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Introducing Sikkim

About Sikkim

Sikkim is a treasure nestled away in the Himalayas. Sikkim is a small state in India's northeast. The state is renowned as the gateway to the Himalayas. With its picturesque landscapes, lush meadows, clear lakes, and high mountain ranges, Sikkim Tourism beckons travelers from far and wide. Whether you are a nature lover or an adrenaline junkie, this captivating place has a variety of experiences to satisfy your wanderlust.

Sikkim tour packages appeal to all tastes and budgets, allowing you to explore the lush green valleys, clear lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Sikkim has a rich cultural past in addition to its stunning natural beauty. Delve into the captivating history and culture of Sikkim as you travel through its scenic landscapes and engage with its welcoming locals. From the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga to the vibrant markets of Gangtok, countless must-explore things in Sikkim will leave you awe-inspired and yearning for more. A trip to Sikkim allows you to restore your soul, immerse yourself in unspoiled scenery, and make lifelong memories.

How to Reach Sikkim

It is simpler than you may imagine going to the magnificent landscapes of Sikkim. Although Sikkim does not have its own airport or train station, there are still convenient choices to ensure a smooth trip. The closest airport, Bagdogra Airport, is in West Bengal and can be used to travel to Sikkim. It has regular flights to Sikkim and is well-connected to India's largest cities. To go to Sikkim, a 4-5 hour trip from the airport, you can take a shared taxi or hire a car.

New Jalpaiguri, also in West Bengal, is the closest significant railway station for people who opt for trains to Sikkim. New Jalpaiguri has excellent connections to many Indian cities. You can take a shared or hired taxi from NJP to Sikkim, roughly a four to five-hour trip away. You can also opt for pre-booked Sikkim tour packages, including transportation from Bagdogra Airport or New Jalpaiguri train station, assuring a stress-free journey to this lovely region.

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Best Time to Visit SikkimThe best time to visit Sikkim is March through June and September through November. During these months, the weather in Sikkim is ideal for sightseeing and outdoor sports. Thi...
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History & culture
History of SikkimThe history of Sikkim comprises interesting stories of ups and downs, of strong and weak leaders, and of battles between many races.Sikkim, the name of the state originated from the w...
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Sikkim is one of the smallest landlocked states in the northeastern part of our country. The geographical location of Sikkim is such that is encircled by Nepal and Bhutan on the western side and West ...
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