Acropolis Small Guided Tour

Discover the richness and magnitude of the Acropolis, in a 2-hour small group join-in guided tour.


Visit the most important landmark of Athens; The Acropolis and the Parthenon

Enjoy a small group join-in guided tour with an experienced state licensed guide

Get Insider background information, anecdotes and historical knowledge

In order to avoid high temperatures and big crowds, the starting time of the tour is set at 8.00 AM.

The Acropolis is a MUST-SEE for anyone visiting Athens. It is the landmark that stands out in the city and the monument that portrays the great ancient Greek civilization that flourished in this land thousands of years ago.

Enjoy a 2-hour small group join-in guided tour of the Acropolis with an English speaking state-licensed guide, who will share with you stories of the past and interesting information of the most famous monument of our country, the Acropolis. You will have the opportunity to marvel and learn everything about the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike,  magnificent monument of the  Parthenon dedicated  to  goddess  Athena  (the  patron  of  the  city),  and the most sacred temple the Erechtheion, all located on the sacred rock of the Acropolis.

Step back in time and reflect on the splendor, power and wealth of this capital city, and admire from up-close the unique architectural and artistic masterpieces of timeless Greece.

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