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Introducing Czech Republic

Explore the destination straight out of fairy tales. Czech Republic is also known as “land of stories” and for travelers craving for something of the European Path, Czech Republic is the perfect destination to explore the European taste. It is a favorite destination for people who are fond of old architecture, monasteries, charming natural wonders, historic cities as well as ancient castles. The country covers an area of just 78,866 sq kms and flaunts 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore Czech Republic with Flamingo and experience all of it where history comes to life.
Top Cities of Czech Republic


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

Czech Republic weather is quite unpredictable and can vary evidently from year to year, though in general the best time to visit Czech Republic is in late spring and early fall which will be 2nd half of May and the month of June and September. During this time the weather is quite pleasant with temperature of 20 degree Celsius with mild evenings. July and August are the warmest and statistically driest months here. The destination is busiest in summer month of July and August. Late spring and fall are less touristy. The slowest times are during winter months of November to March. There is some snow here before Christmas and continues for rest of the winter months. 

The destination is beautiful in the fall when the leaves on the trees change color which usually happens in the 2nd half of October. During this time the weather is a mixture of sunny and cloudy days, windy air, may be some rain, and temperatures still above freezing. In November the colored leaves cover the ground and still it all looks beautiful.

History & Culture

The Czech state can be followed back to the early Middle Ages, however it wasn't until the thirteenth century when a huge kingdom was built up. It was during the fourteenth century, under the ruleof Charles IV, affectionately known as the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor, that the Czech grounds increased any impressive power, with the region later winding up some portion of Austria under the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867. 

After the fall of the empire and the grievous occasions of WWI, the Czechs and Slovaks won freedom and in 1918, framed Czechoslovakia, which was proclaimed a sovereign nation. The territory developed, creating extraordinary framework and control, and turning into a huge political power through a large portion of the 1920's and '30s, however that all changed in 1938 when Hitler drove an attack into Czechoslovakia that split the nation into three states, Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. 

Czechoslovakia was changed again in 1945, after Hitler's annihilation and the end of WWII, yet a significant part of the eastern bit was given over to the Soviet Union and turned into the Ukraine. The finish of the war additionally brought about an adjustment in government with the Communist Party wining the 1946 decisions, driving Czechoslovakia into another time.

A great deal of erosion and strain developed all through the 1950s and '60s, with standard challenges against the oppressive communist routine, bringing forth the development known as the Velvet Revolution. This uprising, driven by students and intellectuals, increased extraordinary consideration in 1989 when the quiet challenges on November seventeenth turned brutal after forceful policing. This occasion made the socialist routine advance down and hold free parliamentary decisions in June 1990, bringing about a new democratic rule. 

It was two years after the fact toward the end of 1992 that Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The two nations picked up steadiness and free government, with the Czech Republic effectively joining NATO in 1999 and the European Union in 2004. They even held the administration of the European Union for the primary half of 2009.


On initial introduction, Czechs regularly seem to be peaceful and respectful, also, held and modest. This is until the point when the night starts and they switch into social mode, hitting the bars and pubs, and praising their adoration for music, dancing and beer. Czechs are normally clear and honest individuals, quiet and laid-back, glad to discuss governmental issues and religion, frequently with extremely liberal perspectives. 

Decorum is essential in the Czech Republic; they are gracious and pay regard to the individuals who are polite, disliking rudeness, peculiar and hostile to social conduct. Social welcome are important, and it's well mannered to state Dobrý cave ("hello, good day") when meeting somebody other than dear companions or family. 

The Czechs love their games, with football (soccer) and hockey by a wide margin the most prevalent spectator sports in the nation. Their expert players rank among the best on the planet, and the two games have a famous domestic league, with the national groups ordinarily doing great in both. The Czechs additionally appreciate lots of outdoor exercises, for example, cycling, skiing, angling, and climbing, making great utilization of their vast national parks.


