and memories.  We stayed in hotel apartment (2 bed rooms) in both countries and were very convenient. In Singapore;  Sentosa, Universal studio, Singapore Zoo were amazing. In Malaysia, Twin & KL tower, Sunway lagoon and Genting highland cable car were exiting experience. Flamingo staff were very supportive. I get timely support whenever required even at very early morning in India (4-5 am)-Special thanks to Amitbhai. Pretrip briefing by Flamingo was very useful.

Visa and Flights:  We took evisa. We get Malaysia visa in two days and Singapore in 3 days even during Dec holidays pick time. The only hurdle is to attach photo in online application for Malaysia visa during which one may need to do many trials as I did before website accept the photo according to their norms. We booked Oman Air from Qatar to Singapore via Muscat and Malaysia as transits. There is enough time for transit in Muscat but only an hour in Malaysia. In Malaysia Airport the terminals are far of arrival and departure through transit. We reached through aero train to departure terminal. At the embarkation from Flight in Malaysia; Oman air staff was available at the outlet of air bridge  or you can say standing for guiding to reach to gate of other terminal to catch flight in a short time of an hour. We could catch Malaysia to Singapore flight without any delay but could not get enough time to get refreshed however, our check-in baggage could not reach to Singapore with our flight from Malaysia. What we heard from the Singapore airport authorities is that it is frequently happening but not to worry as you would have your baggage available within same day via next couple of flights as there are many flights between ML to Singapore. They were correct, my luggage reached in next flight and airport authority has delivered in night to my Hotel without any damage to baggage. I could wait 2-3 hours at Changi airport to get my baggage but prefer to checkin to hotel to get some rest. Singapore airport authority deliver baggage in night time only (8 pm to 11 pm) if you need them early  you can go to airport to collect.

From Singapore to Malaysia we traveled through Airasia flight-very convenient flight. But at Malaysia airport it took about 3 hours to clear Immigration (due to several flights arrived same time and renovation work at airport). The airport authority has not managed efficiently the immigration, the crowd and queues-very inconvenient. From Singapore to Doha via Muscat was very convenient experience in flight.

Overall there is not much hurdle for immigration accepts the long waiting time in Malaysia where the queue was very long and no refreshment. In case of small kids, it would be exhausting. Singapore is easy for immigration even departure time, we preferred e-gate without standing in queue-very easy.

Sightseeing in Singapore:

1)    On reaching hotel in Singapore, I purchased Simcard (12 SGD and valid for 7 days)which is must to communicate with travel agents, home and to start Whatsup, facebook etc…it gives certain GB 4G/5G connection  and enough talk time including somewhat 100 minutes international call. This SIMCARD is must and first to purchase in Singapore as well in Malaysia.

2)    Marina Bay Bicycle tour (2-3 hours in evening) was very informative during which we get overall view of the city. The guide was very humble and we did 15 km cycling with family. As the climate was supporting, the cycling was not exhausting but enriching experience. I recommend this cycling over the experiential city tour with guide during which the guide took us or can say has shown us through almost same sights as the city/country is very small.

3)    Santosa (timing 10:00 to 18:00), It is best experience in Singapore where we enjoyed Cable car (Oneway), Luge and Skyline, all 5 shows of 4D, Wings of time Laser show in the night (not to miss this), Sea Aquarium (near Univeral studio), Typhoon theater and veg Asian food near the Wings of time area (only one restaurant) , Madame tusaads Museum. We could not complete Santosa in a day and nor had time to go again. I recommend to go at least 11/2 - 2 days as this is the best place to visit in Singapore and Malysia.

4)    Universal Studio (timings 09:00to 18:00): best place for rides, On entering the studio, we took first both the rollercoaster (not Egypt one) one red colour and a hanging one white one – this is best experience-  don’t miss them. In early morning we found very short queues – take this opportunity and you can ride more than one time if you wish- We did total three times., Take locker inside available for 45 minutes for free, push in boats-a good ride, Galacticca roller coaster is another good one but not compared to above both roller coasters, Jurrasic park screen, push in boats and the old vantage car ride. The queue was very long after 11:00 hours even with express pass. All the rides could not be completed in a day. If wish to cover entire universal studio, need at least 11/2 to 2 days.

5)    Singapore zoo(09:00 to 18:00): Little far from city, Best natural zoo where you don’t feel like you are visiting zoo but you feel like you are walking through jungle and meeting many animals.  This is the only zoo so far I visited found without any pungent smell and covered with so many trees and kept in clean condition. A fantastic place to visit. Especially, in winter time (less humidity) one enjoys walking through the jungle.

6)    Garden by the bay (Flower dome and Cloud forest) and Marina bay hotel: Garden by the bay is very good indoor plants and flowers where we enjoyed taking photographs with flowers and plants. In Marina bay hotel we were allowed to visit limited area of the 56 open floor deck where the other part is only for the hotel guests which is real skypark-a nice place for photography.

7)    River cruise (45 minutes), a nice tour but night bicycle tour was comparatively good for those who can ride bicycle for 15 km.

