Is Cruise a Good Way to Spend a Vacation?

Planning your next trip? Why don’t you try to explore the water this time? You must have traveled by air, roads and rails. Now, it’s time for you to travel through water. Find out how!

cruise tours

Every vacation has to be new, exciting and different from the last one. So, on your next vacation, why don’t you travel in a comparatively less conventional way? Why don’t you take a trip on a cruise? Yes, you heard it right. A tour on a cruise! Excited already? Take a look at the reasons why you should take a Flamingo cruise tour at least once in a lifetime:

1. Various Destinations

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Travelling on a cruise can give the opportunity to visit different countries with different terrains. It is as if your hotel is moving and taking you to exotic locations, while you relax! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what Cruise trips are like. All you have to do is get on board and relax; the captain and the crew will take care of the rest!

2. Meet new people

Singapore Malaysia with cruise

If you are a very social person, then a cruise would be like an ideal vacation for you. You have an opportunity to make new friends, sometimes from different nationalities. Cruise acts as a catalyst to socializing and there are many places on a cruise where you can meet different people and probably befriend them.

3. Recharge yourself!

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Everyone deserves a break! If you are looking for a complete cut off from the regular world and take time to just relax and enjoy your company, then cruise is the thing for you. Cruise is combination of leisure, relaxation and lazing around. It is the perfect break that you need and you will go back home with extra energy after all the relaxation!

4. Have a great family time!

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If you don’t want to make new friends, that’s not an issue too! You can always spend some quality time with your loved ones on a cruise. If you get too busy with work and miss spending time with your family, then you must set out on a cruise tour and enjoy with your family. Cruises also have family parties and theme parties. This will prove to be a good bonding experience for you and your family!

5. Entertainment on board!

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Apart from the Sea, one thing that you will find around yourself is entertainment! Cruises are loaded with amazing artists and performers who are going to leave you bewildered. You will have dance, magic, circuses and so much more to entertain you that you would not want to go back to your room!

6. Unpack only once!

trip on cruise

It is such a tedious task to unpack your bags at every destination and then re-pack it while leaving. On a cruise, that’s not the case! Just unpack once in your room and you are set! It is so much easier. Unpack and relax! That’s all you got to do!

So, when are you booking your Cruise tour?

Happy travelling!

Architectural Wonders in Kerala You Can’t Afford to Miss

God’s own country is like a temple of divinity. It is rich with cultural values and heritage. The stories of Kerala tour packages have impacted the formation of buildings in the state even today. Its serenity is augmented with the evidences of its cultural heritage.


Kerala is a state with abundant natural beauty. The serene beaches, the paddy fields, the rich backwaters, etc make this land majestic. Along with the nature comes the beautiful gift from human come in the form of architecture and stories. Historical buildings, monuments in Kerala and the natural beauty together makes it “God’s own country”. Let’s take a look at the some amazing heritage sites in Kerala:

1.Jewish Synagogue:


Also referred as the “pardesi synagogue” or “Mattancherry synagogue”, this majestic beauty is located in Old Cochin. It was built in 1568 by the Sephardic which means Spanish- speaking Jews. It is so pure to see that the Jewish culture meets the Hindu culture as the Synagogue and the Mattancherry temple share a wall. It has got four complexes with different relics and crowns made of gold and copper plates. If you are in Cochin, then you must visit the Jew Town and the synagogue.

2. Bekal Fort:


Over viewing the beautiful shoreline of the Arabian Sea, the Bekal Fort is the largest fort in Kerala. The surroundings are really fascinating and if you are looking to spend some beautiful time amidst serenity, Bekal fort is your place. You will also get a chance to get in touch with your religious side as there is a mosque and a Hanuman temple on the entrance. The experience here at Bekal Fort is going to be really surreal.

