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Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is surely crowd favorite destination even if it is relatively small group of island. It offers some of the famous attractions that will surely draw your attention. It has an amazing city life with dazzles the country. Explore it with our Hong Kong holiday Packages. 
Consider this to be the most “Insta-Worthy” street art and graffiti you would come across anywhere in the world. The street art on the streets of Hong Kong stretches from Wong Chuk Hang to Mong Kok. The city’s street that is filled with artistic impressions is an ode to some famous artists like Invader and Messy Desk who have turned their entire building into an art canvas.
 Planning to take a cruise around the harbour in Hong Kong? It’s best advisable to be a part of the cruise tour post sunset because the beautiful panorama of the city during that time of the night looks even better when you are touring on the cruise. The total duration of the tour would be one hour at a price of 190 dollars for adults and 171 dollars for children below 12 years.
Mingle Farm is a very funky farm where you can choose to sleep not only in a foldable house, a caravan, a castle but also fall asleep under the stars. Although eating options are available outside, you can always rent a barbecue gear to make the most of this super amazing place. Outdoor activities like zorbing and trampolining are also provided by Mingle Farm.
The very famous theme park of Hong Kong- Disneyland sees a total of 34,000 visitors on a daily basis and is divided into well-themed areas, namely – Mainstreet, Adventureland, Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land. The parades that take place in Disneyland are a different experience altogether which should not be missed out on. A lot of other events make this place even more interesting.
The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is one of the top rated attractions of Hong Kong illustrating the contribution of China, Asia and the West through the ages in development of boat, ships, the maritime exploration and the naval warfare. If you are a history enthusiast, the interactive displays and exhibitions are surely going to catch your attention. 
Ocean Park introduces itself as one of the second largest theme park in Hong Kong. The many attractions here include roller coaster rides, animal exhibits with different themes, the world’s largest aquarium dome, a giant panda habitat, rainforest etc. This Ocean Park is also famous all round the world for organizing Asia’s largest Halloween events.
If there is any place in the world where you ought to try dim sums, it has to be Hong Kong. Some of the most amazing places where you would find a wide variety of dim sums include Tim Ho Wan, Sun Hing Chang, Maxim’s Palace and Duddell’s.
Goldfish Market is one of t