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Introducing Chicago

It goes without saying that Chicago is one of the finest tourist destinations in the country. And the world’s friendliest city has beautiful beaches, some beautiful museums, rocking festivals and top chefs. So, get ready to indulge yourself in the beauty of this amazing city with our U.S tour packages.  Chicago is the third- largest city in the United States that boasts wealth of not to be missed attractions many of which offer unique perspectives of city’s memorable skyline. It is known for its vibrant art scene, numerous cultural attractions, excellent shopping and interesting architecture. Explore this exceptionally beautiful city with our Chicago tour packages. 


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

Chicago is primarily known for its beautiful summers and cold winters. Every season here offers a compelling reason to spend some time in neighborhoods of the city. So best time to visit Chicago depends on what you are looking for. Spring is typically the wettest season of Chicago, winter chills often stick around through March and to April. It is somehow the best time to enjoy perks of Chicago with our U.S tour packages from Ahmedabad. 

The summer months offer Chicago’s most beautiful weather but you still have to deal with beating sun and bit of humidity. You will see people floaking to giant events like taste of Chicago and enjoying the weather on rooftops. And yes beginning of falls is the best and perfect time to visit Chicago with our International tour packages. 

This City greets winter with average cold snap in the Mid west or east coast, temperature drop at 30’s and below during most of the winter. 

History & Culture

The name Chicago originates from a Miami Indian word for the wild leeks that developed on the bank of the short Chicago River. Throughout the hundreds of years the Miami, Sauk, Fox and Potawatomi tribes all lived in the territory. The 1673 Marquette and Jolliet campaign crossed the Great Portage between the Chicago River and the Illinois, 10 miles of level, frequently waterlogged ground isolating the two incredible water travel frameworks of North America, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley.

The first non-Indian to settle inside Chicago's future limits was a Santo Domingan of blended African and European family, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, who touched bottom around 1780. In 1803 the U.S. Armed force manufactured Fort Dearborn on the south bank of the Chicago River. 

In October 1871, a fire destroyed 33% of Chicago and left in surplus of 100,000 destitute. Its underlying flash stays unclear (legends of Mrs. O'Leary's light kicking dairy animals in any case), however it was filled by dry spell, high breezes and wooden structures. The plants and railways were to a great extent saved, and the city reconstructed with amazing rate.

Illinois is Chicago, and Chicago is Illinois. This lively city has been a bellwether for American culture, society, and governmental issues since its ascent to unmistakable quality in the mid-1800. It's known as an incredible place to live, work, and play. From Chicago blues to world-class theater and the absolute best shopping in the nation, this city truly has everything. 

Whatever remains of Illinois drifts by at a casual pace. The greater part of the memorable towns is situated inside the enormous Mississippi River Valley or along other major conduits like the Illinois River. Illinois was an abolitionist servitude state before most others on account of the nearness of Abe Lincoln. The Underground Railroad had profound roots here, molding the state's general public into a tolerant multicultural focus. Guests can anticipate a positive, amicable inclination most places they go, and little demand, even in the enormous city.


Chicago broadens westbound on a plain along the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. The atmosphere is mainland, with changing climate it brings temperatures that run from moderately warm in the late spring to generally cold in the winter. Temperatures of 96 degrees or higher happen during summers; winters can enlist a bottom low of 15 degrees. Snowfall close to the lakeshore is generally substantial due to cold air development off Lake Michigan. 

Summer are often overwhelming however factor, as parts of the city may get significant precipitation while different divisions will have none. Solid breeze blasts in the focal business region are caused by the diverting of winds between tall structures; the handle "windy city," regularly connected to Chicago, does not, in any case, allude to the normal breeze speed, which is no more prominent than in numerous different parts of the nation. Chicagoans rather ascribe the handle to their presumed propensity for speaking gladly about their city.


Places to visit in Chicago

360 Chicago

360 Chicago



Things to Do in Chicago

River Cruise- Chicago
Get a beautiful insight to the city when you take a river cruise which is a beautiful place for all the photographers. This tour gives you a beautiful perspective and opportunity to witness the city’s architecture. There is also a twilight river cruise which looks serene.
Lyric Opera- Chicago
Lyric Opera was founded in 1954 and is a renowned opera company which showcases lavish performances at the massive Art Deco Civic Opera House. If you are an opera lover or even if you aren’t and wish to experience it for the first time, there is no place greater both in grandeur and stature than the Lyric Opera.
Italian Dinner- Chicago
 Rosebud restaurants are one of the finest chains of restaurants in Chicago offering not only the finest Italian dinner but also providing you with an unmatchable hospitality. Their traditions aren’t worth changing hence it is important to relish into the delicacies that are served here.
MuseumResize1280 x 780.jpg
One of the largest museums in the world, The Field Museum showcases you a journey in time and also engages you to experience the various exhibitions and on field exhibitions. Not only their high quality exhibitions but also the spectacular dinosaur and the mummy exhibits are something which will keep you gazed at them for a long time.
Cloudgate- Chic
Cloud Gate Sculpture would serve as a perfect backdrop for all the photo enthusiasts when they stand behind the bean shaped sculpture which is made up of 168 stainless steel plates that are wielded together. This sculpture was the result of a competition and since then it has gained immense popularity. 
Chicago Pizza- Chic
Chicago Pizzas are one of the best local authentic pizzas which you would indulge yourselves in. Chicago Pizzas are an institution in their own selves and definitely do not demand to be missed. If you are someone who savours thin crust pizza over anything else, your search ends here.
Hersheys- Chic
Candy Lovers can straightaway hit the Hershey’s Chicago Candy Stores that sell the best candies in entire Chicago. The visitors can make a candy mix just like the other factory workers.


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