 5. Francis church:


The St. Francis Church is famous for its European architecture and the historical significance that it has. Vasco da Gama, who discovered the sea route from Europe to India died in Kochi in 1524 and was buried on the same grounds. Later, the remains were taken to Lisbon. You can still find the gravestone. The church was proclaimed as a protected monument in 1923 under the Protected Monuments Act.

3. Padhmanabhaswamy Temple:


Inspired from the Dravidian culture, the Padhmanabhaswamy temple is of great importance to the Hindus. Lord Vishnu resides as Padmanabha Swamy in this majestic Gopuram. The temple is home to eclectic sculptures, murals and artistic carvings. The temple had nine entrances which serves significance to the human body. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram. The intricacies in the temple are made particularly in Kerala style.

 4. Hill palace:


Hill palace is the largest museum of Kerala. It stores and preserves various relics that belonged to the royal family of Kochi. It comprises of 49 building that are made with the essence of traditional architecture. The palace depicts the Ettukkettu style of architecture making it a classic place for architectural musing.  It is a historical treat!

Enjoy your Kerala holiday package and visit the “God’s own country” soon!

Marco Polo 2017, Gujarat’s First Theme Based Travel Carnival

Once upon a time, there lived a very avid traveller. He travelled through the Asian continent and brought light to the mannerisms, trade and geography of several Asian countries. He documented his knowledge about travel and places around the world in form of a book called Livres des merveilles du monde and thus became one of the greatest travellers that the world has ever seen. His name was Marco Polo.

Marco Polo served as an inspiration to people across the world. Even today, his work and his travel inspire people to set out on journeys discovering the beauty of the world. At Flamingo, we welcome travellers from across the borders to cultivate the desires to travel and explore the world. So, we celebrate the Marco Polo festival and invite our beloved customers to recreate their travel memories and plan new expeditions.

Marco Polo 2017

With 21 years of experience now, we have seen that people have diverse travelling choices and we understand that. So, this year we are going to answer all your questions.  Why do you travel? What do you want from your next holiday? Confused? Don’t worry; Flamingo is going to help you answer all these questions at Marco Polo this year! This year we are also acknowledging the diversity of our loved customers. For this purpose Marco Polo 2017 is going to be celebrated with different themes. You just have to check the presentations of your interest. Here are all the themes that you will find at the Marco Polo travel carnival 2017:

1.Senior Tours – Celebrate your Golden Age:


This stall is going to be devoted to our respectful senior citizens. You can come here and inquire about places where you can travel with all the comfort. We assure the leisure and you won’t have to worry about any inconvenience. For our beloved seniors we organise tours for religious expeditions to places like Rameshwaram temple and serve them with all the leisure on cruises exploring China and Japan.

2. Nature & You – Unfolding natures well kept secrets:


We have a dedicated presentation for nature lovers as well! Here, you can come and explore the gift of god that has been showered on the earth in forms that we can’t even imagine! Come and explore the natural landscape and plan to visit your favorite! We have some amazing tours for you Iceland, Japan, Bhutan. We also encourage you to explore nature in bewildering forms like the northern lights.

3. Art & Architecture – Enrich the inspiring art, history and embrace the local culture:


At Marco Polo theme carnival 2017, we acknowledge the majestic art and architecture that adds to the beauty of the world. So, why don’t you join us in exploring the ideas and thoughts that go behind some amazing masterpieces?

4. Pocket friendly Tours – Plan your travel that suits your pocket:


Here at Flamingo, we also take care of your budget. So, if you are looking forward for a  trip that’s light on your pocket, we have varied options for you! Come; take a look at the innovative itineraries to destinations like Dubai, South Africa, Europe, USA etc at the “Pocket Friendly Tours” presentation!

5. Women’s Only – Women Voyager:


Travel is synonymous to self exploration at times. We encourage women travellers to explore the world beyond conventional horizons. Take a look at the “Women’s only” crafted tours to destinations like Dubai, Pondicherry, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bali and more with exciting experiences like cycling tour, chit chat with a luxurious hi-tea, yoga sessions, leisurely spa and so much more.  Girls! Book your trip now!

