5 Reasons That Will Make You Go To The Lantern Festival at Udaipur

This blog is regarding one of the best festivals taking place in India around the time of Diwali. Read on the blog to realize how awesome this fest really is and how underrated it is.

Diwali is a festival that is adored by almost everyone in India, regardless of what religion or caste they are of. The aura is totally different around the time of Diwali. Children are excited to burst crackers, the grownups are excited for the Diwali shopping and the elders are excited about their Diwali bonuses. Everyone has their own reason of happiness around this time apart from the excitement of the festival itself. This Diwali, plan on to go to the city of lakes in India and to witness one of the most spectacular events that has been taking place which still hasn’t batted an eye of the masses. It is the Lantern Festival of Udaipur on 15th October.


The Lantern Festival is taking place in Udaipur since the last few years and trust me, it is nothing less than magical. They “If you light a lantern for someone else, it automatically lights up your path too.” This event is organized on a huge ground where people get together to celebrate this auspicious festival in a little different, ecological and a sustainable way. We all are aware of the damage that is caused by the fireworks that are burnt across the time of Diwali, thus this is a new initiative taken up by the Udaipur Blog to convert people from burning crackers to rather light up a lantern to celebrate this festival of lights. This way it suffices the ultimate funda of this festival and also keeps the world a great place to live. Below are a few reasons that you must visit the Lantern Festival this year.

1. The Lanterns itself:


About thousands of lanterns floating up in the open sky make it a sight that is not at all worth missing. It gets so magical and unreal that you start to think if you’re in a dream or the real world.

2. A few fun filled games:


After the fest is commenced, there will be a lot games taking place around the fest to keep you entertained all the time so that the graph of your level of enjoyment only keeps on rising.

3. Mouth watering food:

If you’re a foodie like I am, you might already be worried about “what if I get hungry while all of this?” Don’t worry about that as they have a lot of tasty and unique food stalls lined up for people to go there and hog on as they start to get hungry.

4. A musical session by DJ Kavish and a fusion music event by the band Swaraag:


Both of these artists are from Rajasthan itself. DJ Kavish is known for his amazing self composed music mixes that will make you groove up on whereas, Swaraag is a fusion Folk-rock and Sufi band that is amazing in what they do, too.

5. Who wants to miss out the magical voice of Papon, Right?


Yes, you heard it right, this year the beloved and admired singer that is renowned for his heart touching soulful voice, Papon is coming in at the Lantern Festival to perform live! Don’t miss it!!

Flamingo Travels wishes you a happy holiday season and advises you to visit the Lantern Festival 2017 in Udaipur. Happy Holidays !!!

5 Scenic Places in Croatia that Deserves All Your Attention

If you’ve been seeing dreams lately about yourself laying somewhere near the Mediterranean, having a few balmy days by the turquoise waters, under the shade of ancient walls of the town, Croatia is the place where you can turn them true.

Croatia has so many things that could lure any traveler in: summertime sun, great swimming, breathtaking natural beauty, interesting architecture, oodles of history and so much to fit in a list. The first thing that strikes any first time visitor is the clarity of the water. When these waters are set against a bright pebbly beach, it shines with intensity as that of a jewel. Below are a few beautiful places in Croatia that would surely change your definition of what “scenic” is.

1. Dubrovnik:


Regardless of whether a person is visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the tenth, the sense of awe that one gets here does not ever descend when you admire the beauty of the old town. It is almost impossible to imagine someone becoming deadened by the city’s baroque buildings, white limestone streets and the endless sparkle of the Adriatic. Take a plunge into the Azure Sea ride in a cable car up to the Mt. Srđ and what not.

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park:


Within the area of this densely forested national park, 16 shimmering lakes collapse into each other all the time via a series of cascades and waterfalls. The mineral filled waters cut through the rock, depositing tufa in constantly changing formations. A huge blanket of butterflies floats above the 18 km long pathways and wooden footbridges that snake across the rumbling waters and around the edges. They even have transportation options like boats and buses for transit within the national park.

3. Mljet Island:


This is one of the most fascinating among-st all the islands of Adriatic. Most of this island is covered in forests and the rest is dotted with vineyards, fields and small villages. The westernmost part of the island contains Mljet National Park, where the pine forests, lush vegetation and dazzling salt water lakes are exceptionally scenic. This place is totally an un-spoilt oasis of peacefulness, which you sure won’t regret visiting to on your East Europe Tours from Mumbai.

