Cheers to Iceland’s Beer Spa!

The next time you are on an Iceland Tour, do not forget to add Iceland’s Beer Spa into your itinerary. Do not consider this to be any regular spa treatment, Beer Spa might fancy all the beer lovers but here is everything which you ought to know about this latest entrée into the Iceland’s spa scenes.

You have to lie down in a bathtub filled with beer, water, hops and yeast for 25 minutes and then you would be sent to relaxation room where you have to let yourself loose for another 25 minutes. The effects of yeast are very beneficial and when you go under beer bath, wherein you bathe in both young as well as live beer yeast without showering it off until a few hours, it begins to give a powerful effect on the body as well as the skin.


There are seven tubs that can accommodate upto 14 people in one hour. There is no age limit as such; however it depends on you if you wish to go alone or with someone. Children below the age of 16 years have to be accompanied by an adult. Consider this treatment to be both cleansing of the skin as well as having a positive effect on health.

Curved wooden tubs, fresh beer, amazing setting( perched on the edge of Eyjafjordur Fjord), good skin –what else would one need on a vacation? Book you Iceland Tour Package now!

A Foodie’s Guide to Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore anytime soon, you need to make sure that you do not miss out on all the amazing tourist destinations which this place has to offer. However, being a foodie, there are some of the most iconic places which you need to visit to satiate your taste buds with good food and indulge into an experience like never before. Avail the Singapore Tour Packages and head to Singapore to make the most of your gastronomical affair

1. Chinatown Food Walk

Chinatown Food Walk is a four hour food walk that takes place on Tuesdays. In this food walk, you get an amazing opportunity to sample some of the popular as well as most unique Singaporean Chinese traditional street food. The entire street and it’s food is a perfect embodiment and reflection of the Chinese diaspora in Singapore. You would be briefed about this food walk before it begins.

2. Hawker Discovery

One of the most bustling marketplace of Singapore, Hawker Discovery is indeed the heart to the food scenario of Singapore. Introduce yourself to some of the most relishing hawker centers you would fall in love with. Apart from just tasting these local delicacies, you can learn the process of these Singaporean dishes.

3. Wet Market Adventure

Wet Market Adventure will introduce you to Little India which is all about the dozens of food stalls that the market has to offer. Make your way down to the Wet Market for breakfast and you would end up leaving this place by indulging in a scrumptious lunch. If you are fond of spices, do not forget to visit the several spice stalls that are lined up.

4. Makan Makan Food Tour @ Kampong Glam

This food tour is definitely one of the most amazing food tour which you would come across in Singapore that lasts for as long as three hours. Right from sweet snacks, curry puff and samosas to Murtabak and NasiPandang, you are in for a treat of rich aromas and delectable pleasures.

5. Sins and Salvation- A Geylang Food Walk

The total duration of this tour is for four hours which takes place on Fridays and takes you straight into the rich past of Geylang where you get a chance to sample the ethnicity of Singapore which are a total delight. This is perhaps one of those markets in Singapore which never sleeps.

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Beautiful Spots in Sri-Lanka You Should Explore On Your Next Holiday

Planning to visit Sri-Lanka anytime soon? Make sure you avail the Holiday Packages and head to Sri-Lanka which is a perfect amalgamation of all the important things a tourist would ever crave for.

Here we tell you about a list of beautiful spots in Sri-Lanka which you should consider visiting on your Sri Lanka Tour.

1.Ramoda Waterfalls:

Ramoda Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is the 11th highest waterfall in the tea country on an altitude of 945 meters above the sea level. Sometimes the waterfall form 2 tributaries of the same river which may form twin waterfalls very close to each other as the water spills down cliffs and rocks. one can witness the beautiful sight at the Pussellawa area of Nuwara Eliya, at the Ramboda Pass.

2. Adam’s Peak:

Adam’s Peak is a diverse biological site and a common pilgrimage for all the ones who believe firmly in Buddhism. It is said that after an ascent of 2243 metes you would find the footprint of Buddha. This tall pointed mountain is worth the climb after which you can get to see mind-blowing landscape and a sunrise you would surely not forget for a long time.

3. Bentota:

Bentota is surely going to be a paradise for the ones who consider living their lives by the beach. This coastal town has beaches, luxury hotels and beauty in the most pure form which you would witness here. You can either spend your day soaking in the sun at the Bentota Beach or visit Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. If you have a quaint for religious sites and water sports, Bentota would take care of that too.

4. Kandy:

Kandy is located on a plateau and is surrounded by central highland mountains. You can visit Kandy to explore the Sinhalese Culture and especially during the Esala Perahera Festival which takes place during the summer months. You can also visit the 4th century Temple of Tooth which has its own share of religious importance.