6. Cruiseologist – Let your dreams set sail:


At Flamingo, we decipher the beauty of air, land and also water. We would love to serve you with some amazing cruise experiences at destinations like Dubai, Bahama, Hong Kong, Japan, South Pole, Mexico and more with all the luxury and leisure. Visit the Cruiseologist to know more!

7. Student Tours – Not all classrooms have 4 walls:


We believe in learning from travel and so we welcome young minds to take tours with us. Who knows if there’s Marco Polo hidden inside you! Youngsters, why don’t you head to the Student Tours to explore your options for destinations like Dubai, Discovery Centre at Orlando, Golden Triangle, Adventure rides at Imagica and more at this Marco Polo theme carnival!

8. Adventure & Youth Special – Live young, travel young:


Hello there Adventure Junkies! We have a dedicated team for your endeavors here at Marco Polo Theme Carnival! Come; take a good look at the adventure tours to exiting destinations like Spain, Spiti valley, East Europe, Bali, Dubai, Chaddar Trekking tour, Bhutan, exciting Croatia and so on. Plan one soon!

9. Wine & Dine Tours – Eat, Drink & Wander:


At Marco Polo Theme Carnival, we also have options for your Wine and Dine! Don’t forget to visit the Wine and dine Tours stall to explore various unconventional tours to destinations like Italy, Scotland, New York, North India and more. We have some amazing Wine and Dine experiences including local treats, wood fire pizza, drink tasting, and the way how food traveling is so much fun.

10. Self Drive Tours – Extensive exploration, without compromising on mobility and flexibility:self-drive

We also take care of your Self Driven tours! Why don’t you drive to places like Alaska, USA, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe or Iceland? So, before you take off to your “self drive tour”, drive to the Marco Polo Theme carnival 2017 and discover your options of a self-drive tour at a dedicated stall!

11. Just Married – Enjoy togetherness and celebrate the new beginning:


Hello, Honeymooners! Busy with the wedding planning? Come to us, we’ll plan your honeymoon well in advance. Places like Croatia, Greece, Switzerland, Andaman, Kerala, New Zealand, Paris, Fiji, Bali, Maldives and Himachal add to the romance. Come to the “Just Married” stall and book your exclusive romantic holiday today!

12. Luxury and Beyond – Explore the world with upmost comfort :


At Flamingo, we take care of your lavish needs. So, if you are looking for a high-end tour with amazingly crafted packages to destinations like Switzerland, Paris, Koorg, Maldives, Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore with cruise, Bangkok and more. Visit the “Luxury and Beyond” presentation and you’d be sorted. Book now!

So, Marco Polos? September 3rd. Come one, Come all!

Happy Cafes in the streets of London

The city that is accentuated by the beauty of the River Thames is a delight to live in. Many believe of London to be the world’s greatest city. Let’s have a look at the cafes you must visit while you are strolling on the streets of London during your European Tour.


London has a rich coffee culture with some top notch cafes. So, instead of walking down the Baker Street in search of 221B, you could switch to the other street and visit one of these cafes:

1.The Attendant:


The Attendant is a quirky cafe with delicious wholesome food, coffee and tea. The kitchen and the roastery here are very famous making your order delightful! The interiors are beautifully inspired from the Victorian age. It is a place you must visit!

2. Bread and Bean:


Bread and Bean is a cafe run by young locals who have varied delicious breakfasts and soups on the menu. All the baked items here are just awesome and you must try some of them. The sandwiches, Baked spuds, soups and salads are a must try here.

3. Cereal Killer Cafe:


If you are looking for a healthy breakfast in the streets of London, you must visit the Cereal killer cafe. It has got a variety of cereals from across the globe. The best thing is that the place has a variety of cereals, milk, toppings, pop tarts and toasts. Go have some serious fun..I mean cereal fun!

