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History And Culture Of Rajasthan

We are not makers of history, we are made by history. Let's explore it!

Rajasthan history is established in the Vedic and Indus valley civilization, going back to around 5000 years. This is the land that inhabited first Aryan settlement. The GurjarsPratiharEmpire reigned from 8th to 11th century around there. They effectively shielded the area from Arab intruders from the west. The opposition from Gurjars backed off the advancement of Muslim intruders in India contrasted with their quick development in different parts of the world. The Gurjars could blockade the development of Arabs past the limits of Sindh.

It is recorded that Bhils and Meenas are the first occupants of Rajasthan. The commitment of Rajputs, Jats, Meenas, Gurjars, Bhils, Bishnois, Saini, Rajpurohit, Charans, Yadavs, Rebari, Sermals and different clans is rapidly being developed and developing of the state. They served the territories and set out their lives shielding their way of life and land from intruders and different clans. Kota was managed by Bhils, Bundi, Dhundhar and Hadoti were administered by Meenas.

According to written history going back to 1200 AD this land was controlled by different traditions. The Mauryan administration ruled from 321 to 184 BC, it was trailed by Rajput matchless quality with around 21 dynasties ruling from 8th to 12th century AD. The time from 10th century to 12 century saw Parmars, Chalukayas and Chauhan rulers ruling the land. Later in 12th century AD the greater part of this glad state was caught by Mughal realm. The defeat of Mughal realm offered supremacy to British standard in 1817 AD and the British ruled till 1945.

Later after Independence this place that is known for valor and shading progressed toward becoming Rajasthan on 26th January 1950. The socially rich state with social and artistic traditions reflect old India customs. The rich legends and classical music gets its motivation from everyday existence of its kin. The particular style of Ghoomar move gave the specialists of Rajasthan world praise.


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