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About USA
The geography and seasons
The US borders both the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans and is bordered by Canada and Mexico. It is the third-largest country in the world by area and has a diverse landscape. The eastern regions consist of hills and mountains, while the central interior is a vast plain (called as Great Plains region). It is divided into 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. The 3.8 million square miles that makes up the United States makes it the third largest country in the world. The major rivers in the United States are the Missouri, Mississippi, Colorado, and Columbia. Here, the climate ranges from subtropical to arctic with a corresponding breadth of flora and fauna. It can be said that the country has a temperate climate but there are extremes as you move from Hawaii to Alaska. Spring and autumn, that is March to May and September to November respectively.

The term culture refers to the shared beliefs and behaviors assigned and accepted by a group of people. Culture encompasses many different areas; these include attitudes towards education, work ethics, religious beliefs, and preferences about things like food, art, entertainment and celebrations, and etiquette. As every part of the world have its own customs and traditions. Some are deeply rooted in the historic values held by certain cultures, while others are born from social patterns.

In the same way the culture of USA encompasses the customs and traditions of the United States. It is called as the melting point in which different cultures have contributed their own distinct flavours to American culture. Just as cultures from around the world have influenced American culture, today American culture somehow influences the world. The term western culture often refers broadly to the cultures to the United States of Europe. The way people melt in the United States differs as different groups of immigrants integrate in different ways. Be a part of USA culture with our USA Tour Packages.

The Experiences
America is a tapestry of sports, food, culture, music, history, and mind boggling experiences. Here are some of the amazing experiences that make America the most remarkable one with our US tour from India

Bungee in Las Vegas
It is always said that better the heights, better the views and this is actually true in the terms of Las Vegas. Hence to get a better view of this vibrant city, it’s time to enter a higher layer of the atmosphere. Believe it or not Las Vegas offers the facility of bungee jumping as well to its visitors. Sky Jump Las Vegas has also earned itself the Guinness World Record for being the highest profit-making experience. Vegas is so proud of this tower that it celebrates 20th April every year as the Sky Jump day.

Soak in the Beauty of Bellagio Fountains
If you are tired of all the activities along with sightseeing and wish you to just sit back and experience the beauty of Las Vegas, then the Bellagio fountains is the place for you. Located on the outskirts of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, this is a manmade wonder which promises to take your breath away. These iconic fountains soar high in the sky in harmonization with music as well as amazing lighting. Don’t miss out on the spectacular aquatic shows hosted here.

Experience the Lyric Opera
Lyric Opera was founded in 1954 and is a renowned opera company which showcases lavish performances at the massive Art Deco Civic Opera House. If you are an opera lover or even if you are not and wish to experience it for the first time, there is no place greater both in grandeur and stature than the Lyric Opera.

USA Tour Packages

USA Tour Packages



American Discovery East & West Summer 2020

11 Nights / 12 Days

$ 2,800 Onwards

American Experience East & West Summer 2020

12 Nights / 13 Days

$ 3,500 Onwards

American Prominence East Chicago & West Summer 2020

15 Nights / 16 Days

$ 4,550 Onwards

Westerns Delight Summer 2020

16 Nights / 17 Days

$ 4,700 Onwards

How to reach USA
By Air
All the metropolis cities like America like New York, Boston, Chicago, San Fransisco etc have their own international airports from where regular USA flights keep flying in and out. There are hundreds of flights that are handled in these airports on a daily basis and so travelling by plane is the convenient method and best ways to reach USA. While flying to America it is very important to keep a note of amount of baggage you need to carry with yourself as every flight has certain restrictions regarding the weight of the baggage. Although, there are no direct flights from USA to India requiring one to change flights midway I.e. take connecting flights, it is still the fastest and the easiest way to reach USA.

By Sea
This mode of transport is generally used by the tourists coming from Europe on private boats or tourists travelling within the country by ferries, cruises and boats. The two main ports for such private boats are located in Los Angeles and Florida. From here the tourists can easily rent a car, hire a cab, or even take a train to get to other cities of America or to any other place in America. This mode of transportation is rarely used by individuals nowadays.

