What’s Your Travel Personality? Check Out Europe Tours For Every Kind Of Traveler

Europe is such a versatile continent you will be amazed by it’s natural as well as historical diversity. From fairy-tale landscapes to delicious food to ultra luxurious resorts, your Europe tour package will be full of everything you would have ever envisaged of. Each and every tourist has an entirely different perspective regarding the way they want to explore.


Thus, here are the most perfect destinations all across Europe which suffice interests of tourists with different taste and has something for everyone.

1. Spain and Portugal – For Foodies.


Head over to the vibrant Portugal where you must visit Porto and Lisbon which are the main hubs of amazing food. While you are at Lisbon don’t forget to taste the best selling food not only in Portugal but in entire Europe. After visiting a few historical sites like the –  Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid and you can also take a trip to one of Spain’s UNESCO world heritage sites in the old town of Toledo where you can indulge in a myriad of good food and music while exploring the various historic landmarks.

2. Greece and Croatia – For Love Birds.


Europe is the perfect destination for the ones in love and the dreamy-eyed couples. Start by visiting Santorini which is very famous among young couples these days due to it’s aesthetically pleasing vibe and turquoise blue sea water. Later you can fly to Croatia to savor the surreal ad breathtaking scenic beauty around you. Take a stroll along Dubrovnik’s charming Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace in Split, both of which have been labeled as the world’s UNESCO heritage sites. In Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, you can explore many attractions on foot. This town is full of vibrancy and excitement, ­­ a perfect way to end your trip full of memories!

3. Netherlands, Germany and Austria- For Party Animals.


Be it the end of the year or just the beginning, these three destinations are always super happening. You can start by visiting Amsterdam which is the Mecca of party lovers, there you can party all night and enjoy the nightlife. During Christmas time. Vienna is beautifully decorated with lights and stunning Christmas trees all over the city. Other cities like Berlin, Innsbruck and Salzburg are equally intriguing.

4. Switzerland and France – For Nature Lovers.


Known as heaven on earth, Switzerland is well known for its majestic alps and gorgeous scenery. Start your trip by visiting the romantic Lucerne, where you can simply sit by the lakeside and enjoy the mesmerizing view with your beloved. From there, you can hop onto a Golden Pass train which is a pure treat to your eyes as you come across the panoramic sights of Lake Geneva, Montreux and Interlaken – against the backdrop of surrounding mountains, green valleys and terraced vineyards. As you take a relaxing hike in Zermatt, keep a lookout for the iconic Matterhorn, a jagged-­shaped mountain which is a sight one must not miss!

5. Sweden, Denmark and Norway – For Adventure Seekers.



Embark upon Scandinavia, where you can explore and get to know more about the history, culture, art and other entertainment sources of this place. Then you can head over to Stockholm which is one of the oldest preserved town of Europe. Take a narrow valley walk at the royal palace in Kungliga Slottet and feel the surroundings of the place where once the most royal family of Europe use to reside. Venture into Oslo, Flam and Bergen to take in stunning sights of the Fjords on an exquisite boat ride. Over here, you will sail through valleys, waterfalls, and spot little farms perched on steep mountain sides.

Europe Tour Package is anyway going to surprise you with its amazing versatility.  If you need more information regarding these places or assistance with customizing the Europe Tour Package then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

Top 6 Experiences Which Will Complete Your Alaska Trip

Alaska is known to be versatile and travel friendly when it comes to exploring. Here are the top 6 experiences which you must not miss while in Alaska.

It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the variety and diversity of places you will find in Alaska. Get ready to tick off almost all the wishes on your bucket list, as Alaska Tour Packages will never fail to amaze you with its beauty. From extraordinary landscapes to serene water-side you will never be short of sights to cherish. You will simply be awestruck by the amount of lakes and rivers in Alaska. The view of mountains that surround you is definitely a view to die for.

In a place this surreal, it can be very difficult to make the most out of your time and visit each and every place. Thus here are the top 6 most worthy experiences one must witness on their Alaska Tour.