4. Vis Island:


Vis Island had served to be the military base for the Yugoslav army from the year somewhere in the 1950’s to 1989. This fact helped the island to stay untouched, unadulterated by the modern, not so sustainable and selfish development. This is what makes this island so special among-st all the Central Dalmatian Islands. All the visitors, be it locals or international flock here seeking nature, authenticity, gourmet delights and some peace.

5. Zlatni Rat, Bol:


This is a must to end up on the itinerary of your East Europe tours if you happen to be a Beach baby yourself. This is the Croatia’s most photographed beach and it extends into the sea like a tongue for about 500m. Despite all constant crowds and the hype, the “golden cape” is a lovely place to be at. Covered in smooth white pebbles while the pine trees provide ample of shade and the rocky cliffs make up for a perfect backdrop, this setting is one of the best you could see in Dalmatia.

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Travel Gadgets You Must Use For Hassle Free Holidays!

Missed out on getting the perfect set of gadgets taken along is something that most of realize when we reach our destinations. And this has happened so many times that it compelled us to finally write a blog about it to keep ourselves reminded, while hoping it could help the forgetful like us.


Travelling is no child’s play, you ought to be ready with all your gears and gadgets so that you don’t get stuck in a situation. Also, considering the fact that technology has made us super dependent to an extent where let alone going on a 10 day tour to some new place, we can’t even think of surviving a day of our normal lives without them. Being dependent on these gadgets is not even wrong up to a degree; I mean it only makes our lives easier. Read the below article to find out the best gadgets that you must carry while you’re going on a tour for a smooth and hassle free time.

1. GorillaPod Tripod:


Carrying those old school tripods sounds so 2010ish. Those times are long gone where you had to carry a different trolley bag for all of your photography needs. Nowadays all the camera equipment’s and accessories are made so handy and compact that they can get some space in your backpack itself. Let’s take this GorillaPod for example, it breaks the image of the conventional tripod by being so small, handy, lightweight and yet so useful that it properly works as a substitute for those hefty tripods.

2. GoPro:


Getting yourself GoPro for your tour will be the best decision that you’ll make after choosing Flamingo for your tour planning. GoPro is so small and handy yet so much of a powerful action camera that it will enable you to capture the best of your moments in full HD or even in 4K. The best part about GoPro is you don’t have to worry about caring for it, it is rugged in its own skin, it is certified dust proof, shock proof, water proof, etc.

3. Portable speaker:


You don’t want to get bored while you’re lying at the beach shack or your resort room’s balcony that has a view that can’t have a price tag up on. That’s when the heavy duty, light weight portable speaker come in handy. They can be your and your family’s best companion at times, play some music according to the mood to make it a little too perfect.

4. Rashguard swimwear:


This is a swimsuit line introduced by the designer cum Entrepreneur Cynthia Rowley, these surf and swimwear are by far the funkiest way to protect your skin and look cool at the same time. This item is made of skin friendly Nylon/Spandex and comes with SPF 50+ for complete sun block.

5. Perfect travel bags:


It starts with this, choose yourself a travel bag that suits the best for your preferences. There are a lot of options out there that offer different features like anti-theft (for the forgetful ones), automatic wheels (for the lazy ones), a travel bag that doubles as a power backup for all your other power greedy gadgets. Choose the perfect travel bag for you and you’ll be thankful for your lives.

What is the reason of Teen Paati obsession during Janmashtami ?

It has been a custom in the Hindu religion where people get together to gamble (play teen paati) during the time of Janmashtami and Shraavan month, this blog will help you know the “why” about this long going custom that we have been practising.

This is the time of Shraavan Maas, when people fast for the whole month in the name of Lord Shiva. During this month of Shravan, Janmashtami also falls in, which is the celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna.


A lot of us in India are used to the custom of playing cards (Teen Paati) around this time of the whole Shravan month. We all enjoy a good family time and even get together at friend’s or relative’s place for that purpose. But what is the reason behind all the obsession of gambling or playing teen paati during this month of Shraavan?

