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Introducing New Zealand

New Zealand is a nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean comprising of 2 primary islands, both set apart by volcanoes and glaciation. Capital Wellington, on the North Island, is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the extensive national exhibition hall. Wellington's Mt. Victoria, alongside the South Island Fiordland and Southern Lakes, remained in for legendary Middle Earth in Peter Jackson's "Ruler of the Rings" films.
Top Cities of New Zealand


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

New Zealand is somewhat littler than California, so the atmosphere between the north and south can be uncontrollably unique. Since New Zealand is an island, there is as often as possible a breeze and discontinuous showers falling off the Cook Strait and Tasman Sea. 

Summer – [December, January, February] Summer in New Zealand is by a wide margin the most mainstream time to take your voyage. It's the bustling time for New Zealand for the travel industry and additionally when a great deal of Kiwis take a break to rest and appreciate living in heaven. Fall – [March, April, May] Fall in New Zealand is lovely. Winter – [June, July, August] Queenstown and the Central Plateau are a must visit in June and July if you want to enjoy winters. Keep in mind to escape the cool and share of the energizing and lively nightlife in Wellington. Spring – [September, October, November] This is the ideal time to take in the excellence of Lake Tekapo and see a conventional Maori Haka on a visit Takahe South Island. 


History & Culture

New Zealand has a moderately short history. It is evaluated that the principal pioneers known as the Moriori, asserted the islands off the drift, while the Maori were making a home on the terrain around 950 AD. The primary Europeans landed in 1642, with the Dutch pioneer, Abel Tasman. He was repulsed by the Maori and the following European age did not touch base until around a 100 years after the fact. It was a British pilgrim, Captain James Cook, who arrived in New Zealand in 1769. The Maori's lances were no counterpart for the black powder rifles of the Europeans, which prompted the supposed Musket Wars in 1820, murdering numerous clans individuals. 

In 1840, the Maori boss marked a settlement with the British, known as the Treaty of Waitangi that evidently gave Maori arrive possession, rights and assurance under the British Crown, yet the British trusted this gave them power over New Zealand, maybe becoming mixed up in interpretation. Today, New Zealand still remains some portion of the British Commonwealth, yet is a parliamentary majority rule government, with the British ruler the sacred head. 

With respect to the way of life, New Zealand's unique occupants, the Maori, still assume a vital job in the nation's way of life today. The Maori today make up under 15 percent of New Zealand's populace, yet the numbers are developing at a quicker rate than those of different individuals from the island. New Zealand's way of life has likewise been intensely affected by the Europeans, particularly the British, who make up 69 percent of the nation's inhabitants. 

The colonialists significantly affected New Zealand culture and in the mid nineteenth century smothered a lot of it. It has just been in the most recent decade or with the goal that Maori customs and dialect have been perceived and are being taken back to the cutting edge. Motion pictures, for example, the Whale Rider and the universal achievement of the New Zealand Rugby group, the All Blacks, have promoted Maori history on a global premise.



New Zealand lies in the southern piece of the Pacific Ocean. Its closest neighbor is Australia which is around 1,600 kms away. Two substantial islands called the North Island and South Islands are the primary islands of New Zealand, yet there are many encompassing littler islands of which the joined land region is about indistinguishable size from the UK or Japan. 

New Zealand's scenes are breathtaking and incorporate the South Island's Southern Alps which are greater in territory than the European Alps and in addition icy masses, soak inlets and complex sounds. The North Island is volcanic and has each sort of volcanic component including a super well of lava. The two islands have magnificent lakes, lavish rainforests, and high tussock fields.




Things to Do in New Zealand

Pasta is one such delicacy which has rapidly attained popularity among people of all provinces and ages. Imagine you could recreate this delicious recipe in the confines of your home whenever the craving strikes. This is where the pasta making workshops of Auckland will serve as a boon for you. A number of restaurants here offer special pasta making workshops which not only teaches you to make pasta, but train you in making pasta that is quite similar to that of restaurants. As you get to learn from the experts with the best of condiments, it is a unique experience in itself. They not only teach you to cook, but also select the best of ingredients, mix, knead, and roll the pasta and then move on to the sauce part. 
On every holiday, we wish to experience something which will be etched in our minds for as long as we live. Hence if you ever plan to visit New Zealand, your trip will be incomplete if you don't include the Waitomo Glowworm Cave in your travel itinerary. This world-renowned site attracts local as well as visitors from all across the globe. You can find thousands of tiny glowworms residing here in the comfort of the caves. The expert guide shows you around in such a manner that you can make the most of the beauty of these organisms in a totality. The best way to witness this beauty is by taking a boat ride under thousands of splendid glowworms.
Auckland has developed such exquisite architecture that it never fails to intrigue its visitors. One such creation which any other country of the world has failed to think about is this attractive pink path created by Auckland which will surely catch your eye. The Pink Path which is also fondly known as the Light Path is basically a cycle way which is used as a path for cycling as well as a pedestrian path. As the name already suggests, this path is actually absolutely bright pink in color which adds another charm in itself. It has been declared as a bold yet award-winning piece of architecture in all of New Zealand.
The highlight of any well developed city is the skyline which one gets to witness. And in order to make the most of such a view, one needs to experience the same from a different altitude altogether. To make sure that all its tourists enjoy the skyline, Auckland had constructed the Sky Tower. Unlike other such watch towers of various cities in the world, apart from the usual observation or fancy dinners at a height, the Sky Tower also offers the facility of jumping off this extravagant building.
Another great way to take in the uniqueness of a holiday destination is the flora and fauna of the given place as it is almost impossible to attain the same at another spot in a natural manner. Auckland is mainly known for the presence of the whale fish in its natural habitat. Due to its humongous size, the sighting of whale is considered to be an experience worth having. Along with this majestic animal, you can also enjoy the sighting of the very popular dolphin species. You can experience all of this that too on a cruise. The Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari organize whale and dolphin watching cruise that starts off from the coast of Auckland and lasts for duration of about 4.5 hours. 
It is extremely impressive to know that even though New Zealand is a small country, yet it has some of the biggest thinkers. In the year of 1995, it came up with the Zorbing Park which was a big deal at that time and it still is. This is because with the passing times, this Zorbing park in Rotorua kept updating itself with new attractions as well. This park turned out to be the very first globe riding operation for the sole purpose of entertainment in the entire world. Imagine the surge of excitement you would feel when you roll down the hill in a giant ball made of plastic.
Even though sunsets are a sign that a day is coming to an end, there is something about the beauty of this natural phenomenon which mesmerizes us all. And the best way to enjoy this beauty in Auckland is by witnessing it from the grand Mt Eden. This mountain is mainly dominated by a volcanic peak called Maungawhau which is surrounded by hiking trails on all sides.
If you are up for some exercise, then this activity surely promises great returns. Set off on a hike to the top of Queenstown’s famous mountain and make the most of the surreal view the city has in store for you. As a reward for all the exercise you did, take a Gondola ride back to the foot of the mountain. The hike up takes about an hour at a reasonable human pace and the Gondola ride back lets you enjoy the way down while giving your legs some rest. It is advisable to keep aside some time for this activity so that you can calmly enjoy the view once you reach the top.


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