1.Watch the Northern Lights


The best time to get lucky in this aspect is during September and April. You have to be really spontaneous and willing to sacrifice a little sleep to have the true pleasure of this experience. It is said that these lights come straight from heaven and you will agree to every bit of it once you have witnessed them.

2. Go Whale-Watching


It is very easy to spot a whale in Alaska. This mighty creature is seen at various parts of Alaska and it is truly a sight to watch them shatter the water surface and dive back in. People from all over the world enjoy this experience and spend hours on a boat to capture the right shot on their camera.

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3. Explore the Tundra


The mystery and magic of Tundra lies within the flora and fauna, which survive there and bloom beautifully for seven months in this snow clad surface. You can explore this raw place simply by hiking or you can even take a bus to get there. Once you reach there you will be surrounded by majestic snow clad mountains and serene view around you.

4. See Alpenglow at Midnight


The midnight sun in Alaska in known to rejuvenate the tiredness travellers often feel after exploring the whole day.  The rose-gold band of Alpenglow which you can see around the mountains is a sight that no one wants to miss. The sun-rays hitting the mountains results in a beautiful golden sight.

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5. Watch a Glacial river go by


There is something really unique about the rivers in Alaska.  It doesn’t matter if you are floating on a boat, or even if you are simply standing by the banks- the view and serenity of these rivers never miss a chance to amaze you. It is simply breathtaking to contemplate the vast amount of melt-water spilling from the mountain glaciers to the ocean.

6. Enjoy the surreal view by driving on one of the Alaskan highways


If you ever climb an Alaskan mountain, drive a rural highway or hike in a wide-open valley, you get what we call the “Alaska Factor”—that feeling that Alaska seems to go on forever. The feeling which you get when you are travelling on a road which is surrounded by beautiful snow clad mountains disappearing in the milky-cloudy sky is simply unbelievable.

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All You Need To Know About “Gardens By The Bay”

Here is a brief about some of  the main attractions at gardens by the bay and some other interesting facts which will make you want to visit this versatile yet beautiful place.

Gardens by the bay is a widespread lavish garden built in the south of Singapore which is focused on improving the natural flora and fauna of the lion city. There are three gardens in total which include cooled conservatories, dining and events spaces, lakes, waterways, ariel bridges, including the showpiece super trees covered all in plants and measuring a height of up to 50 meters. Before planning a Singapore tour package you might want as well collect some background information about this place to enjoy your experience to the fullest. So here are a few great things you will love to know about this place before you want to visit.

1. The Flower Dome


As soon as you enter the flower dome you will find a sudden change in the atmosphere, which is due to the intelligently replicated Mediterranean climate which prevails in Africa. The Flower Dome is full of bottle palm trees and colorful flowers which serve as a pure delight to the visitor’s eyes.

2. Supertree Grove


The Supertree Grove consist of super tall trees which are approx 25-50 meters tall. These trees provide the much needed shade to its day-time tourists and are also a great spot to get a picture clicked. During the night time the scene completely changes as these trees illuminate with lights decorate on them. These trees serve as a appropriate venue for various events as well.

Planning a perfect Singapore Thailand Malaysia tour??? Read this.

3. The Children’s Garden


Singapore trip is meant for you to come along with your kids due to the variety of children friendly places in the city. A similar dedicated corner lies at the gardens by the bay which is specifically designed for children within the age of 1-12 years. The Children’s Garden consists of trampolines, hanging bridges, balancing beams and a lot more kid friendly attractions where you can simply drop off your kids while you explore other segments.

Know hoe to relive your leisure time on Singapore Malaysia Trip 

4. The OCBC Skyway


It is  hard to match the view and the experience to walk on the 22-meter-tall and unbelievably beautiful Supertree skywalks. The OCBC Skyway basically connects one super tree to another one. At these height visitors are not only surrounded by exceptionally beautiful Garden but also the vistas of the Marina Bay. The 128 meter long aerial walk is one experience which you must not miss.