What to eat in USA?
As we all know that USA is home to Statue of liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Disneyland, but if there’s one thing the USA is its food. Big, Bold and beautiful, the Americans surely know how to plate up a dish. Once you go vegetarian; beans, soya and every single vegetable in the entire world will become your best friend.  Taste some finest food in USA with our USA tour Packages. Some of the best vegetarian dishes you can try in USA are as below; let’s have a quick look at it

Travel For Some Of The City’s Best Pizza
If you are in USA and tell yourself to be a pizza lover then you just cannot afford to miss out on some of the most iconic pizzas which is almost like a staple food in the entire country. Although, Chicago boasts of the best pizzas in USA, places like Di Fara in New York and Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco are heaven for all the pizza lovers. Chicago Pizzas are one of the best local authentic pizzas which you would indulge yourselves in. Chicago Pizzas are an institution in their own selves and definitely do not demand to be missed. If you are someone who savors thin crust pizza over anything else, your search ends here.

Sample Real California Sushi in China Town
One of the most established China Town in the USA; it is indeed a perfect place for all the ones who are wishing to indulge themselves in delectable sushis. Apart from sushi’s you would also love the various kinds of dim sums sold here.

Taste Sugar Sandwich at Cream
CREAM serves the best ice-cream sandwiches you would ever crave for. The ice-cream sandwiches here are made with your choice of fresh baked base, ice-cream and toppings of your choice. This place would be a sure shot favorite for all the ones who are looking forward to some sugar rush.

Which Are The Famous Indian Restaurants in USA?
There are so many different types of cuisines from different cultures around the world. One popular type of food is Indian food as the flavours of Indian food are amazing and one just can’t resist tasting it. All over the US, there are restaurants that serve up their own version of these traditional Indian dishes with their own special twist in it. Explore some of the finest Indian Restaurants in USA with our tour packages to USA.

The Bombay Club - Washington D.C
The Bombay Club imitates attributes of the old clubs of India. The rich condition with pale pastels, roof fans, and a bounty of greenery is intended to make a warm and welcoming social affair place. The cooking is the best of India; they use simply the best quality ingredients to make a harmony of modest flavors. Through Passion, pride, and enthusiasm, the Bombay Club has gained an exclusive position in the Washington communal and dining background. They invite you to share memorable experience with them.

Curry Leaf - Flavours of India (Las Vegas)
Curry Leaf Flavors of India, set up in June of 2015, is a family possessed and worked neighborhood Indian café. The mainstays of our establishment are based on four basic words: Fresh, Flavorful, Authentic, and Elegant. At Curry Leaf Flavors of India they strive in using only the freshest ingredients tossed with the right balance of authentic Indian spices, to bring you flavors that leave you wanting more.

Each one of their Chef’s Special dishes has an elegant touch with a little pinch of logicalness. They take pride in offering you a unique fine dining experience at Curry Leaf Flavors of India.  They are, as one of our customers stated, “An out of the box” Indian restaurant.  They also offer a wide variety of dishes that are not found in a traditional Indian restaurant, especially in Las Vegas.

Udupi Palace - (San Francisco)
San Francisco Indian restaurant featuring South Indian cuisine. They serve extensive selection of dosa crepes filled with spiced stuffing and food like idly, samosa, uthappam, thali and curries are amazing. South Indian food is hard to find, but Udupi does it right. They even have really yummy options of north Indian food for your fellow dinner mates who don't like those dosas. Specializing in dosas & uthappam, this Indian eatery serves vegetarian fare in a basic setting.

Places to Visit in USA
With so much to explore in this country, it can be difficult to know where to start from especially when it comes to planning a trip in the United States. From world-class cities to some known for history whereas some known for fun or glamour, give visitors a broad variety of places to choose from. Witness some of the best places to visit in USA with our USA travel Packages

17 Miles Drive
Whether you drive it, walk it or bike it, this romantic stretch of coastline will make you think one thing above all else: How can I live here? The privately managed roadway that twists between Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, will take you through the wind- sculpted forests of cypress trees to a rocky shoreline. Here you will definitely get the best views of the celebrated golf courses of Pebble Beach. Explore this magical place and get the best scenic views, the unforgettable experience and surely take some time to enjoy the most famous scenic views.

Hancock Tower
John Hancock Centre, 100 – Story mixed use skyscraper located at 875 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago and named after one of its early developers and tenants. On the 95th story is the John Hancock Observatory with Chicago’s only open air sky walk that was built with steel casing approved by NASA. Construction of the tower began in 1965. Due to the high winds in Chicago, one of the main factors that had to be taken into consideration was using a secure structure for the building that would minimize movement on windy days. This skyscraper adds the beauty through its symmetry to the skyline, making it one of the Chicago’s finest works of architecture.

