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Things To Do In China

The most amazing and surreal experience to have in the country is visiting and strolling around Li River. It is absolutely peaceful and serene and honeymooners could spend a good time here. It gives you a glimpse of Chinese culture but also let you bask in the bliss of serenity. This place is worth visiting as it offers you the utmost privacy admist the natural beauty. Just enjoy your trip to China. 

It is an ancient series of walls and fortifications located in northern china, built around 500 year ago. It estimates of its length which may vary from 1500 to 5000 miles, perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China and its long vivid history, the Great Wall was originally convinced by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the third century B.C. It goes without saying that it is one of the greatest sights in the world, an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. Its zigzag path over rugged country and steep mountains will take you to some great scenery. It is often said that the First Emperor of Qin built the Great Wall. In Qin Dynasty, the first emperor of Qin inked the northern walls to prevent invasion from northern nations. This majestic wall was built as a symbol of wisdom, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. Families were separated, and many workers died and were interred as part of the Great Wall itself. 
Sunny water waves its radiance, Hazy rain tricks the hill but West Lake is always alluring. Indeed, an iconic, representative sight in Hangzhou and is viewed as a standout among the most wonderful sights in China. Its magnificence is the subject of numerous poems and paintings. Legends beginning in West Lake add to it an aura of romance. This beautiful lake is surrounded by temples, Pagodas, gardens and mountains await travelers in Hangzhou, china. This place is so revered by locals over the year that was called “Paradise on Earth”. What West lakes do? It highlights the charm, mystique and untouched beauty of the vast and untouched Sourthern inland and China.  It is one of the best locations where you can spend some good quality time with your loved ones. And don’t forget to describe this lake as the only jewel to fall on the earth. 
Do you love pandas just because they are cute? OR do you love them because we all have been taught they are rare and special. The Giant Pandas only lives in few mountain ranges in central china, and there are very few of them left in the wild. They are rare and special to be sure, the diamonds of the animal kingdom. Increasingly known as the symbol of China, the cuddly and lovable giant Panda lives nowhere else in the world outside captivity. The Giant Panda will also be seen on the WWF logo and also known as a national treasure of China. They can only live in large bamboos because it is their main food. The best place to see them is Chengdu in Sichuan Province- the hometown of Pandas. 
It is a top most attraction in Dunhaung. The Mogao Grottoes are well thought-out to be one of the most important collections of Buddhist art in the world. It is also known as Thousand Buddha Caves, is located on the cliff of Mingsha mountain 25 kilometers south east of Dunhaung city. They are located in the desert about 15 miles south east of the town of Dunhaung in north western china. This cave is a shrine of Buddhist art treasures and a network of plank reinforced roads plying north to south. There are five grottoes with a wooden construction, and it is the largest, oldest and the best preserved Buddhist grottoes which maintain the culture of China till today, with the richest contents in the world today.  

Harbin Ice and Snow World is a destination that cannot be missed! It offers a variety of ice sculptures, snow entertainment projects and theme performances. The attraction holds an annual ice and snow theme carnival, which is opened from Christmas to early March. Here, you can admire the beautiful ice sculptures and snow sculptures that light up at night immersing you in a fairyland. You can also enjoy a variety of snow-themed entertainment rides that gives you added thrill to the already stunning views you have there.


Beyond the splendid lights and old destinations, China's wild heart is waiting to be discovered. The lakes, the mountains, the snaking rivers and streams floating mountains are a land of surprising natural beauty and diversity. Floating Mountains are also known as The Hallelujah Mountains are floating islands that circulate slowly in the magnetic currents like icebergs at sea, scraping against each other and the towering mesa-like mountains of the region.  This beautiful forest is in the sky inspired the Floating Mountains in the film Avatar. Located in the China’s northern Hunan Province the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique landscape stretching over nearly 12,000 acres. And interestingly film Avatar has been ranked in over $2.7 billion worldwide in the box office due to its groundbreaking technology and beautiful scenery. Discover this beauty with our