5 things that cannot be missed on the Garden Route


South Africa is a very unique destination filled with diverse natural beauty, unique wildlife and some unique adventure experiences. If you are planning a South Africa holiday, the incredible Journey along the Garden Route is a must do. You are sure to be mesmerized by the infinite shades of brown and green arising from the presence beautiful country houses, the large tracts of evergreen forests, spectacular bridges, incredible valleys and picturesque coastal towns. This Symphony of natural beauty gives the region its name.

Garden Route is a 750 Km. long stretch on the South Eastern Coast of South Africa, starting from Cape Town & Ending in Port Elizabeth. The temperature in this region remains mild & as it is sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and mountains ranges. Whether you are on your family holiday or honeymoon, this region is sure to leave you overwhelmed with its beauty & the diverse experiences it has to offer.

1. Visit the Garden of the Garden Route: Tsitsikama National Park


Tsitsikama National Park is a stretch of 80 km in between the Nature’s Valley and Storms River. In the local dialect, Tsitsikama is translated to ‘clear water’ referring to the Tsitsikama River that meets the Indian Ocean in this area. Walking on the Suspension bridge located at the mouth of this river is the highlight of this Park. It is not only thrilling but also gives you amazing picture opportunities. You can also take some time to explore the various hiking trails in the park.

2. Experience Bungee Jumping from height of 216 Meter at the Bloukrans Bridge


You are an adventure enthusiast looking for thrill of your lifetime? Bungy Jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge is the thing for you. This Bridge offers the highest commercial bridge bungy jumping at a height of 216 Meters. You can also opt for the Bridge Walk which takes you to the bungee jumping spot on the bridge while walking on a glass platform.

3. Click a Selfie with an Ostrich at Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn


The Ostrich are the largest birds in the world & of the few birds that do cannot fly. They are natives of the African continent & Oudtshoorn is the ‘Ostrich Capital of the World’. This place has a number of ostrich farms & experiencing a tour of one such farm is a must do. You have a chance to interact with Ostrich and with the experts who shares in depth knowledge about Ostriches. Also, you can see these amazing creatures run at a speed of 70 Km per hour.

4. Take an adventure tour of million year old Limestone formations at the Cango Caves


Cango Caves, located near Oudtshoorn, are one of the South Africa’s great natural wonder. It is a network of limestone caves that stretch for 4 Kms under the ground. You can opt for a Heritage tour that takes you past the major limestone formations like the Cleopatra’s needle, a 9 Meter high rock formation, or the Leaning tower of Pisa. These caves were discovered before 200 years & it is believed that one of the guides walked 29 hours to reach the end of the cave & he was 25 kms. away from the entrance at the end of his journey. You also have a chance to relive this guides experience by opting for the adventure tour that lets you crawl deeper into the cave, literally.

5. Experience Sky Diving from 10,000 feet!!


The fantasy of every person is to fly freely in air. In order to have your fantasy come true you can try your hand in Sky Diving at Mossel Bay. Mossel Bay sky diving offers amazing view from the top.

So you wish to have the incredible experiences while visiting the unique Garden Route of South Africa, then check out our South Africa Tour Packages.

Kids Special Dubai-Customize On your Own

While travelling with the full family and specially with the kids, its very necessary to have a thorough knowledge about various attractions.A family vacation in Dubai is guaranteed to be fun and popular with children. Dubai is a complete destination for the little ones and offer unlimited activities where they will never get bored. We came up up with the list of attraction that can’t be miss during Dubai Tour with Kids.
dubai kids special packages


Hong Kong Visa Update for Indian Nationals

The Hongkong popularly known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), is a very popular tourist destinations for Indian Travellers. The Indian tourists till recently were allowed to enter Hong Kong with Visa On Arrival with valid Passport.

The Government of China in a recent move decided that the every Indian Traveller who intend to visit Hong Kong for a period of stay less than 14 days must complete an Online Pre Registration formality prior their visit to Hong Kong. To know more read this blog

Who requires Pre Arrival Registration?

Indian Nationals require a Pre Arrival Registration.

What are the pre requisites for Pre Arrival Registration?

 The Indian National who is applying for Pre Arrival Registration must keep the 02 points in mind. They are as under:-


  1. Holds an Indian Passport which is valid for a time period of at least 06 Months.
  2. The Passport should not be handwritten.
  3. The main reason is Visit or to transit the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for the stay not more than 14 days at a stretch.

From when will Online Pre Arrival Registration be required?

The Government of People’s Republic of China recently said that the Indian National who are travelling to Hong Kong will require “Pre Arrival Registration” which will come into effect from 23-January 2017 & any passenger entering Hong Kong from this date will require a pre arrival registeration.