5. Cloud Forest


A mysterious world veiled in mist; the Cloud Forest is a 35-metre tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. With plant life from tropical highlands up to 2,000-metres above sea level, you’ll enjoy learning about unique biodiversity and geology of cloud forests and the environmental threats they face within the nine unique zones of this Conservatory.

Some other facts about Gardens by the Bay:

  • The Gardens by the Bay is a collection of 3 public gardens initially started under National Parks Board (NParks) but soon grew out to be an independent managed organization.
  • One of the most interesting Gardens by the Bay facts is that it is home to 2000 exotic species of over 7,00,000 natural plants on display for the visitors.
  •  In order to reduce energy, cost inside the domes, the underground chilled water pipes are used. These water pipes are cooled by the energy generated from burning the detritus of the plants. The process reduces the energy consumption by the domes up to 30%.
  •  During the construction of the garden, a research facility costing a whopping $7 million dollar was set up to study the most efficient methods of blooming the non-native flowers.

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Explore The World’s Largest Water Curtain – Victoria Falls

Here are all the things you need to know before visiting the Victoria falls. This blog consists of things you can do near the falls and will help you to plan your trip as per your preferences.

The Victoria falls bless its visitors with an awe-inspiring and surreal sight on the Zambezi river. Victoria falls is one of the greatest attraction one can enjoy on their South Africa tour package. The Victoria Falls are known to be the greatest curtain of falling water in the world.


The wide, basalt cliff over which the falls thunder and  transform the Zambezi from a placid river into a ferocious torrent which cuts through a series of dramatic gorges. A path in the forest alongside this majestic fall, allows the viewers to enjoy a mild sprinkle and a unparalleled view of this surreal sight. Visitors can view the Eastern Cataract and the Main Falls as well as the Boiling Pot, from a special vantage point which is across the knife-edge bridge.

When to visit?

During March and April the falls can be experienced in its full glory. There is a spectacular serial view during this time and the cloudy sky compliments the waterfall just aptly. The waterfall is lowest around November – December, during this time you can admire the impressive cliffs that form the Falls wall, and the magnitude of the abyss. The waterfall gets better and better through the entire year.

Things to do:


The Victoria Falls as well as the river Zambezi is a sheer treasure of activities. The government has worked really hard to make this experience worthwhile for its tourists. Zambia offers a wide range of thrill packed activities starting from more pedestrian excursions such as- guided lion walks to the more adventure seeking options such as- white water rafting, down the raging rapids of the incredible Zambezi. One of the most spectacular activity has to be bungee jumping over the majestic Victoria Falls.

One major activity which you must try is – swimming below the Victoria falls. Swimming in the rock pools below the Falls, surrounded by the massive black basaltic rock towering up above you and the water cascading down, seemingly out of the sky, is an unforgettable experience!

Your trip starts with a walk down the beautiful Batoka Gorge. You will paddle across the ‘boiling pot’ in our big inflatable rafts and get out right underneath the Victoria Falls. Experienced guides may accompany you to the nearest cascade. The view from here is amazing!

Treat yourself:

After a wild day of exploring and participating in the fun filled activities, you definitely want to unwind the day and have some leisure time. You can head for a herbal spa and let loose of the tiredness from your long day.


You can also visit any local nearby village which fall no short of beauty.  You can also hop on a sunset cruise and enjoy rest of your evening sipping drinks and watching the sunset in middle of the river.

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Why Are There So Many Hindu Temples In Mauritius?

This blog consists of all you need to know about Mauritius Tour Packages and the cultural and religious practices in Mauritius. Also know about the best temples of Mauritius which you must visit.

Hinduism in Mauritius began when Indian laborers were brought as indentured labor to colonial French. These immigrants then settled in Mauritius who practiced Hinduism as their religion. As a result, more than 50% of population in Mauritius is Hindus which ultimately makes it necessary to have Hindu temples to worship and perform rituals.


