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Extending 3100 miles from east to west and 3400 miles from north to south, China is a huge nation with wide varying lands. Its changing landscapes feature mountains, high levels, deserts, and dense forests. 33% of China's territory consists of mountains. The tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest, sits on the edges flanking China and Nepal. Also, curiously, the masterful writing named "Calligraphy" was presented in China.It has been a source of motivation and admiration for many travelers that wandered out into the otherworldly land in the East. One of the extraordinary marvels that China flaunts is none other than the "Great Wall of China", which is the man-made structure visible from the moon. The Chinese worked over it for more than 1700 years. Visit this spectacular destination with our China and Japan tours

Also known to be the “Land of the Rising Sun” - Japan is said to be a perfect synonym when it comes to the term technology. No doubt, the country has advanced a lot in technology and leads the world for its beguiling technological solutions. With a total of about 6,852 islands, Japan is known to be the fourth-largest island country in the world and overall is the 11th largest in terms of its area. Apart from all these, Japan being economically strong nation ranks fourth for the national economy in the world after the U.S., China and India. Explore the best of Japan with our tours to China and Japan.

Geography and Seasons
China has great physical diversity. The eastern fields and southern banks of the nation comprise of fruitful swamps and lower regions. They are the area of a large portion of China's farming yield and human populace. The west and north of the nation are overwhelmed by sunken bowls, moving plateaus, and transcending massifs. China is a tremendous nation and has an extraordinary variety of atmospheres. Winter is freezing cold in the north, in the mountains and the levels, while it's gentle in the south; summer is hot all over the place, aside from in highland and high mountains.

The nation experiences every kind of season and remains temperate. However, the temperature varies extensively from North to South. The highest ever temperature recorded in Japan is 41.1-degree centigrade, which was measured on July 23, 2018. Similarly, the average temperature during winter goes down to 5.1-degree centigrade. The rainy season in Japan is mainly received from early May. Nevertheless, this could vary as per the local weather conditions of the area. Spring is from March to May, temperatures are warm but not too hot, and additionally, there isn’t too much rain. The celebrated cherry blooms are out during this time and there are a lot of celebrations to appreciate. Also known to be the “Land of the Rising Sun” - Japan is said to be a perfect synonym when it comes to the term technology. No doubt, the country has advanced a lot in technology and leads the world for its beguiling technological solutions. With a total of about 6,852 islands, Japan is known to be the fourth-largest island country in the world and overall is the 11th largest in terms of its area. Apart from all these, Japan is also an economically strong nation and ranks fourth for the national economy in the world after the U.S., China, and India. Explore the best with our China and Japan Tours from USA. 

The Culture 
Chinese culture is a great blend of old-world traditions and westernized lifestyle. The Chinese culture has always managed to retain its unique identity until the introduction of Western culture in the mid-19th century. Chinese religion, theory, and governmental issues: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism have left a group and enduring impact on Chinese culture and customs. Officially there are 56 recognized ethnic groups in China and many of them merge into Han identity have maintained distinct linguistic and regional cultural traditions. 

Yet, at present culture of Japan stands apart as one of the main and the most unmistakable societies around the globe, for the most part, because of the worldwide reach of its mainstream society. If you are looking for something different and a culture like no other you will certainly find it in Japan! 

The Experiences
China-Japan has a diverse landscape, a variety of attractions and even some hidden gems worth a visit. This country boasts of a lot of exotic destinations which should be a part of your itinerary while exploring these beautiful countries. Some of the most unique experiences in China-Japan are as below; be a part of it with our China- Japan tours, let’s have a quick look at it:  

Walk on the world’s longest and highest glass bridge- China 
If you are a daredevil and have a liking for heights, hold your breath we have good news for you and that is The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is now open to the general population.It offers beautiful panoramic and scenic views; the transparent bridge walk also gives you the most stunning views of waterfalls and Quartz River. Not just the walk, you can also go bungee jumping and zip-lining off it. And also it attracts millions of tourists from all across the world. 

Take the ferry across the Huangpu River in Shanghai- China 
It is the iconic Shanghai tourist spot where people come together to take selfies with the famous Shanghai Skyline. But you can take a ride along the Huangpu River for less than 0.50 USD to get up close and personal with the iconic backdrop without as many as tourists. 

