Majeedhee Magu : Shopping Destination Of Maldives

One of the famous not-to-be-missed places in the Maldives is the Majeedhee Magu. It is one of the busiest streets and is known as the best shopping place in the Maldives. It is located just a walkway from the main road of the city. This place has numerous shops which sell different items like jewelry, cosmetics, handloom, electronic goods, traditional Maldivian clothes, perfumes, Islamic headgear, and some local crafts. Apart from these goods, the market is also quite popular for the local dishes along with some dried fish chips, smoked fish, and tuna. Do not miss buying a souvenir to take back home, one of the suggested items is the handcrafted items made by local people. Roam around the lively market, as you walk through the market you will get a sneak view of the local lifestyle of Male people. The timings of the market are around 0900 to 2300 hours. Do not miss to experience this local vibe along with your stay with our Maldives tour packages.

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