5. Galle:

Apart from the famous cricket stadium, Galle is full of charming Dutch-era villas and delightful seaside views. On your tour to this well preserved colonial city, you would come across the largest remaining seafront which was built by the Europeans. Natural Harbour and St Mary’s Cathedral are some of the other iconic places in Galle.

6. Yala National Park:

Yala National Park introduces itself as the home to the highest concentration of leopards in the world and an important sanctuary for Sri-Lankan Elephants and aquatic birds. While there are high chances for you to spot the leopards, you can also make yourself familiar with the monkeys, crocodiles and other critters.

7. Polonnaruwa:

Some of the best examples of Sinhalese art and architecture are found in Polonnaruwa in the form of well-preserved tombs, temples, statues and other archaeological sites. Earlier, this place was a capital of the island and a major commercial and religious hub.

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The Opening Of Zootopia In Shanghai Will Be A Delight For All The Disney Lovers

If you are a hardcore Disney fan, you might soon have to plan your trip to China. Shanghai Disney Resort has announced plans for the first ever Zootopia themed land at any Disney park.

There is no clear indication of the opening date yet but the construction for the same is all set to begin later this year. “Guests will be invited to experience the mammalian metropolis of Zootopia ‘where anyone can be anything,’ with a new major attraction that will seamlessly blend Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology to bring this fan-favorite movie and its characters to life — including Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde,” said Disney’s Zootopia official announcement.

Since Zootopia was a huge success in China and broke many box office records, it is very much obvious that the theme park would be an instant hit among-st all the ones who have a strange fascination towards the Disney characters.

Apart from Zootopia, the park had earlier announced their plans for Toy-Story Themed Land followed which joined their existing line up of Adventure Isle, Fantasyland, Gardens of Imagination and Tomorrowland.

This new major attraction would be a huge boost to the tourist industry with major state of the art technologies bringing it’s characters back to life.


Get set for the brand new entertainment, merchandise, food and beverages to completely immerse yourself in this Academy-Award winning animated movie. China tour packages surely promises a holiday full of excitement. Book now with Flamingo Transworld!

Chicago’s Temperature Gets Colder than North Pole and Other Parts of Mars

In a mind-blowing turn of events, Chicago received temperatures of -46 degree Celsius making it not only colder than Alaska and Siberia but also other parts of Mars. In case, you considered zero degrees to be the coldest you could ever experience, the weather gods in Chicago are all set to welcome everyone with winter chills and thrills.

The reason behind this news is the Polar Vortex, a wind system centered around  North Pole but has shifted southwards this year, covering North America in a thick thick layer of snow.

This temperature is the coldest that has ever been recorded in the city and the residents or tourists are leaving no stone upturned to ensure that it turns out to be a memorable winter for everyone. Coffee when splashed in air is turning into ice, railway tracks are being set on fire (yes! You read that right) for the smooth functioning of the railways. Stepping out of the house for more than five minutes can lead to frostbites. Moreover, there are a new set of thieves in the city who are robbing people off their down coat.


As interesting as this might sound, this indicates the risk of global warming. Schools and universities have been closed, flights and trains have been cancelled and the day to day life has been heavily disturbed.

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New Zealand’s Tourist Tax To Be Expected This Year

New-Zealand is one of those destinations which every tourist plans to visit. If you are someone who has been planning a New-Zealand Tour, it’s time you get going with your plans by availing the New Zealand Tour Packages as New-Zealand government is all set to introduce tourism tax this year.

The introduction of Tourism Tax means that travelling to one of the most beautiful part of the world is set to get expensive. The tax will range from 25-35 NZD and will be applicable to all the international tourists who would be staying for 12 months or less. The tourist tax would be implemented from the second half of 2019 and the ones who would be exempted from this tourist tax would be the short-haul visitors from Pacific Island Forum Countries and Australia plus children under the age of two and those tourists who would be visiting New-Zealand on specific visas.

The tax would be collected through ESTA style visa system and the money that would be collected would help in the funding for infrastructure and conservation. The government of New Zealand is accepting public opinions on the tax rule till July 15 and a decision regarding the same would be expected in September.

All in all if New Zealand Tour is on your mind then it’s time you make your way down to this beautiful country.

Very Soon Dubai Is Going To Be Graced By Skypods

If you are planning a Dubai Tour anytime soon, then do not miss out on the next-gen commute system-Sky Pods. Dubai’s transport authority have made an announcement that very soon Dubai would be graced with Sky-Pods which have been designed keeping in mind the environmental concerns  and the contemporary needs of the locals and tourists.

The very first sky-pod model will be launched in the form of Unibike which is lightweight and is fitted with steel wheels and would move on suspended rails. Each unit would be carrying 20,000 people per hour and moving at a speed of 150 km/hr. The total power efficiency of these pods is five times less compared to other vehicles running on electricity.

The second sky-pod model is the Unicar which stares at you straight out of a sci-fi movie. Unicar would be accommodating six passengers at a time for a total distance of 200 kms and would prove to be more efficient than Unibikes. Unicar would be carrying 50,000 passengers per hour.