Hotel Apartment Experience in Singapore: Fraser Robertson walk hotel apartment (11 unity street), Location was nice, hotel apartment was very convenient with all amenities like dish washer, washing machine and washing  power,  two TVs (one in living room and master bed room), iron and all other needs. However, the room service was very stingy in giving tea bags and sugar etc….After I complained after 3 days, the last two days it was slightly improved. The reception staff was very humble and treating customer amiably.

Transport in Singapore: All the transports to sightseeing were on private base; a largest tour operator Nam Ho in Singapore-All drivers were nice and explained properly how to reach to inside each sightseeing after dropping point as well clear guidance or pick up point. They use van of their own company normally but sometimes they send private vehicles of their partners but all vehicles were very convenient. This tour operator is very disciplined one and they expect from customer also same- They were never late by even 1 minute and expect from customer also the same (they do not wait for more than 5 minutes of the defined time).

I also tried other transportation like (metro, and private taxi) for my night time dinner. I used to go to Mustafa every day for my veg food (very delicious food in Saravana bhavan, ananda bhavan, Komoli, kailash prabhat etc….)

Last day in Singapore: from hotel to Airport drop, Nam Ho has blocked my call to their hotline number so I found little difficulty in finding driver for airport drop facility as she was waiting in another waiting area of the hotel. Nam Ho has neither conveyed my mobile (Singapore number) to driver nor her number to me. This area is required to be improved. Fortunately, I had 2-3 earlier drivers’ number who helped me on time. Special thanks to Rajesh driver who managed my transport even it was not his call of duty to arrange my airport transport

Airport to Hotel in Malaysia:  Although there was delay in immigration as explained above, Luxury tour (private booked tour travel for Malaysia as Nam Ho in Singapore) has managed my transport to hotel as all their other customer also delayed in coming out of airport although few flights were on time. First we bought Simcard as did Singapore valid for 30 days with 3G/4G 500 Mb data and enogh free talk time.

Sightseeing in Malaysia:

1)    Sunway Lagoon(09:00 to 18:00): Nice place for water rides and few other rides but the place was not as hygiene as Singapore. Scream park was exiting ride. Overall good experience. Driver came on time in morning as well he picked up us at right time in evening even though it was raining.

2)    City tour half day (09:00 t0 14:00): Drive reached late  by 45 minutes in morning due to which  there was a long queue built up at KL tower so it took about 2 hours to visit the deck. Twin tower was very organized and not much waiting time as the tickets shows visit timing which was respected by the tower management. Both the KL and Twintower are recommended for visit as it gives very thrilling view of the city and one can get 360 city view. However, KL tower we visited only observation deck.

3)    We went to Putrayjaya in afternoon- A very beautiful boat ride compared to Singapore, this ride is better.

4)    Genting Highland:  Best Cable car experience-it is much better than the Singapore Sentosa cable car-Although it was one way, I recommend return trip- very nominal price to buy a return ticket from Genting Highland. There were few rides in which my kids enjoyed- we didn’t went to visit Casino as that was not of our choice to visit. However, outside climate was very beautiful, we walked under cloud and enjoyed a lot- Best Asian veg food at Spice Garden-recommend to dine.

On route to Genting we visited Batu cave – A hindu holy place which I recommend not to miss. The given time of 45 minutes was less (we recommend 1 to 11/2 hour) as the place is nice you definitely feel to sit for a while in cave in a very calm and holy environment.

Drive on this tour also reached 30 minutes late due to the mistake of Luxury tour management-The driver was very good person in nature (Shivam actual name Namhoshivam). Flamingo transworld supported to time and return time was delayed by 30 minutes as start was late. Special thanks to Amit who has responded on time in early about 4:00 morning.

5)    Airport drop: Luxury tour has arranged on time vehicle with gentle nature driver

The city tour was not exiting as the driver did not take much interest to show the city- For me it was waste of time and money.

Food:  Delicious food available at Indian street (Asian veg- Saravana bhavan, Sangeeta etc…) it tooks only 15 MR from hotel to restaurant in taxi.

Hotel Apartment in Malaysia: Ascott hotel is very nice at prime location in city- no issue with room service. A very exiting swimming pool at 22nd floor with sauna bath, gym etc…All rooms were very big and TVs in all the rooms. The hotel is close to twin tower where there is a nice shopping mall as well biggest mall Pavilion is also very close to hotel – a bridge to walk for about 10 minutes to reach so avoid traffic.

Advice/Caution: Be careful in Malaysia to cross the road even Zebra crossing with green light to pedestrian as some vehicle driver do not pay respect to traffic light -they drove through red light as experienced, I observed a near miss to one of the family in Malaysia. Singapore even with green light to vehicle they pay respect to pedestrian.
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Dec
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31st Jan Southeast Asia Tour

31st January Southeast Asia tour was our first experience with Flamingo.  You exceeded our expectations from professionalism to accommodations, food, transportations and of course  carefully  chosen sightseeing places from modern Singapore to acient Thailand.

Jayraj is an outstanding and very knowledgeable tour guide. His passion to explore the world is impressive.  His proffesional attitude towards all of us was remarkable. 

