7 Gems of Experiences to Adorn Your South Africa Tour!

There’s so much to explore, experience and look forward to every single day when you are in South Africa! Be it your love for the wild life, craving for natural beauty, appetite for adventure or the craze for unique shopping – this country has got it all for you!  Check out this ten of the tons of SUPER EXCITING EXPERIENCES that are sure to leave you love struck by SA! Getting over this majestic land of Nelson Mandela after a terrific trip won’t be easy, we bet!

1) THE RENDEZ-VOUS WITH PENGUINS TO MAKE YOU SMILE REALLY BRIGHT: Head to Boulders Bay and you will be stepping in to the natural habitat of African Penguins! Scoring high on cuteness quotient and adorability, they leave you smiling and marveling! Added to this joy are the surrounding majestic mountains and amazing ocean! All in all, this will be an experience that you will keep on revisiting in your mind for the rest of your life. Untitled design (14)   2) THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF CANGO CAVES: Are you up for something baffling? Check this out! There’s more to South Africa than what you see on the surface; quite literally! Its iconic Cango Caves take you to the ancient and mysterious underground world of astonishing rock formations – amazing enough to spellbound the adults and children both alike! You have walked enough on the earth all this while. Time to walk underneath it for a change and experience the vibes of a different era! What do you say? Untitled design (15) 3) NOT JUST THE WILD LIFE SAFARIS BUT A STEP FURTHER! HOW ABOUT KAYAKING WITH THE CROCODILES? The world goes ga ga over South Africa’s jungle safaris but you can go even beyond that! Try the very thrilling kayaking time where the only thing that separates you from crocodiles and hippos beneath the water surface is a fiberglass bottom of your kayak! Now isn’t that something worth bragging about once you are back home and flaunting your South Africa experiences to your friends? Untitled design (16) 4) PEEP IN TO THE CELESTIAL WORLD THROUGH JOHANNESBURG PLANETARIUM: If heaven really exists, here’s where you can look in to it from! Johannesburg Planetarium offers you house seats to gaze in the hypnotizing astronomical world of Africa! Enjoy the heavenly beauty up there, learn about the stellar world and feel being a part of the endless universe! While the regular tourists are busy checking out the places on the ground, how about going a step ahead and checking out the peculiar African sky too? Untitled design (17) 5) GO CRAZY, LIKE REALLY CRAZY, AT THE VALLEY OF WAVES: All you aqua fun fans, here’s where you will have a time of your life! Enter the Valley of Waves at the Sun City and you are guaranteed to go crazy with fun, thrill and laughter! A stunning and awe-inspiring theme park that is made to look like a tropical island, Valley of Waves offers a variety of water rides and a 1.2 metre high wave after every 90 seconds with a velocity of 35 km/h! Imagine the excitement! Untitled design (18)   6) THE TERRIFIC SCENIC BEAUTY OF TSITSIKAMMA NATIONAL PARK: Embraced by dense forests, river and mountains, Tsitsikamma National Park is all about Mother Nature’s sheer magnificence. Favourite amongst the tourists here is the Suspension Bridge at Storms River Mouth. It hangs just 7 metres above the river that’s about to merge with Indian Ocean this point on. Take up an adventure here or enjoy the walk that leads to the bridge, nature will blind you with its glory all the same. Untitled design (19)   7) EXPLORE THE FUNKY WORLD OF AUTHENTIC AFRICAN HANDICRAFT: Last but not the least; don’t forget to pick something up from this wonderful country that you will remember it by. What can be better than something artsy, colorful and ethnically African for that purpose? There are a number of authentic stores of genuine African arts and crafts pan South Africa. Bring back a bundle of artifact that you can rave about! Untitled design (20)

Leh-Ladakh on the roads.. A journey described through feelings..

