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Things To Do In Turkey

Turkey is  land of balloon filled skies. it is a destination that dazzles the sky with ever changing colors. Visit this destination with our Turkey holiday packages 
Being shopaholic it gets hard to stay away from shops while exploring any destination isn’t it? Well, at Istanbul, you could turn all your shopping desires into real by visiting the great Grand Bazaar, which is certainly uncommon when compared to other traditional markets. This market is known to be in existence since 15th century and houses more than 3000 shops! That’s not all. This ultimate bazaar is the oldest known and largest covered markets of the world. And the best part? The market allows to useyour bargaining skills. 
Believe it or not; but catching a tram is one of the most engaging activities that you could opt for during your Turkish expedition. Become a part of the most ancient transport networking systems of the world and get into the flow of the nostalgic tram ride. A journey from Taksim Square to Tunel Square would be nothing less than a remarkable experience of excursion. Additionally, this service is regarded as the World Heritage service and should not be missed anyhow while being in Istanbul. 
Though common, a tea is a hot favorite, energetic and one of the most lovable beverages for the masses. However, in Turkey this is among those drinks that deserve a must-try option. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Turkish tea is its recipe, tantalizing aroma and its preparation techniques. Astoundingly, the country contributes about 6 to 10% of the global tea production and hence, it is included among the highest tea consumers of the world. So, make sure you don’t miss out the aromatic sip being in Turkey. 
Turkey relives with various long time traditions, one of the most spoken about among them is the Turkish spa or Hammam. This is in general a bathing system with unmatched process that dates back to several years old. Apparently, it is one of the parts of the Turkish culture and could be availed for inevitable relaxation and stress release and a comfort to the body. Eventually, there are many spots that offer traditional Turkish Spa services or Hammam. Being influenced with this culture, such a spa practice could be seen even in various places across the world. 
This is one of the activities especially for the art lovers. Pottery is among the long reigning culture of Turkey and it is yet one of the best things to observe while strolling around the country. The pottery system at Turkey is not only about just creating earthen pots, but it is also about making various other items like dishes, bowls and likewise. The other factor that makes these potteries interesting is the method of painting a pottery artistically after having created it. Again, such potteries could be found at various places at Istanbul. 
A good thing about this place is that much of its properties are water front facing most of which belong to ancient times. Even today, these estates are highly illustrious in terms of their appearances. Further, these structures and many more facets of the surroundings could be very well explored by Ferry rides that negotiate the serene waters of Bosphorus. Enjoy the classic view of the Ottoman architecture and feed seagulls with bread and sesame. Take pleasure of the charming view resting on a seat at the deck of the cruise. 
One of the most famous sights to visit in Istanbul is its spice market. The specialty about this place is not only its diversity but also the number of years that it has existed from. The market start taking shape somewhere in 1660 and since then it has been receiving myriads of visitors every year either aboriginals or the tourists. A significant part of the nation, the spice market is worth to be visited. And there’s not just one or two, but varieties of items to be explored and to purchase. Simply, the options here are limitless. 
No such visit to Turkey is complete without visiting the picturesque sight of the travertines in Pamukkale. In fact, there is hardly any spot in the world just like this one, which is why it has been highly popular. And it has a reason too. The sight includes hot pools of water, where one could even sit and enjoy the hot waters. The entire sight may seem to look like an ice formation, which actually is calcium! Additionally, the water also has its own health benefits. 
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