4. Look Mum No Hands!


This cool cafe is a combination of a cafe and a bicycle workshop. It is one of its kind cafes. They serve amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner and also some amazing beer from the local breweries of London. The cafe also organizes cycling tours making it so unique! If you are not an avid bicycler, make sure you keep your hands on the cycle.

5. Federation Coffee:


This is a cozy and compact cafe which is famous for inviting people of all age groups. It is a haven for coffee lovers. A good cup of cappuccino with some good company or a book will be great for this cafe.

Have a Happy European Holiday!

Precious Species of The Rainbow Nation Getting Endangered

The African continent has a rich and varied wildlife. South Africa is home to about 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds. The country is a beautiful habitat to the wildlife. Of course it is a beautiful experience to be one with the natural flora and fauna in South Africa, it is also important to understand the severity of the fact that many species of animals are endangered.


Science is striving towards preservation of such vulnerable species and it is an achievable task. Here is a list of Endangered Species You Can Spot on your South Africa tour packages from Ahmedabad:

The beauty of South Africa and its wild habitants is facing the wrath of endangerment. There are some species of animals and birds that are endangered.


The International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a body that authorizes the status of the natural resources and the habitants prone to endangerment. According to the reports of IUCN, the following South African habitants feature in the list of the endangered species:

1.The Black Rhino:


Popularly known as the hook lipped rhino, this species of rhinoceros is critically endangered. Sadly, it is the human race that is responsible for the doomed life status of the black rhinos. These animals were hunted extensively in the African provinces in the early 20th century. Various organizations are working towards the conservation of this beauty and fortunately the efforts have been paying off, yet, the rhinos aren’t entirely out of danger. You’d be really lucky if you get to see one of these in the wild.

2. Giraffe:


The Cape Giraffe which is found in South Africa has recently featured in the red list of threatened species report published by IUCN. The animal has shifted from the ‘least concern” category to “vulnerable status”. This means that if the right measures aren’t taken, the giraffes face threats of extinction in medium-term future. The otherwise very calm and loving giraffe can get violent if it senses danger. They use their sturdy legs for self defense and one kick can be enough to kill a lion! It is a delight to see this beauty in its natural habitat!

3. Blue Crane:


The blue crane is the national bird of South Africa. It is also known as “Stanley Crane” or “Paradise Crane”. This bird species is listed “vulnerable” by IUCN. The blue crane prefers living in dry grasslands and pastured hills. Unfortunately, due to the unseemly expanding human inhibition, the grasslands are being converted into commercial places. Thus, there is decline in the population of the national bird.  It is a majestic beauty and it is our duty to preserve it!

4. Cape vultures:


Out of the nine species of Vultures that reside in South Africa, Seven of them are “endangered” of “vulnerable”. Organizations like “VulPro’ have been extensively towards the conservation of this royal looking beauty. Hopefully, the work of conservation will pay off and the bird will be out of the doom.

5. The Wild Dog:


The wild dog of Africa is one of the most endangered mammals in the whole world. The largest population of the Wild Dog is found in South Africa. They are not ones who entertain captivity easily. That’s why it is difficult to keep these creatures in reserves and parks. You can find them in the Kruger National park, though. Go say hi to this beauty!

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Conservation of wildlife is our responsibility and destruction is certainly not an option. Let’s make the world a better place to live!

Happy traveling.


Tourist or a Traveler.. Which one are you?

Everyone has a different style of taking trips. Anywhere we go, we find people enjoying in their own senses. You might find people travelling with their families, friends, and kids or sometimes alone.


The world has become a smaller place and travelling across borders has become easy. One’s ways of taking trips to places decides if they are a traveler or tourist and it’s all about your own comfort. What is important is to explore new lands, irrespective of the method.


Here are some habits of people that diversify travellers and tourists. Which one are you, let’s find out!

