HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME Place where all feel young & energetic

A visit to one of the most amazing place on the earth. Recently I had visited a theme park named “HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME” during our Dubai tour. Now let me tell you from the beginning. It was our summer vacation, I and my friends were planning to do something thrilling and adventurous, so we came up to this new place in Dubai named HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME. As the title states that it has a totally different zone where you can actually live what you normally see in game. We went to the venue; it is located at City Walk in Dubai.

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We bought the passes and entered the virtual zone of the gaming world. It has different categories of games whether it is for a kid or an adult. Mainly there were games based on Warfare and some action movies like Resident Evil etc.

Starting from the very first game called the “VIRTUAL ARENA” which was a totally new experience where they give 3D glasses and a Gun to kill the zombies. Yes you heard it right KILLING THE ZOMBIES, it’s like once the game starts you felt the horror of the zombies and once they start coming out of the house you start shooting them with the virtual gun. You actually feel the scratch on your face when they hit you. Awesome sound effects and 3D experience where you live the actual experience of the game during dubai tour packages.

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Then moving to another game, we were now even more excited to play new stuff. Moving on to the new zone called “HERO ZONE VERTICAL ADVENTURE”. In this zone they have all the practical games, basically all the adventure games like Rock climbing, rope way and many more. At first we felt like it’s not that hard or scary as the name states. But trust me once we begin to play we had a totally different opinion about the stuff they had. Rock climbing was quite fun. Then we went to the pole climbing where you are given a harness and they tie you with a rope and then you start climbing on the poles one by one till you reach the highest pole.

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Then we moved on to another game named “BATMAN Experience”. Initially it looked very easy but once I reached the top and then when I had to jump to catch the hanger. But then somehow I gathered the courage ( thanks to my friends who were cheering me up and also the staff of that zone even they started cheering me ) and I jumped.Trust me it was truly a BATMAN JUMP when he tries to get away from the prison in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

This place has definitely a lot to offer with numerous games for all the adventure lovers. A must visit from my side if you ever visit Dubai tours from Mumbai.

TOP 5 ways to remain TROUBLE-RESISTANT during your monsoon travel!

Can you resist traveling when monsoon spins the best of its magic and makes the world look like a gorgeous miracle? Velvety green landscapes to soothe your senses; dense clouds to make the scene look fairytale-ish; rain drops to stir a moist aroma in the air; gushing waterfalls, rushing rivers and the roaring oceans – can the traveler in you really keep away from feeling awakened and wooed? Nah! “But then, a monsoon travel comes with its own tricky side.” Oh yes, we know that. And, that’s why these smart travel tips from Flamingo for your hassle-free monsoon voyage!

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1. MONSOON DRESS CODE – keep it sensible, keep it practical.

Let the common sense guide the fashion lover in you! Avoid wearing light colored clothes during international trip as they tend to look dirty a lot quicker in this typically wet and messy weather. Carry some synthetic clothes as they dry out faster in case if you happen to get drenched. They won’t stink when you pack them back in a short time. Long sleeved tops and bottoms made out of comfortable and quick-to-dry material will protect you from dirty water, mosquitoes and other insects.

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2. A small list of ‘Don’t’s to avoid health hazards

  • Don’t drink water if you aren’t confident about its quality. Go for sealed bottled mineral water. Or, boil the water before you drink if mineral water bottles are not available. You can also carry the water purifying tablets; they might make the water taste a little weird but that’s better than falling sick!
  • Don’t feel tempted to eat food that’s kept uncovered for too long in public spaces. Avoid eating sliced fruits and random cold drinks from roadside.
  • Don’t feel shy to carry a bit of your own home cooked food. You will thank yourself later!

Things to remember while traveling

3. Pack what’s practical, carry the monsoon essentials.

Along with the usual stuff like umbrellas, raincoats and monsoon footwear, also carry a few zip lock bags and silica bags – always handy to keep your valuables protected from water and moisture.  Carrying a torch, first aid kit and a mosquito repellent will make you a confident traveller during rainy days. A good book, cards and a few board games are always a good idea; just in case if you get stuck somewhere and venturing out gets delayed!

