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South Korea


Introducing South Korea

South Korea is known as the land of Morning Calm, and it is a powerhouse of serenity. Round the clock it is constantly in motion with work hard and play hard mentality. It’s compact and superb transport infrastructure mean that tranquillity is always within easy reach of urban sprawl. Look up at the distant stars from serene villages surrounded by rice fields. Koreans are proud of their culture and tantalizing array of dishes, flavors, aroma, and textures in local cuisine. Explore this classic destination with our South Korea holiday packages.

South Korea

Must know facts

Best time to visit
South Korea has four unique seasons. The late spring lasts from June to August sees scorching and humid climate while winter, from December to February, is cold and dry. Fall and spring are believed t...
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History & culture
Civilization on the Korean landmass can be gone back to 4,000 BC when the area was initially comprised of clans. Throughout the years, these individuals united together to frame kingdoms, and Korean h...
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Korea is a 750-mile-long (1,200-kilometer-long) promontory situated in the easternmost piece of the Asian mainland. Today, the nation is part into South and North Korea, yet in the psyches of a large ...
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