1. Selfie stick or tripod?


We make memories when we take a trip. These memories can be of different sort. One can find the tourist taking Selfies with their loved ones in front of important monuments and landmarks. Travelers might a little discreet here. You will always find the traveler at an aloof place with a tripod and a hefty camera clicking pictures of the landscape and surroundings and not the people they are accompanying. The point of deference is the focus of the camera. For Travelers, it’s the landscape and for tourists, it’s the family members and friends.

2. Off road or map?


People might have a compulsive habit of having everything defined and booked, a perfect format to follow. These are mostly the ones who prove to be tourists. Tourists usually follow itineraries and plans. They want everything to be predefined. When it comes to a traveler, she/he might just take an impromptu trip anywhere without being worried about the bookings. Travelers might be the ones who would prefer to go off road and explore the wilderness instead of following the itineraries. Travelers are more prone to take self-driven vacations whereas tourists prefer leisure.

3. Camping or pre-booked hotels?


Travelers might set base at a high altitude place on the banks of some river and sleep in sleeping bags while enjoying the hardships. At the same point of time, tourists would rather prefer taking a view of the river from a good hotel room while sipping tea with all the leisure and peace of mind. Uncertainty is not the tourist’s friend; it can be the traveler’s friend.

4.Trekking or rope way?


As mentioned above, travellers can face hardships if they have to and the main reason behind it is to be with the nature. Most travellers would prefer trekking, hiking, cycling or driving to the peak of some mountains and then set camp. The tourists at the same point of time would prefer something more convenient like rope-way or helicopter ride to the peak of the mountain. Travelers might sit on the beach for hours to get a tan whereas tourists might prefer taking a dip in their infinite pool overlooking the sea.

5. Loner or flock?


It is usually seen that tourist visit places in flocks. Tourists like sharing the happiness of travelling with their friends or families, whereas travellers are those nomadic souls who run away from the normal life to get some peace of mind. You will find a traveler wandering alone on the streets of some city and you will find the tourists helping each other to take photographs with their families.

Ultimately, travel brings happiness in our lives. Irrespective of the way, exploration and discovery is a must. So, whatever category you fall under, when are you setting out again?

Happy travelling!

6 Treks in Scandinavia That’ll Take Your Breath Away!!!

The Scandinavian trio is known for its exquisite beauty. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are known for peace and serenity, fun and frolic, excitement and adventure. So, let’s take a look at some of the best of trekking routes in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia Tours are known for offering trip to picturesque panoramas and majestic Fjords and all the fun and openness that it comes with! Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails in Denmark, Norway and Sweden:

1. Kungsleden (Sweden):


Literally translated as King’s Trail, Kungsleden is one of the most famous trekking routes in Sweden. The land has remained away from the wrath of human in habitation and so the beauty here remains intact.  You can take a hike from the Abisko Mountain Station to the Saami Village of Nikkaluokta. This trail passes through one of Europe’s largest wilderness areas. If you are visiting Sweden and wish to go on an excursion in the far north, then Kungsleden is your place!

2. Besseggen Ridge (Norway):


Besseggen Ridge is one of the most famous hiking places in Europe. It is home to the highest mountain peak in the Northern Europe. The Besseggen Ridge is a trek that is surrounded with some of the tallest mountains in North Europe and has alpine diversity. It is a beautiful region with some amazing lakes like Gjende and Bessvatnet. The trek might seem too steep in the beginning, but you’ll get through in 5-7 hours. Enjoy!

3. Keipen (Norway):


Your trip to Norway is incomplete without visiting the Geirangerfjord. The Keipen summit is comparatively difficult, but it will give you the best view of the entire fjord. It takes at least 8-10 hours to be back. The best part of this trek is that there aren’t many people around, so you can be one with nature. If you are up for the hike, then capture this UNESCO World Heritage fjord from Keipen peak, you will not regret it!