How to pack your items before traveling

4. Stay techno savvy.

Keep your Google Maps updated, GPS fully functioning and weather apps installed.  Keep yourself informed about the weather and road conditions of the area you are travelling to. A mobile charging bank is always a street smart thing to carry especially in this season.

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5. Stay safe. Stay sensible.                      

Well, nothing wrong in dropping a text to your family or friends telling them about the details of location on everyday basis. Yes, you have weather apps and all but nothing can beat the unpredictability of nature this season. In case of land-slides, storms or heavy rains, your folks got to know where to look for you to help, just in case!

Amazing Kerala Tour Packages with Flamingo

Everyone looks for a beautiful place to spend time at isn’t it? If you agree then for sure you too are someone who loves to travel and is looking for a beautiful travel destination. In this lovely world of ours and in the very beautiful country of India, lies the amazing state of Kerala. Kerala is also known as ‘God’s own country’ and there is no doubt on that. Kerala is situated in the southern part of India and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. With Kerala packages being available easily, it is very convenient to plan a holiday here.

When you visit Kerala, you will have a lot of options on interesting places to visit. Here we have a suggestion for you on a destination you can explore on your Kerala trip.

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Two Million Dollar Dinner in CE LA VI” Singapore – “That’s the Life

CE LA VI is located above the Skypark Observation Deck of Marina Bay Sands. CE LA VI is a restaurant and Sky Bar is perched 200 meters on pinnacle on the resort which gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Singapore. The world of diamond a Russian company called this restaurant – “The world’s most expensive dining.”

This is a place which creates a unique fine dining experience with 360 degree views which arouses one’s senses. It is a sky-high hangout where some super rich people can relax, and can also enjoy the luxurious lunch or dinner on the roof top with Singapore Tour Packages.

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The restaurant recently celebrated the completion of six years in July 2016. It provides a couple luxury package which is of 8 hours, starting from a helicopter ride of the city of Singapore for 45 minutes, than towards the luxury cruise around the city which takes the couple to the CE LA VI Restaurant, and at the entrance the couple is welcomed with 10,000 roses along with 18 meals & a 2 carat diamond ring with a classic beautiful view of the city.


Restaurant in Singapore

  • A lovely flavor of traditional Asian recipes.
  • Options for indoor and outdoor dining to relax & enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Restaurant offers presentable & hygienic meals to their customers prepared by their award winning chefs.
  • Classic modern Asian dishes.
  • Premium grade vintage wines.


Bar in Singapore

  • An oasis overlooking a 360 degree panoramic view of Singapore city.
  • Enjoy sitting relaxed at the bar with some eclectic DJ Music.
  • A variety of different & fine cocktails.
  • International & classic signature drinks.

Customized senior ladies tour to Bali, Yogyakarta & Singapore

Age is just a Number !

A group of senior ladies bitten by the travel bug and their wishes backed by Flamingo’s perfect planning, personal care and expert execution – well, age definitely remains just a number in that case! Read on to know how a bunch of 30 elderly but enthusiastic women – aging between 58-80, had a time of their lives on their recent Bali tour and Singapore tour while we took care of everything else.

Gardens By The Bay


SEMINYAK : The lovely senior ladies were completely swept off their feet by Bali’s mind-blowing natural beauty, rich culture, and heritage. To add to their joy, Flamingo bestowed them with a stay at Bali Dream Villas – a leisure resort cum tropical paradise that offered Balinese villas with private pools, lush green gardens, unforgettable hospitality, and entertainment! Their age-related predicaments were well taken care of by our on-trip manager Rehana Ansari; making them feel absolutely liberated and enthusiastic to make most out of the guided sightseeing, fun-filled water sports and exploring Seminyak. Well, this was Flamingo’s way of making the ladies fall in love with life all over again!

