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Geography Of Sikkim

Leave your footprints all over the world! Know your destination through geography.

Sikkim is limited by Tibet on the north, Nepal on the west, Bhutan on the east and West Bengal misleads its south. It is the least crowded state in the association. Sikkim is deliberately critical for India.

It lies straddling the briefest course from India to Tibet. Sikkim is a place that is known for rich and differed grand excellence, glorious mountains, everlasting snows, dull woods, green fruitful valleys, seething downpours and quiet, peaceful lakes.

The picturesque greatness of forceful snow-topped pinnacles, the most elevated of which is the 28,162 feet Kanchanjunga on the Nepal-Sikkim fringe, has been an image of sentimental amazement and miracle for the general population. It is the world's third most elevated pinnacle. Kanchanjunga has five satellite pinnacles: Jano, Kabru, Pandim, Narsim, Siniolchu. Two standard mountain ranges are the Singalila and Chola, which begin in the north and keep, following a pretty much southerly bearing. Between these reaches are the standard waterways, the Rangit and the Teesta, shaping the fundamental channels of seepage. These waterways are sustained by the storm rains just as by liquefying icy masses.


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