Soak in an Onsen- Japan 
Japan has a lot of volcanic activity meaning there are Onsen all around the country. Traditionally, Onsen is separated by gender, and they are a staple in Japanese culture. The most magical Onsen is the outdoors ones with a view. But you will find all the varieties. 

Take a ride in a bullet train- Japan 
There's something magnificent about train ventures, wouldn't you say? Pop on earphones, sit back and glance out the windows at the towns and life passing by. Any course through the mountains or along the coastline is particularly delightful! Japanese trains are broadly proficient and clean, so your excursion makes certain to be an agreeable one. 

China- Japan Tour Packages

China Japan Tour Packages



Splendid China Japan

14 Nights / 15 Days

$ 2,650 Onwards

Fabulous China Japan

16 Nights / 17 Days

$ 2,660

Extravagant China Japan

12 Nights / 13 Days

$ 2,050 Onwards

How to reach China- Japan

By Air
China is very much associated with the urban communities around the globe with numerous international air terminals, Hong Kong air terminal being the significant one with a lot of connections for other worldwide air terminals. Other major airport terminals in the country are situated in the cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou. One can reach China through a couple of direct/non-stop flights. Some of the major airline of China includes Air China, China Southern, China Eastern and Hainan Airlines. 
It is always advisable to book your tickets well in advance, especially if you are traveling in the peak season.Almost all significant airlines and air terminals offer flights to Japan. The countries own two leading airlines like Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA), both serve a wide sort of international destinations. Japan's worldwide air terminal is Fukuoka Airport, which connects the city with a few Asian destinations also. 

By Road
It is feasible to reach China by road as it shares its borders with many countries. You could easily hop on to a bus or you can also hire a vehicle to do so. And another way to reach China is through Laos and Myanmar

How to reach China- Japan

It goes without saying that Chinese food is utterly delicious and the tastiest in the world. Chinese food is full of colors, flavours and textures that appeal to a wide variety of eaters.  Since there are so many choices when it comes to Chinese cuisines, this makes it difficult to decide which dish you should try. To make it easy for you, here we have got some of the most famous dishes for you to try while exploring China- Japan with our Vegetarian tour packages to China- Japan 

Sesame Noodles
The enchantment of sesame oil sparkles on a stacking bowl of noodles right now. It mainly contains garlic, sesame paste, vinegar, and sometimes peanut butter and/or chili sauce. It may also be available with tofu and/or veggies.

Chinese Salads
Chinese people will usually order a cold vegetable dish or two to have alongside their meal. The most famous one is probably smashed cucumber which is simply cucumber with garlic, vinegar, oil and perhaps a bit of chilli. Another classic is spinach and peanuts where the spinach has been blanched then mixed with vinegar and peanuts. 

Sushi is one of the principal nourishments that come into view when we consider Japanese cooking. This delicacy was one of the primary Japanese dishes to be traded to the US after the Meiji Restoration in 1868, and from that point forward its fame has relentlessly expanded a seemingly endless amount of time after year. 

The word 'sushi' alludes to any dish made with Japanese rice that has been prepared with rice vinegar. Basic assortments of sushi incorporate makizushi (sushi rice and fillings moved up in nori ocean growth), nigiri sushi (formed, scaled down hills of sushi rice with single cuts of crude fish or comparable hung over the top) and inarizushi (sushi rice stuffed inside pockets of inari; a kind of prepared, browned tofu).

Called men (麺) in Japanese, noodles are a staple in Japanese food. Frequently saw of as advantageous nourishment, the numerous kinds can be delighted in chilled with plunging sauces, in soups, sautéed or in servings of mixed greens.

Which are the famous Indian restaurants in China- Japan? 

Zest Cantina – Mexican
Zest Cantina has a unique interior and atmosphere, which is a motif of a cave, that the customers feel like you just had time traveled. It is a place that has healthy Mexican foods. In this Odaiba outlet, there are a lot of couples and families coming here to enjoy the dishes. Handmade fajitas, oven cheese nachos, tacos, and Cobb salad is also one of the popular dishes you can try here. If you are vegetarian, please free to ask the staff for vegetarian dishes. Please try sangria, mojitos, and different taste of frozen margaritas with your meal. 