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UBUD : Up next for these happy hearts was Ubud. No prizes for guessing that the ladies were floored yet again by the Balinese splendour! While shopping and guided sightseeing that included in their tour package ruled their schedule outside of the hotel, the perks that they got to live inside The Visesa Resort & Spa also made them smile even brighter – Flamingo’s on-trip manager Rehana managed to get them free Yoga lessons, swimming pool dance with live music, spa and a delicious Balinese lunch!

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Bali onwards, the group split. While some of the members left for Singapore with Flamingo manager Rehana, some left for Yogyakarta (Java) and were monitored by Rehana even while she herself was in Singapore. Yogyakarta saw this bunch of charged up women travellers feeling awestruck by UNESCO heritage sites, temples, palaces, castles, monuments, sculptures, local culture and what not! The local guide made it sure that they remain safe and completely attended to for their smallest needs – like getting ‘Khichdi’ prepared at the hotel on request by one of the ladies for the dinner, or taking them to restaurants that had Indian chefs cooking lip-smacking Indian food in the middle of Java,  for example! Needless to mention that their beautiful and comfortable stay at heritage hotel The Phoenix had won their hearts in style too.

Places TO Visit In Bali


The group reunited with the rest in Singapore after Yogyakarta. After spending a beautiful time in Indonesia over culture, heritage and tropical beauty, now was the time for some modern marvels. These wonderful senior women travellers were mesmerized by Gardens by The Bay for its beauty, concept and eco-friendly aspect. The Sound & Light show and the Singapore Tour with the flyer gave them an authentic feel of Singapore in a fun way. The shopping spree in Singapore was the cherry on the cake for the ladies, goes without saying!

Things To Do In Bali

This bunch of lovely senior women came back to India with memories of a life time. So, now you too know what’s waiting for you. Pack your bags, wear your enthusiasm! Let your age wonder at you while you roam around the world with Flamingo!

Interesting facts and Events of Dubai

Have you ever wished to travel to a beautiful city that was also very dynamic and energetic? If yes then Dubai is one such city where you can head. This city is a wonderful part of the United Arab Emirates and is a popular destination across the world. There is so much that is exciting about this city and there this place is indeed that famous. Every traveler would enjoy a visit here. Planning a visit to Dubai is very easy as there are so many good options available like Dubai tour packages.

Interesting facts and Events of Dubai - Flamingo Travels

Interesting facts and Events of Dubai – Flamingo Travels

Langkawi – The Jewel of Kedah

About Langkawi :

Langkawi, a blend of Sanskrit work langka which means ‘beautiful islands’, and wi that means “many”. It happens to be the most beautiful Island in Malaysia, which is also known as “Jewel of Kedah”. Langkawi is an archipelago of Langkawi Islands, which contains 99 Islands awaiting discovery at the time of high tide. And the Islands can number as many as 104 at the time of low tide. Sanctuary of some of the most ancient rain forest in the world. Situated just where the Indian Ocean narrows down into the Straits of Melaka, it was once a heaven for pirates. Today it serves as a retreat for visitors near and far who come on their Malaysia Tour.

Langkawi Tourist Places

History :

Langkawi was the home of sea people such as OrangLaut. In 18th century a beautiful lady named Mahsuri who use to stay in Langkawi, a daughter of couple who moved from Phuket to Langkawi Island for their better future.Village’s chief wife Mahura,got jealous of Mahsuri beauty. Mahura started to spread rumors that Mahsuri is an unfaithful lady, no one stood for that innocent lady. The village took the decision to take a life from Mahsuri. She tried many times to prove her innocence. But no one believed her. Villagers tried to kill her in different ways but they got failed to kill her. Mahsuri told them to kill with her family’s “Keris”.  Before she died, she cursed Langkawi to have “Seven generations of bad luck”. Soon her words took the place. In 1822 Siamese Army killed the leader and the army finally captured the Island.

In 1909, the British rules covered whole Island. The World War 2 took the control as Malaya fell to the Japanese. Langkawi was the haven for pirates; in 1945 -1946 British cleared all the pirates. The British took rule until Malaya gained its independence in 1957 .

