South Africa – The Adventure Capital of the World

South Africa features everything a traveler is looking for in a vacation destination. The tip of Africa continent has much to offer to all the visitors. The destination is famous for fine weather, breathtaking scenery, gorgeous beaches, modern accommodations and delicious cuisine. South Africa tours also offer and excellent array of adventure activities and is known as “The Adventure Capital of the World”. Also it is perfect for wildlife lovers as they get a chance to gaze at the “Big 5”. Here is a list of information that will tempt you to plan your trip soon!



7 Reasons Why an All-inclusive Holiday Package Makes Sense

Holidays are everyone’s favorite. All the family members are always waiting for a holiday trip to relax and take a break from their busy schedule. Travelling is something that is full of excitement and gives you a bag full of memories to cherish for lifetime.


 While planning for a trip, opting for an all-exclusive trip can be costly. It can create food issues and can be complicated. It is always beneficial to choose an all-inclusive holiday package where you will get proper guidance and details regarding everything. Each holiday style has its own advantage and disadvantage. All-inclusive holiday packages have risen in popularity in past few years due to their convenient services and affordability. These packages are designed for all types of holidays like families with kids, romantic couples, singles and more. These packages usually include everything from air tickets, accommodation, food services and at times adventure activities as well.

Here is a list of reasons which will prove that all-inclusive holiday packages are beneficial and convenient:

1. Brilliant for keeping in budget:


An all-inclusive vacation is a great way to save money. Here you can decide the budget of your holiday and stick to it. By paying everything in upfront you don’t have to worry about how much money to take with you and how much your holiday will end up costing. This means unless you are planning to go shopping and get souvenirs you don’t have to stress about spending. These packages are therefore particularly good for families and people with specific budget.

2. Stress free:


Once you have selected your package to go, all you have to care about is enjoying, relaxing and being stress free. All your expense has been paid in advance so you don’t have worry about the payments. You don’t have to look for cheapest air tickets, best hotel deals, or affordable restaurants, all these things are taken care off already. So your only job is to get away from it all and enjoy every moment of your vacation.

3. Great for foodies:


Before booking your hotels resorts you can always check the resorts with its vegetarian facilities and services and also about the interesting restaurants nearby. Breakfast rolls, lunch and dinner are easily available and snack bars are dotted throughout for the in-between. All-inclusive can be really great for people to enjoy a selection of food at any point of time. So there is no need to get food packets from home and starving is not an option here.

4. Save time:


An all-inclusive holiday can save you from separately booking each part of your vacation. Going through the time consuming process of bookings is not your job anymore. Also while going to different places for sightseeing, standing in queue and wasting time is not a part of an all-inclusive trip. Express lines are arranged by all-inclusive holiday packages where you won’t have to get tired of waiting in line during sightseeing. Save your time and explore as much as you can!

5. Opportunity to meet new people:


All-inclusive holidays can be both with a group and just with your family as well. Joining new group will be an all new and interesting experience. Here you will get to meet many new faces from all over the globe. You will get to interact with new families and people with same interests probably. You can participate with your team mates in organized activities together.

6. Full of facilities and entertainment:


All-inclusive packages usually offer plenty of options for recreation, organized activities and adventures throughout the day for all age groups. So you don’t need to pay extra for entertainment. Each hotel and resorts organizes a set of activities in order to keep the guests amazed. These usually consist of comedy shows, musical nights, sports events, pool activities, kids club and more.

7. Affordable luxury:


Every traveler dreams of the perfect holiday at an exotic island where you can pamper yourself and enjoy lavish spa sessions. All-inclusive holiday packages offer the tourists all these facilities in their budget. All-inclusive experience is all about high standard resorts with heavenly landscapes and outstanding facilities. Extra levels of services include pool side services where you can just lie back and relax.

So travelers plan your hassle free all-inclusive holiday trip to your favorite destination and enjoy at your fullest.

5 Reasons why South Africa is your Perfect “Hum Saath Saath Hai” destination

We Indians have always had the “maza to sab keh saath aata hai” notion. Even when we travel, we love to do it with all three generations of family: the Grandparents, parents & the kids. And this is what we call the “Hum Saath Saath Hain” holiday, which we simply relish.


But, as much as a family holiday is fun, planning one is quite the challenge. Balancing the needs, likes, dislikes, comforts and luxuries of all the people in the family is a task that has puzzled us & most importantly, the million dollar question of it all: where do we find the place that can serve an amazing experience to all our family members? South Africa happens to be one place that can serve the purpose.