Fremont Street
Located in the old town, it is a place where dozens of LED lights will light up the starry night and will guide you to one of the most romantic places in Las Vegas. This is actually a place where one can enjoy the real Las Vegas experience.  Here you can just hang out with your soul mate as it has amazing delightful cuisines, thrilling concert, live entertainment and great beer scenes. Fremont Street is all about dazzling nights with slot machines, intriguing table games betting on sports and races and not to forget the popular world poker. Who knows, you might get lucky!!!!

Statue of Liberty
New York’s iconic Statue of Liberty is not only one of the most known monuments in the world but also has symbol of liberty. The colossal neoclassical statue stands tall on a pedestal in the Liberty Island, New York. Located near Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The Statue is seen holding a torch and has seven spikes on her crown, all of which portrays liberty. The history of this well known statue is vibrant and this copper monument was gifted to the US.

Times Square
It is the most bustling square of NYC, as it known for its Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards. To be very precise it is surely a place in NYC that never sleeps. It is not exactly a square but technically Times Square is the four quarters created where 7th Ave and Broadway intersects in the Midtown Manhattan. It is easily accessible by multiple subways and buses. And yes if you are lucky enough to spend your winter holidays in the Big Apple, the best things to do in New York in December. It is indeed a perfect place to say goodbye to the year and welcome the new one!!

What are the Top things to do in USA
Some of the best things to do in USA are as below, experience it with our USA tours from India packages

Set Your Inner Child Free at Disneyland
When you shortlist a travel destinations, you do ample of research for the remarkable tourist spots to cover but along with it, you also are always on the look for various sources of amusement. The highlight of this Disneyland is that it is the only theme park in the entire world which was successfully built to completion that too under the direct supervision of Walt Disney himself.

Learn How to Make Pizza (And Then Eat It)

You go to any part of the world, meet new people, and try new cuisines, but only one thing remains constant at all times. And that constant factor is that as soon as you spot pizza at the travel destination, your face will definitely light up. And what better way to enjoy such comfort food by learning how to make it as well. A number of places in the Los Angeles County offer special and brief pizza making classes which teach you everything about preparing a pizza, right from preparing dough to the toppings used and more. And of course, then you can relish the pizza made with your own very hands.

Say hello to Hollywood
There is something about the movies which never fails to impress you with its glamour and the celebrity that surrounds it. In movies we live a life which somehow directly reflects the fantasies we may never be able to execute in real life. This is precisely why the Hollywood aura always succeeds in intriguing us. And this is exactly why the city of Los Angeles has ended up becoming such a popular tourist destination. Hence when visiting this place, it is absolutely vital for all to pay respect to the sign of Hollywood by clicking some quirky pictures with the same.

Catch a Performance at The Olympia Theater
Located at Gusman Centre, the Olympia Theater was opened in 1926 as a home for silent movies but has been recently restored to host live performances, concerts, films, social events etc. It still emanates an old world charm with its baroque architecture and royal aesthetics. The theater has hosted the likes of Elvis Presley, B.B. King and countless other popular artists. So checks what’s playing at this theatre put your best dress on and spend an evening in this classic setting.

Visit to Nutella Café
Nutella Café in Chicago is a perfect place for all the ones who crave for Nutella and an extra dose of chocolate every time. Savor into the best of pastries, breads, gelatos and more if you are in a mood to make the most of this café.

USA for Family
Planning a family vacation can be daunting. When considering little ones, it may be difficult to find vacation spots that are suitable for both the young and the older. From beaches, glamour and kids friendly entertainment parks USA has it all.  Consisting of 50 states- each with its own unique identity and style- the USA is a patchwork of cultures and peoples, home to everything from chilled-out surfer’s paradise of Hawaii all the way to New York, perhaps the foremost cultural and financial centre of the world.

It is indeed a family friendly place from where you can take a bag full of memories. It offers some really beautiful cities will take your heart away. New York City is truly iconic and has now become the part of world culture. Featuring in countless books, movies and television programmes it is the ultimate in glitz, glamour and urban cool.

So, if you are planning a getaway with a whole gang, America has the most family friendly attractions and is the perfect place to make your family holidays worthwhile. Explore it with our USA Tour Packages for family.

