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About India

A country we are loyal to, a country we are proud of, is a country full of travel marvels. Thanks to the concept that the world is a global village, we Indians are constantly attracted to venturing into new countries as favorable travel destinations. India is a kaleidoscope in terms of the kind of locations it consists of. This is one of the very few countries in the entire world which has almost all kinds of physical locations that are prevalent on the planet. We can get an idea about the same that the northern border is made up of the grand Himalayas; three sides are covered with the massive Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal along with the Indian Ocean. Despite being a literal hub of extremely rich culture and heritage, India also has wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. It is a very rare feature that the same land has such a wide variety of destinations all in one place. Explore beautiful destinations with our All India tour packages and enjoy every tiny bit of it. 

Geography and Seasons

The temperature and climate conditions in India are extremely wide due to its vast geographic scale along with varied topography. Due to this, India consists of six major subtypes of climate, ranging from arid deserts to glaciers, from a basic humid climate to pleasant monsoon winds. According to the meteorological department, India hosts the four major seasons namely, summer, winter, early monsoon, and late monsoon. 

The climate in India varies from a tropical monsoon climate in the south to a temperature in the North. If you are thinking of visiting Delhi then best visit the capital in October, November, February, and March. That’s when the nights are cool and the days are filled with a little sunshine. Most of the rain falls between July, September but they are not the tropical rains you’ll experience in India’s coastal cities. 

The Culture

Indian culture and conventions are something which has now turned out to be prestigious all across the world. We as a whole allude to India as its way of life as something assorted and one of a kind. Indian culture is loaded with a few special traditions and customs which pariahs may discover are extremely interesting.

Unity and Diversity- these are words; however something those are profoundly appropriate to a nation like India that is staggeringly wealthy in culture and legacy. A couple of citations or explanations can’t depict the platform that India clutches the world guide on account of its bright and one of a kind culture. From the hours of Mauryas, Cholas, and Mughals to the time of the British Empire, India has consistently been popular for its conventions and cordiality.

The Experiences
Travelers from all corners of the world and over the centuries have been spellbound with India and each has returned home with a big smile and cherished experiences. India being the unique land of Unity in diversity is not just a country but rather a collection of memorable experiences. From its rich heritage, history, culture, festivals, amazing things to do, and interesting places to see, mouth-watering cuisines and transportation each aspect of your holiday in India will turn out to be fascinating. Some of the most unique experiences in India are as below; be a part of it with our India vacation packages let’s have a quick look at it.

Camp at the salt desert of the Rann of Kutch
The salt marshland of India, the Rann of Kutch is a wonder that words miss the mark for. The feeling of the white sands as far as the eye can see is a rare experience. When the full moon shines on the white landscapes the sight is ethereal. India invites visitors to this unique topography and when you visit it on the occasion of Rann Utsav you would never like to leave. The barren landscape bursts into the countless colors from November to February.

Marvel at the architectural wonder-Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal is one of its kinds and to be able to view it is an experience you do not take lightly. Listed as one of the wonders of the world this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a white marble mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The magnificence of the structure will leave you awe-struck. 

Cruise through the backwaters of Kerala
As we all know, Kerala is blessed by nature and the backwaters are one of the unique features. The Way Rivers, lakes, sea and other water bodies merge together to become a network, is heavenly. A houseboat journey on the backwaters is one of the most wonderful encounters in India. The difference is the houseboats are still built traditionally from natural products and the views you enjoy are simply unparalleled.

India Tour Packages

India Tour Packages



Kerala Backwaters with Beach

4 Nights /
5 Days

$ 180

Sikkim Saga

7 Nights /
8 Days

$ 410

Majestic Mysore Coorg Ooty

6 Nights /
7 Days

$ 400

Karnataka Golden Triangle  

5 Nights /
6 Days

$ 260

Scenic Himachal

7 Nights /
8 Days

$ 340

How to reach India

By Air

India has four major air terminals in the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport and the Indira Gandhi International Airport are some of the best airports. The other significant air terminals are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi. There are various direct and non-stop flights to these air terminals from all the significant nations on the planet. Significant Indian carriers incorporate Air India, Jet Airways and Indigo. The secondary points of entry to India are through Jaipur, Goa, Trivandrum, Trichy, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, and Pune. 