The jungle safari & theme parks are a delight for kids, the beautiful beaches and nature as a whole is a pleasure to experience for youngsters and the history and the culture of the place has always fascinated adults and elders. All of this combined with comfortable tourist infrastructure to help you accomplish the most important objective of your holiday: Relax!!!

Now let’s see why South Africa is the perfect place for your Joint family trip, shall we.

1. Luxury at an affordable cost

South Africa is a destination that makes the money worth spending. All components of the holiday like flights, hotels, transport etc. can be found to match your budget. You can find amazing flight deals with convenient connections on various airlines like Air Seychelles, Air Mauritius, Ethopian Air etc.


Hotel service & quality standards are good & you can always find a satisfying hotel to match your budget. Most importantly when you travel with kids & grandparents you would prefer the flexibility of having a chauffeur driven car to your family. The best part about the country is that Private Van tours are cost effective.

2. The Rainbow Nation offers Diverse Experiences

South Africa is often known as “The Rainbow Nation”, due to the country’s multicultural diversity. This blend of different cultures drastically ads to your experience.It has something for all age groups to enjoy and to create memories about. History lovers will be spellbound by the tales & museums based on apartheid heroes like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.


The country is certainly the nature & adventure lover’s paradise as it offers numerous options for sky diving, hiking etc. It offers beautiful scenic sites where the whole family can adore a picnic surrounded by the amazing landscape.

Also there are many adventurous activities for kids to experience the unique jungle book of South Africa.

3. World Class Tourist Infrastructure


Tourism is an integral part of the South African economy & so they have paid special attention to the road infrastructure, tourist facilities, law & order etc. The best part is that they have made the natural resources like forests, wildlife etc. accessible to tourists without compromising on the conservation of the prevalent biodiversity.

4. Local & Indian Vegetarian food is easily available


Indians have their reasons to eat Indian food in any corner of the world. Not to worry! Here you will find a wide variety of vegetarian Indian foods. Owing to the large Indian population in South Africa, many Indian food joints are available. So grandparents will definitely be satisfied with the food services in the country.

For youngsters, looking at trying something different, continental vegetarian food is also easily available. If anybody wants to try local African Vegetarian dishes than they will certainly not be disappointed.Following are few dishes that they can try:

  • Malva Pudding: A sweet and sticky baked sponge pudding,
  • Chakalaka and pap:A vegetable dish made of different vegetables and pap is porridge made fromwhite corn maize,
  • Cape Malay curry made by local produce including the aromatic spices and many such interesting dishes.

5. Good Weather

As South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it follows a climate opposite to India. While there is winter here, it is summer there & vice versa. So it is ideal for people looking to escape the extreme heat during May or the extreme cold during January. Most importantly, as it is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean & Indian ocean on all three sides the overall climate is temperate & mild.


The 2 best periods to travel to South Africa are:

  • April to June: Avg. Temp. is 15 – 20 °C
  • October to March: Avg Temp. is 20 – 25 °C

Therefore, South Africa is a family-friendly destination, so book your tickets and enjoy a happy “Hum Saath Saath Hai” family trip to South Africa.


7 Reasons to book a Bali tour package today

Bali is a land which serves a different feeling in all. The feeling is difficult to understand unless experienced once. Bali tour packages from Mumbai will surely compel you to come back for a joyous vacation. It lives up to its reputation as the tropical paradise. It is undisputed favorite of Indonesia’s 1700 islands. It is also known as the Island of Gods.


Bali’s culture is dominated by a unique form of Hinduism that is evident in every aspect of Bali’s lifestyle. The island is known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to amazing religious sites as well. Bali has a bit of paradise to offer to all tourists be it exploring the distinctive culture, scuba diving in coral reefs, climbing an ancient volcano, or sunbathing on a broad stretch of beach.

Here is a list of reasons which will prove Bali is a must visit destination:

  1. The Exotic Weather


Bali weather is usually sunny, with tropical days and balmy nights. Most of the time is warm and humid throughout the year. Bali is located very near to the equator; therefore the climate makes it a year round travel spot. See sunnier days from May to September, while one can expect precipitation level to reach the highest during the rainy season with downpours between October and April. But be it the hottest months for lounging on beach or cooler and drier times for some outdoor adventures or enjoying the wealth of festivals, Bali is a place which will give a crave to visit again.

2. The Mystical Temples


Bali coasts are home to many ancient temples. Several of the temples have become the island’s most iconic landmarks, which features centuries old architecture and is set against exotic backdrops. Each temple here is unique. The temples are full of lively processions ornate decorations and festivity. Festive environment is created during temple anniversaries which come around twice a Gregorian year based on their local calendar.