Which are the best areas for shopping Tour in USA?
Shopping takes on a whole new meaning when you indulge your passion in any of the following iconic shopping streets in the USA. Whether it is shopping for the world’s best brands or pampering your taste buds on the side, there is much that will demand your attention towards the best shopping areas or shops in the USA with our USA touring. Please have a look!

Union Square- San Francisco
The greatest names in retail and women who lunch make Union Square anything other than square. Practically every style mark on the planet has opened for business in and around Square, a milestone park in the core of the midtown shopping and lodging area. Rock courts, a phase, a bistro and four thousand passageway corner courts flanked by the recreation center's mark palms, pay tribute to the Square's unmistakable history and offer a gathering for community festivities. The link vehicles head up Powell Street from here and blossom stands light up corners. Thousands initially from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have given the Tenderloin, a 20-square-square locale west of the square new life. Notable shopping from Macy's, and a milestone church, a trial theater house, jazz and blues clubs, and eateries and bistros point to an area renaissance.

Via Bellagio - Las Vegas
The shopping selection within Via Bellagio is luxury at its finest: To call it expensive would be an understatement. You could easily spend a year's salary here in less than an hour, no matter what you make. But if you're looking for high-end shopping -- or fantasize about all the items you'd like to buy - then this is the place. The elegant architecture matches the shops. Via Bellagio highlights an open walkway and a lot of characteristic lighting from the high roof windows. These components make the entire shopping knowledge more energetic and charming than a dim, cramped shopping center. And keeping in mind that it may not be the greatest on the Strip, Via Bellagio's "shopping line" demonstrates that toning it down would be ideal. Bottega Veneta offers great Italian cowhide merchandise with an advanced contort. All packs are hand-made and delicate. Louis Vuitton and Fendi additionally offer a fine choice of calfskin stock.

H&M - New York
Hennes and Mauritz AB is a Swedish global attire retail organization known for its quick design apparel for men, ladies, young people and youngsters. H&M and its related organizations work in 62 nations with more than 4,500 stores and starting at 2015 utilized around 132,000 individuals. It is the second-biggest worldwide attire retailer, simply behind Spain-based Inditex (parent organization of Zara). The organization has a critical online nearness, with web based shopping accessible in 33 nations. The H&M gathering is one of the world's driving style organizations. The chain retailer supplies on-pattern attire, swimwear, frill and shoes. H&M organizations have a one of a kind character and are joined by an enthusiasm for design and a drive to dress clients in a manageable manner.


Happy Travellers

Thanks Flamingo Team To Make Our Dream Come True

Exploring Europe with our two teenage kids was our dream for a long time. Thanks to the Flamingo team to make that dream come true and giving us the memories of a lifetime!!! We really enjoyed the places, sightseeing, food and hotels. We were impressed by our tour leader, Kushal Shah, with his time management, attention to detail, leadership and communication style. His knowledge about European history and culture was excellent. We had an amazing time and we are looking forward to having many more memorable trips with Flamingo Tour.    
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   May
Region: Central Europe,East Europe   |   Tour Type: GIT   |   Theme: Group Tour   |   Read All

We Couldn’t Dream Of A Better Vacation Than This!

It was a memorable trip. Right from the land arrangements to the Hotels everything was perfect; we couldn’t dream of a better vacation than this. The up gradation of room in Sofitel at Siem Reap was pleasant surprise to us! All the services were up to the mark with no lapse in the services.
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Sep
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We Have Enjoyed Our Dubai Trip!

We have enjoyed our Dubai trip, it was well planned by Flamingo team. They were available round the clock to assist us when ever required and resolving in our queries. We would definitely we recommending Kamil and entire Flamingo team to our friends and family members for booking Dubai trip."
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Nov
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We Love Partnering With You On Our Travels!