4. Camønoen (Denmark):


When in Scandinavia, if you are looking for some easy hiking, then Camønoen is just the ideal trail for you. The highlight of this trail is the Mount Klint. These limestone peaks lie in the eastern end of the Baltic Sea. The difficulty level is almost negligible and the view is just amazing. It is just ideal for all ages and hiking enthusiasts.

5. Padjelanta Trail (Sweden):


Located in the north-western lands of Sweden, this trail is one of the bests you will find! It is a trail that is spread across 93 miles. It has uniquely amalgamated culture and natural beauty in a way that this trek looks like heaven. While hiking on this trail, you will have a chance to visit various villages. The area in the Padjelanta trail is one that is a part of the earliest inhabitation by the Sami people. This trail is rich with history, culture and of course natural beauty and it is a must!

6. Øhavsstien (Denmark):


This is known to be the longest hiking trip that you will have in Denmark. The best time for trekking in this region is in June. The Hike is usually divided into seven parts to make it easier. This 220-kilometre long trail will lead your way through some beautiful panoramas and poppy fields. Major trekking events take place in this part of the country. Although, it is a longer route, it isn’t too difficult. It’s easily enjoyable!

Happy hiking, Happy Travelling!

Places you must visit with your siblings this Rakhi Season

The bond between siblings is one of the most enthralling ones. It has fun, fights, care, love, teasing and most importantly support for each other. With the Rakhi Season round the corner, we have the perfect time to celebrate this pious bond. What can be better than taking a trip to a beautiful place with your sibling to accentuate the bond? Let’s take a look at some places you can enjoy with your siblings!


Instead of buying your sibling a gift this year, why don’t you book a trip with them? This way you’d be able to spend some quality time with them and also celebrate your bond! The experience of tying the pious knot of protection to your sibling at a different place would be beautiful, I am sure about that!

Take a look at some places you must visit with your siblings:

1.Nature calling trip to Ladakh:


Siblings are like best friends forever! It is quite easy to be around your siblings in a terrain like Ladakh. The hardship is just get nullified with siblings around. If you are feeling adventurous, then you can also take a road trip to Ladakh, just make sure you keep an eye on your kin’s speed. Visit places like Nubra valley, Pangong Lake or go monastery hopping. So, are you tying the Rakhi in Ladakh amidst the serenity and spirituality this year?

2. Adventure trip to Rishikesh:


If you and your sibling is that duo who would love to pick up their bags and set out for camping and some adventure sports, then Rishikesh is your place. You can have the perfect adrenaline rush in Rishikesh by participating in activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, etc. Make sure you take care of each other and value the vow of protecting your sibling! You can also indulge in spirituality by attending the Ganga Arti at the Triveni Ghat. If you guys are Beatles fans, then make sure you visit the Beatles Ashram!

3. A relaxed getaway in Goa:


Goa is synonymous with chilling and relaxation. You can always take a trip to Goa with your brothers/sisters and have a lot of fun. Goa is quite easy to visit as well, all you need to do is take a flight from Ahmedabad or drive there from Mumbai. Monsoon is an off-season, so it’s quite affordable and pleasant with only limited people. It is not very crowded like the other times of the year, so you can have a great bonding time with your pal…I mean, sibling!

4. Shopping exploration in Delhi:


This Rakhi season, you can try to put on the extra pound with the lip smacking food of Connaught place and Chandani Chowk with your sibling! Once you are done eating, you can also go to Janpath or Sarojini and shop as much as you want and let your siblings carry the bags for you! And if you are tired of eating and shopping you might as well explore the ancient side of the capital. Delhi ab dur nahi, aur naa hi Rakhi! Book your flights now bhai aur behno!

5. Self drive trip to Rajasthan:


Rajasthan is very convenient to visit if you and your sibling live in Ahmedabad. It is a perfect weekend getaway! You can easily hop in the car and drive to places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh or to the desert in Jaisalmer. You will have a very ethnic experience in Rajasthan, especially with your siblings. So, why don’t Keith and Kin explore the traditions of Raja’s Abode! Bhai sa aur Bhaan sa, Padharo!