3. Value for Money


Bali is the busiest and the most visited island in Indonesia. But surprisingly it is cheap to travel around here. It has so much to offer for so little money. Bali’s beach resort areas are definitely upscale and dense with among Bali’s finest resorts and restaurants; there are ways to get a cheap Bali holiday. With a little know about where you can sleep, dine, shop and get around the island charges much less than you have imagined.

4. The Pristine Beaches


The sound of the waves, the morning breeze is definitely something that a tourist looks at for the best place to relax on a vacation. Bali has a rich assortment of beaches, each of which is a favorite destination of its own. The beaches range from palm fringed white sand coasts to cliff guarded hidden shores. The beaches now welcome visitors in search of paradise with superb hotels and excellent facilities.

5. Rich Cultural Heritage


Bali culture is different and famous especially for its rich and vibrant arts. In between of your trip yoga, meditation sessions and visits of the finest raw food restaurants, you will get to learn about the local culture. Various forms of dance and music have made Bali’s art and culture most diverse in the world. Hinduism is the main religion here behind its development. During temple festivals music, dance, drama and costumes become a feast for everyone.

6. The Natural Beauty


The cultural treasures and famous landscapes found all around the magical island of Bali is something no tourist can afford to miss. The natural beauty here is spread across eight regencies. You can opt for bike rides through the rice fields, do night trekking up to the volcanoes or try and swim in the waterfall. Wherever you go, you will find amazing views of landscape and watch different climate zones as well.

7. Highly mouthwatering and delicious cuisine


The food here is undoubtedly amazing! Either you are vegetarian, a vegan or if you change your diet for a week or two, this is the right place to explore dishes. Selecting the best restaurants in Bali from world class dining venues on offer is a real challenge. They offer great range of cuisine, feature unique locations with awe-inspiring views, and artistic interiors. Bali knows each wave of visitors and is now truly first class dining destination. All the fine dining restaurants you will find the world’s most innovative and talented chefs.

So get set, and book your Bali tour today!

Top Places to visit in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is pure delight to visit. It is a place that can entertain all age groups. Dubai has some of the most fascinating theme and amusement parks here that will leave people of all age groups having the best time of their life. Here are some places which will make the kids of the enjoy the most and give time to the adults to relax for a while you are going for a Dubai Tour with family .

Places for kids to enjoy and adults to relax in Dubai:

  1. IMG World of Adventure

dubai kids special

The IMG world is the world’s largest indoor theme park and has four theme zones perfect to entertain you. The zones go by the name of Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley Dinosaur.

These zones have some amazing rides like Thor Thunder Spin, The velociraptor, The Power Puff Girls, Forbidden Territory and many more. Kids can have a great time here and while they are having their fun, the adults can just hangout some restaurants or go shopping and relax.

You can find restaurants Spice Valley and Samosa House for Indian food. If not that the adults can go watch movies with or without the kids. It’s the perfect place to entertain your entire family.

  1. Lost Chambers and Aqua Venture


kids entertainment in dubai

Lost Chambers is a place where you can overlook the beauties of the underwater world through glass tunnels. It has also got a touch tank where you can dare to touch starfishes and other things. It is a very innovative place and can make all ages enjoy.

Aqua Venture is one of the unique water Park built along side with The Palm Atlantis. The Famous rides are Leap of Faith which will simply takes you from the height of 09 story. The other rides which attract kids are aquaconda, zoomarango, shark attack and many more.

To add to it there is a Shuiqi Spa, Salon and fitness centre for adults to relax. To add to it you can also visit some of the various restaurants and food joints. Saffron restaurant serves brilliant Asian food here, you could check it out!

  1. Dolphinarium

kids friendly package of dubai

Dolphinarium is an amazing place to interact with the cutest creatures that live underwater. They have an awesome Dolphin and Seal show for visitors. The place also gives you a chance to swim with Dolphins and if you aren’t interested in swimming, then you can also visit the 5D Cinema and be a part of the amazement.

  1. Bollywood Park


dubai wth kids

Bollywood Park is one of those very rare theme parks based on Bollywood. It is spread over an area of 1.7 million square feet. You will certainly get dazzled with the live entertainment around and the cinematic rides that are ready to enthral you! The best part is its Bollywood all around! Feels like Bombay Talkies! For fine dining experiences you can visit Spicy Dhaba, Mughal-E-Azam Shahi Dining.