Jay Kyobashi- Gujarati
Jay Kyobashi is one of the restaurants in Japan that serves authentic Gujarati food and has been luring locals and travelers with its delicious flavorsome food. The restaurant features well-known chefs who are known for serving the best, and delicious food items here are prepared according to the customer needs. This place is highly admired by locals and visitors alike. Hop into this place for an amazing experience. 

Ganesh Indian restaurant scores high for its fresh ingredients, flavorsome sauces, piping hot breads and prices that don’t pinch! If you are looking for a lunch/ super break after a long shopping spree along the Hondori Street, make a pit stop here for a nice refill. The special meals comprise small bowls of curry, a bowl of rice, a side salad, half a poppadom cracker (papad) and naan bread. The tofu lunch set is a healthy pick. There are also dedicated vegetarian menus. Set menus are available for children too.
Roopali consistently has great help and reliably conveys superb Indian curries and dishes in an exuberant, friendly setting. It is a great choice for travelers to Hiroshima and anyone looking for good Indian dining in the area behind Hiroshima station. There are a wide variety of curries and tandoori dishes available on the dinner menu. And this restaurant is considered as the prince of Hiroshima’s Indian food joints, and the biggest set includes salad, curry, soup, naan, rice and a lot more. 

Ganges Indian Restaurant
It is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Beijing near Forbidden city, Ganges is visited by tourists and locals alike. There are different outlets of Ganges Indian restaurant in Beijing, and all of them serve mouthwatering food. The staff is courteous and you have your food made extra spicy if you like it that way. They also serve a wide variety of South Indian food- the dosas and idlis served here is one of the best things you can find in China. 

Delhi Darbar Restaurant 
Delhi Darbar has something for everyone. We bet you just cannot resist having the desserts (kheer). Dal Fry, Palak Paneer, and Mushroom Tikka almost every staple Indian dish can be found here. What’s more – you can even ask them for Jain preparation and they will do it, which makes the place even more special.

Indian Kitchen
Another famous place, this is one of the best South Indian Restaurant in Beijing. You can try dosas, rasam, sambhar, coconut chutney, curd rice, mouthwatering curries and some North Indian dishes also. This food is aromatic and full of Indian flavours. The place has a very warm, colorful Indian vibe to it. The service is quite prompt and the food is also delicious. And you just cannot afford to miss out on Indian desserts here. 

Bollywood Indian Restaurant 
One of the most aptly named places around, Bollywood Indian restaurants in Shanghai is a dream come true for most tourists and Indian nationals living, working and exploring the city. The spot has an lively vibe to it with an assorted menu fit for vegan and non-veggie lover inclinations. The food is tasty and the service is awesome. There are a bunch of Indian eateries in Pudong Shanghai; be that as it may, Bollywood stands separated for its style as well as for the nourishment.

Black pepper
Black Pepper is Authentic, Modern, Sophisticated restaurant that offers a range of quality Kebabs with complimented, stylish, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They greatly appreciate their choices and promises to serve you with excellence. Pure ingredients are mixed together in thoughtful and creative ways. 

Places to visit in China- Japan

China- Japan being a massive country with varied geography offers travelers with some of the most amazing places to see in China and they are as below, so let’s have a look at some of it. 

Jade Buddha Temple- China
Jade Buddha Temple, first built in the year 1882, is a Buddhist temple that is gently arranged in the clamoring Shanghai. It is notable for the two bits of Jade Buddha – one is the sitting Jade Buddha of 1.95 meters stature and the other is the reclining Jade Buddha of 0.96 meters tallness. It has retained the culture of China which holds unique significance in the hearts of local people and guests alike.  

Beijing City - China
Beijing City is a wonder in its own, as it generally reconsiders itself as it races towards the future and yes it truly does as it is getting superb, it has a famous past and nourishment is a fixation here. You will discover amazing delicacies, as there are very few places on earth that have the talent to serve delightful dishes like dumplings and chewy noodles. This amazing city is also home to some of the world’s most innovative and modern buildings.

And some of the best places to visit in Japan are as below. Have a look! 

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine- Japan
Shrine means a holy place, which is famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates, which connects a network of trails behind its main buildings. The climb to the summit of the mountain and the back takes around 2-3 hours. Numerous explorers just endeavor to the extent that the path parts into the hover course of the summit.It is the most impressive and the most memorable sights in Kyoto.