Leh… The most awaited journey began, we were 10 of us. But unfortunately 2 of them couldn’t be a part of this trip which we will always regret. We all were different from one another and perhaps did not share the level of friendship that makes you go for a holiday together for 13 days, but there was one thing in common between us and that was the urge, the passion and the dream to visit the most beautiful and scenic Leh-Ladakh. The road trip with simple things like waking up to an azure blue sky,  the sight of rocky brown and snow-capped mountains, biking to the most beautiful Leh Alchi road, enjoying the mesmerizing full moon night on Pangong Tso lake, visiting the most beautiful lake of Ladakh – Tsomoriri and the last village of India – the Turtuk village, has been a memorable experience.  It has been one of the most amazing and exciting trip with lots of unforgettable memories and life long friendships. We started our journey from Ahmedabad to Delhi and then from Delhi to Leh. Our original plan was to do an extensive road trip from Delhi covering Amritsar – Jammu Kashmir – Srinagar – Drass- Kargil – Zojila pass – Leh – Nubra Valley – Pangong Tso – Leh – Tsmoriri – Sarchu- Keylong – Manali – Delhi – Ahmedabad, but due to the tense situation in Kashmir Valley we had to cancel that plan.We reached Leh beholding some beautiful sights of Karakoram Mountains, Nubra valley and the Greater Himalayas from the flight.

Day 1:


First day was a complete rest day so that we could acclimatize our bodies to the 11000 ft high altitude above the sea level.

Day 2:


Here our actual journey began. We hired 4 Royal Enfields and began our drive to Alchi- the most beautiful and scenic drive with smooth curvy roads. Alchi is a village and monastery situated on the bank of Indus River which is 70 kms from Leh. We came across some beautiful sights of the Military area, the Magnetic hills,  the Nimmu village and the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers. River rafting on the confluence is something that should not be missed. We also visited the Alchi Monastery which is home to some beautiful paintings and is renowned as the oldest Buddhist centre in Ladakh. For photography lovers this is one of the most scenic routes on NH1. We returned at the hotel by evening after visiting Shanti Stupa, the place from where you get a beautiful view of the entire Leh town. We rested afterwards as the next three days were going to be very hectic for us.

Day 3: 


Third day was our journey to Nubra Valley via the second highest motor able road at Khardungla Pass which is at a height of 18380 ft; with breathtaking views, though the roads are a bit rough. And as the altitude increases you tend to get a feeling of dizziness and mild headache. There were a lot of foreigners on cycle expedition which should get a standing ovation to even think of attempting such a feat. The army recommends not to stay for more than 20 minutes at any high altitude passes whether it’s Khardungla, Changla or Tanglangla Pass. While descending from Khardungla; the roads are really bad till North Pullu. We had Maggi at our halt (the most common dish in this region) and later reached Nubra Valley. When you are en-route towards Diksit Monastery and Hunder village a stop over is a must for some beautiful photography. Later we drove to Diksit  Gompa, and the first thing that caught our attention was the 50 ft tall statue of Maitreyi (Future Buddha ) and the breathtaking view of a beautiful contrast background comprising of brown mountains, green fields, sand dunes and the beautiful Shayok river. We then visited the sand dunes and did camel safari on the two humped bactarian camel in hunder, found only at this place in India. We checked in the guest house at 7 in the evening. Aah!! What an amazing place it was. The guest house was surrounded by long trees with a view of the river and mountains from your room and on top of it; it was a full moon night and the beauty of the full moon was at its best and the sky was full of sparkling stars. Something which I just can’t put in words. It needs to be felt and we were lucky to feel that…

Day 4:


Today we started for one of the most beautiful and the last village of India – Turtuk village. This place justifies the saying that ‘The journey is always more beautiful then the destination’. It was a long day but very scenic including rough roads, rocky mountains and the beautiful Shayok river flowing besides during the entire route. It was a full day excursion. On reaching Turtuk we visited a small but a very beautiful café. The ambiance was really very good and refreshing; we had maggi and fries, we spent some time in the village and then we returned back to Hunder.