  1. Legoland

kids special dubai

LegoLand has its own unique theme around Legos Building blocks! The park has got six parts which are based on various Lego themes like Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland! To add to the fun for Kids, they also have a water park for kids between the age of 2-12 and their families! It is a great place for kids to have fun and you get some good delicious food and amazing ice-creams as well. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Snow Park

dubai snow park

Snow Park is the largest Snow Park in the world. It is spread over an area of 3000 square meters of snow and is covered in Snow. The park is home to some Penguins clumsily tumbling their way to have fun with you and your kids. You can also enjoy skiing and other winter sports here in Snow Park. Spend some great time chilling with your family, literally!

  1. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

dubai aquarium and underwaterworld

The Dubai is very proud of its star attraction “The 10 Million Litre Tank” which is the largest in world. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the home to some 33,000 aquatic animals. It also have the highest collection of sand tiger sharks.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is situated in the Dubai Mall which holds some 140 Species of sea life. There are various way by which one can experience the Sea life.

There is one 48 meter walkthrough tunnel which provides you a complete view with Stingrays and Sand Tiger Sharks swimming overhead. You can also take a Glass Bottom Boat tour, go for Cage Snorkelling and even swim with the sharks with oxygen tank and swimming gear.

  1. Dolphin Bay at Atlantis

activities for kids

Want to Say Hello to Dolphins? Then you must visit the Dolphin Bay located at Atlantis the Palm. In Dolphin Bay you can interact with Dolphins, swim with them and have your picture clicked with them.

The Dolphin Bay is indeed a great place for everyone who visit this place. Here they befriend with Dolphins and specially the kids enjoy a lot when they visit this place.

  1. Glow Garden

dubai glow garden

Welcome to the wonderful world! Dubai Glow Garden is a leading entertainment destination with a feature of Glow Theme for the first time. It offers two theme parks in one location. The themed destination also offers several live performances by international, regional and local artists. It also features variety of dining options with different cuisines.

The structures are created by various artists around the world. The younger children can enjoy learning with fun in their dedicated area where there are multiple games and activities to keep them engaged. So get ready to witness an experience that will be one of the most special and integral part of your memories.

  1. The Dome Box

The Dome Box Dubai is located at Box Park in Dubai which is the next best thing happened to the UAE. It is a new kind of cinema where you will get a 360 degree theatre experience.

These movies are no regular movies; they are specially made movies converted into this format. You will find yourself journeying through space or deep into the nature. It will be definitely be great for little ones and a unique experience for grown-ups as well.

  1. Sega Republic


Sega Republic is a very well known indoor theme park at the Dubai Mall suitable for all age groups. It offers five different themed zones spread over 2 levels with 9 to 15 major rides and over 250 games.

It is a combination of the latest technologies with high entertainment value. Adding to the family indoor theme park, little ones can enjoy at the ‘soft play area’ which offers customized activities to keep them entertained for hours.

  1. Kidzania


Kidzania offers a unique experience full of realistic educational environment that allows kids between all ages from four to sixteen. The indoor educational entertainment centre is a city built to scale for children, with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and recognizable destinations in form of establishments sponsored by leading multinational and local brands.

The kids perform jobs here and are also paid for their respective performances where they earn official currencies of Kidzania for their job as a fireman, a doctor, police officer etc. The more they participate, the more they earn and the more they can experience.

  1. Hub Zero


Hub Zero welcomes you to the new world full of entertainment and thrilling rides and attractions developed exclusively for Hub Zero. It is spread over two floors with sprawling facilities including 18 major attractions with virtual reality offering different interactive experience shaped around some of the world’s most popular video games.

The attractions include laser tag areas, a virtual cave, dark rides, high tech driving stimulators, 3D tunnel, 4D cinema and much more. There’s also a large indoor adventure climbing zone.  Kids are going to have a gem of a time here.

  1. Quad Bike Safari

desert quad biking with kids

Dubai offers you an experience a Quad bike ride at the Arabian Desert. Take the thriving experience to ride a Quad bike in the sand dunes of Dubai. Arabian sand dunes are full of enchanting surprise, astonishing divergence and memorable experiences.

The Golden desert company is the one who organises this activity and is a member if an international group of companies which is one of the largest pioneer of rental operators in Dubai. The company is known for its professionalism and creative itineraries that they provide.

  1. Dubai Ice Rink

dubai ice rink for kids

Here you will get to experience sheer delight of gliding along the ice at the Dubai Ice Rink. You just need to take the beginner’s class and let loose and join en evening disco session with friends and family. It assures unlimited fun for skaters as well as visitors.

It is newly refurbished which is now more dynamic and trendy. The cafes here offer a leisurely and relaxing time for the entire family. It also offer unique entertaining shows on ice adding on big screen telecast of popular sporting events.

  1. Motion Gate Dubai


Motion Gate Dubai is one of the best in branded entertainment collaborated from three of the largest and successful motion picture studios in Hollywood which are DreamWorks Animation, Colombia Pictures and Lionsgate which offers you a completely different world of innovation and creative storytelling.