One of the biggest festivals on the island is Maha Shivaratri, or the ‘Great Night of Siva’. During this annual Hindu celebration, which takes place in the months of February and March which is a four to nine days of ceremony and fasting lead up to an all-night vigil of Shiva worship and Ganesha worship. There is also a significant migrant population of Bhumihars in Mauritius who have made a mark for themselves in different fields; they are still in touch with their family members in India and there are instances of marital relations between them to keep their cultural identity intact.

Apart from enjoying the golden sunsets at the beautiful beaches, one thing you can do  on Mauritius Tour Package during your free time is explore the temples and get to know the culture and history of Mauritius up close. Some of the temples that you must visit are:

1. Maheshwarnath, Shiv temple.


The locals know this temple as “Grand Shivala Triolet” which is one of the most famous temples in Mauritius. It has become one of the most important ceremonial centers since 1898. This temple is decorated and rituals are conducted during the time of Mahashivaratri,  The hindu devotees, from all the nearby villages around the island- walk to the Holy Lake to sanctify their deities. The presiding deity of the temple is lord Shiva, who is represented by a lingam in the main temple. The architecture reflects Bengal influence through its four pillars built on a platform. The buildings are the work of Tamil artisans, composed by colorful deities and flowers designs over a white background.

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2. Sagar shiv mandir.


A young temple built in 2007, this temple’s presiding deity is Lord Shiva. It boasts a bronze colored statue which is 30m in length, which guards the temple resembling the statue of the Ganga Talao. This colorful temple was built by a Hindu family. They established it in a small islet off the coast of Poste de Flacq which is united to land by a thin land- bridge. What makes this temple unique is the water surroundings which give the temple a serene atmosphere which is definitely worth experiencing during sunrise.

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3. The Ganga Talao.


When indentured Indian immigrants were brought to the “paradise island of Merich” their strong faith looked for a place to settle, where they could venerate their deities in the proper fashion and space as they did back home; thus, the Grand Bassin became the most important Hindu ceremonial center, following the folkloric belief that the Ganga Talao and the Ganges River share their sacred water. The lake receives an important pilgrimage every year in the honor of Lord Shiva, a festivity known as Maha Shivaratri, where believers from all around the island walk long distances to bring their offerings to the sacred lake and temple.

You can pick your destinations as per your preferences. Flamingo Transworld‘s Mauritius Tour Packages has everything you would want to explore and enjoy.

Top 4 Festivals In The World To Include In Your Bucket List

No matter wherever you go around the world, it is always fun to be a part of the native festival of that particular place. India itself is a hub of various colorful and exciting festivals. There are so many festivals and events around the word which happen every year just like those festivals in India.These events and festivals depict a colorful picture of culture, dance, music, art and other specialties of that particular country. To know more about variety of festivals happening all around the world every year, keep on reading.

1. Carnival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


The type of energy that this festival in Rio De Janeiro emulates is unmatchable. Held every year Rio carnival attracts millions of people from all around the world during the month o February. It is the most anticipated festival for the natives as well. The streets are decorated and the music and samba dance serves as cherry on the cake in South America Tour Packages. There are special costumes available for the Carnival parade where people gather to dance and play samba music. The city glows with the energy of this festival every year.

2. La Tomatina – Valencia, Spain.


This epic food fight happens every year during the last Wednesday of August month in Spain and is one of the most delightful experiences to be a part of. As weird as it sounds, there will be strangers who will be hurling squashed tomatoes on your face and you hot them right back! Thousands of people from all the corners of the world make their way to be a part of this – ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’ where you can play with more than one hundred metric tons of over ripe tomatoes.

3. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival – Harbin, China.


This unique festival happens in the chilly northeast China, where visitors encounter the beautiful chiseled masterpieces made out of pure ice. It can be as cold as -20 degrees so you need to be well equipped. These stunning sculptures are highlighted with beautiful lighting. Around 10,000 workers cut and haul these blocks of ice in stunning architectural pieces which are bound to astonish the eye.