Day 5:


The most awaited day of the trip was here. Our visit to the famous and the most beautiful Pangong Tso lake. We drove from Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso with lots of rocky mountains and beautiful river flowing besides the road making the journey very scenic. We arrived at Pangong Tso in the evening and checked into the tented accommodation. We had our tea and got refreshed. Then we went to the point where the highly acclaimed movie 3 Idiots was shot on the Pangong Tso Lake. The water was very cold and we clicked a lot of pictures and it was an unforgettable experience. We came back and had our dinner. As the night was getting colder, we did a camp fire at the camp site. It was fun and one more wish of ours for this trip which got fulfilled was the beauty of the full moon on Pangong Tso lake. Though it was the next day after full moon but the sight which we got to see was simply amazing. Imagine the dark sky with lots of stars and a full moon shining right up there in the sky and its reflection in the water of the beautiful Pangong Tso. Breathtaking, isn’t it? Spending a night at 14500 ft high above the sea level was not an easy task. It was very windy and we were sleeping with 4 layers of clothes and 2 blankets. Awesome…!!

Day 6:


We started around 9 in the morning from Pangong Tso lake for Leh. We thought it would be a simple journey towards Leh, but what we experienced was something which we had never thought of, never planned and was not the part of our itinerary. It was supposed to be a 5 hour journey but due to a road block we had to wait. We waited for around 2 hours and still it wasn’t sure when the road would get clear. So we took an off route of around 145 kms, which was through the entire stretch of Pangong Tso. On one side of the road Pangong Tso and on the other side the beautiful snow clad mountains. Wow !! After 4 hours of drive we finally reached the third highest motor able road – Changla Pass (17,590 ft). To our surprise the climate had become very cloudy and soon there was a snowfall. Due to high altitude it was not advisable to stay for more than 20 minutes. That is why after taking some pictures we started our journey again for Leh. We reached Leh around 9 pm. It was almost a 12 hour long drive which was totally worth it.

To be continued….


Amazing Facts and Things to know before you travel Bali

Bali is one of the most popular & exotic island of Indonesia. Balinese people are well known for their warm hospitality. Apart from pristine beaches, white water rafting, volcanoes etc, the island has much more to discover on bali tour. Let’s once have a glimpse at some of the undiscovered facts of the island:

1. The Bamboo Chocolate Factory:

Bali Places To Visit

Bamboo Chocolate factory was opened in November 2011 is world’s largest Bamboo commercial building. It is just located near to Ubud area & offers tours to tourists where they can taste & buy varieties of chocolates.

2. Nyepi Day:

Bamboo Chocolate Factory in Bali - Flamingo Travels

Nyepi Day is celebrated as Bali’s New Year which falls in March (between 5th March- 15th March). On this day no one is allowed on street- i.e. no traveling, no working or so from morning 6 am to next morning 6am. So on that particular day the whole island is silent & this rule is applicable to each & every person on the island even the tourists.

3. Babies:

The infants at the island are considered as Angels & so they are not allowed to touch the ground or crawl on the ground for few months of their month. When they are cross that particular no of months, a grand ceremony is held for the same.

4. Bali’s Coffee- Kopi Luwak:

'Nyepi Day in Bali- Flamingo Travels

Kopi Luwak is world’s most expensive coffee- 1 cup of coffee can go upto 60 dollars. You can taste this coffee during your bali tour. This coffee is produced mainly on the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra & Sulawesi.

How is this coffee produced?

The coffee is produced from the excretion of Asian civets. They excrete the beans, which the farmers collect, wash it & brew it & process it into fine Kopi Luwak Coffee.

5. Economic Dependence on Tourism:

More than 80% of the economy depends on the Tourism as the island has everything to offer from leisure to restaurants to adventurous activities to nightlife which lures the young crowd.

6. Black Sand:

There are few beaches in Bali with Black Sands for egLovina Beach- the black sand comes from the cool lava of the MT Ayung Volcano.

7. Four Names:

The Balinese people only give 4 names to the born bay be it a girl or a boy- Ketut, Wayan, Made &Nyoman.

