Payment Procedures of Flamingo Travels INC.
1. Accepted Payment Methods:
- Domestic Wire Transfer within USA (ACH not Accepted)
- Checks (Mobile Deposit Only) Checks must be issued by a US bank & in USD Only Deposited funds usually take 5 to 7 business days to appear in the account. Write For Mobile Deposit at Mercury Only on the back side of the Check. Ensure all Account Info is clearly visible. Send a clear copy of all four corners of the check by email.
- International Wire Transfer
- Credit Card (With Applicable Convenience Charge)
Kindly send Receipt of Wire / MT103 / Check Both Side / Payment Details once done on:
2. Payment Recipient:

All payments should be made in the name of "Flamingo Travels INC"

3. Payment Validity:

Bookings will be considered valid only if payments are made to Flamingo Travels INC Account.

4. Convenience Charge:

A non-refundable convenience charge is applicable on transactions made through Flamingo Travels INC Payment Gateway or Link using Credit Cards or any such.

5. Fraudulent Communication:

Flamingo Travels INC disclaims any liability for fraudulent or misleading communication.

6. Third-Party Payments:

Flamingo Travels INC is not liable or responsible for payments made to any third-party entities.

7. No Sister Concern Companies:

Flamingo Travels INC does not have any other sister concern companies in the USA.

For clarification or assistance regarding payments, feel free to contact Flamingo Travels INC through the following channels:
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