For How much time Online Pre Arrival Registration will be valid?

The Indian nationals must successfully complete the Online Pre Arrival Registration procedure. Once Online Pre Registration is done, it will be considered valid for next 06 months or till the validity of Indian Passport which is linked with it.

You can enter the HKSAR till the 6 month period ends. You can enter country a day prior to the end of the validity & stay for 14 days beginning from your day of entry.

For How many days a Indian Traveller can stay in Hong Kong with Online Pre Arrival Registration?

The Online Pre Registration is valid for 06 months. All travellers will be issued a visa on arrival on the basis of this pre registration, which allows the traveller a maximum stay of 14 days.

Who are exempt from the Online Pre Registration Procedure?

There are some exemptions for this Online Pre Registration. The exemptions are:-

  1. Holders of Indian Diplomatic or Official Passportindian-diplomatic-passport
  2. The People who holds the valid HKSAR Travel Pass.
  3. Indian Nationals who are successfully enrolled for E-Channel Service for Frequent Visitors.
  4. The Person who is holding the valid entry visa for the HKSAR.
  5. The Persons who enter the Hong Kong on Transit, the main criteria is that they cannot leave the Transit Area.
  6. The Persons who are Holding the United Nations Leissez Passer coming to Hong Kong.untitled-9
  7. The Indian Nationals who are Members of Operating Air Crew, Or Operating Seacrew on board Vessels, or a contract seaman, subject to normal Immigration Procedure.

How to apply for the Pre Arrival Registration?

You can apply online for the pre arrival registeration on the Hong Kong Government website on the following URL: www.gov.hk/en/apps/immdindianparreg.htm

Your computer will require a Adobe Acrobat Version 7 or higher and an attached printer.

Follow these simpe steps:

  1. Fill the required details
  2. Confirm all the details
  3. Generate the confirmation Slip
  4. Take a print of the Confirmation slip
  5. Sign the Confirmation slip & Present it at the HK Immigration

What are the Charges for Pre Arrival Registration?


As of now there is no charges for the Pre Registration Procedure. It is free of charge.

Do we need to provide or upload any supporting document when applying for the Pre Arrival Registration Process?

As of now it is not required to provide or upload any document while applying for the Pre Arrival Registration.

What are the informations which is required while filling the Pre Arrival Registration?

The Hong Kong Pre Registration Page do have some specific questions to answer. Those questions are as under:-

Part-A:- Information of Registrant, this section do have the questions like Name of Registrant, Registrant’ s Gender, Date of Birth, Address of Registrant, Date of Birth.

Part-B:- Passport Informations, this section includes the question like Passport Number, Date of Issue, Place of Issue, Date of Expiry

Part-C:- Previous travels to the HKSAR, this includes the previous travel history to Hong Kong.

Part-D:- Previous Visits to foreign countries/territories, this includes the questions related with past travel history means last 05 countries visited and the specific dates.

Part-E:- Occupation, this section includes the information related with persons occupation means the sector in which he/she is working, the address where he/she is working along with the contact number of unit.

Part-F:- Details of Upcoming Visit, this section includes the information related with purpose of visit, proposed duration of stay, address where the person will stay, the amount of fund which person will take with the details of hotel accommodation or where the person will stay in Hong Kong.

Part-G:- The Other details which deals with the Person’s criminal records (If any), HKSAR Visa refusals, and various other points

Once the Pre Arrival Registration is complete, the Notification Slip will generated, after carefully reading all those points and confirming that all the details are true it is needed to be signed by the registrant. Without the Notification Slip one cannot board the mode of conveyance and will be refused entry by the Hong Kong Immigration authority. The another important thing which must be kept in mind is that the every registrant must have the USD 700 accompanied with fresh receipt.


If by any chance the Online Pre Registration is not successful, then the person will require to apply for an Entry Visa and that too directly with Immigration Department. It must be considered that the Chinese Diplomatic or Consular Missions will not accept the Visa application from Indian Nationals who wish to visit Hong Kong.

To Know more about the Pre Arrival Registration you can see this video

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The Taj Rambagh Palace : The Residence of Maharajah Of Jaipur

The Rambagh Palace is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It is now a heritage hotel run by the Taj Hotels and resorts. In Rambagh Palace many celebrities had stayed in the past like British India’s Last Viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten and Lady Edwina Mountbatten, Former American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Still now celebrities as well as the sportspersons consider to live in this hotel .The hotel is known as “Jewel Of Jaipur”.

