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About South Africa

Surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, South Africa boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. It is known for its dynamic mix of culture, people, and nature. South Africa is one of the most appealing holiday destinations in the world for all age groups. Bounded by Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe with the kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland enclosed within its borders, South Africa is home to a remarkable mix of first and third world capabilities. This nation is one of the most engaging, different and intriguing nations with regards to the world. Huge amounts of visitors flock to South Africa to experience excellence, natural life, and daylight. From the vineyards of the Cape to baobab-spotted Limpopo, through the Karoo and Drakensberg mountains, travel in South Africa is varied and rewarding. Explore the best of South Africa with our South Africa Tours. 

Geography and Seasons

The climate in South Africa ranges from desert and semi-desert in the north-west to subtropical on the eastern coast. Apart from the Southern coastline, the country is usually drier in the west than in the east. 

This Southernmost nation of the African Continent has a long history of contention and human rights issues, however, it has consistently been one of the most monetarily prosperous countries in Southern Africa because of its seaside area and the nearness of gold, precious stones, and characteristic assets. It is partitioned into three significant geographic areas. In addition to its varied topography, South Africa is also famous for its biodiversity. It currently has eight reserves, the most famous of which is Kruger National Park along the borders with Mozambique. This Park is home to lions, leopards, Giraffes, elephants and a lot more. 


Traditionally it has been used to refer to the different ways of life of a specific group of people, including various ways of behaving, belief systems, values, customs, religion, symbols, and codes.


South Africans are very warm and accommodating, very much like the country's climate. Even though there are 11 official languages, in reality, English is most citizens' second or third language so visitors are able to get along fine they are proficient in that language. "Mzansi is a Xhosa slang word, used to show South Africa. The culture of South Africa is not homogenous; rather it’s a collection of different cultures with different ones being predominant in different regions. As we all know, South Africa has been famously referred to as the Rainbow Nation because it is made up of so many diverse cultures and religions. 

The Experiences
South Africa offers terrific experiences that should be on every traveler's bucket list. Some of the best experiences are as below, let’s have a look!

Bungee Jumping from the Highest Commercial Bridge in the World
The Bloukrans Bungy Jump is the highest bridge bungee in the world and at 216 meters it’s enough to get any adrenaline junkie excited. For many, the walk underneath the bridge, towards the jump base, is the most daunting part of the experience, and the views into the Bloukrans River Valley are crazy.

Get the Panoramic views of Cape Town from Table Mountain
Table Mountain offers thrill-seekers in excess of 900 ascending and climbing courses for each degree of wellness. But if you would rather reach the top in comfort, jump on the cable car and enjoy the views all the way up. This is a popular tourist attraction and it gets busy very fast.

Swim with the Sharks

One of the most intimidating creatures of the animal kingdom, sharks are often misunderstood as a bloodthirsty monster of the animal kingdom. As it is been shown in many places around the world, most of the places of sharks don’t attack unless they are provoked or put under life-threatening scenarios. 

For added safety measures travelers can choose to water cage dive among a pool of sharks off the coast of Cape Town. Although the more adventurous people can choose to scuba minus the cage with the tiger and bull sharks without any threat of life!

South Africa Tour Packages

South Africa Tour Packages



South Africa Discovery

9 Nights /
10 Days

$ 1,850

South Africa With Kenya

14 Nights /
15 Days

$ 2600

Glimpse of South Africa with Kruger - Self Drive

10 Nights / 11 Days

$ 1540

Luxurious South Africa Honeymoon - Self Drive

11 Nights / 12 Days

$ 2,810

Splendid South Africa - Self Drive

9 Nights /
10 Days

$ 1,230

How to Reach South Africa

Traveling to South Africa by Air
Flights are the most appealing and the best way to reach South Africa. There are a plethora of direct and connecting flights linking this majestic African country to most of the major locations across the globe. It has an especially good network of airways with Europe. Flights are the only choice for Indian tourists looking forward to spending their holidays in South Africa. And flights usually land at Johannesburg International Airport or Cape Town. Some of the major airlines that offer flights to South Africa are South African Airways, Swiss airlines, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and KLM. 

Traveling to South Africa by Sea
South Africa is among the couple of movement goals that additionally has an ocean course to reach. While this may appear to be too bothersome and tedious, the journey through the profound sea in a bewildering voyage is without a doubt a flat out joy. In the event that you wish to utilize the ocean to make the excursion to the Rainbow Nation considerably all the more energizing and essential.

