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Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore is an spectacular and world class destination to visit which offers you the various ways to get yourself recharged and make your holidays special with our Singapore holiday packages. 
Durian is a tropical fruit distinguished by its giant size and thorny, hard outer shell. It has a stinking, custard-like flesh with large seeds. It is very popular in Southeast Asia, where it's nicknamed "the king of fruits." Durian is in fact very rich in nutrients, containing much more than most other fruits. But it is potentially toxic if combined with alcohol.

Geylang Durian Street is a 400-meter stretch on Sims Avenue with various durian stalls and diverse durian experiences. It is a busy, dusty two-way road running east-to-west through the Geylang neighborhood in Central Singapore, which is just on the other side of the Kallang River from Singapore’s commercial district and famous tourist spots like Gardens by the Bay and Little India. It is the most famous place in Singapore to eat durian.

Wander around Little India
Little India, originally settled by Indian labourers in the late 18th century, has now transformed from a district of racehorse tracks and lime pits to a neighborhood where traditional establishments and century-old temples merge flawlessly with boutique museums and budding art spaces.

Little India offers the tourist a splendid array of sights and sounds including Hindu temples, markets, jewelry shops and colorful decorations.You can have Indian food at a nearby restaurant or do shopping at enormous, 24 hour, everything-under-one-roof Mustafa Centre. Take a stroll through this 200-year-old enclave, and be inspired by vibrant culture, traditional aesthetics and the myriad artistic activities on offer. 

Street of Chinatown
Singapore’s Chinatown, a district with many thriving places of worship, is home to a multitude of cultural practices, religions and inspiring architecture.From historic temples to hip new bars, Chinatown has it all for both trailblazers and lovers of the traditional.Here old meets new in spectacular fashion after dark, when the streets of Chinatown come alive with light, music and merriment.
Once a territory for Singapore’s Chinese immigrant people, the Chinatown of today is much-beloved for its classic blend of old and new, with historic temples and traditional medicinal halls sitting beside hip new bars and lifestyle shops. Whatever you choose whether it is visiting century-old temples at Telok Ayer and Kreta Ayer or making new friends at a bar in Duxton or Keong Saik, there’s always a new, unique and unforgettable experience in Chinatown.

Bugis Street
Bugis Street Market is one of the largest, cheapest and probably most famous places to come shopping in the whole of Singapore. It offers latest and trendiest fashions at affordable prices and shoppers may also experience interesting street shopping experience here. Fifty years ago, this now famous shopping district was better known for being Singapore’s center of shady nightlife, attracting transvestites and workers of the night who would flock into town to entertain the visiting military men. 
Bugis has long shaken off its naughty side and become a hub of shopping, fine dining and chic cafés and bars which stay open long into the night. Bugis Street Market at the epicenter of it all, and found just next to the new malls at Bugis MRT Station. Over 800 shops of all shapes and sizes, makes this the biggest marketplace in Singapore, and most of the stalls open early (around 11:00), staying open until the crowds leave, which generally is around 22:00 or 23:00 on the weekends.

One can have unique and exclusive evening experiences at Night Safari. 
Gourmet Safari Express is first-of-its-kind adventurous and gastronomic tram ride into the night. Experience a candlelit dinner onboard a moving tram that offers great views of Night Safari animals. Also get a breathtaking view of the Seletar Reservoir as the tram rolls on before alighting to catch the thrilling Creatures of the Night Show. Especially with reserved seats, you’ll be awed by 30 minutes of non-stop action in one of the world’s most exciting animal presentations. The Gourmet Safari Express is an IFEA Pinnacle Gold Awards winner and a spectacular after-dark experience to remember.

One can also experience “An Evening in the Wild” by kickstarting the journey with a guided tram ride traversing different zones that are home to some of the world’s most fascinating animals. Next, enter a secret lakeside place overlooking Upper Seletar Reservoir. Here, you’ll be served with a four-course gourmet dinner complete with dessert and amazing wine in Singapore's first tipi tent. You will also enjoy close-up encounters with a few exotic animal friends. End the night on a high by witnessing at our popular animal extravaganza, the Creatures of the Night Show, with specially reserved seats for you and your companions.

 Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands
Imagine yourself swimming on top of the world and floating in theworld’s longest rooftop infinity pool gazing down on the glittering city-skyline. You won’t find a more spectacular photo-taking spot anywhere else in Singapore!
The Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool, at the top of the Singapore’siconic Marina Bay Sands, is one of the world's most stunning rooftop pools. The SkyPark Infinity Pool is located 57 stories above the ground and 150m long. It offers swimmers an incredible bird's-eye view of Singapore's spectacular metropolitan skyline.
After a swim, you can stretch out to sunbathe on a luxurious poolside lounger, or relax in the shade of a palm tree. You can experience the unforgettable beauty of a sunset amidst the clouds while sipping on Champagne.
To ensure that guests have the best experience with the hotel, access to the Infinity Pool is restricted to registered hotel guests only via their individual room key card, which needs to be presented to gain admission; one key card per person. 

Wave Bridge 1
Henderson Waves Bridge is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge,standing at 36m above the busy Henderson Road,connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. It is an architectural wonder which is 274 meter-long and 8m-wide. 
This unique pedestrian bridge has stunning wave-like structure made up of seven undulating curved steel ribs that alternately go above and below its deck. The curved ribs of the bridge form alcoves that functions as shelters with seats within, making them nice places to hang out. Thousands of yellow balau wood slats were used to create the deck.
The Henderson Waves Bridge is smoothly integrated into the landscape, and provides a great outdoor experience, as you can walk through the top of the forests and see a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including birds in their natural habitats. It is also one of the best places in Singapore to catch panoramic views of the city, harbor and the Southern Islands. 

Gelato Ice Cream
The Gelatissimo is famous for churning gelato in-store, using secret traditional Calabrian family recipes. Every day their artisan gelato makers are churning freshly made gelato in store with only the best, natural ingredients.
Gelatissimois offering a delicious range of award winning gelato to both locals and tourists alike, there’s no better way to cool down from the heat while roaming in Singapore. Gelato is made fresh daily, with no artifical colours or flavours, and they have over 32 different flavours available in store, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Garden 1
The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 158-year-old tropical garden situated at the fringe of Singapore's Orchard Road shopping district. It is one of three gardens, and the only tropical garden, to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. Garden is spread over an area of 82-hectares and has more than 10,000 species of flora. 
The Botanic Gardens was established at its present site in 1859 by an agri-horticultural society. It played a key role in the region's rubber trade boom in the early 20th century, when its first scientific director Henry Nicholas Ridley, headed research into the plant's cultivation. By perfecting the technique of rubber extraction, which is still in use today, and promoting its economic value to planters in the region, rubber output expanded rapidly.
Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage is Singapore’s most iconic outdoor concert venue, sitting at the end of a large lily pond located in the middle of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Various free concerts are held regularly here at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage in Botanic Gardens Singapore. 
The stage has a unique shape which echoes the organic forms of flowers and leaves inspired by the lush greenery of the Botanical Gardens. Instrumental recitals, orchestral performances, plays and free concerts are frequently held here, and up to 3,000 people can enjoy the events while resting on the natural grass lawns.Even on non-concert days, families are often spotted enjoying themselves in the sun with their pets, alongside exercise enthusiasts working out in the garden.

Sling Drink
The Singapore Sling is a world famous cocktail from Singapore. This gin-basedlong drink was developed by Ngiam Tong Boon, a Hainanese bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, Singapore sometime before 1915. Initially it was called the gin sling. Basically, a sling was originally a North American drink composed of spirit and water, sweetened and flavored. 

The precise date of creation of the world's most famous cocktail is a mystery. As per Gretchen Liu’s coffee table book Raffles Hotel, Singapore Sling, sometimes called the gin sling, was first mixed one hot afternoon in 1915. While others are equally certain that it was available to thirsty guests at least a decade earlier.

The Raffles hotel's resident historian, Leslie Danker gives an amusing reason behind the Singapore Sling's creation: "At the time, ladies were not meant to be seen drinking in public. As the bar tender created a recipe that was pink, no one knew that the ladies were drinking gin."