According to the Hindu mythology, in the ancient times gambling, drinking, promiscuous relations and exhibition of wealth were not a taboo for the higher class of the society. But slowly and gradually these practices began to penetrate the upper middle class and the lower classes of the society too, that is when the Lord Krishna came in to curb the spread of these practices. And if discipline is to be maintained on a larger scale for a relatively longer time, deviants are must. In context to this, the society as a whole is given a legitimate freedom to try their hands on a few of these prevalent taboos such as gambling during this time. And thus, once the celebration is over people can get back to their rather disciplined routine to avoid any distractions.

1 (1)

This practice of gambling is linked with Janmashtami on the basis that Lord Krishna, under the Hindu Mythical books, is seen as a flow of unrestricted and unlimited energy, thus teaching us to break free of any sorts of social taboos just to live our lives naturally. And only because of this, a lot of practices that otherwise are considered antisocial become acceptable when they are linked with the Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna also had an evil maternal uncle named Kansa, who was also once the king of Mathura. He is known as the one who first brought up the most basic anti social practices into the Hindu civilisation- Gambling, drinking, promiscuous relations and exhibition of wealth. Lord Krishna is said to destroy all of these social evils by killing Kansa.

The World’s Best Airport, Coming Up With An Amusement Park

This blog is about the world’s number one airport, Changi airport and all the activities that it has for every traveler to utilize and enjoy.

Singapore tour

Singapore’s Changi airport is voted the best airport in the whole wide world. It is one big deal as we have seen a lot of majestic and beautiful airports like those of Dubai, JFK etc. and thought that nothing could be better than these, yet Changi manages to beat all these airports of the world to their knees to become the number one among all. This is one such airport where you won’t be saddened by the news that your flight just got delayed by a few hours as Changi airport has got a really long and exhaustive list of things to do here at the airport itself.

These activities that Changi’s renowned airport flaunts for itself are:

1.Duty Free Shops:

Singapore tour packages

These duty free shops have almost all the things that you’re looking for under one single roof and that too “Duty free”. It is less like an airport and more like a shopping mall.

2. Free Singapore tour:

Singapore holidays

Changi airport of Singapore also arranges free Singapore Tour for all the travelers who opt to and have a long layover before their next flight takes off. How amazing does it get?

3. Shower and spa services:

Singapore holiday packages

Say for example you just have reached to Changi airport after a long haul 12 hr flight and you get to know that your next flight just got delayed by 4 more hrs. How pissed will you be? Don’t worry they have free shower and spa services at the airport to freshen up your mind and rejuvenate you as you take ample rest for you to hop on your next flight.

4. Movie theaters and rooftop swimming pool:

Singapore tour packages from Mumbai

They even have free access for the travelers inside the airport to their movie theaters and swimming pool for you to chill out a little bit.

And much more…

It has got so many things that it is not possible to comprise them with limited words; it has aviation gallery, the whisky house, ishopchangi, butterfly garden, sunflower garden, orchid garden, enchanted garden and what not.

Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad

As if all of this was not enough, Changi airport of Singapore is coming up with a new project worth a whopping $1.7 billion to add up a new attraction, an amusement park among the long list of things to do at Changi airport.

This is going to be a nature inspired theme park for all the travelers to get a chance to relax amidst the nature within the concrete. This park is reportedly scheduled to open somewhere in the year 2019.

Singapore tours and travel

This jewel will flaunt a five floor indoor garden, bouncing canopy nets, a hedge maze, a huge waterfall and even indoor clouds. This man made ecosystem will be enclosed in a steel and glass structure with a 131 foot huge waterfall in the centre that will be called the Rain Vortex.


Huge stuffed animals will roam along the walkway of the garden to indulge with the children. Also you will be able to walk on the springy nets suspended three stories high up in the canopy and the pseudo clouds will float across the forest floor for the children to play with.

A List Of Must Do’s In Leh Ladakh

This blog is to put some of the must things to do while you’re visiting the heaven on the Indian motherland, Leh Ladakh. Indulging yourself in these activities on your trip will surely make your trip last forever in your memories.


Leh Ladakh, also known as the heaven itself on the motherland of India, is a place that is a must visit for anyone who has a different idea of a perfect holiday spot. A holiday spot that has destination perched up on high mountains at high altitudes that make you take difficult routes to reach to them in extreme temperature. But all of this will start making sense to anyone once they reach up there. Here the destination is better than the journey. It is all magical, unreal and filmy up there, you’ll start questioning yourself if you were dreaming or in a real world. Below are a few things that you must do when you go on a Leh Ladakh tour packages.