Traveling to South Africa by Road
South Africa is all around connected with its neighboring nations like Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe, through street arrange. Travelers can take worldwide transport administrations to arrive at this goal or can even utilize their own vehicle or lease one for the equivalent. It is the most helpful and cheap to travel overland, in spite of the fact that there can be long lines at outskirts for visa conventions and so on that can end up being a significant problem.

What to Eat in South Africa?

South Africa is a delightful nation with a stunning environment, a profound history and some lip-smacking dishes that you just cannot afford to miss out on. So while you are busy seeing, doing and experiencing adventures, don’t forget to try some of the best vegetarian dishes with our South Africa tour package with Indian food. It has a wide variety of dishes to choose from and South African cuisine is more than just BBQ dinner. 

Bunny Chow
Bunny Chow is basically an Indian dish that originated in South Africa. It is often served with grated carrot, chili and onion salad, the bunny chow is a meal that certainly has its own distinctive look. And it also demands to be eaten in a particular way. It is expected to be eaten with the hands, with the idea being to start from the virgin scooped out bread at the top and to end at the gravy-soaked bottom.

A spicy vegetarian dish of tomato, beans, peppers, onion and curry, other spices and vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and chilies are added depending on the region. The dish packs a punch in terms of flavors and spices. It sources come from the Johannesburg townships when excavators utilized basic fixings they had close by to make a filling feast. It has since developed into a staple dish the nation over.

Which are the famous Indian restaurants in South Africa?

There are so many different types of cuisines from different cultures around the world. One popular type of food is Indian food as the flavors of Indian food are amazing and one just can’t resist tasting it. All over South Africa, there are restaurants that serve up their own version of these traditional Indian dishes with their own special twist in it. Explore some of the finest Indian Restaurants in South Africa with our tour packages to South Africa. 

Vintage India
Sample the characteristic flavors of Indian cuisine at Vintage in Cape Town, which welcomes you to its amazing dining hall. The soothing ambiance is complemented by attentive service and an outstanding menu carefully selected by the executive chef from India, and yet gives you the best taste of Indian culinary delights. Here the menu ranges from traditional North Indian to Goan and Hyderabadi, providing a choice of Indian cuisine. The Chinese Menu with its culinary touch will provide you with a new experience of Indian- Chinese cuisine.

Since its commencement in 1995 Bukhara has set another standard and it feels the lavishness of an old-style India far expelled from the charm and excitement of Bollywood. Step onto the deep green Udaipur marble floors of any Bukhara restaurant around South Africa and feel the opulence of classical India. Marble components, teak furniture, and copper shades will charm old and new supporters as they wander about the Indian Chefs in the noteworthy show kitchen. Bukhara is famous for its North Indian Cuisine and specializes in tandoori dishes and aromatic curries. Since its inception in 1995 Bukhara has set a new standard in Indian cuisine in South Africa, all with a north Indian slant. Just dine in and make your meal exotic and memorable with your friends and family.

Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa serves as an ideal destination for adventurous travelers, as it has so many amazing experiences to cater to plate; from safari to diving with sharks it has it all. With its wonderful array of wildlife, beautiful beaches, divine vineyards of course and magnificent mountains, it goes without saying that South Africa is a land of diversity. Some of the best places to visit in South Africa as below, let’s have a look! 

Table Mountain
Table Mountain is the most famous and iconic landmark in South Africa. This place is certainly more than clicking scenic photographs but it is also a place where one will find eternal peace. There are around 2200 species of plants found on Table Mountain and 1470 floral species. From the pinnacle of the mountain, the mountain arrives at 1086 meters above ocean level and to the city it highlights looks which are additionally engaging and exciting.

Cape of Good Hope
Named for the idealism coming about because of an ocean course from Europe to India and goals further east, the Cape of Good Hope is a peninsular close Cape Town in South Africa. It's a rough projection which was once thought to be the place the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, however current geographers have affirmed this as Cape Agulhas, around 90 miles southeast. Legend has it that the apparitions of the team of The Flying Dutchman frequent the headland and its waters; however visiting visitors are significantly more prone to see penguins, dassies, elands and maybe a southern right whale. The Cape assumes a significant job in South African history as a ceasing point for exchanging boats cruising among Europe and the European states in the east.

Lion Park
The Lion Park is a built-up traveler goal that turned into a mainstream experience for everywhere throughout the most recent 50 years. The new park displays an abundance of energizing exercises, for example, creature associations, guided game drives, and self-drives. Tourists also have the chance to connect in the experience of hand feeding a selection of animals including giraffes, ostriches and various other antelope species that wander freely on the 600-hectare property. The Lion and Safari Park is living space to a tremendous determination of indigenous species, for example, Lion (Brown and White), Cheetah, Hyena (Brown, Spotted and Striped), Leopard (counting dark panther), Wild Dogs, Sable pronghorn, Kudu, Nyala to make reference to just a couple.