8. A Hindu Island:

A Hindu Island in Bali - Flamingo Travels

Even though the island being located in Indonesia & Indonesia being a Muslim country, Balinese people practice Hinduism to the core. Like India they also have caste system, they also offer flowers & sweets during their prayers.

9. Island has Dolphins:

In the northern part of the island, that is in Lovina you will find plenty of Dolphins.

10. 210 Calendar days:

The Balinese Calendar follows 210 days. It consists of 10 weeks with 10 days each week. The calendar got its origin from the Hindu religion.

From Las Vegas To Macau

Macau has become Special administrative region of China since 1999. With the passing of Portuguese rule and the border to Main land China wide open, Macau is practically sinking under the weight of tourists from neighboring Chinese provinces & other parts of the world. Last year there were 30.71 million arrival on Macau tour, and now they are expecting 28.81 million by this year end. They come here almost exclusively to gamble. Luck is the Central element of Chinese culture. And they are well-known as world most prolific gamblers, but it’s not legal in Mainland china, but Macau fills that Gap. And the amount of Chinese money flowing in Macau’s casino is staggering. Last year it was more than 28.33 billion US$.

Casino In Macao

You can smell new money everywhere. Courtesy of economic boom in china, just as staggering is the amount of casino development underway. Long-time residents of Macau says, it all has have developed too quickly like a dream. Today Macau is almost unrecognized compared to recent previous years.

Some sections of the city are built of reclaimed land from the sea. A small patch that has changed the phase of Macau, just as Las Vegas rose from Nevada desert. Cotai strip rose from the sea. It was a multi million dollar development.

Thousands of suites, convention centers and themed casino are built on the strip, making it as a table for gamblers. The center piece of Cotai strip is The Venetian – Macau, same like in Las Vegas.

Hotels In Macao

The main developer of the massive Cotai Strip Project, is the 73 years old Las Vegas based billionaire Sheldon Adelson, 18th Richest Man on the planet (2015).  Bring Venetian is like Venice came to Macau. This attracted many of the Giants to start their casino on the Cotai Strip. Like City of Dreams, Crown, Grand Hyatt, Hard rock, Studio City, Ritz Carton, Hotel Okura ,Banyan tree, JW Marriott, Four Seasons, St. Regis , Holiday Inn, Conrad, Sheraton and recently Parisian are made on the theme of Paris with half size Eiffel tower at the entrance.

Many More projects like – Wynn Palace, Lisboa Palace, Hilton, Raffles / Fairmont, Jumeirah, and much more in coming years that can be visit on Macau tour from ahmedabad.

The Change of Macau came when Sheldon Adelson opened one of its 3 lucrative gaming concession & can open as many as gaming concession as he likes. Sands Macau returned its 265 million dollar investment in its 1st year. 14 years of Gambling Monopoly ended in 2002.

Nighlife In Macao

The King of Gambling and Macau’s Most Powerful man was unhappy with the Invaders (Foreign investors). His answer to the foreign invaders “The Emperor is striking back.The Grand Lisboa another big project was inaugurated in 2008 year end. The Tallest Building in Macau, being the first Casino to start Texas hold’em poker rings in the game, which belongs to Stanley Ho. He made his fortune through his 40 years of monopoly in gambling. He owns much of the land in Macau & 19 of the 33 casinos’, making him one of the richest man in Hong Kong & World too. Stanley Ho started his career as a smuggler. Wining the people heart by feeding approx. 4, 00,000 refugees of the World War 2. He had enormous influence in Macau. Competition to rival the new American casinos’ Grand Lisboa was his new Flagship.

Venetian Macao

Long Before the gaming industry, Macau was known as world’s largest Money Laundering place, and in China it’s a pure business.

Macau has total 33 casino, out of which Venetian is the Biggest. A More range of gaming options like roulette, boule, Fan Tan, Keno, Sic Bo, Blackjack & Slot Machines are available in most of them. Gambling in Macau were played in different ways.  Before western or *saying (omit this)traditional styles were introduced, they played Chinese games, and also Greyhound racing, betting & lotteries were famous source of Gambling.

