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Introducing Spain

What to tell about Spain? It is a country more diverse than you have ever imagined. It is passionate, sophisticated, and devoted to living the good life, It is known for its ancient monuments, the medieval castles, the white villages, the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid which will make your Spain trip a great mix of cultural attractions. Spain radiates a vibrant energy and is a captivating combination of present and past. Experience it with our Spain holiday packages from Ahmedabad. 

The capital city Madrid is home to Royal Palace and Prado gallery. Some of the major attractions in Spain are: the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens in Granada, the great mosque of Cordoba, the Prado and Paseo del Artes in Madrid, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Sites and many more beautiful destinations which will make your trip much more exciting with our International holiday packages.  


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

Spain is well known for its cultural diversity, the best time to visit Spain is during spring and fall seasons as it has a perfect temperature for sightseeing and it is a country of festivals and these four months have a lot of festivals which attract the tourists. Northern Spain has a cool temperature during this time, but the major cities like Madrid are comparatively warmer. Spring is unique for its blue skies and blossoms growing everywhere. Most festival celebrations like bullfighting and flamenco are held in these months alongside Easter and Semana Santa. 

Fall is a wonderful time to visit Spain as the yellow and orange tones of the leaves, and the smell of pre-winter winds will take your mood on cloud nine, feel its beauty with our Spain holiday packages. The climate is nearly getting cooler amid this time. The greatest flamenco celebration in Spain, Bienal de Flamenco is held in October. It likewise has a film celebration amid this period. 


History & Culture

Spain compasses of some of the most captivating, complex and entertaining stories you can find in the entire world. Spain, nation situated in extreme southwestern Europe. It possesses around 85 percent of the Iberian Peninsula, which it imparts to its littler neighbor Portugal. Spain is a storied country of stone palaces, snowcapped mountains, huge landmarks, and modern urban areas, all of which have made it a favored travel goal. The nation is topographically and socially differing. 

The rich culture of Spain is based on diverse historical influences, other flavors were added during the troubling middle ages, with intriguing language, cuisines, music, art, literature, folk, traditions and in the diverse ethnic communities. “Spain is special”, this is the often heard statement which emphasis on their position as a melting for centuries. The development of their rich heritage began with the settlements and was strongly influenced by the 900 years of Moorish rule. 
Spain joined European Union which was earlier known as European Economic Community in the year 1986 and Euro in 1999. Since hosting the Olympics the country has undergone significant progress in development, including social reforms and infrastructural facilities as well. There is no official religion in Spain. Approximately 73% of the population is Roman while 22% of them don’t follow any religion. Approximately 1 million Muslims i.e. (2.3% of the country) living is Spain. Be a part of Spain’s culture with our International tour packages. 



Today the greater part of Spain's zone is situated in southwestern Europe on the territory of the nation that is south of France and the Pyrenees Mountains and east of Portugal. In any case, it additionally has an area in Morocco, the urban communities of Ceuta and Melilla, islands off the shoreline of Morocco and also the Canary Islands in Mediterrian Sea The majority of this land region makes Spain the second biggest nation in Europe behind France. 

The greater part of the geography of Spain comprises of level fields that are encompassed by rough, undeveloped slopes. The northern piece of the nation is overwhelmed by the Pyrenees Mountains. The most astonishing point in Spain is situated in the Canary Islands with Pico de Teide at 12,198 feet (3,718 m). 
The atmosphere of Spain is calm with hot summers and chilly winters inland and cloudy, cool summers and cool winters along the drift. Madrid, located inland in the center point of Spain has an average January low temperature of 37˚F (3˚C) and a July normal high of 88˚F (31˚C).




Things to Do in Spain

Madrid, Barcelona and Andalusian cities are some of the major places where you can head down to watch the Flamenco shows. There are daily flamenco shows which take place in this part of Spain and are geared towards the tourists. So, if you are visiting Spain, you should not miss out on the Flamenco show.
Bullfighting is an important tradition of Spain and dates back to early historic days of Europe. April to September is considered to be the ideal time wherein you can make the most of bullfighting festival. Bullfighting festivals run for atleast two weeks in a month.
Museo Nacional del Prado, Mueso Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, MuseoThyssen-Bornemisza are the three essential art museum which every art lovers visiting Madrid should visit. These museums are not only massive but also depict the values of Spanish culture and its values through art.
Tapas is a favourite appetizer in Spain and is available at a number of Tapas bars. Region by region, the art of making tapas differs, so no matter in which part of Spain you would be having Tapas, you would love this edible dish to the core.
Tomatina is one of the most celebrated festival in Spain which you would surely love to be a part of. Make your way down to Spain during August to be a part of the Tomatina Festival and have the time of your life with your friends. 
Be a part of the rooftop crawl in Madrid which is again one of the most exciting things you would be a part of on your Spain Tour. This rooftop crawl is one of the adventure which tourists look forward to because crawling around in an unknown city, with post card views is absolutely something one would long for.
Some of the best islands of Europe lie in Spain, right from Canary Islands to Balearic Islands, each of them have a unique feature with clear water and unspoiled beaches. To make your island adventure even more amazing, head down to Ibiza for an experience you would never forget.


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