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Best Time To Visit United States of America

Set your heart on a destination, we will help you find the best time to visit.

USA has diverse weather conditions across its many states. The states in the southern part of the country tend to be warmer than those in the northern. Generally, it can be said that the country has a temperate climate but there are extremes as you move from Hawaii to Alaska. So, the best time to visit depends on your destination. Spring and autumn, that is March to May and September to November respectively, are considered to be relatively pleasant for tourists. The summer season lasts from June to August and the weather is hot across the country. However, the winter season from December to February is varying degrees of extreme depending on the region that you are visiting. Urban destinations like New York and Manhattan are busy all through the year while nature lovers pick a time suitable to the activities – be it skiing, camping, hiking or doing a cross-country road-trip. Festive times like Christmas and Thanksgiving are also popular among travelers. 


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