In Macau, gambling has become the main source of revenue, above 50 % of the economy comes from it.  In 2007, Macau took over the crown from Las Vegas of highest casino revenue, which was possible after foreign Companies from Las Vegas & Australia came to Cotai Strip, Macau. People from Mainland China & Hong Kong are the majority visiting Macau for Gambling.


America Places to visit

Located on the extreme edge, Key West is the southernmost island city of United States of America. It is a part of Florida keys and famous for the pristine beaches, coral reefs, water sports activities and perfect destination for Honeymoon packages. Seats in the Monroe County, Key West is one of the most popular key of Florida Keys. There are 42 bridges connecting Key West to mainland of Florida. The Key West was known as Cayo Hueso which is a Spanish word meant Island of Bones.

Best Places and Beach Destination

Some of Interesting Facts of Key West:

  • Key West is only a city in the country which is frost-free
  • Key West in 1700 mile away from equator, which is closest point of Continental United States
  • Key West is entirely surrounded by water
  • The highest elevation in Key West is 18 feet above sea level
  • The san on the beaches of Key West were shipped from Caribbean
  • Key West is famous for Bird-Sanctuary, it is home to many dangerous birds. Key West in Bird-lover paradise.
  • Key West is the 3rd largest coral reef in the world off the coast
  • Natives of Key West are known as Conchs

One can enjoy many attractions on the waters of Key West during their honeymoon tour packages like snorkeling in coral reef, parasailing, fishing, Glass bottom boat tour, Scuba diving, wild dolphin encounter, and many more water sports activities.

Honeymoon Destinations

Other than water sports activities, another must visit in key West is The Ernest Hemingway House & Museum, it was residence of iconic American author Ernest Hemingway. House owns 60 cats roaming around and it is said that house cats are poly dactyl, which means having extra toes. House allows one to have a glimpse of life of one of the most complex thinker author. One can explore the city on Hop-on Hop-off trolley tour, or can hop the Conch train tour which takes through historic quarters of the city.

Honeymoon Tour Packages

Key West offers may other sightseeing on US tour like Dry Tortugas National Park, Harry Truman little White House, Southernmost Point, Key West Lighthouse and Keepers quarter Museum, Duval Street – Known as world longest street, as it running north & south from Atlantic Ocean to Gulf of Mexico, Key West aquarium, Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory and many more.

Visit eccentric destination – The Key West to experience the edge of USA from Flamingo Transworld Pvt. Ltd.

Pokemon Go: Don’t need any other reason to travel !


It stated with a Charmander at a supermarket. Then the flood started: Ratata’s on a steering wheel. Rhyhorn at the office. Magikarp on a frying pan. They’re all Pokémon to catch, part of a new game called Pokémon Go. The craze for this game is so much that, these days whether you are reading a newspaper, surfing the web, going through your FB timeline, without fail you will come across a Pokémon Go post. You are also likely to see many people with their noses buried in their phones, more than the usual, trying to catch a mythical creature.

Millions of downloads of Pokémon Go since its release a couple of months ago has made it into a digital and a cultural phenomenon. Even before it was officially launched world over, the fans found out ways to download the app and go on a Pokémon catching spree.

pokemon2More than just a game, Pokémon Go is a city guide and exploration tool ripe for local, authentic experiences. Even though this experience is through a digital platform, but it’s a nice excuse to immerse yourself in a great adventure. Pokémon Go enthusiasts organize city meet-ups and embark on a community quest to catch these Pocket Monsters. Not only do players catch Pokémon, but they are also meeting new people and visiting new places. This game has been a boon for cultural and heritage sites as many Poke stops and gyms are located at these places.


These four destinations are most popular for the travel-loving Pokémon trainer to catch ‘em all

New Zealand: Kiwis are so keen for Pokémon Go that they set up a national, live Snapchat account at PokémonGoNZ. Players can send snaps of themselves to PokémonGoNZ for a chance to be featured on the country’s story.