There are five different zones at the centre which are Studio Central, Colombia Pictures, Smurfs Village, DreamWorks and Lionsgate. Here you will get to know things about behind the scenes, an experience with adventurous rides at Colombia Pictures, witness the magical world of the Smurfs, play the hero at the movie theme park – DreamWorks and thrilling attractions with live stage shows at Lionsgate to adore.

  1. The Dubai RTA Ferry

top things to do in dubai with kids

The Dubai Ferry was launched in 2011 by the RTA as an option for commutation which is constantly improving and expanding. The ferry is more of a tourist trip as there are three trips that run on the Dubai Ferry. The ferry runs multiple times in a day from each location, though the frequency and time changes at times so it would be better to check the routine regularly.

The boats are designed for comfort with including snack bar on board and various other facilities. It is a great option for tourists to see the city from the sea and get a view of some of the most popular parts of Dubai. Other options for this route are quite expensive so it is totally worth taking a trip on the Ferry to explore the water ways with stunning views to stare at.

So you wish to know more about the Dubai, then check our Dubai Tour Packages

Why Kerala is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India ?

Looking for a peaceful and romantic getaway with your partner? In India, Kerala is one of the best destinations for a honeymoon to spend. India’s beautiful state Kerala, also known as ‘God’s own country‘, can surely help you experience one of the most romantic Honeymoon holidays. Honeymoon is the best time to know your spouse better and to spend some quality time as well.


Romantic getaways usually includes long walk on the beach under the moonlight, candle light dinners, little bit of adventure, gazing at beautiful scenery hand in hand with your partner and of course a luxurious accommodation in one of the 5-star resorts. Well guess what? Celebrating Honeymoon in Kerala happens to be a place which offers all these amenities and promises a beautiful stay at the Gods own country with loads of memories for lifetime.

  1. The Tropical Weather


Honeymoon is supposed to be all cozy and romantic. Kerala offers you the perfect weather for a comfortable and cuddly honeymoon. It has a coastal and pleasant climate due to the seasonal rains. The moisture laden winds will give a beautiful day to spend outdoors with your partner.

The pleasantness in the atmosphere will keep you charged and fresh all day long. The weather in Kerala promises you a wonderful time with your beloved and of course many interesting places to explore.

  1. Exotic beaches


Beaches in Kerala are few of the best attractions in the state. Beaches in Kerala can be the best place for couples looking to get away from the crowd and seeking for some quality time around magnificent scenic beauty on Kerala Tour Packages. The backwaters at Kumarakom can be the best romantic escape for honeymoon couples. You can find a wide range of houseboats at this destination that will offer you variety of facilities at affordable rates.

 Also, Kovalam is one of the best hidden gems on Kerala. It is striking enough to take your breath away with its beautiful shades of sunset along with the three divided areas which includes the Hawah beach, the Lighthouse beach and the Samudra beach which together forms a crescent shape like a moon.

  1. Romantic side of backwaters


To spend some special time with each other, Alleppey is the best place to visit. Here the couples can choose to stay in cozy private houseboats or can stay in a resort that is located on the backwaters itself. Honestly, staying in a houseboat is something you cannot afford to miss out on in Kerala.  Alleppey is the perfect romantic spot which offers you lovely natural beauty, serenity, peace and of course beautiful sunset to gaze at if you wish to go on a boat ride in the green backwaters with your beloved.

  1. The charming culture


The culture of Kerala gives all the tourists a charming and positive vibe due to its natural and organic continuity by the Malayali people there. Honeymoon couple can together spend a day exploring culture of Kerala including performing arts, music, martial arts, literature, cultural festivals and more.

Shows are organized at different venues of various performing arts like Koodiyattom which is a 500-year old form of dance and drama, also Kathakali a form of dance, and many such art activities which will keep you consumed all day and also will give memories to cherish with your spouse.

  1. A relaxing spa


Kerala is very well known for authentic treatments and ayurvedic spa practices. A spa treatment will complete you honeymoon with a phase of relaxation and peace. A chilling afternoon in the spa will heal your body and will let you feel at ease. Before planning to leave for a romantic walk or dinner by the beach, enjoy a massage and spa to relieve your tiring wedding preparation stress. So book a massage appointment which will keep you fresh and charged up all day to have an amazing time with your partner.

  1. Keralian Delicacies


Newly married couples traveling to Kerala are definitely planning a fancy dinner date by the coast expecting delicious food to make the moment perfect. Traditional Kerala food takes pride of its vegetarian delicacies as usually their daily food is vegetarian.