Thank you for reaching out to us! The trip was fantastic. Our driver was a very nice guy, spoke fluent English and kept his car sparkling clean! He was a very good guide as well... Highly recommend him ! Also our resorts and the services provided there were out of the world. Thank you so much for arranging the candle light dinner and anniversary celebrations for my parents. They were blown away and really happy ! All in all, we love partnering with you on our travels! 
Also special thanks to your team for making my cousin Nishad's honeymoon to Mauritius super enjoyable as well.
One more thing. I have cc'd my very good friend Ashutosh in the email. Ashutosh got married this year but hasnt had time for a honeymoon yet so he is thinking to do a trip later this year. He is also thinking of a similar to Kerala trip (that we did) for his parents and is looking for ideas on what fits his budget. I am sure you will take care of him  in the best possible way
Thank you once again! And Cheers and Kudos to the Flamingo team.. 
Ratna, extremely sorry for not finding time to come meet you in person but I owe you one for making my family super happy! 
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Nov
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Hotel Food And Staff Services Was Very Nice

Hotel in Boracay ( Astoria Boracay) was excellent. Hotel food and staff services was very nice. More over hotel is located on beach and whole day it’s happening place. Island trip was interesting and we enjoyed lot.
Reaching Manila, even we been straight for city tour didn’t felt tired . Hotel IM manila also very good . Food was good. Overall it was an excellent trip.
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Ahmadabad   Travelled in   Feb
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Frequently asked questions about United States Vacation Packages

What are the different modes of transportation provided to passengers on tour?
At the time of booking, passengers are given different options to choose their mode of transportation like:

In Private Transfer you can also choose to do sightseeing by private vehicle which will be available from one point to another. The private vehicle will be pre-booked on a pre-decided route and timings decided in advance as well.  

Vehicle at disposal means that a car will be with you throughout the travel trip for which timings and kilometers will be decided in advance. If you use the car outside the travel package distance or time limit then it may not be possible or it will charged additionally. Vehicle at disposal offers more flexibility and control over the itinerary. Also private van tours include a coach at service. 

SIC (Seat in coach basis) SIC coach transfers depart only at fixed times and stop at different hotels enroute where other passengers may be picked up or dropped off which mean it time consuming. You will be traveling with other passengers and passengers of different nationalities which offers a good chance to interact with people from different parts of the world. Before joining the tour you need to exchange tour vouchers for your original tickets from the concerned office. Many time the tour starting point is not from the hotel so then you need to reach the departure point from your hotel at your own expense.
What is the best time to book?


What is the best time to book?

USA and Canada

Book your tour at least 3 months before the travel date

Southeast Asia

Book your tour at least 1 month before the travel date


Book your tour at least 1 month before the travel date

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date


Book your tour at least 1 months before the travel date

China and Japan

Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date


Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date

What is the best time to visit the said destination?
The USA is spread across such tremendous territory, which implies incredible diversity in the climate and seasons consistently. So best time to visit for the most part relies on which part of the nation you are planning to travel in the USA. Generally, May to September witnesses the most elevated footfall of travelers, although the loveliest months on east and west coast of the nation are spring and fall.

Canada is an extensive nation, and the climate may vary in the East and in the West. Many people like to visit Canada during spring, summer, and autumn. However, summer is considered the best time to explore Canada.
What is the difference between group tours and individual tours?
Group tours consist of certain number of people touring together to a destination. Group tours can be a great way to know new people and explore well planned itinerary covering the best places. No changes will be possible in your group tour itinerary. In each destination the group consists of approximately 40 to 55 members. 

Individual tours are tailor made tours designed and arranged just for you. You have a liberty to choose your own hotels, and attractions as per your taste.
What is the procedure to obtain visa to visit the said destination?
Visa is an official permitthat helps you enter a foreign country and stay there for a specific period oftime. Flamingo does serve visa service. Talk to our travel consultant for visaprocess details for which you will have to submit certain documents.
What kind of food is offered to travelers on tour?
Meals which will be provided on tour will be mentioned in your tour itinerary. Usually meal menu contains of Indian vegetarian food, Jain food (no onion, no garlic, no potato), local vegetarian food, if requested Indian non-vegetarian food and local non-vegetarian food.

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The United States of America (USA), also commonly known as United States (US) or simply America, is a collective of 50 states and the District of Columbia. America is the third largest nation in the world – almost double the size of the European Union! Even the people living in USA may have been there for years and still feel like they have barely explored the country. From the sky-kissing skyscrapers of New York to the enormity of the Grand Canyon, from the neon lights in Las Vegas to cruising along the Pacific Coast – America’s man made wonders are as stunning as the natural ones and all are worth exploring on USA tour packages. Whether you are looking for a thrilling adventure of a lifetime or delving into the rich cultural diversity of the nation, America offers something to all travelers at all points of time. Its capital is Washington D.C. and the most heavily populated city is New York. It boasts of diverse geography, vegetation, climate and people.

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