1. Camp in the mountains:


Camping and trekking is one of the most common activities that are carried out here in this region. A lot of young blooded people come here every year from across the world to test and challenge their own limits. Camping amidst the mountains in the wild is an awesome idea when it is in Leh Ladakh.

2. See as the crystal clear lakes portray the images of majestic Himalayas:


The lakes here are mostly full of crystal clear fresh water. You can also have a sip from them to quench your thirst (depending up on what season it is). The water is so still and clear that it reflect the images of the Great Himalayas in to themselves, which is totally a view to die for.

3. Bird watch, don’t tweet:


The wetlands of Ladakh are perched at a high altitude, making it favorable for a lot of birds, a greater part of which are endangered ones. Brown-headed Gull is usually spotted here that comes down to wash its face in the lake.

4. And then stargaze, maybe?


The night sky here in Leh, gets too dark because of very low amount of pollution (light and air) and also because the atmosphere here is very thin due to the high altitude, thus making it a perfect place to lay on the terrace with your loved ones or even in solace to make the most of the moment by gazing silently towards the expansive sky full of stars and beautiful moon.

5. Make a wish by stacking stones:


People have been piling up stones to make memorial since ages. The locals here tell the tales of making such cairns in order to bring luck for the travelers and to fulfill one’s wishes.

6. Get your biking gears on:


Biking on some of the world’s highest motor able road is an experience in itself. Cruising through the cold wind, wrapped up in your heating and biking gears on the roads that are pretty heart pounding, how does that sound?

7. Watch the sunrise by the lake:


One of the most phenomenal natural occurring that one can experience here is the sunrise, which usually happens late here as the huge peaks keep the sun hidden behind them even after it has come up from the horizon. Watching this sunrise while lying beside the Pangong Tso Lake is something you cannot miss.

8. And of course the best part, Maggi:


Don’t miss out on the Maggi that you get here, locally made and served it will surely give a taste you’ve never had in your life, do not underestimate it, it is awesome.

Why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala?

Monsoon indeed is a great time to be out of your house and to go to a magical place the god’s very own country, Kerala. This blog will give you more than just a statement, reasons to visit Kerala during the monsoon season.

Kerala holiday packages

Most of the people will avoid travelling or going on a vacation during the monsoon season, but there also a big bunch of people who love this season to the core and want to make the best out of the cloudy and rainy season. Travelling to Kerala during the monsoon season might not sound much appealing to a lot of people but there are a lot of perks in travelling to this place in the season of showers. Below are a few reasons that would tentatively convince you in booking a Kerala holiday package for yourself.

1. The sound of the rain itself:

Kerala vacation

Rather more poetically, there are a very few things as soothing and as romantic as the sound of rain plunging down while you are safe under a shelter. This sound is super joyous to a rain lovers and would fill his/her heart. The monsoon comes down in the form of multiple showers lasting for a few hours rather than all say pouring. Lay in your king size bed and hear the rain as it hit the roof made of straw.

2. Peak time for Ayurveda:

Kerala holidays

The atmosphere at the time of monsoon is more damp, and less muggy and dusty, thus opening the pores and making your skin more receptive to the massages and the herbal oils. That is why monsoon is considered as the best time of year to try on some Ayurvedic treatment. Kerala’s ancient Ayurvedic treatment works like a magic and can treat almost anything from arthritis to insomnia with the use of massages, medicines and rejuvenating oil based treatments.

3. Kerala’s biggest festival, Onam:

Kerala tour packages from mumbai

The festival Onam takes place somewhere around the time of monsoon (August to September). It celebrates the homecoming of legendary and ancient king Mahabali who reigned over Kerala over a golden age. This festival lasts for 10 days and is accompanied by people laying flower carpets, buying new clothes and dressing up, costumed parades, snake boat races, and a huge 9-course banquet. Visitors are cordially welcome to the party, or at least the feast.

4. Discounts:

visit to kerala

As unromantic as it sounds, this is a very important reason too. Kerala is India’s one of the most prosperous states and is also a relatively costly place to visit in India, with most of the comfortable hotels hovering around the mid-range, between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000. Thus, travelling in September and also in October (Monsoon) will help you bag huge discounts of up to 50% or at least 30% off on the peak prices.

