Lhakhang Karpo

Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo are two of the 108 monasteries built by Songsten Gampo, a tibetian king in the 7th century. These temples are the guardians of the people of Haa Valley, they watch over them. Lhakhang Karpo is the white temple perched at the foothills of three mountains of the south of Haa Dzong. The walls of this are decorated with paintings and murals of great Buddhist saint, deities, and masters. And once in year a one week puja is practiced at white temple. And Lhakhang Nagpo is known as the black temple, and this spot is chosen by black pigeon in the middle of tranquil lush green forest. The temple is nicely painted in black and exhibits deep horizontal slits of red and white. Explore this two fascinating temples on your trip to Bhutan. 

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