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Take a water taxi in Bangkok

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Take a water taxi in Bangkok

One of the most convenient and exotic types of transport in Bangkok is the water. Boats are a great way to get around the famous Riverside area of Bangkok with its many historical attractions, temples and architecture, and also to explore the 'klongs' (canals) for a glimpse of Bangkok from the past. 
Several types of boats (express boats, river taxis and tail-boats) run up and down the Chao Phraya River. They connect the local suburbs on the Thonburi side and along the river, while ferries can be used to cross the river at various points.You can reach anywhere quickly by boat, bypassing the traffic on roads. 
Water taxi is a boat that you can catch anywhere and they will take you wherever you need. They operate up and down the river and cost varies depending on the length of the journey. 
There are five different types of Express Boat River Taxis: No flag (Local Line), Blue Flag Line (tourist boat), Orange Flag Line, Yellow Flag Line and Green Flag Line. Blue Flag (Tourist Boat) stops when you want and operated daily from 09:00 to 19:00. The fares are 40 baht per trip or 100 baht for an all-day pass with unlimited journeys allowed. At every stop English speaking staff will call out clearly over a microphone and ask if anyone wants to alight at that stop. The boat will not stop if there are no passengers to get on or off. Staff will explain the sights the river on either side in between the stops.


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