This Rakhi, why don’t you strengthen bond with your siblings?

Happy Rakhi, Happy Travelling.

From King’s Landing to Winterfell, Explore “Game Of Thrones” Filming Locations

“Winter is here” or so says the very famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. It is one of the largest productions in television history and has been shot at various locations. Viewers know how appealing the visuals of the TV series are. The locations for shooting the show are breathtaking and add to the show on various levels. So, let’s take a look at the locations where Game of Thrones is shot.


Game of Thrones is shot at these unbelievably beautiful locations tempting people around the globe:

If you are a big Game of Thrones fan, you might want to visit the ‘Kings landing’ or ‘Qarth’ or the other locations to feel one with your favorite characters. There’s no doubt about it that many of the locations look unreal, but they aren’t!! Yes! That’s true, the locations are real and not all of them are sets. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s set out to some of our favorite locations?

1. Croatia:


Even if several characters have died, Croatia has played a constant role in the show. The Old Town in Dubrovnik is home to King’s Landing. King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros has been an important part of the TV show since season 2 and shall remain important, we hope! Apart from the Old Town, Dubrovnik has been extensively used for shooting ‘Game of Thrones’. Places like Split were used as a location for shooting “Meereen” and Trogir appears as “Qarth”. Croatia is a beautiful place and this applies to everybody! So, planning your trip to Croatia already?

2. Northern Ireland:


The pastures of Northern Ireland have been a very avidly used as Winterfell and some other lands in North. One very famous destination in Northern Ireland is “The Dark Hedges” and a keen observer would easily recollect the road as the King’s Road where Gendry and Arya travel. Belfast is a location where many scenes from the show have been shot. Mussenden Temple, near the coastal town of Castlerock is the place where Lady Melisandre burnt the old gods. There are many landscapes that will immediately remind you of some scenes from Game of Thrones. So, when are you visiting this untouched land?

3. Spain:


We have seen Spain in the Bollywood beauty ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. The country is home to various locations where Game of Thrones was shot. The city of Bravos is majorly shot in Girona, Catalonia in Spain. The Bardenas Reales in Navarre acts as the Dothraki Sea in the TV show. Apart from the Dothraki tribe, many scenes from Volantis and Meereen have been shot in Spain. Architecture, history and culture meet the perfect natural landscape in Spain. You must take a Spain tour once in a lifetime!

4. Iceland:


Jon Snow is one of the most famous character and for all the weird reasons. And, when we are talking about Snow, how can we forget the beautiful love between Jon and Ygritte? Grjótagjá is the small cave which is popularly known as Jon and Ygritte’s love cave and it is situated in Iceland. This small hot water spring is a must visit! Iceland doesn’t cease to be a part of the show there. Kit Harrington has travelled in the vividness of Iceland to shoot at various locations. There is a high chance that you will find landscapes from the north of the wall in Iceland. While on their journey, Sandor Clegane and Arya also visit Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park which is a World Heritage Site as listed by UNESCO. What are you waiting for?!

5. Malta:


Malta is famous for being home to the majestic limestone rock called the “Azure Window” which played as the background for the famous Dothraki wedding of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. Unfortunately, the Azure Window collapsed recently, but the Island of Gozo doesn’t cease to be beautiful. There are many locations where scenes from Pentos were shot. The Mdina Gate in Malta is also used for some scenes from the King’s Landing. Malta is famous on the reel, but it’s also famous for Scuba Diving in real life.

The team of Game of Thrones has been doing a great job. They have shot the show at various exotic locations. While eagerly waiting to watch the new season, why don’t you book your trip to one of these destinations?

Happy travelling!

Airbnb: A Curse or a Boon???

