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Things To Do In Interlaken

Interlaken, settled between lakes Thun and Brienz in Switzerland, brags enticing perspectives the Alps, mind blowing open air experience openings, mouth-watering chocolate thus substantially more. Explore it with our International Tour Packages. 
The mighty Lütschine offers some of the best white water rafting in the Swiss Alps. Here you will find everything from fast flowing Alpine river to thrilling water actions. Interlaken is internationally renowned for its variety of rivers and also for its white water river rafting tours. It is all in one an exhilarating rush from start to finish. You will be amazed and stunned by the beauty and uniqueness of your experience. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the same and cherish it all your life. 
The Grindelwald First is the area which is full of fun and fantastic views. As when you will reach at the top you will find first cable cart and there’s a short, safe and slightly scary cliff walk in the sky bridge which will surely draw your attention. After this you can head towards lovely Lake Bachalp which is perfect place for picnic. You will also find a great playground and breathtaking views which will surely leave you awe-strucked. 
Switzerland’s longest river, which flows from Alps via lakes, has carved its way through the mountains in Gorge. Tunnels and wooden walkways allow all the visitors to experience the natural wonders with little real effort. Here the water is around 3 meter deep while the limestone rock walls reach nearly 200 meter high and the speed of the water flow ranges from 4-13 km per hour.  This will be an exceptional experience for you which you will cherish all your life. 
Standing on the Jungfrau at 3,454 meters above sea level, you will definitely feel it with your first step that altogether this is a different world. And surely without any doubt this will be a once in a lifetime kind of an experience. Gentle icy winds across your face, snow crunches under your feet and the stubbing view will take your breath away. Just breathe and feel all the senses and good vibes that reside within you at this exceptionally beautiful place.