Taj Hotels & Resorts

History of Rambagh Palace

  • The Rambagh Palace was built as the garden house for queen’s favorite handmaiden Kesar Badaran in year 1835.
  • Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh converted it into hunting lodge and the State Guesthouse in year 1887.It was expanded in early 20th century by the architect Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob.
  • In year 1910, Rambagh Palace was converted into the school for the future king who studied there along with the few chosen sons of the aristocratic family of Jaipur.
  • Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II, after finishing his studies in Woolwich Military College he initiated a massive renovation of the Rambagh Palace
  • In year 1925 Rambagh Palace became the principle residence of Maharaja of Jaipur Sawai Man Singh II.
  • In year 1933 Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II shifted his residence from City Palace to Rambagh Palace with his full family and made it as the principle residence.
  • Before marrying Maharani Gayatri Devi in 1938 Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II he had renovated the palace furthur and have a Suite designed by his favourite designer Hammond’s of London and presented it as the surprise gift to her which today is famous as “Maharani Suite”.
  • After the independence of India Maharaja Sawai Man Singh became the Rajpramukh (Governor) of The Rajputana Union and the Rambagh Palace became the Governor’s House.
  • In year 1957 Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II decided to convert it into the upscale hotel.
  • In year 1972,Taj Hotels was given the responsibility to run Rambagh Palace as the hotel.

The Rooms of Taj Rambagh Palace

The Luxury Rooms are the rooms which are located on the top floor of the Palace and are decorated with the Traditional Furniture belong to the Bygone era of Maharajahs. The Luxury Rooms provide a spectacular view of the Garden.

Rajasthan Tours

Historical Suites

The Historical Suites are the perfect fusion of the traditional Rajasthani art work and the state of the art modern technology. The royal Suites are ideal for the leisure travellers. The Suites are designed in such a way that the sunlight comes in abundance to increase the beauty of the Suites. The Historical Suites provides the perfect view of Garden and Courtyard which in turn is indeed a perfect setting for the Qualitative Conversation or Socializing accompanied with Tea, Coffee or any favorite beverage.

Rajasthan luxury Holidays & Stay

Rang Niwas Suite

            The Rang Niwas Suite is famous for its French Windows which opens at the view of Mughal Gardens of Taj Rambagh Palace. The Rang Niwas Suite is situated at the Top floor of Rambagh Palace. The approach way to Rang Niwas Suit is a work of art in itself. The Corridor to Rang Niwas Suite is painted with amazingly beautiful frescos.

Royal & Luxury

Pothikhana Suite

The Pothikhana Suite derives its name due to its design of antique teak walls which was prevalent during the British Raj in India and was generally used to design the library. The Pothikhana Suite is a perfect fusion of Modern luxury with the royal splendor which was prevalent during the time of Princes and Maharajas. The Lamps made of Hand Blown Glass, the Beautiful chandelier’s, the French Carpets, and the Classic English Furniture adds to its grandeur. The another amazing point is that the presence of a beautifully crafted bathtub which is nestled among the majestic Marble columns.

Short Breaks Holidays

Prince’s Suite

This suite was the Former chamber of Prince Jagat Singh, the Son of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh and Rajmata Gayatri Devi. The rooms are restored to its former glory. The Prince’s Suite is an perfect amalgamation of ancient textured fabric, work of art and modern amenities. The distinctive feature of this room is its private terrace which opens to the Oriental Garden which is the most ideal spot for dining, the social interactions.

Rambagh Palace

The Dining Experience

The Rambagh Palace being the Principal Residence of Maharaja Of Jaipur do have a long standing reputation in the world class fine dining prepared by the expert Master Chefs. The guests today can select their choice of food from a wide range of various restaurants and bars as well as they can enjoy the personalized dining.

Indian Cuisines

Suvarna Mahal

                   The Suvarna Mahal is famous for internationally acclaimed Indian Cuisines prepared by the master chefs who are the pioneer of Royal cuisines from the Princely states of Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Awadh, Punjab. The Suvarna Mahal is indeed an architectural marvel in itself, the High Ceilings, the which is accompanied with Beautiful frescos and complimented with Guilded Mirrors.

Rajput Room

The Rajput room is the informal all day dining restaurant. The guests can choose from a wide range of wonderful breakfast, the signature French Coffees, the freshly tea of various kind, and various light snacks.

Verandah Café

True to its character, as the name suggest the Verandah Café is the perfect palace in this majestic palace where one can enjoy the afternoon tea, the pre dinner cocktail or light meals accompanied with the palatial privileges at this airy verandah in the palace.

