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Best Time To Visit Greece

Set your heart on a destination, we will help you find the best time to visit.

The weather in Greece varies from the mainland to the many Greek Islands. But Generally speaking the best time to visit Greece is during spring i.e. from April until mid-June and autumn i.e. September and October. During this season the weather is quite mild and the crowds are less. In July and August it is very crowded and hot especially around popular attractions and destination like Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes etc. During this time bookings are made in advance and everything is more expensive comparatively. In August most Greeks take their annual leave and majority of people are on a holiday, so popular attractions can be crowded with Greeks itself.

December to March are the coldest months there accompanied with rain and some snow. If you are more interested to explore the mainland Greece, cities like Athens, Thessalonki , the famous archeological sites like Delphi, Meteora and more then this is the best time to visit Greece. Hotels and restaurants are open in winters here and also provide services way cheaper than the actual seasonal rates. 


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