Japanese Peace Pagoda
Go for a stroll ('Parikrama') around the pagoda at the apex. You will see excellent works of art carved on sand stones that resemble wooden structures defining the life of Buddha and his relics. You will see the four symbols of Buddha amid the Parikrama, which incorporates Buddha's stances, such as sitting, sleeping, standing and meditating.

Things to do in China-Japan
China is a vast country with an amazing attractions. It offers you with some of the best things to do in China to help travelers plan their China- Japan tours.

Stroll the romantic West Lake - China
West Lake of China is the subject of numerous poems and paintings. This beautiful lake is bordered by temples, Pagodas, gardens and mountains that await travelers in Hangzhou, China. This place is so revered by locals over the year that it was referred to as the “Paradise on Earth”. What West Lake does? It highlights the charm, mystique and untouched beauty of the vast and untouched Southern inland and China.  It is one of the best locations where you can spend some good quality time with your better half. And if anyone asks you to describe this beautiful lake, tell them this lake is the only jewel to fall on the earth.

Interact with cute giant pandas - China
Do you love pandas just because they are cute? Or, do you love them because we all have been taught they are rare and special. The Giant Pandas only live in a few mountain ranges in central China, and there are very few of them left in the wild. The best place to see them is Chengdu in Sichuan Province which is the hometown of Pandas.

And some of the best things to do in Japan are as below. Have a look!
Enjoy 4 Seasons at Japanese Gardens - Japan
Japanese gardens are chronological in nature, unlike gardens somewhere else which wear the same look all through the year except for the blooming season. Japanese gardens, much like their social customs, festivities and even poetry, are probably going to change with respect to the four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. Visit a garden in the island country to see the cautious choice of plants and how the planning grasps the vaporous idea of magnificence.

Wander through Arashiyama Bamboo Forest - Japan
The tranquil Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a characteristic woodland where transcending bamboo forests aim high, making for an all around flawless setting. The path through the forest is open all day and is a short walk from Arashiyama train station. It is suitable to visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and bask in the sunlight as it illuminates the greens. The forest seems super attractive during the fall and cherry blossom seasons.

China-Japan for family

Planning a family vacation can be daunting. When considering little ones, it may be difficult to find vacation spots that are suitable for both the young and the older. From glamour and kids friendly entertainment parks Japan has it all. Consisting of some amazing attractions of China-Japan has its own unique identity and its style- is a patchwork of cultures and peoples.

 It is indeed a family-friendly place from where you can take back a bag full of surprises, lots and lots of memories, love, and laughter. It offers some really beautiful cities that will take your heart away. So, if you are planning a getaway with a whole gang, Italy has the most family-friendly attractions and is the perfect place to make your family holidays worthwhile. Explore it with our China- Japan Tour Packages for family. 

Which are the best areas for shopping tours in China-Japan? 

It is a well-known fact that shopping in Japan can be a rewarding thing as it is home to big shopping areas and malls for bulk shopping as well as small market spaces. To tell you the reality, every station in Japan is a mini-market. We have got a list of some amazing shopping places for you to explore in China-Japan, explore it with our China- Japan Group Tour Packages

Ginza, Tokyo 
Ginza is an extravagance shopping area in the core of the capital city of Tokyo.It is known to be one of the premium and best shopping places in Japan. The area is almost all luxury shopping brands. During the 1980s the land in Ginza was the most expensive in the world. Though the rise in prices has slowed, it remains one of the most expensive areas in Tokyo. You are likely to rub shoulders with celebs. 

Umeda, Osaka
Umeda is the biggest shopping area in Osaka and is the only place that is on par with the large shopping areas in Tokyo. Umeda is the area around the large Osaka Station City complex. The area includes 4 large departmental stores and numerous shops. 

Wangfujing Street 
Located in Beijing, the best shopping city in China, this is the foremost street market here. Here you will come across countless souvenir shops, assorted food carts which sell the most delectable Chinese cuisines, painting stores, and departmental stores. You can find everything from traditional Chinese herbs to modern amenities. This place is a must if you are looking for some serious shopping in China.

Central Avenue
Central Avenue is a pedestrian-only cobblestone street lined with stores, amazing restaurants, old architecture that usually dates back from the Russian era, and the malls. Central Street was part of the original town that was built by the Russians about 110 years ago. It was first known as Chinese Street. You will also find some shops with Russian products, international restaurants, and supermarkets. 

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