Queenstown Travel Guide

Soak It Up In the Onsen Hot Pools

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    No Junk Tours

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    No Gimmicks

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    Complete Transparency

Unwind and loosen up at the Onsen Retreat and Day Spa at Arthurs Point, only a little ways from Queenstown. With this bundle, go through as long as an hour absorbing one of the conventional Japanese-style 'onsens'— an outside hot tub—with companions or family, joined by beverages and bites. As you wash in the hot waters, look out over the dazzling regular landscape of the Shotover River Canyon underneath and pay special mind to stream vessels zooming along the waterway. Wonderful perspectives over the Shotover River Canyon, Relax and loosen up in a Japanese-style 'onsen' or hot tub, enjoy beverages and snacks as you absorb the hot waters, Private hot tub experience for up to four individuals.



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