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Things To Do In Japan

Japan is the favorite country which never fails to impress travelers. It offers all those things that is on the top of your bucket list. Just enjoy exploring it with our Japan Holiday packages. 
Japanese gardens are temporal in nature, unlike gardens elsewhere which wear the same look all through the year except for the blooming season. Japan’s gardens, much like their cultural traditions, festivals and even poetry, are designed to change in keeping with the four major seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. Visit a garden in the island nation to see the careful selection of plants and how the planning embraces the transient nature of beauty. 
The serene Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a natural forest where towering bamboo groves reach for the sky, making for a picture-perfect backdrop. The path through the forest is open all day and is a short walk from Arashiyama’s train station. It is ideal to visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and bask in the sunlight as it illuminates the greens. The forest is particularly attractive during the fall and cherry blossom seasons. 
There’s never a dull moment at a Japanese baseball game and while you may go deaf from the high decibel cheering, attending one game is still highly recommended. Despite being introduced to the Japanese by Americans, the sport in Japan is a lot more different in how it is played. Some teams have their own special cheering traditions – plastic baseball bats clap rhythmically and jet balloons are released – quite a spectacle to watch.  
Driving across the Rainbow Bridge is the regular way of getting from Shibaura Pier to Odaiba waterfront in Minato, Tokyo, or vice versa. The traffic is generally heavy but there’s a dedicated a pedestrian walkway alongside the traffic lanes that you can traverse on foot. The time taken to go from one side to the other is about half hour while you are presented with stunning views of the city. 
An Onsen is a communal, open air, natural hot spring bath which has a temperature of at least 25 degrees centigrade. The water is from thermal springs that are rich in minerals and are believed to have healing and revitalizing qualities. Much like the rest of the Japanese culture, strict rules of etiquette are expected to be followed when entering an onsen, which includes maintaining the tranquility of the area. 
The Ginza is Tokyo's most popular area for its luxurious shopping, dining and entertainment offerings. It is replete with boutiques, massive department stores, art galleries, restaurants, clubs and cafes with every prominent brand name establishing its presence in this part of the city. From walking vigorously into flagship stores for retail therapy and then gorging on the best patisserie items – do it all in a day at Ginza.
While the fast pace of Japanese cities can keep you on your toes because there’s a lot to do and see, you can also choose to slow down to find peace and tranquility. Some of Tokyo’s blissful, manicured gardens like Rikugien and Kyu Shiba Rikyu offer the perfect settings to unwind. With soothing elements like bamboo decorations, Buddha statues and quaint cafés, spending time here is a rewarding experience.
Disney Sea is a one-of-a-kind theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort which is conceptualized based on the myths and legends of the sea, with seven themed ports. While there’s something for everyone here, it especially appeals to a more grown up crowd. So, head to the only DisneySea in the world and let the adrenaline rush. 

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