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Things To Do In Goa

Cruises in Goa are ultimate fun and that includes Houseboat cruise, Dinner cruise, Casino cruise, Backwater cruise and many more. One of the best ways to witness the beauty of this tropical paradise is to go on a cruise. The thrilling, hour long action cruising down the stream gives an otherworldly encounter to an undertaking trip. Experience the mesmerizing events, parties, sunrise, sunsets on the cruise and make the most of your trip. The journey likewise permits having an attempt at fishing and an incredible excursion for winged animal watchers. And here you can even treat yourself with amazing Goan cuisines. The cruise will even give you the glimpse of the nearby villages, churches, forts, and will surely add rustic feel to this experience. Enjoy a day or two at Goan cruise with our Goa Tour Packages.


The queen of nightlife and radical road shopping, Goa is an all-inclusive place for superb seafood and endless things to do. With an excited exhibit of both water and land sports exercises, Goa is known for facilitating the best water sports experience in the nation. Swimming, Jet Ski, scuba jumping, boating, Ringo ride, banana ride, water skiing and parasailing go under the water sports which are a must experience on Goa tours. 

Parasailing or Para-gliding is an engaging water sport with two noteworthy instruments-parachutes and speedboat. This sport is generally conspicuous in the place that is known for astounding sea shores, Goa. This sport is performed with precautions, and furthermore is perfect to experience at shoreline. With a variety of vast adrenaline surge alongside tuned sea shore scenes, is a skipping sight to an admirer of experience and fun. Parasailing is less expensive in India contrasted with different nations.


Anjuna Flea Market being one of the most famous markets of Goa attracts locals and travelers alike. People from all corners of the world come and shop here and it is a must explore on Goa Tour packages. Market has live performances by bands that play from variety of music ranging from rock to jazz. It is indeed a paradise for all the shopping lovers. The market basically is a nice mix of Hippies and Indian stalls. You can buy quirky jewelry items, ethnic clothing and lot more. The historical backdrop of Anjuna Flea advertise goes back to antiquated occasions where this bazaar began in 1960's as a manner for explorers to trade their goods.During the initial days locals used to call it as “Open-air goods exchange”. And the market also offers you with wide range of cuisines including Indian, and Indo-Chinese.


Flyboarding is one of a kind experience and one of the best things to do in Goa. In this activity you have to wear a hydroflighting device and it will make you springing in the air. You might have seen this in movies and can experience it your Goa trip. If it is your first time, guides will be there to instruct you. If you are a thrill seeker then this activity in Chapora is a must experience on Goa holiday. 


Want to learn something new on your visit to Goa? What about taking a stab at heavenly Goan cooking styles? Sounds Good, isn’t it? Apart from water sports, churches, fort, backwaters, ocean trek Goa has lot more to offer for all kind of travelers. And trust me learning how to make Goan cuisines is amongst the hidden gems of Goa. Imagine selecting ingredients of your favorite dish by yourself and then discovering the secret behind the flavors of the dish. This sounds so cool! You will find cooking classes in Goa where you can taste the local flavors.

- The Siolim Cooking class 

- Rita’s Gourmet Goa 

- Rahul’s cookery class. 

You just cannot afford to miss out on discovering Goan cuisine on your Goa Holiday tour packages.


Since antiquated occasions India is known as a nation of breathtaking fragrances and flavors. Today India is the world's driving force of flavors. The nation develops in excess of 50 various types of flavors. India represents major portion of the world exchanging flavors, and it supplies with it in excess of 150 nations, althoughmajority of the production is being sold in the domestic market. As per Goa tourism there are some significant flavor estates where guests can glance in how the spices are developed and handled. 

For tourists,the state has arranged unique educational and engaging centers such as Savoi Spice Plantation, Sahakari Spice ranches, Tropical Spice estate, that are occupied with natural cultivating. The Savoi flavor manor has existed for two centuries and develops various types of Spice plants and natural product trees like cloves, nutmeg, coriander, banana, coconut, mango, jackfruit, bimbli, guava, papaya, and cashew, citrus. Investigate the flavor gardens with our Goa Tour Packages.


Aside from excellent sea shores, Goa has a great deal to offer; caves being one such a gem. The caves of Goa portray the tale of creative past. There are around 25 artificial caves which have been revealed here. A considerable lot of these caves were cut with the expectation of advancing strict practices and just a couple were worked to live. Biggest characteristic cavern of Goa is situated in Verna. This cave is sufficiently large to oblige around 1200 individuals in one go. Likewise, Buddhist Caves at Rivona are other such supernatural arrangement brought about commonly. 

Discussing artificial caves of Goa, the most seasoned of them goes back to the fifth and sixth century A.D. The stone cut caverns of Arvalem have their notice in the legendary content of Mahabharata. These caves are otherwise called the Pandava Caves and are accepted to be the previous haven of the saints of Mahabharata during their outcast. Lamgau Caves also are related with Hindu folklore and are devoted to Hindu divinities. Explore some other mainstream caves of Goa like Mallaguini, Rivona, Usgao, Aquem, Narve, Warkhand and Curdi with our Goa tour packages