By Sea
Kochi, Mumbai, Goa, and Mangalore four are the major ports in India and Costa Cruise lines run between Maldives, Sri Lanka, and India. It is a feasible option to reach India by waterways.

What to eat in India?

Do you feel hungry when you see Indian food recipes with pictures? You are not alone! One of the most famous cuisines in the world holds a special place in the hearts of all the travelers and locals from all corners of the globe. It is no surprise that Indian restaurants are now popping everywhere, even in little towns you have probably never heard of! Taste some finest food in India with our vacation packages India. Some of the best vegetarian dishes you can try in India are as below; let’s have a quick look at it.

Indian Chaats
Chaats (savory street side snacks) are the mainstay of Indian street food. Well known snacks that include Kachori, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, and masala Puri, with a base of puffed rice and peas, vegetables and flavors. Chaats started in north India and steadily spread to each niche and corner of the nation. It's no exaggeration to say that once you've tried chaats, you will keep going back for more. 

Dhokla is a very famous vegetarian food item that originated from the Indian state of Gujarat. It is made with a fermented batter made from rice and split chickpeas. You can have Dhokla for breakfast, as the main course, or as a snack also.

Dosa with Kerala style Sambhar
Listed among the ‘World’s 50 most Delicious Foods’, dosa and sambar are major highlights of Kerala cuisine. Made from fermented rice and lentils, the ghee roast dosa is first cooked to the perfection in pure ghee and then roasted till it gets as crisp as it can. One must taste Kerala style dosa on Kerala Vacation packages with Flamingo.

Idli Sambhar
Perhaps the most popular among Kerala food, idli sambhar are fondly eaten in not just all households in Kerala, but everywhere else in India! The perfect combination of fermented rice cakes and a deliciously tangy curry full of aromatic spices and vegetables like lentils. Apart from being a favorite of foodies for its taste, idli sambhar is also universally accepted for the health benefits it bears.

Which are the famous restaurants in India?

There are so many different types of cuisines from different cultures around the world. One popular type of food is Indian food as the flavors of Indian food are amazing and one just can’t resist tasting it. All over India, some restaurants serve up their version of these traditional Indian dishes with their special twist in it. Explore some of the finest Indian Restaurants in India and taste the authentic vegetarian food with our India vacation packages.

Wangyel café (DrukWangyel Café) - Bhutan (Dochula Pass)
This café at the landmark site of 108 chortens at Dochula pass is popular amongst visitors to get some break from the chilling and foggy atmosphere outside. Visitors mostly prefer to have tea, coffee, snacks at this place. You will also witness the breathtaking views of the mountains, valley, and forests from the next counter. The place is clean and well maintained. At an elevation of 3100 meters, this place welcomes locals and visitors alike. This multi-cuisine restaurant café offers a vast selection of dishes to the warmth of steaming beverages with freshly baked pastries. There are a couple of shops adjoining the café where you can buy some gifts for your loved ones.

Spice court restaurant- Jaipur, Rajasthan
Spice Court is a prime restaurant in the heart of the pink city serving its guests for the last so many years. It was inaugurated by Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chandela to serve a unique experience to its guests in hospitality, ambiance, architecture, and mouth-watering cuisines. Spice is amongst the best places to savor authentic and spicy Rajasthani food in the Pink city. Set amid a wonderful yard, the café has both indoor and in the open-air dining alternatives. Their dal baati churma, which is a prominent and delicious Rajasthani dish, is sure to die for.

