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Things To Do In Prague

There are tons of amazing things to do in Prague. It is a city full of bridges and castles, which has long lost history and draws number of tourists throughout the year. History lovers get ready to explore with our International tour packages. 
Vltava River is the longest river in the Czech Republic which flows 270 miles.Its drainage basin is 10,847 square miles. The river starts flowing from southwestern Bohemia with two headstreams in the Bohemian Forest, the Teplá Vltava and the Studená Vltava. It flows first southeast then north across Bohemia, and empties into the Elbe north of Prague. There are large hydropower dams on these lakes which provide recreational facilities. Jazz Dock is Prague´s best jazz clubs which is located on the Vltava River and it´s simply paranormal. There are around 18 bridges that cross the Vltava in Prague. Among these bridges the most famous is the medieval 14th century Charles Bridge which connects the Old Town area with the Mala Strana and the Prague castle complex.
Hello Audience! May we have your attention please! Old town Square resides right in the heart of Prague. It is the central historic part of Prague. The Square is the greatest tourist attractions of Czech Capital. It is just impossible to visit this classic destination even if you are visiting Prague for several numbers of times. The complete highlight of Old town Square is the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. It is a medieval clock mounted on the Old town hall. 
Explore Prague through cool vintage cars from 1930s and the duration of the tour may be altered according to your wishes. The driver will pick you up from your hotel and will surely take you on the exciting tours. You will pass through the major destinations of Prague like Old Town, Jewish town, across the Czech’s bridge to Prague Castle and then you can get back to the Old tow across Manes Bride.
Prague surely knows how to party, it is the capital of world’s biggest beer drinkers and it is home to trendy bars and exciting pubs. It can be a good time for a night out without a big crowd and a normal bar crawl is the best way to experience it. As the sun sets in this enchanting fairytale city, exciting parties waits for you to join. 
Please pen down that Prague castle indicates the largest castle area in the world. It’s three courtyards and number of magnificent buildings cover over 7 hectares, so just be prepared to see a lot. And according to Guinness book of world record, Prague castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, with an almost 70000 meter square. 
St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and most important temple in Prague. Apart from religious services, coronations of Czech Kings and queens also took place here only. It is the most richly endowed cathedrals in Europe. It is pivotal to the religious and cultural life of Czech Republic. Its walls are adorned with glided panels containing polished slabs and semiprecious stones. 
Charles Bridge is a stone Gothic bridge that links the Old Town and Lesser Town. The construction of the bridge begun in 1357 by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and was completed in 1402. The purpose to build this bridge was to replace the Judith Bridge that had been badly damaged by floods in 1342. The architecture of the bridge has sandstone blocks flanked at each end by fortified towers. From 1683 to 1928 for the decoration of the bridge carving of 30 statues of saints was done. Among these, the most famous statue was of St John of Nepomuk.Charles Bridge’s architecture is 516 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, 13 meters high, and stands on 15 pillars. This bridge is part of the so-called Royal Route.