In 1986 Langkawi remained as a blackwater. The Prime Minister Mr. Mohamad decided that Langkawi should be tourist place as it can be a helping hand towards many other Islands. So in 2012, Langkawi was declared as a tourist placed and it welcomed around 3 million tourists across the world.

Places to visit in Langkawi

The Attractions must include in Malaysia tour packages-

1)      Langkawi Sky Bridge:

  • The longest curved bridge of 125 meters.
  • 100 meters above from ground.
  • 250 people at one time on the bridge.

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2)      Dataran Lang – Langkawi Eagle Square:

  • Man made attraction
  • A eagle poised to take flight
  • The 12 meter long statue

3)      Underwater world:

  • One of the largest marine aquariums.
  • 5000 marine spices designed tanks
  • 3D cinema – 200 seats

4)      Harbor Park:

  • Biggest port
  • It covers 32 acres
  • Can enjoy sailing
  • Annual international water festival

5)      Bird Paradise:

  • 2500 colorful birds from 150 spices
  • 15 meter long

6)      Al-hana Mosque:

  • It’s a Masjid
  • A gold structure
  • Doors with traditional carvings

7)      The Snake Sanctuary:

  • A unique park of the snakes
  • Amphitheatre with the capacity of 100 seats
  • Snakes performance

Where To Stay :

Palces to visit in Malaysia

The western beaches of PantaiCenang, Pantai Tengah and PantaiKok – are the most popular beaches on Langkawi,with wide choice of accommodation, restaurants and eateries. Datai and Burau bay surrounded by stunning tropical rainforest provide the location for luxury resorts and one of the most stunning golf courses in Asia, whether it’s an idyllic honeymoon or family holiday, Langkawi offers some unforgettable sights and experiences. Choose best Malaysia tour packages today and make your journey lavish.





Lim Goh Tong was born on 28th Feb’ 1918 in Anxi, China. He was the 5th child in his family with one elder brother and 3 sisters. “Lim” is the family word. LIM GOH TONG was the richest businessman across the Malaysia.

Mr. Lim was fairly lucky to finish his school. He was only 16 when his father got expired. After the sudden death of his father’s all the family responsibilities came on him and his big brother. When the situation of the country to survive got very poor Mr. Lim decided to move on to Malaysia. He left his country when he was 19th. He started working as a carpenter for his Uncle and worked for 2 years as a carpenter, and he learned Malay language.  He did his first job as a sub-contractor and completed the task, “A two – storey school.”

Lim Goh Tong

Mr. Lim, with the guidance of his uncle, became a successful business man as a contractor. He did many major projects and during these project he went for a dinner in Cameron Highlands & got an idea for increasing a living standard of Malaysia by getting hint to create a beautiful resort on ULA KAI Mountain near Kuala Lumpur placed called Genting Sempah that one can visit during Malaysia tour packages.

Immediately, he started some research on it & kept his idea in front of the government. The federal and state government approved the project idea and he started construction with his team. He faced many problems like building the access road towards the hilltop, water and electricity supplies, sewage system and fire safety, also convince people because they are thinking that this is a risky project. He took out the solution of all the problems which was coming in his way for the project.

During his project construction he faced six close brushes with death, during that only he has to finish his other major project of Kelantan and Kemubu Irrigation Scheme. Despite of his physical problem he started working hard, to finished the work.

During this project he spent all the money which he had with him without earning anything. He wanted more money to finish his project so he sold his rubber estate of 810 hectare in RM2.5 Million.  He asked more money to help him from his friends but they turned him down.

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He made government understood that the Genting Highlands were not only vital for them but also profitable project. Genting was the only casino licensed. The prime minister of Malaysia Mr. Abdul Rahman, visited Genting Highland on his Malaysia tour and he appreciated his work without the helping hand of Government.