BTH Sarovaram- Kerala
The restaurant provides superior quality south & north Indian traditional vegetarian cuisine in a tastefully decorated, relaxed environment. Their skilled chefs can modify traditional dishes to suit vegans and guests with dietary restrictions. Enjoy your meals in air-conditioned comfort at Sarovaram. With a traditional décor and soothing ambiance, BTH Sarovaram restaurant is a must-visit for delicious vegetarian Keralian cuisine. 

Honey Hut, Mall road- Shimla
Got a sweet tooth? No other place is better than Honey Hut to indulge in sweet treats. Try out the wholesome baked delights, and you can be sure that whatever you opt for will have a simply irresistible taste. Acquire the little ones for your families who will beseech you to take them there after a solitary visit. Sweet nothings exchanged over sweets make dates even better. You can just drop in here with a group of your friends. 

Places to visit in India

As we all know, India is a land of a variety of destinations from hill stations to beaches to spiritual places and more. India is the 7th largest country in the world and 2nd largest in terms of population. It is known for its unity in diversity. Witness the mighty Himalayas which is the highest mountain range in the northern part of India and explore the vast coastline in the southern part of India. In the west, you will see the massive Thar Desert in Rajasthan. India has something for all kinds of travelers. The list of best places to visit in India is long, so here’s is a list of India’s best destinations, a good starting point for having the best holiday here. Explore all of it with our India travel packages. 

Patwon Ki Haveli
It is the most important and the largest haveli which is located in the heart of Jaisalmer, and it is not a single haveli but a group of small Havelis. This haveli has a rich history and has many stories to tell. Patwa was a rich man and a well-known trader of his time who built this amazing architecture. This architecture is built with red sandstones in the period between 1800 - 1860 A.D. It took nearly 50 years to complete the construction of this city. Also, there is a gallery in it which showcases the musical instruments used by the folk people.

It is among the largest Hindu temples in India which are basically dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and spread across 23 acres of land. It is known for its beauty and elegance that attracts the number of visitors throughout the year. Akshardham is pure, peaceful and serene which holds the divinity of Lord Swaminarayan and Gunatitanand Swami. It is majestic because of its intricately carved structure that stands amid the sprawling gardens which leave visitors awe-struck. It is a great blend of modernity and ancient value. The wisdom of Vedas, the Puranas, and the epics are depicted in the exhibition which holds special importance on Hinduism. It is built under the guidance of Pramukh Swami Maharaj who himself was an idol of peace, simplicity, and divinity.

Agra Fort
An era which was marked by invasions and fortifications and where power was symbolized by grand palaces and forts, during such time Agra fort opened its doors. It was also known as Lal-Qila, which is the highlight of the city of Agra. It is a symbol of power, strength, and resilience, as it stands today in glory. It is also known for its rich history as it was owned by the number of emperors and rulers and it soon became an important monument for Mughals. The fort, when viewed from above, has a semi-circular shape that is enclosed by the wall of red sandstone. It has various palaces and halls with the magnificent Diwan-I- Am which is on the right-hand side.

Things to do in India

Some of the best things to do in India are as below, experience it with our tour packages to India. 

Indulge in water sports - Goa
Goa has plenty of adventurous water sports that attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Lovely beaches here are suited for various water sporting activities like windsurfing, scuba diving, waterskiing, parasailing, boogie boarding, water scooter and many more. Enjoy the most of your trip here with the endless water sport events held on beaches. Scuba Diving is one of the best water activities to try as seas in Goa are blessed with a variety of marine life, coral and reefs. Enjoy some of these exciting activities and fill your holiday with energy and joy making it memorable. 

Hop on Boating spree in Chamera Lake - Dalhousie

One of the best places to visit when in Dalhousie is the beautiful and tranquil 'Chamera Lake', situated at a distance of around 25 km from Dalhousie. Settled in the midst of thick pine and deodar woods, the lake is a reservoir formed by the 'Chamera Dam' that is roosted at a height of 1700 meters above ocean level. Go for a boat ride with your partner, try your hand at some fishing, or simply unwind, snatch yourselves a 'bhuna bhutta' and sit on the shore of the lake.