Czech Republic is a country nestled in Central Europe with the total area of 30,450 sq meters. The destination shares borders with Germany in the west, Poland in the north, Slovak Republic in the east, and Austria in the South. The western side of the country is known as Bohemia, and other half in the east is known as Moravia. Czech Republic’s longest river, the Labe comes from Krkonose Mountains in the northeast. Mountain likes these are home to the country’s highest summit Snezka which is 1,602 meters high. 

Prague the capital of Czech Republic sits almost in the middle of Bohemia on the River Vltava, flowing into the Labe rising from the forested Sumava hills which runs along the country’s southern border with Austria. The eastern third, Moravia is based on a river Basin which rises in northern hills near Polland’s border and flows south to Danube in Bratislava. Bruno the main city of Moravia is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. 


Places to visit in Czech Republic


Things to Do in Czech Republic

Hello Audience! May we have your attention please! Old town Square resides right in the heart of Prague. It is the central historic part of Prague. The Square is the greatest tourist attractions of Czech Capital. It is just impossible to visit this classic destination even if you are visiting Prague for several numbers of times. The complete highlight of Old town Square is the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. It is a medieval clock mounted on the Old town hall. 
Explore Prague through cool vintage cars from 1930s and the duration of the tour may be altered according to your wishes. The driver will pick you up from your hotel and will surely take you on the exciting tours. You will pass through the major destinations of Prague like Old Town, Jewish town, across the Czech’s bridge to Prague Castle and then you can get back to the Old tow across Manes Bride.
Please pen down that Prague castle indicates the largest castle area in the world. It’s three courtyards and number of magnificent buildings cover over 7 hectares, so just be prepared to see a lot. And according to Guinness book of world record, Prague castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, with an almost 70000 meter square. 
Charles Bridge is a stone Gothic bridge that links the Old Town and Lesser Town. The construction of the bridge begun in 1357 by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and was completed in 1402. The purpose to build this bridge was to replace the Judith Bridge that had been badly damaged by floods in 1342. The architecture of the bridge has sandstone blocks flanked at each end by fortified towers. From 1683 to 1928 for the decoration of the bridge carving of 30 statues of saints was done. Among these, the most famous statue was of St John of Nepomuk.Charles Bridge’s architecture is 516 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, 13 meters high, and stands on 15 pillars. This bridge is part of the so-called Royal Route.
Tucked away into a non- descript street away from the touristy hustle and bustle that usually pervades Prague, the Lennon Wall takes your breath away. Every inch of the wall has been filled with Lennon inspired griifti. It is quiet and respectful space as visitors walk down the length of beautifully painted wall. The image of John Lennon was first painted on the wall after his murder in December 1980. 
Have you ever tried Segway, this unique electrical device which keeps balance independently, works on any terrain and most of all is really easy to use. Riding our own Prague Segway is intuitive and master it’s the matter of minutes. Just Get it, lean in, and get set go. Straighten up and stop. Drive fast or slow. 
The expression of spa class, forcing corridors, selective spa structures and a superb format in the core of a forested valley. That is Karlovy Vary. The best known town in the widely acclaimed West Bohemian Spa Triangle, in which probably the most celebrated figures in European aesthetic and social life have appreciated treatment, is today the second most visited spot in the Czech Republic. Because of its novel engineering, it is a standout amongst Europe's most delightful spas.


Happy Travellers

Thanks Flamingo Team To Make Our Dream Come True
Thanks Flamingo Team To Make Our Dream Come True

Thanks Flamingo Team To Make Our Dream Come True

Exploring Europe with our two teenage kids was our dream for a long time. Thanks to the Flamingo team to make that dream come true and giving us the memories of a lifetime!!! We really enjoyed the places, sightseeing, food and hotels. We were impressed by our tour leader, Kushal Shah, with his time management, attention to detail, leadership and communication style. His knowledge about European history and culture was excellent. We had an amazing time and we are looking forward to having many more memorable trips with Flamingo Tour.    
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