5. Lush green atmosphere:

Kerala tourism

Kerala is a state that is usually perennially green, but during the rainy season its greenery explodes positively. Its watersides and mountains are all filled up with grains, spices and fruits like bananas (yellow, green and red varieties), cardamom, pineapple, pepper, basil, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and vast fields of paddy. Backwater levels rise up, waterfalls get heavy and the sea starts gulping down the beaches.

5 Activities to try when on a Bali Tour

This blog is about all the fun things one can do on a Bali package with friends, family or so. This blog mainly breaks the stereotype that Bali is only for honeymoon seekers and is not fit for a good holiday with friends or family.Bali Holidays

If you’re among the ones who believe that Bali is just a romantic getaway destination for a duo and cannot make for a good place to be with a group of friends or even family, then you might want to reconsider what you’ve perceived of Bali. Bali is much more than beautiful beaches, candle light dinner spots and all the romance. Bali has a lot to discover one the land, on the waves and under. This is one such place where you can enjoy as much as you want or as little as you want, without breaking your bank. Here’s a little compilation of most exciting things to do while on a Bali package.

1. Surfing:

Bali holiday packages

Bali tourism all-time Favorited sport, Surfing was all when they had begun. Bali has a great and wide collection of some of the finest surf spots that draw in all those who crave sea, sun and hustling rides within the glassy waves of sea. Lagoons, reef breaks and varying conditions all result in great waves best suitable for both veterans and the ambitious beginners. After you’re done with your little fight with the waves and the surfboard, you can come and crash on a wooden beach at a line of shacks and also have a drink or two to quench your thirst.

2. Sea Walks:

Bali packages

Anyone, even the non experienced divers can hop into the deep underwater to enjoy the beautiful marine life forms. These magical walks use a specially designed helmet that is connected to an oxygen cylinder on the boat, thus providing you with a constant flow of oxygen to breathe underwater. These walks are so easy and convenient that you don’t even have to take off your prescription eye lenses. Bali Sea walking  currently operates at two main places, Tanjung Benoa and off Sanur. The sights that you experience underwater cannot be explained using words.

3. Canyon Tubing:

Bali tour packages

A thrilling experience as that of a water slide, but out in real nature? This is possible only in a river named Siap, in Payagan, north of Ubud. This tour will take you to the isolated and hidden canyons of Kerta village where you drift downstream for about unbelievably 40 km as you enjoy the beautiful scenery on your way.

4. Day Cruises:

Bali tour

Explore more remote areas of Bali by taking on a full or even half day voyage off the sea to the neighboring islands. Sailing boats and catamarans take you on a fun packed ride to the waters of Nusa Lembongan Islands, while some take you to the secret waters of Nusa Penida. There are even a few arrangements for couples who seek a romantic sailing experience followed by a dinner.

5. Waterbom Bali:

trip to bali

You can have more than just a splash on your Bali holiday at premier water park, Waterbom. This water park features more than 17 exciting rides, water games and slides that would entertain almost all the age groups. Spread over a vast area of about 3.8 hectares, it is filled with all the leisure facilities around its pools and slides. It is amidst thick tropical gardens that make up for ample of shade to keep the heat away.

Adventure Tours in USA

This blog will help you choose the best of the adventure options in USA to make the most of your USA tour package and make your memories last forever.

USA is a country that offers diverse experiences to all kinds of locals and the tourists that come here. No matter what you’re looking for from your perfect holiday in USA, USA sure will not disappoint. Be it history and culture hunting, wildlife spotting or even an adventure filled trip, you’re always in the right place when you’re in America.


While we are talking about an adventure filled trip, USA offer a variety of options for you to take up and pump up your adrenaline levels – from paragliding to hiking to deep sea diving, there’s a long list of options.

Here is our pick of 5 best activities which sure will quench your thirst for adventure.

1. Skydive in California


You know you’re desperate for some adrenaline rush when you get ready to dive off a plane at a height of 15000 ft. No, I’m not trying to scare you. This is an experience of a lifetime, with views of California’s vast dramatic coastline while you fall above the Pacific Ocean at a whopping speed of 200 Kmph. This experience is a must to make the most out of your USA tour.

2. Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas, Nevada


When we think of Las Vegas we all start picturing huge musical fountains, mega casinos and unbeatable nightlife. But it doesn’t end there; Las Vegas has got much more to offer. Who doesn’t want to get an eagle’s eye view of this shiny city? You can do just that and more! You are taught how to fly a plane with stunts like loop, hammerhead, barrel roll, etc. mid-air by a trained instructor.