 The land of spices offers many exquisite dishes as well which will tempt you with a list of items written on the chalk board.  Do try the mouth watering items like puttu and kadla curry with ghee roast masala dosa which are extremely yummy and reasonable.

  1. The Hill Stations of Kerala


The Kerala is proud of its highly famous possession Munnar. Munnar is located on Idukki District of Kerala. Munnar is famous for its tea gardens and romantic misty weather. It’s a must have honeymoon destination. In Munnar the newly married couples can enjoy their blissful new innings in life quietly.

So, immediately plan your honeymoon trip to Kerala and make sure you return with bag full of memories to cherish all your life with your partner. Wishing you a journey full of happiness!

To Know More about Kerala Check Our Interactive Video

How to plan a trip to Europe with family ?

Planning a vacation can be a tedious task especially when you are travelling with your family. There is so much to plan for a family trip. Here’s a guide to plan a family trip to Europe.

Planning a family trip to Europe:


Europe is rich in culture and history. There is so much art around you that it becomes difficult to short list the places you want to visit. There are so many options to opt for a trip in Europe that it becomes very difficult to stick to a plan. If after a lot of collective brainstorming with the family, you come down to a list of places to visit, it is difficult to find places to stay. In short, there is so much to plan and so much to note down on a paper to plan a full proof trip.

Let’s go through a few things that you need to keep in mind while planning a trip to Europe with family:

 Decide the top notch places you want to visit:


Europe is huge and there are so many beautiful places to explore. It is extremely difficult to add and subtract some of the major attractions to visit or not. The easier way is to pick a cluster at a time. So if you are planning to travel with your family and kids you might want to visit Disneyland and hence Paris. Decide what type of city tour you and your family is looking for, panoramic city tour that will be a brief tour of the city which is mostly done by sitting in a coach, or orientation tour which will give you a good coverage of the city by stopping at the main landmarks of the city. If you are travelling with young adults in your family you might want to explore Scandinavian countries. So, the first step would be picking the list of places you want to visit as per your priority.

Establishing a budget:


If your trip is not planned systematically, then there are chances that your trip can be really expensive. So, you need to set a budget and be really sure about it. With your family around you will have to consider aspects like shopping, food and other sundry expenses as well. Considering everybody’s needs and choices, you need to decide a budget. You also need to look after the accommodation expense, flight expense etc. and then start saving prior to the trip.

 Decide if you want a free individual tour or escorted group tour:


Free individual tour is to plan your trip exclusively with your family. Here you can have liberty to choose your own hotels and tastes. You can also take your call to decide the budget and number of days you want to travel. The few drawbacks with this plan are the price might be higher in comparison to group tours, and also you might not find Indian food easily available in restaurants nearby.

Escorted group tour is to travel with a group of people which will make you feel secured and carefree. The group tour will be planned in advance including as much as sightseeing possible. It is considered as value for money as everything is arranged as per the tour package. The disadvantages will be that you will have to be on time keeping co-passengers in mind as per the itinerary. Also pace of the tour is decided by keeping general interest in mind. Fluency of the tour will be very fast and fixed as many places are to be covered in specific span of time.

So, before preparing the itinerary you need to decide how you want to travel to Europe, exclusively or with an interesting group of people

Sketching the itinerary:


With perfect budget and list of your favorite places, you need to sketch out an itinerary. Here you need to decide the way you want to commute in the city and make the itinerary revolving around it. There are various ways to travel and commute in the city like a seat on coach or hiring a private vehicle or may be hop-on hop-off buses. Do keep your budget in mind while designing the itinerary.



While travelling to a fresh destination, you cannot go hopping around to hotels with your family along with you. So, you need to book your hotel in advance. Start applying for visas and book a carrier affordable to you. You definitely need to book hotels in advance because delaying it will disturb your budget. One tip: the earliest the better!

Cashing up:


While cashing up, you need to start saving and exchanging currency before you leave. Also, you need to carry your credit/debit card that charges lesser fees and works in Europe. Make sure you inform your credit/debit card companies that you are going to be travelling abroad and also make sure that your cards work there which will be beneficial to you and efficient as well.



Prepare a list of the things you need and packing will be totally easy. Assign everybody in the family the task of making their lists so that nobody forgets anything. You can start packing a couple of days before you leave and then don’t forget to tally with the list. Also, check the weight of your luggage so that no unwanted issues happen at the airport. Keep an eye on the kid’s packing as well.

Get set go!


You are all set to go now! Pass on you temporary international number to the people you want to stay in touch with. Lock your houses, keep the keys safe and off you go!