After all the problems, the Genting Resort project completed in January 1971. But before the resort officially announced, Kuala Lumpur and its nearby areas were suffered by the worst rainstorms in a century. Many areas were damaged and it took months for repairing. And officially Mr. Lim opened the doorstep for business on 8th May, 1971.

Till he was alive Mr. Lim continued to develop his project. He constructed new roads, indoor and outdoor theme parks, more hotels etc. With the permission & suggestion of the Prime Minister Mr. Mahathir, the town was developed on 81 hectare parts of land around site, like sky cable car. Finally he got success, as of now Genting Highlands is the best and successful casino resort across the Malaysia. Now days it became one of the most happening and busiest tourist attraction spot.

The family Company keeps their feet into the different sources also, plantations, property, paper, power generation, oil and gas exploration and cruise industries. Mr. Lim handover his chairmanship of Genting Group over to his son on 31st December 2003. He died on 23rd October, 2007.

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Mr. Lim’s Awards and Achievements:

Mr. Lim was a successful Businessman and got many awards during his business life.

  1. Malaysian Entrepreneurs Award 1985
  2. Manager of the Year Award 1986
  3. Business Achiever of the Year Award 1994
  4. Number 1 ranking of 10 Malaysian Leading Companies 1996
  5. The Best Employer Award 1996
  6. the title “Tan Sri” by the government of Malaysia on 6 June 1979
  7. 2008 G2E Asia Visionary Award

Personalization – The Key to Your Perfect Holiday

Tour and Travel TipsIsn’t travelling as much an internal experience as the external? Not just what you see outside but also how travel makes you feel inside, we mean. The relief when you know somebody has got your back while you explore the farthest corner of the world, for example. Travel procedures, food preferences, site seeing and more about tour packages- wouldn’t it sweep you off your feet when a travel expert dedicate takes care of your every preference and need? Well, in the world that is rapidly becoming mechanical and disturbingly impersonal, Flamingo continues to believe and deliver exactly THIS –the extreme personalization.

How to plan Vacation with Flamingo Travels

In addition to making the best itinerary, we offer more that money can’t really buy. Today when mouse clicks emotionlessly serve you with what you want, the team Flamingo cocoons your travel plan with warmth, careful customization and personal bond as a happy contrast. And no, it’s not for the one-upmanship with others but for the fact that we at Flamingo can’t do without the immense pleasure and job satisfaction that comes with becoming a family to our clients. After all,

  • We value our client’s time and that’s why we visit them personally to brief and plan their holidays. We bring them their vacation at their doorstep!
  • We take pleasure in leaving no stone unturned in planning a customized itinerary around our clients’ preferences and choices that exceeds their expectations, and also make them benefit from our field experience of years and up-to-date knowledge.
  • We cherish taking care of our clients when they are in an unknown land, especially in a group tour. Our on-trip managers take up a role of your extended family and stay with you day and night to make things hassle free for you.
  • We treasure the beaming smiles of our guests when we serve them with Indian Meals in the far away corners of the world.
  • Going a step further than that, we also manage scrumptious pure vegetarian and even Jain food for our beloved guests depending on their preferences.
  • Making sure that our guests get to live the best holidays of their lives, on-trip team Flamingo arrange story sessions every night when you are on a group tour with us. We personally see to it that not a moment of yours get wasted in feeling bored!

Travel the Flamingo way

Experience the warmth.

Experience the personalization.

Travel the Flamingo way!

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View Amazing Travel Packages at –

It’s not just about the travel, it’s also about the special bond that we share with you.

It’s not just about planning your holiday. It’s also about our personal bond with you.

Passionate about personalization.

Bringing your holiday plan to your doorstep.

Popular Country Nickname and story behind them

There’s always an interesting and unexpected story behind every nickname. Everyone loves a good nickname and countries are no different! The countries are better defining by their nicknames.  Some may have an obvious origin, but others leave you wondering. We’re going to fill you in on all the back stories of some of these seemingly meaningless nicknames, so hang tight, and you might just learn a thing or two about different countries and wan to include these destination in your tour packages.