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Things To Do In Queenstown

Queenstown is known as the “Adventure capital of New Zealand”. It offers intense alpine scenery, exceptional skiing, and vibrant nightlife. Get ready to experience this exceptionally beautiful place with our International Tour Packages.  
If you have included Queenstown in your itinerary and wish you to make the most of the natural beauty of the place, then we have the perfect solution for you. Within not even an hour, you can relish such splendid beauty that it will blow your mind. In order to do so, hire a local car and set off on a drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy. If you stick to the regulated speed limit, you will cover this distance in approximately half an hour. The road of this route is mostly hilly, hence it'll be full of ups and downs; quite literally. You can also watch the Lake Wakatipu pass by on your enjoyable drive here. 
Going on a jet boat ride in the city of Queenstown is said to be an iconic experience offered by the country of New Zealand. If you wish to get the adrenaline in your body rushing, then don't miss out on the famous jet boat ride. One can experience the thrill of a high speed jet boat ride in Queenstown from a number of worldly renowned jet boat operators to choose from. Pick the one you like and get ready to whoosh through narrow rocky gorges, speed across the water surface and take sharp turns. 
The activity of bungee jumping has always seemed intriguing whenever we have seen it in movies. But when it comes to indulging in the same, fear always stops us from taking that leap; literally. Queenstown has earned itself the position of being the place which offers some of the most flying and thrilling adventures in the entire world. To add icing to the cake, this place also has some breathtaking views. This is why going bungee jumping is a novel idea. It’s time to leave behind your fears and create crazy memories
If you are up for some exercise, then this activity surely promises great returns. Set off on a hike to the top of Queenstown’s famous mountain and make the most of the surreal view the city has in store for you. As a reward for all the exercise you did, take a Gondola ride back to the foot of the mountain. The hike up takes about an hour at a reasonable human pace and the Gondola ride back lets you enjoy the way down while giving your legs some rest. It is advisable to keep aside some time for this activity so that you can calmly enjoy the view once you reach the top.
Queenstown is really diverse that way; you don’t necessarily need to jump off cliffs to have fun. It also has other extremely interesting activities which will definitely appeal to all. Horse riding is one such activity. You can either opt for a short trip across the surrounding region or even has options to go for multi-day excursions on the horseback. Just shut your eyes and imagine riding across the majestic mountains of New Zealand zooming past the stunning scenery.
Unwind and loosen up at the Onsen Retreat and Day Spa at Arthurs Point, only a little ways from Queenstown. With this bundle, go through as long as an hour absorbing one of the conventional Japanese-style 'onsens'— an outside hot tub—with companions or family, joined by beverages and bites. As you wash in the hot waters, look out over the dazzling regular landscape of the Shotover River Canyon underneath and pay special mind to stream vessels zooming along the waterway. Wonderful perspectives over the Shotover River Canyon, Relax and loosen up in a Japanese-style 'onsen' or hot tub, enjoy beverages and snacks as you absorb the hot waters, Private hot tub experience for up to four individuals.
However old you are, it is inevitable that cookies will appeal to you throughout your life. Keeping this in mind, the Cookie Muncher Cookiebar is a stop one must definitely include on their trip to Queenstown. This is because this bakery is literally paradise for the cookie enthusiasts. You can enjoy cookies of various