Why Kerala is known as God’s Own Country?

Kerala was historically known as Keralam and it is located in South India on the Malabar Coast. Kerala has been a major source of exporter in spice since the very beginning. This beautiful state has the lowest population growth in India. The culture here is very deeply rooted and rich and also boasts of Aryan and Dravidian cultures.  The coastline here extends up to around 600 Kilometers. Kerala is supposedly one of those tourist destinations which everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime with the rich natural diversity, food and beautiful backwaters. Here are the Five reasons Kerala is known as God’s own country:

Religion and cultural values:


According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Parsurama who was an Avatar of Vishnu once threw his axe from Kanyakumari towards the north and thus a land arose from the ocean which is now known as Kerala. This story literally makes Kerala “God’s own country”.


Moreover, till date Kerala has kept its religious values intact. People from varied religions and cultures reside here. One must visit the majestic religious places like Sabrimala, Kottayam, St.Francis church to admire the religious values of this land created by God.

Gift of nature:


Kerala is gifted with the some of the best flora and fauna. It is a land with diverse landscapes. The serene beaches especially the Kovalam beach, dense forests of Nilambur and Periyar, picturesque Athirappilly Waterfalls, the royal backwaters of Allepey and the beautiful tea plantation of Munnar make this place gods too must love to reside.


In addition to the Flora, there are varied species of lovely animals living here. Bathing animals like elephants and bird watching are some activities that people do in Kerala to indulge with the fauna. With this gift of Flora and Fauna, Kerala is certainly “God’s own country”.


Scrumptious food:


How can we forget the yummy “South Indian Food?” Kerala is famous for the Sadya. It is a traditional feast with rice, sambar, Thoran, Olan and varieties of pickles and coconut chutneys.


Not to forget the yummy Appam, Iddiappam that is served as breakfast throughout the state. It’s like a haven for any foodie. With so much to serve on one banana leaf, Kerala is indeed known as “God’s own country”.

Richness of the land:


The soil of Kerala is highly fertile and rich in minerals. There are various exotic species of plants that grow in the soil of Kerala. The main vegetation that grows here is Paddy, Coconut, Rubber, Banana, Tea, Coffee and many more. The land here is so fertile that spices like Pepper, Cardamom, Clove, Ginger grow here. You can visit one of the many spice gardens and know more about the richness of the land.

Thrill of adventure:


Kerala is also known for some sports events. One of the most famous sports in Kerala is the Snake boat race. It is held in August or September every year. It is so thrilling to see 100 rovers row a 130 feet long snake boat in sync. If you are looking forward to indulging in some adrenaline rush yourself, you can always opt for paragliding or parasailing or go on treks.

God’s painted this land with all sorts of colours and with all the diligent time and efforts. It indeed is “God’s Own Country”.

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6 Amazing Reasons to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

New Year’s is the perfect time to celebrate and make beautiful memories with your loved ones. It is that time of the year where we have perfectly gathered all the amazing memories of the entire year and the bad experiences to learn from. Just when we are about to decide upon a New Year’s resolution for the next year, the beautiful festival of Christmas greets us, followed by the spectacular year ending.

Dubai happens to be an amazing destination to celebrate this special occasion. Everything around you in this season is just amazing. It welcomes people from across the world to witness some of the greatest and world’s biggest festivities.

Festive Markets and Beautiful Decorations

The year ending is celebrated in the city with beautiful winter decorations, amazing food, some melodious carol singing and beautiful Christmas markets, all at the same time! Dubai looks beautiful in its own festiveness.

Winter Celebrations

The city celebrates a winter festival every year and holds some awesome attractions for people around. The Amphitheatre in the media city of Dubai is holds various events with different bands performing live, prize giveaways and other year ending festivities with Santa. This beautiful experience doubles up as the entire city looks so enthusiastic about the celebrations.

Snow in Sands – Ski Dubai

Imagine going skiing in a desert destination!! The first indoor Ski resort – Ski Dubai is in the Mall of Emirates. The Snow Park is great destination for family fun having snow caves, toboggan slopes and tube rides. The alpine café is ideal for sipping hot chocolate in -4 degrees or watching the daily march of snow penguins.

Mesmerising Fireworks Display

Soon after the winter festival ends, comes another incredible reason to celebrate. It’s the time to welcome the New Year! The breathtaking fireworks display on the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah are no hidden secret. On the stroke of midnight, Dubai welcomes the New Year with some spectacular fireworks. The entire sky looks mesmerising making the view an experience of a lifetime. One could just sit on the corniche and watch the fireworks going around the entire coast.

Best New Year Eve Parties

Dubai also welcomes some of the best DJs and artists from around the world to Party on the New Year’s Eve. If party’s on your mind, then you can find some of the most lavish parties in here.

Dubai ensures a New Year like never before. So, if you are looking forward to spend the Christmas and New Year in pure splendour, then Dubai is the ideal place that will make your Christmas Merry and New Year’s Eve Happy!