Treetops 1
MacRitchie Reservoir is nature’s park for those who love the great outdoors.MacRitchiepark and nature reserve is anchored by Singapore’s largest reservoir - part of a water catchment system that captures rain water – situated at the very heart of Singapore is a popular destination for joggers, water sports enthusiasts, and of course nature lovers. 
If you have ever desired to enjoy the tranquility of walking with your head above the trees, you’ll get your chance at the Treetop Walks, which is a 250-metre aerial free standing suspension bridge spanning the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) within MacRitchie. It offers a bird's eye view of the community of plants and animals that live in the forest canopy.

The TreeTop Walk (TTW) is first of its kind in Singapore and in the region and is the highlight of several long hiking routes in MacRitchie that brings you through the different stages of a grown secondary forest. You might probably bump into long-tailed macaque monkeys, squirrels and monitor lizards. If you’re lucky, you may even come across colugos (flying lemurs) or owls!

paddling 1

As the name suggests, Stand-Up Paddling, requires one to stand upright on an oversized surfboard and navigate water by paddling - much in the way you would manoeuvre a kayak. This sport was originated in Hawaii. In traditional surfing the rider sits until a wave comes, where as in stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

Kite Fly 1
Marina Barrage is a dam designed to block the Marina Channel, the point where the Singapore and Kallang Rivers meet the sea. By keeping the seawater out, the Marina Barrage forms the Marina Reservoir.
With the scenic Singapore skyline as a backdrop, the Marina Barrage’s well-kept Green Roof is one of the very best places in Singapore to fly a kite. Gusty winds coming off the shoreline help guide kites from eager hands into the open skies.
Up on the roof one can find all sorts of people, from mums and dads showing their kids how to fly a kite for the first time to professionals pulling extreme stunts to the amazement of everyone up there. It’s not only the kites that are the big draw here; there are also the incredible scenery over the Marina Bay and beyond.
On the weekends, you’ll find groups of teenagers relaxing and having fun as well as couples, families and tour groups having a picnic and enjoying the view.

Mustafa Centre, located in the thriving Little India quarter is Singapore's only 24 hour shopping mall. You will find every conceivable item here as well as various different services, all at great prices. There are over 300,000 items on display across four levels and over 400,000 Sq.ft, you will be able to find clothing, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, mobile phones, textiles, food, money changers and so much more.
One can experience a unique market style shopping experience at the Mustafa Center. Designer products are available in abundance at low prices with everything from textiles to watches and electronics on sale. The mall is in fact two department stores joined together with goods sold under the Mustafa name and streamlined by type. You might need to visit a couple of times to explore the whole mall as there is so much to browse through, there is also an excellent selection of cheap luggage in case you need extra space for all your shopping.

Singapore Flyer
The Singapore Flyer Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer is a unique experience that is second to none in Singapore. It offers a4-course menu, in-flight host, and magnificent skyline views,all hosted in the comfort of a spacious capsule, atop Asia’s Largest Observation Wheel. It is a perfect gift for all celebrations.
The highlight of the experience is the incredible sight of the city. There is a tranquil calm feeling as the capsule goes through familiar sights, from the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, The Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore River, Merlion Park and Empress Place.Even though these sites may be familiar to you there is something even more special about them when you are on the Singapore Flyer. 

 Swing & Trampoline Bungy
The GX-5 Extreme Swing is actually adrenaline pumping, high thrills, extreme experience. It can be experienced at Clarke Quay. The extreme swing was actually designed and created in New Zealand - the home of extreme sports! This giant swing operates internationally in over 7 countries around the world. It has a 100% safety record, and falls from 50 metres, reaching a speed of over 120kph.
You can also put your acrobatic skills to the test with the Trampoline Bungy. The Trampoline Bungy allows riders to perform flips and somersaults, bouncing up to 8m in the air enjoying some awesome views of the river. In order to provide a fun yet safe environment, highly trained staff work in all aspects of operation. It is Ideal for the kids and the instructors will ensure that the attached harness ensures their safety throughout their experience.

sushi in china town
Sushi is a Japanese dish, which is now popular all over the world. It is basically vinegared rice with seafood on the top, or a mixture of the two.The most common type ishand-rolled sushi or Nigiri, which is rice rolled into bite-sized pieces, called Shari, and covered with a piece of seafood, called Neta. To enhance the flavor of the sushi, you can add a dash of wasabi (horseradish) and a very small amount of shoyu (soy sauce).
Chinatown was once an enclave for Singapore’s Chinese immigrants, but today it is much- beloved for its blend of old and new. You can find various Japanese restaurant where you can try authentic sushi. Foodies can also see behind-the-scenes insight into the preparation of Japanese dishes at various restaurants. 