Polo Bar

The Polo Bar as name suggest is the Elite bar where the guest can enjoy the finest rare whiskies, the single malt, the exquisite wines, and the spirits of various types. The Polo bar is the place the walls of which is adorned with the trophies and memorabilia. The guest can also experience the world class hand picked Cuban Cigars

The Steam

                   The Steam is an unique restaurant in itself. The Steam is a Set of Restored old Steam Train and a recreated railway Station of Victorian Era. The Steam is known for its delicious wide variety of Pizzas which is accompanied with a selection of Fine Liquors.

The Best way to Relax and Rejuvinate Yourself

The life these days become very Fast and is full of Hardships. It is very much necessary to take break from their hectic life in order to rejuvenate and reinvent themselves.

So as a result of it the importance of Short Vacation has increased drastically. The People now a days prefer the Short breaks instead of going for Long breaks. The main reason is that its not Viable to take long breaks from their occupation be it their Job or to close their business for a long time. In order to save themselves from the hassles of long break the trend of Short breaks or Weekend gateways is gaining popularity.


The Tiny State of Goa state nestled in the West Coast of Republic of India. The State which was once under the Portuguese administration now rank among the top favourite destination among the Indian Tourists as well as the Tourists from all over the world. The Goa is indeed famous for its Golden Beaches, Pristine Water of Arabian Sea, the famous cuisines, the Historic Churches of Old Goa now listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the Lush Green Forest.  The Goa tour packages are also famous for its Water Sports like Parasailing, the Bumpy ride, banana boat ride and many more. The Goa is divided into the North Goa ad South Goa.

The Goa is famous for its Pristine beaches like











There are many more beaches in Goa. The Important tourist Attractions of Goa,

Basilica of Bom Jesus:- The Basilica is indeed the one of the oldest church in Goa but also in India. The Church is holding the Mortal remain of St Francis Xavier. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is an important Pilgrimage centre for Christianity. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the constituent church which was declared the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Goa Packages

Fort Aguada:- The Fort Aguada is a Seventeenth Century Fortress constructed by Portuguese. The main purpose of this Fortress was to guard the shipping channel and the Bardez district. The  Fort was once used by the Portuguese Administration as the Prison. The Most Prominent feature of this Fort is its Lighthouse. Today one of the Most Luxurious resort which is managed by the Taj group is situated in one of the part of this fort that can seen during goa package. The resort is named “Vivanta by Taj-Fort Aguada”.

Goa Tour Packages

The Goa is famous for its water sport activities. The Tourists can enjoy the Parasailing, the bumpy ride, the Banana boat ride


The State of Maharashtra, nested in the West Coast of Republic of India is considered to be India’s third Largest State as per the Area. The most important city in Maharashtra is the City of Mumbai which is today the India’s most important city. The Mumbai is popularly known as the Financial Capital of India. The Mumbai is also famous for being the base of Bollywood-The Hindi Film Industry. The Maharashtra is having the impressive landscape, it has the impressive coast line along the Arabian Sea, the world famous Deccan plateau, the Portion of Western Ghats.

The Major Tourist destinations in Maharashtra are


The Mumbai, one of the four Metropolitan cities of Republic of India, the India’s financial capital, the home to Bollywood and the India’s most important Stock Exchange the Bombay Stock Exchange said to be oldest in Asia. The Mumbai, earlier name was Bombay, in its initial days its was a cluster of Seven Islands which was mainly the fishing village. The Seven Islands were part of Portuguese administration which was later handed over to British Administration by the Portuguese Empire during the marriage of Catherine of Braganza with the then King Charles II of England. The British administration undertook a project to connect the seven islands. in year 1995, it was decided to rename the city as Mumbai based on the name of Mumba Devi, said to be patron deity of Agri (Salt Collector Community), and Kolis (Fisherman Community) who were the original inhabitants of the islands.

Kerala Tour Packages

The Mumbai is very much famous for the Tourist attractions, some of them are as under

The Gateway of India:-

Domestic Tour Packages

The Most iconic and most favorite tourist attraction in Mumbai. Originally constructed by British Administration to commemorate the Arrival of King George V and Queen Mary in Year 1911 to attend the Delhi Durbar or 1911. The Gateway of India is indeed the most iconic structure of Mumbai. The Gateway of India is the place which saw the last of the British Troop leaving Indian land on 28th February 1948, thus finally ending the British Rule in India. The Gateway of India is the place from where the tourists board the ferry for the trip to Elephanta Caves. The Gateway of India is indeed a true icon in itself, it is standing with pride and confidence even after the attacks of various types, be it natural or Man Made. The most iconic structure which one can see only some steps away from this Gateway of India is the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel:-

Luxury Packages

The iconic hotel which is around a century old. The Taj Mahal Palace hotel was commissioned by the founder of Tata Group Shi Jamshedji Tata. This is the flagship hotel of Taj group one of the Constituent Company of TATA Group. The Taj Hotel is indeed a very sturdy structure in itself which not only tolerated the most deadly attack in itself not from Nature but as a Man made disaster which started on the night of 26th December 2008. The Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai reopened its doors to the Guests after a thorough restoration.