Also thanks to all working behind the scene who made this trip memorable.
Sales team and accounting team including your agent Sangitaben in US were very cooperative.

For family oriented people like our group, some recommendations from local tour guide for nightlife shows could have been avoided and less shopping time can allow more places to cover.

We will not hesitate to refer Flamingo to our families and friends for their vacation experience.
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Jan
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Highlights of South Asia journey

Under stress of Corona virus I started my journey to South Asia but by grace of god all went well. As soon as I landed ai Singapore air port I forget about all and enjoying my time

1.     Itinerary of trip was design very well .All most covered all sightseeing.

2.    Hotels in overall so good and bed was comfortable that after long day I got
        comfortable  sleep. Very good morning breakfast sp.enjoy South Indian.

3.     About food , I do-not have  word to say . Very nice Indian food . Baverchi and some local food was good like papaya salad at center marina at Pattaya,food at Kanchanaburi  resort  was  good too.

4.    About sightseeing 

I like to know History and Culture of different country.I like Thai culture,saw

        Somewhere connection of Hindu culture,saw different form of Rama ,Vishnu

        Hanuman. Enjoy all sightseeing.

Highlights of my tour is

1.      Luge and skyride .Gentng highlands, beautiful place.

2.     At BukitMelawait peak got opportunity to feed Silverleaf Monkey.

3.      Railway market ,floating market .beautiful experience, how hard people work for their living .

4.       Doi Inthan National Park. Beautiful at higher elevations,loved Angkha trail Unfortunately did not saw some flowers.

5.       Last enjoy Elephant Jungle Sanctuary place . In my whole life ever got chance to so close to elephant . Searching for food  and feeding them .people are nice and putting lots of love taking care.

6.       Doing painting on umbrella.

Above all you never get chance to do it in very fast life. Thanks for opportunities.

Last I never forget to acknowledge flamingo team who are working hard for making

trip so enjoyable  and successful .

Working behind hotels reservations making my stay comfortable.

Working behind national flight reservations making travel so comfortable.

Working behind restaurants reservations and local food arrangement .

Working behind airport pick up Amitbhai good job . Thanks.

I really appreciate  your time and hard work behind the scene making everything so

Comfortable and enjoyable.😊.

Thanks to JAYRAJ for taking care, giving us surprises, posting next day schedule,

Thinking of us on valentine day and making special for all . Thanks 🙏 again ,and

Saying good bye to you all ,hoping to see you sometime and somewhere down the road .
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Frequently asked questions about Kerala Vacation Packages

What are the different modes of transportation provided to passengers on tour?
At the time of booking, passengers are given different options to choose their mode of transportation like:

In Private Transfer you can also choose to do sightseeing by private vehicle which will be available from one point to another. The private vehicle will be pre-booked on a pre-decided route and timings decided in advance as well.  

Vehicle at disposal means that a car will be with you throughout the travel trip for which timings and kilometers will be decided in advance. If you use the car outside the travel package distance or time limit then it may not be possible or it will charged additionally. Vehicle at disposal offers more flexibility and control over the itinerary. Also private van tours include a coach at service.

SIC (Seat in coach basis) SIC coach transfers depart only at fixed times and stop at different hotels enroute where other passengers may be picked up or dropped off which mean it time consuming. You will be traveling with other passengers and passengers of different nationalities which offers a good chance to interact with people from different parts of the world. Before joining the tour you need to exchange tour vouchers for your original tickets from the concerned office. Many time the tour starting point is not from the hotel so then you need to reach the departure point from your hotel at your own expense.
What is the best time to book?


What is the best time to book?

USA and Canada

Book your tour at least 3 months before the travel date

Southeast Asia

Book your tour at least 1 month before the travel date


Book your tour at least 1 month before the travel date

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date


Book your tour at least 1 months before the travel date

China and Japan

Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date


Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date

What is the best time to visit the said destination?
Inferable from its geological variety, India could be visited round the year. Though winter months from October till March are the peak season for the travel industry in India, monsoon is the best time to visit for experiencing the downpour in Northern India just as the hills or fields in the South for Ayurveda treatments. For wildlife experience, April, May and June months are the best time to visit National Parks in India as it is when chances for locating Bengal tigers are ideal. Winter months are appropriate too for wildlife spotting. Summer a very long time from April till July is best to for climbing, treks and adventure in North and North Eastern Region of India just as visit to Ladakh.
What is the difference between group tours and individual tours?
Group tours consist of certain number of people touring together to a destination. Group tours can be a great way to know new people and explore well planned itinerary covering the best places. No changes will be possible in your group tour itinerary. In each destination the group consists of approximately 40 to 55 members.

Individual tours are tailor made tours designed and arranged just for you. You have a liberty to choose your own hotels, and attractions as per your taste.
What kind of food is offered to travelers on tour?
Meals which will be provided on tour will be mentioned in your tour itinerary. Usually meal menu contains of Indian vegetarian food, Jain food (no onion, no garlic, no potato), local vegetarian food, if requested Indian non-vegetarian food and local non-vegetarian food. 

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