4. Queen’s Day – The Netherlands.


Officially called Koninginnedag, Queen’s Day is the national holiday commemorating Queen Beatrix’s birth. Even though she was born in January this event is held during April as the weather conditions are more pleasant. The Dutch people throw on loud orange attire and enjoy the parade while sipping on their favorite drink. There is also a huge flea market during this time which you have to see on your own to believe its energetic aura on Europe Tour.

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International Destinations You Can Explore In A Budget of Rs.50,000/-

When you think of international destinations, you immediately start wondering how much you’ll have to save to get there. Everyone wants to explore different places by not spending over the top and with minimal expenditure.


The good news is that there are plenty of cheap international destinations which are not heavy on your pocket. Here are some top picks for budget friendly holiday packages from India.

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Most travellers do not prefer visiting cities during their tours to avoid the hustle. Unlike other cities, Kuala Lumpur is a worthwhile destination of its own. You will never run out of things to explore in this mixture of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influenced city which as a result provides you with abundance of culinary exploits in this capital city. You can visit various Interesting sights on you Malaysia Tour Package such as the – Petronas Towers, Menara KL Tower and the Perdana Lake Garden which  provide plenty of enjoyable distractions before you are set to head out to explore rest of Malaysia.

Relish natural beauty at these four places on your Singapore Malaysia Tour Package. 

2. Krabi, Thailand


A Krabi tour package is one of those amazing yet cheap international holiday package where you are guaranteed to find the white beaches, blue waters and coral reefs that are actually lovely. Scuba diving enthusiasts can have the time of their life because of the amazing scuba opportunities that this place offers. You will find plenty of exotic flora and fauna in the tropical forests which is worth exploring. This place is paradise for the beach bums – relax by the shacks as you sip your minty cocktails!

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


It takes a while for an outsider to look beyond the layers of glamour that Dubai seems to have become synonymous with. But when you do, you’ll notice that there is so much you can do in this incredible city on your Dubai Tour Package. A long walk around the old Bastakiya district is a must do for history buffs. Regardless of if you want to purchase anything, you must definitely visit the – Deira Gold Souk just for the ultimate experience. Get away from the traffic and crowds and take a desert safari and do some dune bashing. Or just be a tourist and visit the Burj Khalifa and other notable skyscrapers.

Get up close and personal with the Ferrari Legacy on Dubai Tour Package

4. Bali, Indonesia


Rice plantations so green that you wonder if nature has some kind of photo shop. Intricately sculpted temples, blue-green seas and sandy beaches – these are just a few things from the mixed goody bag that is Bali Tour Package. Experience a little of everything when you’re on this beautiful foreign trip. Laze on the glorious beaches of Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Visit the crafts villages in Ubud and the surrounding villages. Water sports enthusiasts have tons of options to go surfing or diving. If you’re feeling more adventurous, trek up Mount Batur, one of Bali’s active volcanoes. After your trek, treat those sore muscles to a relaxing Balinese massage.

Planning to visit Bali? Don’t miss these top 7 places here. 

5. Kathmandu, Nepal.


Very often, we forget about our immediate neighbors and tend to focus on far away cheap abroad trips. Just across the border and a very cheap flight away sits Kathmandu – Nepal Tour Packages promising dramatic mountains and spirituality. Apart from being a gateway to the Himalayas for mountaineering enthusiasts, a trip to Kathmandu is a nice blend of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional. Durbar Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has several palaces and temples within the complex waiting to be explored. The Thamel area has tons of shops selling everything from mountaineering gear to souvenirs.

