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Things To Do In Kerala

Kerala’s beautiful and vibrant culture is evident in its landscapes, food, and clothing of people as well as the cultural arts. Kathakali is the traditional dance form of the culture in Kerala and Kumarakom is a good place to witness an authentic dance performance. The colorful appearance of the dancers, their facial expressions and the accompanying music are a sight to behold. You should check with the hotel/resort that you are staying for the best place to catch these performances while you are there.


Houseboats stay in Kerala is a key to memorable holiday and the best options of Houseboats you can find in Alleppey. This beautifully designed houseboats features almost all amenities that you wish to see in a luxury hotel. The feeling of staying in the houseboats is itself a magical and a memorable experience. During your stay you will get the opportunity to appreciate an investigation of tidal ponds and delightful little islands situated in the backwaters. It additionally comprises of a lot of room to oblige your whole family and it is in fact an incredible decision for the individuals who are arranging a Kerala get-away.Some of the different types of houseboats in Alleppey are ATDC house boats, Johnson’s Eco houseboats, and bright water cruise, Angel Queen Houseboats, Blue jelly cruise, rainbow cruises, olala cruise and many more. Enjoy your stay at houseboats in Alleppey with our Kerala holiday tour packages.


Kumarakom is the heart of backwaters. Here one can see everything Kerala is known for - backwaters, scenery, museums and course beaches. After a day-long historical tour, a trip to the beach can be a rejuvenating experience. The pristine water of the beach is best suited for activities such as swimming, water polo, snorkelling, volleyball and other water sports activities. To switch to the best in you, practice yoga and meditation on the beach, its calm and clean. Ayurveda massage offered by some local masseurs at beach resorts is revivifying the senses and soul. Along the coastline, there are some beach resorts and eat-in shacks that offer scrumptious seafood. Take a walk down the shoreline and see the rhythm of nature at its best.


Theyyam is a terrific move celebration in Kerala is praised numerous districts of the state including Kasargod. It is considered as the Dance of Gods since it is performed to respect the saints and familial spirits. It is supposed to be custom move in Kerala and is otherwise called Kaliyattam and fuses a move, music and emulate. It goes back to Dravidian age and it is supposed to be the piece of old ancestral culture of Kerala. It is different from other dance forms due to its unique style, makeup, costumes, songs, choreography etc. Theyyam exhibitions incorporate the legends and accounts of the numerous divine beings and heavenly spirits in Kerala folklore, and its entertainers are watchful and focused on guarding the immaculateness of the artistic expression and safeguarding its ceremonial legacy.Witness this vibrant dance performance on your trip to Kerala.


Developed in India, over 3000 years ago, Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest system with is focused on the balance of therapies that heals calms and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. The resorts that provide such treatments are plentiful in Kerala. All the resorts are well managed and have an extensive range of spa, massages and treatments. And now gradually Kerala has been picking up ubiquity as a comprehensive wellbeing objective that offers all sort of mending spas, treatments, spa and different medicines.So, now let’s take a look at some of the best resorts in Kerala

- Kairali 

- Poovar Island resort 

- The river retreat he