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Introducing Sikkim

Sikkim, a wonderland nestled at the base of the Himalayas. Sikkim is the smallest state in the northeastern part of India. Countries such as Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan lie on the periphery of this state. Sikkim is known as the entryway for the Himalayas and also known for its green meadows, striking scenery, pristine lakes, and tall mountain ranges. Along with being the smallest state, Sikkim is the least populous state as well.

tour to Sikkim will not only awaken your senses, but you will also discover the mystic and serene beauty of this place, this state is enveloped with a remote mystery and is far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. Amongst all the other states of North East India, Sikkim is the most popular one. It has beautiful landscapes, tall green mountains, crystal clear lakes, bright rhododendron plantations, tall waterfalls, mystic monasteries, and enchanting views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, which is the third-highest mountain range in the entire world.

The state’s capital is Gangtok and has 4 distinct districts having a characteristic of its own, which attracts tourists to explore each region. The state is also famous for its wildlife sanctuary, which is home to wild goats, snow leopards, black bears, flying squirrels, red pandas, and blue sheep. Along with the numerous options for nature lovers, there is no dearth for adventure enthusiasts. Sikkim is reputed as the base for all the mountaineering expeditions, and also popular for water sports – such as river rafting. Sikkim tourism organizes many treks through the scenic valleys and coniferous forests.

Do not go by the size of the state, Sikkim is a tourist haven as it has many scenic destinations and immense cultural attractions as well. Numerous Sikkim tour packages vary as the duration of stay. You also customize the packages as per your preferences.

Must know facts

Best time to visit
While deciding to travel to Sikkim, it is quite important to know the best time to visit Sikkim as you wouldn’t want to miss out on any charm of the state due to the weather conditions. Sikk...
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History & culture
History of SikkimThe history of Sikkim comprises interesting stories of ups and downs, of strong and weak leaders, and of battles between many races.Sikkim, the name of the state originated from the w...
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Sikkim is one of the smallest landlocked states in the northeastern part of our country. The geographical location of Sikkim is such that is encircled by Nepal and Bhutan on the western side and West ...
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