Australia: In the land down under, catching Pokémon doesn’t involve being on land at all. Fun ways to play this game include kayaking around some of Sydney’s sparkling harbors and chasing after the game’s water characters. Find out awesome pokemon during your Australia tour.

United States: In US Pokémon Go meet-ups are a new way to socialize. In USA Packages you’ll find all places, like Pokémon pub crawls, hunts at university stadiums, or lures for voter registration.

Netherlands: Zuiderpark in The Hague is one of the best places to play in Holland. Normally the sweetest summer spot for live music, this park picked up a new nickname: Pikachu Park.


Can’t Travel Far? Play at home. Pokémon Go can make one’s hometown, neighborhood, or even street seem like a new world thanks to Poke stops. Located at landmarks, statues, or heritage sites, Poke stops are real-world spots users must stop at to pick up some items necessary to keep playing. This game offers the chance to get off the beaten path, whether at home or abroad, and learn something new along the way.

Things to do and Islands that can be clubbed with Singapore

Singapore seems to be on the top travel destinations which serve all the purpose of how a perfect get-away should be and why spending your vacation in Singapore just gets better and better. It has been described as a playground for the rich, and it’s true. From a long time, this diverse place has been home to so many national and international tourists and still it has not lost its essence. As Singapore Packages gives you an edge over others. It is the easiest and most comfortable countries to navigate in Southeast Asia, plus if you take any Singapore tour it will be at your leisure and for your absolute convenience.

Things to do in Singapore - Flamingo Travels

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1. Unique feature – trip themes & tour types!

 So let’s say, you are in a mood for an adventure travel. But, you don’t have time to do research around it. Or, you have no idea about the destinations where you can have an adventurous trip at. No worries! Flamingo website brings you the new age searching features that facilitate your travel dreams in no time. Go on to our website, type ‘adventure’ for example in the search bar and voilà! Presented to you on a platter will be a list of our packages that include adventures in the itinerary. Yes, now you can explore your idea of holidays not just with the names of the places and tours but also with themes and tour types!

Flamingo Travels

2. A destination on mind? Explore the ways of experiencing it!

If you already have a destination in my mind, Flamingo can give you the best of package options and a variety of ways in which you can explore your desired destination. Type the name of that destination in our search bar and we will shower you with a heap of options to choose from. Choose as per your will and wander lust!

Tour Packages Online Booking

3. Transparency is the best policy!

Click on the option you choose to explore and you will see that Flamingo is one of the rare travel agencies that reveal the names of the hotel too where you will be staying on your trip along with the other tour details. This way, you will know what exactly you are getting in to before you do the bookings with us. Isn’t that what you would always need to know before you give a green signal to a travel plan?

Online Travel Consultant

4. Your wish is our command!

Leaving the readymade travel packages aside, are you wishing for something exclusively tailor made according your preferences, budget and requirements? Think of us as the Magic Travel Lamp in that case as we have got that covered for you too! Let’s customize a trip of your wishes. Go to our home page, click on ‘Advanced Search’ and tell us how you want it. As simple as that!

Online Travel Queries

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Taking the customization of your dream trip even further, the Flamingo website offers you the high end ‘Advance Filters’ option once you select the destination. Along with everything else, it lets you hand pick the sightseeing options, adventure, nightlife etc of your precise choices too! Here is how we get closest to your travel tastes and wishes as we set out to craft a trip of a lifetime for you.

Online Tour Packages

6. Are you an NRI?

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International TOur Packages

7. Current trending trips

Our home page also has a special tab of ‘Tour Deals’ showcasing our freshly brewed and upcoming seasonal holiday packages. Choose from a variety of options that are tailored to suit the time of the year, weather and available deals at the respective destinations.

Travel Website

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Eager to serve you at our very best, we have our Customer Support Executive constantly available for a chat. Spot the chat window on the lower right corner of our home page and feel to free to ask any of your travel queries. We will be happy to guide you. You can also ‘Request a Callback’ on our home page from the top right corner and we will return your call in one working day.