The Congo Caves
The Cango Caves is called the underground miracle world which is found near Oudtshoorn. It is one of the world's incredible normal miracles designed commonly through the ages - interesting limestone arrangements in a wide assortment of hues. The limestone beds through development in the Earth's covering which have shaped layers of strata along the side framing dikes. This procedure of `cave making' takes millions of years. Skilled guides are at hand to carry out visitors along the magic paths of the world's finest stalactite cave. According to legend, the caves were revealed during 1780. Early visitors had to courageous walk the pitch darkness of the vast caverns from the poor light of self-made candles.

Things to do in South Africa

Some of the best things to do in South Africa are as below, let’s have a look!  

See Cape Town at the Sunset atop Table Mountain
This level bested mountain sticks 3,500 feet above Cape Town and offers an amazing perspective on the tip of the mainland. It's tall enough that overcast spread normally sits just underneath the peak, giving a cover of white wisps you can look downward on. Enthusiastic visitors will climb their way to the top; the rest will settle on a pure ride by means of the cableway. 

Share a stretch of Boulders Beach with Little Penguins
A short drive from Cape Town's midtown will carry you to Boulders Beach, however, be set up to battle some small local people for sandy, waterfront land: The region is home to a state of penguins that made a case for the seashore back in the mid-'80s and never left. Their house is currently an asylum. You're welcome to get as close as you dare without contacting, however, whatever you do, don't take care of them—penguin nibbles are serious stuff.

Snorkel with Seals
The most amazing experience which you can have on your holiday is when you are snorkeling with seals. In Cape Town, Snorkeling happens on the Atlantic Side of the Hout Bay. Despite the fact that the trip is profoundly dependent on climate conditions, this untamed life experience brings you closer to wild creatures in their characteristic natural surroundings.

Robben Island Tour
Robben Island Tour is one of the most iconic tours which you will ever take in your entire lifetime. Robben Island boasts of rich history and is home to one of the most famous prisons where Nelson Mandela spent his years in prison. The ferries depart towards the Robben Island Tour from the Nelson Mandela Gateway.

South Africa for Family

South Africa had consistently been one of the most preferred family benevolent occasion goals. Particularly for the kids, it is a treasure-trove of adventure, fun and vivid wonders that will give them jaw-dropping moments one after the other. So, let’s take a virtual tour and find out the absolute must-visit spots if you are traveling to South Africa with kids. 

The beautiful and enchanting Cape Town has something of varied age groups. With two oceans lapping its waves from both sides and the lofty mountains guarding it against the other side, Cape Town has the best of both the worlds. Explore it with our South Africa honeymoon tour packages

Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in South Africa?

Whether it is looking for the world's best brands or spoiling your taste buds, there is a lot that will request your consideration towards the best shopping zones or shops in South Africa with our South Africa tours. Please have a look!

Fourways Mall

Fourways Mall is located in the Sandton means it is in the heart of Johannesburg the dynamic city of Gold. It is precious and is home to around 170 different stores and restaurants and is convenient for avid shoppers or busy commuters that need to pop in and out to run duties. It is home to almost 700,000 shoppers on a monthly basis and it goes without saying that it is a place to shop, browse, and indulge. 170 stores cater to all your needs, luxury home-ware, designer fashion, exquisite jewelry and your everyday essentials-Four way malls are exactly what you are looking for. It is an epicenter of commerce and entertainment, and it is only 30 minutes from the international airport and 40 minutes from the center of Pretoria. 

V & A Waterfront
Victoria and Harbor waterfront is the place where the city meets the sea. And it is one of Africa’s most visited destinations and attracts 24 million people every year. It's setting, is in the oldest working harbors in the southern hemisphere and is simply spectacular. It has a Table Mountain as sensational scenery just as broad perspectives of the sea, city bowl and the mountain pinnacles of the Hottentots-Holland Mountains. It sells everything from fashion, homewares, and curios, to jewelry, leather goods, and audiovisual equipment. The V&A Waterfront is South Africa’s most popular shopping destination.

Gateway Theatre of Shopping
Gateway Theater of shopping, all the more regularly named Gateway is about glitz, world-class shopping and a definitive in client accommodation. The door was open for nearby and worldwide customers in 2001, and brags hundreds of sellers; running from universal chains to one of a kind slow down. What's more? Ant Gateway you will discover neighborhood South African retail, well known global brands, for example, Zara, Forever New, Cotton On, Super dry, Gant, and everything in the middle.

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