Watch Kathakali dance performance - Kerala
Experience an Indian social convention at Kathakali. The arts center has exhibitions displaying the intricate dance-drama along with martial arts. Find out about the importance of different movements as artists are dressed up in energetically hued customary ensembles and cosmetics that clarify their significance.

Sound & light show at Amber fort - Jaipur
The 50-minute Sound and Light Show at the amazing Amber Fort is a must on your Itinerary while visiting Jaipur. Made energizing by rehashing of the different stories and legends of the Rajput Kings, the show reveals an account of Rajputs, takes you through the world of fond memories of Amer, depicting its conventions and the astounding way of life of the illustrious family. 

India for family

Planning a family vacation can be daunting. When considering little ones, it may be difficult to find vacation spots that are suitable for both the young and the older. From culture and kids friendly entertainment parks India has it all.  Consisting of some amazing cities India has its own unique identity and its style- is a patchwork of cultures and people.

It is indeed a family-friendly place ensuring a bag full of memories and pictures. It offers some really beautiful cities that will take your heart away. So, if you are planning a getaway with a whole gang, India has the most family-friendly attractions and is the perfect place to make your family holidays worthwhile.

Which are the best areas for shopping tours in India?

Regardless of whether it is for the world's best brands or spoiling your taste buds as an afterthought, there is much that will demand your attention towards the best shopping regions or shops in India with any travel packages to India. Please have a look!

Marble handicrafts Agra
If you are eager to witness a huge collection of white, green and black marble pieces along with several precious stones, then you have to visit Marble handicrafts. This shop is highly suggested in the event that you are keen on purchasing marble gifts at a reasonable cost. Get stunned to perceive how the craftsman takes a shot at the marbles, do the trim work on it and even cut the marbles with exactness. Get awe-inspired by seeing this customary workmanship rehearsed skillfully by the ages of the craftspeople through ages. Besides exploring the shops and its beautiful collection, cooperate with the proprietor and find out about different sorts of marbles and the antiquated craft of marble condescending. 

DLF Emporio - Delhi
Whatever you ask for is right in front of you at this classy and posh destination; all branded stores, events, restaurants, at DLF Emporio. It has been structured by designer Mohit Gujral as a superior extravagance shopping-cum-entertainment focus. Find the uniqueness of DLF Emporio; India's most rich shopping Destination. An unprecedented collection of the finest and rarest in life, DLF Emporio offers a roof. Indulge in the glittering pleasures of the world’s most desirable jewelers and watchmakers. And you can also treat yourself to a perfectly brewed cup of espresso while basking in the gilded comfort of Café Emporio. It also has showrooms by Indian Designers such as Suneet Verma, Ranna Gill, Tarun Tahiliani and many others. 

Cottage Emporium- Himachal
Most of these are produced by the native people of this hill station, in their homes with skills handed down through the centuries. Many such trinkets are available in almost every shop in Shimla. In any case, the most bona fide ones would be found at Cottage Industries Emporium. Shop some exquisitely carved wooden tables, blankets weaved in traditional patterns, and hand-woven carpets, shawls and much more. Himachal life and the spellbinding beauty of the mountains around Shimla are brought alive in the patterns of these carpets and shawls. 

Rajasthali Emporium
This shop is committed to promoting the handicrafts of the colorful state of Rajasthan, the brand provides a marketing umbrella of the artisans to showcase their craftsmanship and sell their wares without fear of being filed by the middleman. Rajasthan may pride itself on the greatest scope of high-quality materials every one novel as far as the procedure, including the regular colors is the mark style of Rajasthan, other printing techniques such as Bangru, Sanganer, and Barmer are equally unique and popular. Wooden articles of Rajasthan range from the lavishly carved to the absolutely simple. One can find toys, furniture, decorative articles as well day to day utility items, the art and uniqueness of the different regions of Rajasthan.

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