Airbnb is revolutionizing travel accommodations across the world in the most unconventional ways. It is amazing to see how the initially failed business has to offer some very unconventional accommodations at affordable rates. Yes, that’s right the founders had a tough time getting the funding for this venture. Once, kick-started, Airbnb has become a win-win for both the hosts and guests. The concept enables the virtue of sharing and communication making it a concept of “sharing economy”.

This amazing venture helps hosts to rent out there spaces which could be in any form like single rooms, apartments, yachts, houseboats and even castles to guests from across the world. Airbnb can serve luxury and relaxation, at the same time it also allow the bag-packers to live in the wilderness. Though you need to be really careful while booking as there can be real big drawbacks or real comfort too. Do check safety as well.

It all looks hunk dory, but it is very important for people to make an informed decision. So, here are some pros and cons of Airbnb:


1.Affordable rates:

Airbnb is famous for having properties that are really affordable. When it comes to price, Airbnb averages between luxurious hotel rooms and dormitories. However, if you are looking for short term stays, Airbnb might prove to be comparatively expensive and you might want to check some hotels. It proves to be a great option for medium or long term stay of a week or more. At the same time, properties can accommodate more people if you are booking villas or penthouses or probably a castle! Of course, the prices of castle will be equal to its height!

2. You can cook your own food!

If you are looking for a home away from home, you will get it here, at Airbnb. Many properties give you access to the kitchen and the kitchen appliances. This gives you the opportunity to be with your family and friends and probably innovate with the gastronomy. If you are travelling with the family after a long time then of course “Maa ke haath ka khana” will be available to you! It is a great bonding experience and you can also maintain your food habits and diets.

3. Opportunity to meet new people:

Airbnb properties can be a great opportunity for you to interact with the hosts. Some hosts are really interactive and are a great resource. People have shared experiences about how their relations with the hosts have changed into friendships and how they keep visiting year after year! It is great way of bonding with various new people. However, the hosts aren’t obliged to entertain the guests; so, some hosts might not interact much.

4. Reviews always help:

The reviews available on the website are quite reliable as they come from the personal experiences of the guests. Moreover, the information provided by the hosts is also varied and important. The hosts provide information room type, price, size, amenities, host language, type of the property, etc. Apart from this, the guests also give share their experience, so, you can always take an informed decision before selecting a property.

5. Getting the local vibe:

Many properties are designed with the local touch and the photographs are available on the website for you to choose a property with cultural richness. Moreover, you can also get in touch with the locals in the neighborhood (if that’s permitted) and the hosts can always be a great mode of getting the local touch. Your hosts might have good recommendations for the local markets and places where you can have local meals in the city.


1.Less Privacy:

If you are an introverted person who is looking to spend some time with themselves and just the family, you might face problem at some places. Sometimes, the hosts might be too friendly. If you don’t have the entire place to yourself, you might have other guests visiting at the same time as yours. While some people will look at this as an opportunity to meet new people, some might look at this as an invasion in their personal spaces. Make sure you are choosing the right property for yourself based on the available information.

2. Cancellation issues:

One huge drawback of Airbnb is that the hosts can cancel on you at any point of time. Unfortunately, the website is not very responsive in such situations and it might be difficult for you to find another accommodation immediately. So, if the host plans to be irresponsible, then you might have to face some trouble. One more problem is that Airbnb holds money in transit.  So, you may not get your refund immediately if your hosts cancel at the last minute.

3. The conditions might not be as described:

You might easily get misguided by the pictures. It would be naive for anybody to decide on a property just from its pictures. Make sure you choose a property that has plenty information and reviews. Take into consideration the various aspects and information. The website ensures the authenticity of the properties; just don’t rely only on the pictures entirely!

4. Legal status:

Airbnb is illegal at a lot of places. Sometimes, the local authorities do not approve of such accommodations. So, you might have to face issues with neighbors. This might happen mostly the case of apartments. Make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations and also, the legalities of place you are visiting.

Take an informed decision.