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Europe: A Quick And Handy Travel Guide

One of the greatest trips you will ever have has to be your Europe tour, filled with endless adventures and beautiful landscapes which you can never get tired of admiring; your Europe tour package will serve as an one stop destination for everything you are looking for. From the beautiful Paris streets- to the happening coffee shops in Amsterdam and the gorgeous beaches of Greece, there is so much to explore on this continent that you can make a never ending list of things to do here. Before you visit this magical place it is important to know certain things which are essential for a hassle free trip.


Here is a easy travel guide which will brief you regarding the things you will need while in Europe.

1. Accommodation


First things first, you need a good place to crash at after a long day of exploring and adventures. Hotel rooms at East are cheaper compared to rest of the Europe. The costliest rooms you will find will be at Paris. Most hotels offer free linens, free WiFi, and a lot of them also offer free breakfast but it is recommended to check specific websites of the respective hotels for exact amenities that they provide.

Know about 4 fancy hotels in Europe you could stay on your tour.

2. Food


Throughout Europe you will find tons of fancy restaurants and cafes which serve delicious pizzas and other fast food. You will find these food hubs near train stations, bus stations, and main pedestrian areas. There are also various small sandwich shops which offer cheap food alternatives which will cost your around 9-15 EU per day. You can also visit any nice and cozy restaurant nearby which will cost you around 13-25 EUR for a main dish and drink. You will find that food is much cheaper in the East Europe than in the west.



You can explore around most of the European cities by – local tram, subway, or bus which is typically under 2 EUR for a one-way ticket. There are intercity trains which have different pricing which varies from country to country and depending on whether you take the slow train or a high-speed train. A high-speed train from Berlin to Munich will cost around 190 EUR, Madrid to Barcelona is about 150 EUR and Bordeaux to Paris is about 95 EUR. You can hop on a non-high speed train and various other intercity lines which are a lot cheaper and generally cost about 40-50% of the price of high-speed trains. Buses throughout Europe are fairly cheaper than trains.

Check out top 5 European cities you must visit on your Europe Tour. 

4. Activities


Wine tours will be your priciest activity at around 90 EUR per day. Going up the Eiffel Tower will cost between 7-17 EUR and visiting the Versailles Palace and Gardens will cost 25 EUR. The Tower of London is about 25 GBP. Bike tours and river cruises can cost 24-40 EUR. Most museums and tours start at around 14 EUR (it’s cheaper of course in the east). Full day tours cost between 35-100 EUR. Prices vary drastically per country so it’s hard to give a good general cost.

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Experiences Not To Miss On Your Europe Trip

Insight about the various must not miss experiences which you can do while in Europe to have the time of your life and have a magical experience.

The cliches can step back – we all have heard people do various common and usual  things and sing about it, but often people forget there is much more you can add in your Europe tour package apart from doing the usual touristy things.


The beautiful landscapes and the preppy vibe of this continent makes it hard for tourists to concentrate on the other intensely intriguing aspects of this place. You can have all the time in the world and still not have enough of Europe.

Here are the top 5 unusual yet fun experiences one must try when in Europe.

1.Take a Euro road trip


If you are someone who loves road trips, gather a few like-minded thinkers and set off to a fun filled road trip covering all the major attractive destinations of Europe. This is the best way to explore as you get the freedom to wander around campsites, spend a day or two at the tiny yet beautiful villages, and take your time to enjoy exploring the places you usually can’t reach by bus or rail. You can come across various new places which you might have probably not even heard of!

Check out some Hidden gems of Europe featuring serene beauty.

2. Explore the East


It is easy to get side-tracked by the bling of Western Europe –the Eiffel Tower and Greek Islands – but there is a whole radical, fascinating and reasonable world which is worth visiting in the East. One of the must visit city is Mostar which is in Bosnia and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. You can also go on cruising in the Aegean coast of Croatia and Montenegro. Further, carry on towards Budapest, Krakow, Prague, and Ljubljana which yet again are stunning in their own way.

Know about some of the exotic locations in East Europe which are a must visit.