3. Base jump in Twin Falls, Idaho


Part cliff diving and part skydiving, Base jumping falls in the list of the most extreme sports you can do, mainly because of the relatively low altitude drop points, which leave you with lesser time to deploy your parachutes. This place is perched 500 ft above the Snake River and is known widely for its adrenaline charged activities. It doesn’t require any special permission, the only prerequisite is courage.

4. Climb El Capitan at Yosemite, California


The Yosemite National Park is the most popular national park for rock climbing enthusiasts. You need not worry about carrying hiking and climbing gear on the trip, as you can get all you need on rental basis. The Yosemite Mountaineering School offers climbing lessons and guided trips too for all the aspiring climbers and newbies.

5. Experience Zero-gravity around America


Your childhood dream of being an astronaut is going to be fulfilled at Zero-G, through aerobatic steers called parabolas, which let you experience it all in a Boeing 727. The most satisfying simulation of a commercial space flight comes with a hefty price tag but sure is worth every single penny. This event takes place regularly during the fall and summer in Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C and Cape Canaveral.

7 Different ways in which Holi is celebrated across India

This blog will tell how the sacred festival of Holi is celebrated differently across the whole nation. This is one other example of the diversity across the Indian subcontinent.


Holi, as we all know is the festival of colors and is celebrated super enthusiastically across Indian subcontinent. This is the day when people of all ages, cast, creed, races, etc. forget their sorrows and grief’s to come together and bathe each other in ‘Gulaal’ as a blessing. This blissful festival is just around the corner. There are much more different types of Holi celebrations happening across different parts of India other than your usual one. Below is a brief description of a few of them.

1. Lathmar Holi, Uttar Pradesh:


According to a few legends, Holi began is Barsana region of India, which includes Mathura, Vrindavand, Barsana and Nandgaon. To your surprise, Holi here is not celebrated just with colors, but also with lathis (sticks). As per the tradition on this land of Krishna, women chase the men away with lathis, but wait; it’s no hitting session as then the men come back prepared too.

2. Hola Mohalla, Punjab:


Hola Mohalla, also known as the warriors Holi, is celebrated here in Punjab region. This particular type of Holi celebration is observed by Nihang Sikhs. They sing their hearts out and also exhibit their martial art skills on this day, which is usually celebrated a day before Holi.

3. Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra, West Bengal:


The Basant Utsav Bengali way of welcoming the spring season. Boys and Girls dress themselves up in saffron colored clothes, sing and dance to their fullest to celebrate this festival. Dol Jatra is a part of main Holi festivities. On Dol Purnima, the sacred idols of Radha and Krishna are taken on the streets in a procession while men spray water and sprinkle color to add some fun.

4. Yaosang, Manipur:


In Manipur, Holi or Yaosang is celebrated for six long days. It begins on the day of full moon day and beautifully blends the indigenous and Hindu traditions. The zenith of the whole festival is the Thabal Chongba, which is a Manipuri folk dance that is performed merrily during this period. To maintain the uniformity and to add to the traditions, people of Manipur paint themselves as well as their streets in the beautiful colors of Holi.

5. Manjal Kuli, Kerala:


Holi is not as popular in the South India as it is in the Northern part of India. However, a few communities in South India celebrate Holi, but with distinct names and traditions. In Kerala, Holi is celebrated under the name of Manjal Kuli in the Konkani temple of Gosripuram, Thirumala.

6. Phaguwa, Bihar:


Holi and Bihar go hand in hand. The festival is called Phaguwa in the local Bhojpuri language. However, here in Bihar, it is really important to light up the Holika pyre before starting to drench each other in colors. Holi is then celebrated with folk songs being played loudly, water and organic powdered colors. Bhang is also consumed pan state as a ‘Prashaad’ on this holy day.

7. Phakuwah, Assam:


Phakuwah is what the local Assamese call this festival of Holi. It is a little similar to the Dol Jatra of West Bengal. However, what is different is that the festival here is celebrated over a span of 2 days. Day one is marked by lifting up clay huts, signifying the tradition of Holika Dahan. The second day is just like every other part of India, it is celebrated with colored faces topped up with beautiful smiles.

Flamingo Transworld wishes a happy and safe Holi !!!