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Things To Do In Canada

Canada is destination which has exciting history and inspires with endless list of possibilities. Its pristine beauty of northern Lake Rocky Mountains surely draws the attention of tourists. Explore it with our Canada holiday packages. 
The pride of Toronto and the landmark of the city, CN tower held the record for being the freestanding structure of the world for over three long decades until overtaken by BurjKhalifa. Standing 553 meters tall, the construction of this tower was finished back in 1976 by Canadian National, the railway company, hence the name “CN”. The tower also includes an outdoor sky terrace, where the visitors will get an opportunity to view the majestic skylines through a sky walk on the glass floor. Apart from that is the spine chilling activity known as EdgeWalk, where you can dare to go against the gravity by letting yourself suspended in the air at 1168 feet high from ground trusting the support of harness. This one would be surely an unforgettable action of your life!
Spend a day out in the laps of beautiful Mother Nature with mesmerizing spots and myriads of activities to indulge that make this place an ideal picnic spot away from the hustles and bustles of the city. The sight includes ecstatic views of placid Lake Superior that could be observed from top of the Giant trail. This is then followed by the stupendous hiking trails that are spread across the area of whopping 100 kilometers. Further, one could also enjoy riding a mountain bike on the trails alongside observing the captivating wildlife species in the boreal forest of the park. 
The iconic animal that always flashes into the picture while mentioning about Arctic is always a Polar Bear. Not to be exaggerated, but this one’s a lone nomadic creature that spends entire life exploring the icy areas, tolerating the harsh weathers in one of the toughest places to live on the planet. These vicious, mighty yet cuddly species of the world could be observed in their natural habitats while being in Churchill that is known to be the Polar Bear Capital of the World. The good point to note is that there are various organizations who are working behind the conservation of these species. 
Enjoy bathing and sauna treatment like never before at an enthralling spot of Winnipeg. The site is ideal for its distinctive thermal bathing system where one could experience hot and cold water treatments back to back based upon the temperature of the body. Further, the spot is also equipped with eucalyptus and orange steam rooms, pools with variable temperatures, ergonomic furniture with menthol water that would soothe your senses as long as you stay. Additionally, the site also has a restaurant that serves some scrumptious cuisines along with varied ranges of wines, tea and coffee.