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Things To Do In Goa

Your trip to Goa would be incomplete without an evening spent on a Sunset River Cruise. This is an hour long cruise where your boat will sail through the Mandovi River. Never seen beautiful and witnessing as if even more romantic for the couple on a Goan sunset cruise before sunset. Being mesmerized by Panjim and Betim when viewed in the twilight and darkness, you will witness the calm and serene backwaters of the Mandovi River.

Traditional Dance Village You are busy with the spectacular sunset, all your entertainment arrangements are taken care of. A group of Goan dancers will perform "Dekhni", a classical Goan-dance form. There is a traditional dance form known as "Fugdi" by women on Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi. Once the dancers are finished performing, a DJ will take over from there and you can sing and shake a leg.

Relax with family, couples and groups of friends can feel relax here and enjoy the activities after a long time of sightseeing.

Sightseeing cruise leads to Miramar Beach, you will find the magnificent Adil Shah's Palace, Panjim City, Panjim Ferry-Point, Betim Ferry Point, Floating Casino, Kegdavli Beach in Reis-Magos, Fort of Reis-Magos, Fort Aguada and Forts & Marriott Hotel.


All the adventure sports activities in Goa are spectacular and parasailing is considered to be one such exciting activity. If you are looking for a ride with a daring streak, then saturate the adventure addicts in you to feel the paradise on earth in parasailing. Goa gives you ample opportunities when it comes to water sports activities. Paragliding in Goa gives you the right mix of adventure sports and entertainment.

Get mesmerized by the majestic view of the clear sea and the stunning landscape of the beach that surrounds the palms. This type of water sport activity is also known as sky gliding. You will find yourself attached to a very secure canopy that is built in a special way and in turn pulled by a speedboat.

You don't need any special skills for this activity, just be calm and relaxed and enjoy the breathtaking view from above. The anticipation sets in when the speed of the boat speeds up and you feel elevated with an open parachute.


Anjuna flea market is a free spirit paradise in Goa where you can find a treasure trove of handicrafts & trinkets, souvenirs & hippie clothes at an inexpensive rate. This weekly market was a way for hippie travellers to barter their unique products in the 1960s.

Initially, it was called the open-air goods exchange market by the locals, but now it has become an attraction for tourists and locals alike. Previously, this flea market was organized on a small area of the beach, but now it stretches from the golden edges of the beach to the paddy fields to many stalls selling tidbits. The only skill you need here is bargaining to get the products you intend to buy at a pocket-friendly price.


Want you fly in the air like a superhero seen in Marvel comics and then swim like a dolphin within a few minutes? As incredible and dreamy as it sounds, you can definitely do this in your Goa trip. Flyboarding in Goa is a new set of transformation in extreme water sports that takes the adventure to a new level.

This thriller activity is carried out in the beautiful Chapora River, which is considered a famous destination for flyboarding in Goa. The Chapora river water is calm and serene which is suitable for flyboarding activity.

Your epinephrine will be as rushed as before and you will feel butterflies in your stomach doing superhero stunts, which you have always seen or heard. Fly in the sky and feel one with nature. At this altitude as you adventure from an aerial altitude, you will witness real scenes around you, which will give you goosebumps and then plunge into deep water and feel free to fly in the air again.


Want to learn something new on your visit to Goa? What about taking a stab at heavenly Goan cooking styles? Sounds Good, isn’t it? Apart from water sports, churches, fort, backwaters, ocean trek Goa has lot more to offer for all kind of travelers. And trust us learning how to make Goan cuisines is amongst the hidden gems of Goa. Imagine selecting ingredients of your favorite dish by yourself and then discovering the secret behind the flavors of the dish. This sounds so cool! You will find cooking classes in Goa where you can taste the local flavors.

- The Siolim Cooking class 

- Rita’s Gourmet Goa 

- Rahul’s cookery class. 

You just cannot afford to miss out on discovering Goan cuisine on your Goa Holiday tour packages.