So you wish to go for an Exciting Europe Tour with your family. Then Check our Europe Tour Packages.

Have an exciting and happy trip to Europe!

Dubai Food Festival 2017 – Art Of Cooking and Fine Dinning

Dubai is a city famous for its ultra-modern architecture, iconic skyscraper, artificial islands, world class malls& more. But there is something more that adds attraction to the city, The Dubai Food Festival. The Arabians are proud of their cuisine and are all equally excited to share the delicious taste with the tourists.

Dubai Food Festival is held annually. It celebrates Dubai’s act of emergence for the art of cooking and fine dining. The city is a meeting point of Gourmet Arabic and international cuisines.

The festival offers exciting food related events, appreciating unique food delicacies, and experiencing excellent world-class dining. The food festival presents the diversity and creativity with over 200 nationalities living in Dubai. In 2017, this festival will be held from 23 February to 11 March.

Here is a list of exciting activities and events you can experience during this festival, which will add on to your memories with lots of interesting delicacies:

1. Etisalat Beach Canteen


Etisalat Beach Canteen is all about fun and food. This food inspired event is full of galvanizing activities which keeps people of all ages charged and entertained all day. And the major highlight of this event is – Beach after all,what more do we need. You can imagine pleasant weather, under the sky with fun events and activities. The festival offers events like beach cinema with your family under the stars with an inspiring dish, open mic nights encouraging people to face their fear to sing and dance, storytelling near the beach keeping the kids and adults engrossed in exciting food-inspired stories. Beach Canteen also boasts thrilling sports activities, yoga, picnic spots, and interesting free cooking demos.

2. Taste of Dubai:


Taste of Dubai is mixture of food, culture and music. The event features excellent fine dining restaurants, world class well known chefs and amazing international music.  ere you will get a chance to witness live cooking demonstrations and also you can cook along with the professionals. Or you can plan to relax, enjoy the music and eat your heart out!

3. Street Nights:


Street Nights are loaded with exhilarating food, inspiring art and performances with fantastic music. It offers live art performances, fresh soundtrack entertained by the DJ’s, installations of cool interesting graffiti, and appetizing street food to hog on. The cool cultural event combines entertainment and street food which is a perfect way to spend a cozy evening in Dubai.

4. Eat the World DXB:


Dubai Food Festival is loaded with fantastic international line up for street food. For a few days during the festival, 25 of the best food traders from London, the USA and Singapore join the UAE locals to serve people with unique food experience. With delightful food from four different continents they also offer live music, celebrity chef demonstrations and loads of entertainment. This world class event in UAE will have you coming back and for many more times.

5. Global Village Street Food Celebration:

Global village street food is a hub for street food vendors from all around the world. You can explore the entire world cuisine over the sitting of just one evening. Here you will find everything from traditional Indian chats to interesting Hungarian desserts.

6. Century Village Street Carnival:

The Century village street carnival is loaded with different cuisines from different corners of world including Lebanese, Indian and Italian delicacies. This exciting carnival also offers live music and energetic performances to create a mood.

Check out these world class restaurants where you can indulge in amazing cuisine with
even more amazing deals as a part of the Dubai Restaurant week:

1. Pai Thai:


The restaurant Pai Thai is located in Madinat Jumeirah. The restaurant is at a dreamy waterside where you can have a night to remember. Travel to the restaurant by an Abra boat ride where the view on the way will take your breath away. The Thai cuisine there has won the Dubai’s best of South East Asian Restaurant for four years constantly. So don’t plan on to miss the stunning views and mouth watering food.

2. Bread Street Kitchen:


Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen is located at Atlantis, The Palm. It is one of the trendiest restaurants to be where you can enjoy delightful British European dishes. Book your table for a memorable dining experience with a beautiful garden view from the terrace.

3. Rang Mahal by Atul Kochar:


Atul Kochar has authenticated Indian flavors in Dubai. He has created award-wining modern and traditional cuisines in Dubai. Now you can enjoy an epicure Indian meal in Dubai with a set menu created by this renowned chef in a romantic setting.

4. Al Nafoorah:


Al Nafoorah is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the city. As it is a part of Dubai Food Festival, you can have a 3 course Lebanese meal for AED 199. Here you will get a chance to enjoy your delicious meal in a dramatic setting with appetizing Lebanese flavors.

P.S.Vegetarians don’t need to worry as Indian food is easily available in Dubai with interesting innovations adding on their personal flavors to it. After India, probably Dubai is the only place which can offer a wide variety international & Arabic cuisine for vegetarians.

So brace yourself and book your tickets, to experience Dubai Food Festival with an exposure to interesting fun events and to binge on excellent food with fine dining.