If you think this is all that the city has to offer you, then RTA is also planning to invent autonomous air-taxis in the years to come. Existing issues like carbon emissions from cars, hours spent in traffic etc would be solved once these sky-pods come into regular use.

Plan your Dubai tour packages and travel smart in the sky pods, latest metros and air-taxis.

Andaman Islands To Be Renamed After Netaji

Andaman Islands would no longer be referred as Andaman Islands and is set to be re-named after India’s famous freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. After changing Allahabad’s name to Prayagraj, this popular tourist destination is set to go under a major name change.

The three very popular and frequently visited islands like Ross Island, Havelock Island and Neil Island would be renamed as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island, Swaraj Deep Island and Shaheed Deep Island. This announcement was made by PM Narendra Modi on 30th December which marks the 75th anniversary of Netaji. The change of name is indeed an ode to the country as a first territory freed from the visitors. As per the record books, Netaji hoisted the flag in Port Blair and had suggested to rename these islands during his time.

To give you a small brief, Neil Island gets its name from James George Smith Neill, a man from the British Army who was involved in killing several Indians. Ross Island gets its name from Capt. Daniel Ross who was a British Marine Surveyor while the very famous Havlock Island was named after Sir Henry Havelock, a British General involved in the killing of several Indians.

So, the next time you are planning to book your Andaman Tour Packages make sure you get the recent names right! Avail the Domestic Holiday Packages and indulge yourselves in some island hopping on one of the best islands which India boasts. Be it, Andaman or Netaji, this spectacular island would continue to draw tourists all-round the year.

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Reasons Why South Africa Should Be On The Top Of Your Bucket-list

A list of reasons that speak in length about why visiting South Africa is an incredible experience.

South Africa is surely one of the best destinations you would ever experience if you are planning a holiday anytime soon. Plan your South Africa Tour Packages with Flamingo to get some amazing deals and the best of the services on tour. Here are some of the major reasons why South Africa is a prime destination which you should consider going to on your upcoming vacation:

1. Kruger National Park:

Kruger National Park is one of the most famous safari parks in the world and is also the oldest game reserves in the country. A four hour drive away from Johannesburg, this national park gives the visitors a chance to experience the Big Five i.e. Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino apart from other wildlife creatures. If you are aware of bushman rock paintings, you can find them here. You can organize a walking safari or soar over the vast green-lands and river systems in a hot air balloon. The accommodation ranges from basic campsites to comfortable lodges.

Click here to know about the most Photogenic Attractions in South Africa

2. Breath-taking City of Cape Town:

Cape Town is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Nature surrounds this city from all four sides and Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Botanical Gardens, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront are some of the many things which you can explore when you are visiting this city. Right from beautiful sunsets to beaches and wildlife, there is something magical to this city of Cape Town.

Check out the Adventurous South African Experience.

3. The Garden Route:

The Garden Route is South Africa’s top notch natural scenery that runs for about 200 kms stretching along the Indian Ocean. This spectacular Garden Route passes through green hills, coastal towns, lakes, lagoons and coastal cliffs. There are quite a large number of adventure activities which you can experience in this route.

4. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park:

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is also known as Kalahari National Park. This park is officially declared as the first transfortier park and lies in the remote region of South Africa’s Northern Cape. Red sands, Golden grasslands, camel thorn trees, deep blue skies provide a perfect setting to this park. Kalahari Lion, many prey birds, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas are found here.

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Did You Know About A Scenic Train That Takes You On A Week-Long Adventure to Northern Lights?

If you have always been fascinated by Northern Lights and if it’s still in your bucket list of International Tours then, stop doing whatever you are and read this!

There is a special train called Aurora Train that is taking you on a eight day long journey under the Northern Lights in Alaska. This eight day journey would be a full course excursion wherein the voyage begins from Anchorage, Alaska and the travellers get some opportunity to indulge themselves into local shopping. Anchorage is famous for ice-fishing hat and enormous rabbit fur hats.

The next morning you will set out on a journey towards a small town of Talkeetna. Talkeetna is home to Denali which is the highest peak in North America. Once you are here, you also have the option to go on guided sled dog tours. Moving on, you would be visiting Fairbanks which is the state’s largest interior city and showcases mesmerizing views of the Denali National Park and Alaskan Range. You would then head towards the Northern Lights followed by a morning trip to the Chena Hot Springs which would be a complete out of the world experience.

The first pilgrimage has departed on Christmas and the package would run up to March 2019. Guess, what’s the good thing about this tour and the train journey? If you think that you aren’t ready to go back home after the expedition, you can experience the entire journey in reverse from Fairbanks to Anchorage.

If this sounds exciting then book your International Tour Package and kick-start the New Year on an amazing note.