Cendol Sling
Cendol is one of Singapore's most popular iced desserts. It is an iced sweet dessert that contains droplets of worm-like green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. It is a great option to satisfy all cravings for shaved ice with sugar syrup
Cendol Sling is a fusion version of Ice Cendol that keeps you cooled and filled up at the same time.

Mr Popiah
Mr. Popiah was established in 1995. It started out as a single stall at a Coffee Shop in Bedok North that built a reputation for its great taste, value and innovative Popiah creations.
Popiah, meaning “thin pancake”, is a thin paper-like crepe or pancake wrapper stuffed with a filling made of cooked vegetables and meat. When it is deep fried, the crispy roll is more commonly called a Spring roll, but if the wrapper is as it is, it is known as Popiah.
Today, Mr. Popiah has developed to turned into a main producer and provider of quality Popiah skin and spring roll cake items to restaurants, hotels, food providers wholesalers and retailers globally. You can try their ready-to-eat products which are available through franchise outlets, network of proprietary vending machines, petrol stations and at supermarkets.

Take Vespa Tour
Imagine experiencing Singapore’s sights, sounds and flavours up close and personal as you take off the beaten track on unique fleet of hand restored vintage vespa sidecars. Newly launched Singapore Sideways Vespa Tour is the world's first vintage Vespa sidecar tour service.
Participants get to whiz through unexplored open rooftops, go down quaint alleys, and enjoy personal encounters with locals.
The guided tours cover areas such as Kampong Glam, the Civic District, Chinatown, and the Joo Chiat-Katong area. Most tours are without stops, butcustom tours are availablefor those who want more out of an itinerary. Tourists can also request for options such as a night ride with food and drinks, a half day heritage tour, or simply book one of the 30-minute spins to get an overview of a historic neighborhood before moving on to other activities. The best thing about these tours is that they are appropriate for all age groups.

Discovery Centre 1
There is no better place to learn about the history and future of the city than the Singapore Discovery Centre. The centre consist of exhibits which display the history of Singapore as well as an insight on the future. The centre has also been described as an art gallery, science museum and outdoor play area all in one. It is a great place for half day outing for younger children, with plenty of easy to understand interactive displays and just about enough to keep adults entertained as well. It is located on Upper Jurong Road, about ten minute walk from Joo Koon MRT Station.
The National Museum of Singapore is the Singapore’s oldest museum that seeks to inspire with stories of the nation and the world. It was formerly known as Raffles Library and Museum. Initially it was started as a section of a library at Singapore Institution. After several relocations, in 1887 it moved to its permanent site at Stamford Road in the Museum Planning Area by Colonel Sir H.E Mc Callum.
Museum is housed within a neo-classical style building enhanced with modern structural designs. It is truly an architectural marvel boasting a breathtaking 11-metres high glass passage that enables you to tour the modern building through the old building. The museum was again opened for the public in 2006 after undergoing renovation for more than three years.  Spanning over an area of 18,400 sqm, it is now the biggest in the country, with exhibits that largely reflect the rich history of Singapore as well as Asia. Visitors can explore over 1,700 historical and cultural artifacts here at the museum. 

cloud 9
Dining on Cloud 9 offers a unique in-the-sky dinner experience coupled with gorgeous views onboard a private dining cabin. Tourists can cosy up in their very own private cable car while relishing their 4 – course meal, as they take in the lights and splendor of Singapore's cityscape set against the romantic night sky.