Elephanta Cave:-

The Elephanta caves are a series of various Rock Cut caves with beautiful  sculptures constructed many centuries ago. The Origin of Elephanta caves are still a matter of suspense. The Name elephant derives its origin way back in year 16th Century by Portuguese administration based on the huge rock cut sculpture of an elephant.

Siddhivinayak Temple:- 

The one of important landmark of Mumbai which is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, who is said to be the Remover OF Obstacles, the Patron of Art and Science and the God dedicated to intellect as well as wisdom.


Places to visit in India

The Lonavala is indeed a very beautiful hill station in the district of Pune. The Lonavala is 96 Kilometers from Mumbai and is 64 Kilometers from Pune. The Lonavala is famous for its Chikki. The people from Mumbai and nearby state prefers to visit Lonavala in the Summer months and specially in the monsoon period. The scenic beauty of Lonavala is indeed very beautiful.


The Mahabaleshwar is situated in the District of Satara. The Mahableshwar was the Summer capital of Bombay Province during the British Raj. The Mahabaleshwar is very much famous for its Strawberry’s. The Mahabaleshwar is 120 Kilometer South-West of Pune and 285 Kilometers from Mumbai. The Mahabaleshwar is the place from where one of the major River Krishna is originating before it travels all the way to Bay of Bengal through Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


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The Matheran is a hill station located at the district of Raigadh. The Matheran is declared a Eco Sensitive Zone by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Union Government of India. The Matheran is Asia’s only vehicle free hill station. The most favorite attraction of Mathern is the Matheran Light Railway which is one of the Constituent Hill Railway’s of India (Other Hill Railways are Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Kangra Valley Railway, and Nilgiri mountain Railway), which is declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. So book your Maharashtra tour packages today and make a lavish journey.

The Crown of Indian Heritage – Taj Falaknuma Palace,Hyderabad

During the time of Colonial administration the majority of Indian empire was ruled by some 565 Princely States of Various size. Among these 565 Princely States the Largest one was the Hyderabad. The Size of Hyderabad State was 214,190 Square Kilometer, ruled by the Nzam said to be Most Richest Person of his time.

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The Nizams are famous for their collection of Jewellery which was unique and Priceless and not to forget the Majestic Palaces of Hyderabad. After the Hyderabad’s accession to Union of India and further merger with Republic of India after the States Reorganization in 1956, the Hyderabad was divided into today’s Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

The Nizam’s decided to follow the Other Princely States and convert this palace into Heritage Hotel. In year 2000 the Present Nizam Mukarram Jah decided to hand it over The Falaknuma Palace to the Taj Group after the Thorough Restoration the Falaknuma Palace is converted into a Heritage Hotel.

It is very Much Necessary to first have a look into the History of Falaknuma Palace.

The Palace was initially constructed by, prime minister of Hyderabad Nawab Vikar-Ul-Umra. The Property is built in a higher ground which is aroud 2000 feet above the Hyderabad City overlooking the whole city. The Term Falaknuma mean “Like the Sky” or “Mirror of the Sky” in Urdu. The Falaknuma Palace was later taken over by the then 06th Nizam Mehboob Ali . The Falaknuma Palace was used by Nizam’s as State Guest House to offer the incredible Hospitality to the State Guest which Includes the Viceroy’s Political bigwigs and the Last High Profile Guest was the First President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad in 1951.

Places To Visit in India

The Palace is famous for its various unique things.

  • The 2 ton manually operated Piano in the ballroom.
  • The Falaknuma Palace do have a very impressive collections of unique artifacts like Paintings, Furnitures, Statues, Books and Manuscipts
  • In Falaknuma Palace, you will find a world’s unique jade collection which belongs to Nizam and his family
  • The World famous table which can accommodate 100 guests.
  • The Palace do have the amazing collection of Venetian Chandelier’s
  • The Guest are welcomed in Nizam Style that means in a Buggy

Things To do in India

The Taj Falaknuma Palace do have some finely decorated rooms restored by Princess Esra, the Nizam’s wife. The types of Rooms are

  • Luxury Rooms
  • Palace Rooms
  • Historical Suites
  • Royal Suites
  • Grand Royal Suites
  • The Nizam Suites

Luxury Holidays