3. Do a sailing trip


One must do thing is the island- hopping boat holiday which takes you sailing on the waters of Croatia, Turkey and Greece. You get to relax and enjoy the sun-bath on the deck of a boat with other fellow fun-loving tourists while you have all your meals taken care of. Enjoy the breeze while sipping cocktails in the sun by the day and enjoy partying on various beautiful islands by night. This type of boat trip will leave you with some awesome memories to cherish for life!

4. Visit the fairy-tale castle, Neuschwanstein in Germany


This is one case of ‘pretty as a picture’ which you have to see for yourself to believe it. As you stand at the lookout point, from the bridge overlooking the castle, the scene right in front of you will appear as if it is a painting because it clearly is that beautiful and surreal. Whether you are on a Europe tour during winter or summer or during any other season, it is a guarantee that the  Neuschwanstein Castle will sweep you off your feet.

5. Watch the sun set over the Eiffel Tower


Nothing could be quite as magical as watching the sun set over the Eiffel Tower, hence the dubbing off this Europe experience as our absolutely unquestionable top pick. For an ultra-romantic experience, grab some snacks and drinks, and set yourself up with a little picnic in front of the tower to pass the hours as day turns in night. Cliche as it is, there’s no denying that this is one of the best travel experiences to have in Europe.

Opting for Europe tour packages with Flamingo Transworld would be perfect for your upcoming holiday. Happy Traveling!

Explore Ahmedabad Like Never Before By Visiting These Places That Defines The City.

Ahmedabad known for its lip smacking food, various raw heritages and most importantly the slow paced lifestyle despite of being a mega city is what sets it apart from the others. You will find everything here, from shopping in the most expensive luxurious mall- to the road- side chaniya choli wallas at law garden, the best restaurants and most classy restaurants to the roadside spicy food that will blow you away. Ahmedabad is a lot more than the Kankaria Lake and Patang Restaurant. You will discover every untouched and untold aspect about this happening city only when you visit it.


Taking you along the best places and things to do in Ahmedabad on your Gujarat tour packages, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this place.

1.Get a sneak-peak of the Jhulta Minar.


The mystery of Jhulta Minar is a very queer one among st the locals in Ahmedabad. Also known as shaking Minars, this historic piece of art has its own essence as when one of it is shaken the second one vibrates on its own. This mosque was made by master craftsmen making it one of the most important architectural site as well as historical site of Ahmedabad.

2. Shop at law garden.


This garden lies in the heart of the city and it represents various handicrafts and outfits associated with the Gujarati culture. The local hawkers offer a vast variety of interesting items to choose from. You can bargain your heart out and get these amenities for an amazing price.

3. Visit the Gandhi Ashram.


How can you not visit the main center of India’s freedom? The Gandhi ashram, established by Mahatma Gandhi himself is a treasure house of the belongings of Gandhi. Also known as the Satyagrah Ashram, this place is a hub for a lot of tourists from all over the world.

4. Have a day picnic at science city.


This ambitious project undertaken by the Gujarat government is developed to educate the people specially kids about basic science. The strategy adopted to make this learning possible is very interesting as it is in the form of various activity corners and entertainment zones. Learning is made easier as there are various live demonstrations for people to understand things in a better way.

5. Shop till you drop at Ahmedabad one mall.


Previously known as Alpha one, this mall is a one stop destination for whatever you need to shop. From high end clothing to a little pocket friendly clothing shops which are in the basement, from makeup to groceries to shoes and a lot more to offer, this mall is one of the most premium mall of Ahmedabad. It also has a play zone and food court on the top floors. Also don’t forget to check out the 5D adventure theater there.

6. Visit Manek Chowk and many other food hubs.


If you are a foodie and you’re looking for a one stop destination for all of your desires, Manek Chowk is the place for you! This place has almost every meal to delight your taste buds at a pocket friendly price and super quick service. This opens late in the evening but is totally worth the wait. Here other interesting places to grab a meal at are – Tomatoes, Patang, @Mangoes, Kailash Parbat and many more.