There are numerous possibilities which you can enjoy during your stay in Dubai, to know more watch this video

Top 5 Unique Luxury Hotels of Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant and an energetic destination welcoming tourists to experience a lavish
holiday there. Planning to travel to the fastest growing city, be prepared to chase diverse
options of luxurious resorts to stay at. It happens to be a destination which will definitely fulfill all your luxurious fascinations and expectations. The destination offers various attractions to experience luxury with breathtaking beach views, at unique palaces, sunny desert views and more. So begin your Dubai trip with a relaxing and luxurious stay at a resort full of lavish amenities and breathtaking views.


Here is a list of Top 5 Unique Luxury Hotels of Dubai, which will satisfy your fascination for luxury with surety of an unforgettable stay in the city:

1. Madinat Jumeirah:


Madinat Jumeirah is an Arabian 5-star resort in Dubai covering 40 acres of landscapes and gardens. It is an authentic recreation of Arabic history, facing the sea. The resort provides exclusive leisure and other heartwarming facilities. Madinat Jumeirah consists of three grand hotels Jumeirah Al Qasr, Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, and Jumeirah Al Naseem. It features over 50 restaurants and bars, 2 grand ballrooms, a 1000 seat amphitheatre and more.
The resort also offers extensive luxury and health facilities including spa and fitness installation. It also consists of Arabic summerhouses located around the resort, with views of private beach and gardens. Emphasizing its splendor Al Qasr one of the three properties is a “palace” at heart of Madinat Jumeirah which you will fall in love with. The hotel offers innumerable activities and facilities like spa, rock climbing, playground for kids and a fitness center as well. Be ready to experience a majestic mansion style holiday at the resort!

2. The Meydan Hotel:


The Meydan is one of its kind 5 Star resort in the world. It is the onlyplace where you will get to enjoy serenity looking over the evergreen horseracing track. The hotel offers 285 luxurious rooms, two race tracks, appetizing restaurants and a racing museum to explore. Meydan hotel offers amazing hospitality and has unrivalled venues that makes its property a place to spend time at. It personifies warm, authentically modern yet elegant Arabic exposure with serene luxury. The resort will satisfy you with exclusive services and leisure escape with child friendly facilities at the very same destination.

3. Bab Al Shams Dessert Resort:


Bab Al Shams is a resort situated in the heart of the desert which will give an unforgettable
experience. It is a resort surrounded by sloping sand dunes and natural desert landscape.
The hotel ambience features shaded courtyards, walkways and water features which creates a pleasant yet dramatic atmosphere. It represents a combination of Arabic setting with modern comfort & an amazing tint of luxury. It offers ultimate comfort, along with entertainment and spa facilities worth an experience. As the resort is surrounded by desert it proposes interesting adventure activities like camel rides, desert drive, archery and more.The resort tempts tourists with delicious Arabic delicacies with unlimited leisure activities and of course the attractive desert to fall for.

4. Jumeirah Zabeel Saray:


Zabeel Saray will give you an historical experience which you can compare with the inspiring imperial palaces. It is a five star luxury hotel located on the Crescent of Palm Jumeirah offering everything in a surprising and inspiring style. The hotel is known for its lavish and spectacular setting fulfilling visitor’s requirements and luxurious expectations.
It is made up of 379 majestic rooms and 29 lavish suites offering stunning ocean views. Here you will get a chance to live and experience the outdoor infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Also you can discover the magnificent Music Hall with all new way of dining to endure. They offer a long list of lavish facilities to enjoy which will turn all your moments at the resort into pleasure.

5. JW Marriot Hotel Marquis:

jw-mariottJW Marriot Marquis is a remarkable attraction to the sensational city of Dubai is this tallest
hotel in the world. It is renowned for its luxurious rooms and exquisite restaurants. It is centrally located on the Dubai Water-Canal to offer you spectacular views. It is made up of 1600 rooms and suites emphasizing outstanding luxurious amenities spread out across two towers and 72 sensational floors spanning a height of 355 Meters. You will get to enjoy
panoramic city views from the luxurious accommodations. JW Marriott hotel reflects the city’s modern and lively personality. They also offer an array of diverse restaurants from which you can explore the Arabic flavors of Dubai. Apart from well designed and spacious rooms, visitors can also enjoy the facilities like marble spa bathrooms, fitness center, stunning rooftop pools, squash courts and world class cuisine . It offers a top floor bar, which offers amazing drinks accompanied with a view of the city of lights.

So get set, to have an explicitly lavish stay at one of these luxury resorts in Dubai. To Know more about the Dubai 4 nights 5days Packages check our Website