Packages & Recommendations

Tour Name
Trip Type
Included Cities
Price Per Adult
Trip Type
Group Tour
Main + Internal Flight Included
  • May
Included Cities
Cruise (2N) - Singapore (3N) - Kuala Lumpur (2N) - Sunway Lagoon (2N) - Phatthaya (2N) -
... Cruise (2N) - Singapore (3N) - Kuala Lumpur (2N) - Sunway Lagoon (2N) - Phatthaya (2N) - Bangkok (2N)
Price Per Adult
₹ 125,180
Trip Type
Group Tour
Main Flight Included
  • Jun
Included Cities
Singapore (3N) - Cruise (3N) - Kuala Lumpur (2N) - Sunway Lagoon (2N)
... Singapore (3N) - Cruise (3N) - Kuala Lumpur (2N) - Sunway Lagoon (2N)
Price Per Adult
₹ 97,910
Trip Type
Group Tour
Main + Internal Flight Included
  • Jun
Included Cities
Singapore (3N) - Kuala Lumpur (3N) - Phatthaya (2N) - Bangkok (3N)
... Singapore (3N) - Kuala Lumpur (3N) - Phatthaya (2N) - Bangkok (3N)
Price Per Adult
₹ 86,020

Happy Travellers

Thanks to Team Flamingo for making my trip joyful
Thanks to Team Flamingo for making my trip joyful

Thanks to Team Flamingo for making my trip joyful

This is regard to feed back about my Singapore tour on Dec-2018.
First of all Thanks to Team Flamingo for making my trip joyful.
Hotel: Hotel was very nice and comfortable room arrangement as i got twin room which is more spacious then 2 BHK. Location is very near to little India and all Indian food items available within one KM range. I recommend this Hotel apartment for Family of Four and above.
Transportation: Pick up and drop timing maintained through out Tour. All drivers were cooperative and polite. 
Local agent: Local agent is responsive and all vouchers and tickets were perfect. 
Cruise: Cruise was fantastic, food was good and other area was impressive except there is to much rush at restaurant and mesh up for siting. Check in and boarding process is to long due to 3500 passengers. It took 5 hours to board my room and that was hectic time. I recommend minimum 3 nights cruise.
SENTOSA is joyful area and I have 20 admission per person which is more then enough as we can enjoy all type off rides. Enjoyed 3D/4D shows, Madam tusade museum, SEA, wings of time, sky tower, beach area, mono rail, two cable car. 
Bicycle Tour: Fully enjoyed bicycle tour with guide and i am recommending this tour as on bi cycle covered most at marina bay area and it is fantastic to roam on bi cycle at this area. There was little bit confusion over location of starting point as driver dont know location and he has dropped 3 KM away but I have managed with support of Maitri. Thanks to Maitri...
City Tour: City tour with flyer enjoyed with experienced guide. Need more then 4 hours for city tour with flyer. Evening enjoyed flower dome, cloud forest and MBS park. 
Jurong bird park was good but very short time for bird lovers. Night safari not enjoyed as nothing to see in dark nights and very limited animals available in this area and also too late. I am not recommending this tour. I thing Zoo is better then this as in day light we can see all animals clearly.
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   December
Region: Middle East   |   Tour Type: FIT   |   Theme: Family Tour     Read All
Enjoyed Whole Trip To Singapore and Malaysia
Enjoyed Whole Trip To Singapore and Malaysia

Enjoyed Whole Trip To Singapore and Malaysia

Hope you all having a great week!!
This is our 2nd trip with Flamingo.
Let me tell you, our group leader was Mr D J.
Company got right person.
Mr D J was taking care of everyone. He make sure that everyone should counted When we stepped out for to see places. You guys can count on him any time any day. He put a lots of effort and Mr D J make sure everyone having good time together.
We all enjoyed whole trip to Singapore and Malaysia.
But let me tell you, 
when you have whole group of NRI people then please have light lunch like sandwiches like Subway or something like that.
Everyone can’t eat Indian food in lunch. Because we everyone don’t eat heavy lunch.
In evening it’s ok but not in lunch. Have some days Chinese Veg food, or something different.Pasta ,pizza and so forth..
People get tired of Indian food specially whole group of NRI
“Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions or need clarification about an issue.”
And in last, I do some times presentation.
If you do need more help from me, please let me know and would be glad to share with you.
If you could improve one thing about how I provided feedback, what would it be?" and “Was the feedback clear and useful?”
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   January
Region: Asia   |   Tour Type: GIT   |   Theme: Group Tour     Read All

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