Tavel and Tour Packages Website

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7 Historical cities that changed India’s Independence movement

The struggle of India independence is one of the longest that is nearly about 90 years to persuade British out of India. In this long period many historical and unforgettable incidents happened that will always remained in our heart. We are sharing with you some of the historical places associated with our independence without which the story of Indian Independence Movement is incomplete.


Christopher Columbus – Man Who Discovered United States Of America

Columbus was born on 31st October 1451 in Italy (The Republic of Genoa), to the son of Domenico Colombo a middle class wool weaver. His mother name was Susanna Fontanarossa. He was having 3 brothers & 1 sister. On 1479, he got married with the beautiful lady Dona Felipa, unfortunate he lost his wife after his son’s birth. His son’s name was Diego. He was born in 1480.  When Columbus was teenager he got his first job on merchant ship, in 1470s some French privateers’ attack on his ship when it was sailing on north. The whole ship was sunk, but the young man Columbus floated on some wooden scrap on the way of Lisbon. Who knew that the boy will change the world forever?

Places to visit around the world

Columbus started taking interest for westward voyages. He learned of the Atlantic Ocean voyages and sailors’ were reported of land to the west of the Madeira Islands and the Azores. Columbus accepted that Marco Polo’s erroneous location for Japan was 2,400 km east of China. Also he accepted that Ptolemy’s underestimation of the circumference of the Earth & the size of the Eurasian landmass. He started believing that Japan was about 4,800 km from west of Portugal & distance that marked sailed in existing vessels. Furthered by his suggestion of the Florentine cosmographer Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli. Columbus sought in 1484, support for an exploratory voyage from King John 2 of Portugal, but he got refusal and the Portuguese also underestimated the distance.

Columbus Journey

Soon in 1485, Columbus went to Spain with his son there he spent seven years of his life to get support from Isabella I of Castile. Soon he was granted for that and he received from court, by giving a small annuity, and they gained both friends and enemies too. Again he got final refusal in 1492 made, then Columbus decided to go @ France, and he got his final call to Isabella proved successful. And then an agreement made between the crown and Columbus set the terms for the expedition.

The First Voyage

Pinta, Niña, and Santa María were outfitted for the minor port of Palos. Two brothers —  Alonso Pinzón, who got the command on Pinta, and his younger brother Vicente, who commanded on the Niña. They left Palos on August 3, 1492; rerigged the Niña is called a Canary Islands; and sailed to the west. On October 12, 1492, Columbus named San Salvador and historians later identified in Island in the Bahamas as Witling Island. In 1986 a group  that the true landfall was Samana Cay, 105 km to the south.

English Channel

A  friendly population that Columbus called Indians. After some time the expedition floated on to Cuba, the delegation was went to seek the court of the Mongol emperor of China and gold. Then in December they sailed towards east in Hispaniola, where, at Christmas, the  María was wrecked near Cap-Haïtien. He found that an Indians seemed friendly, because of that 39 men were left on the island for the settlement of Navidad till Columbus trun back  to Spain. He had sailed on west from the Canaries; and after that sailed north before heading east and so again found favorable winds, Alonso, who had explored with the Pinta, rejoined Columbus, but till that time the ships were separated at sea. In 1493, in the month of march Columbus finally landed in Lisbon and was interviewed by John II. Later he went to Palos & across Spain to Barcelona, over there he was warmly welcomed by Isabella and her husband. Columbus claimed that he reached islands just off the coast of Asia and brought with him gold, Indians and artifacts.

The Second Voyage

In 1493 Portuguese claims to Columbus that he discoveries led Pope Alexander VI for issuing papal bulls. The world into areas opened to colonization by Portugal & Spain. Both the nations moved into line of demarcation by 370 leagues on the west of the Cape Verde Islands by the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) and undertook colonization.

Tourist Attraction

Ferdinand and Isabella found by, Columbus sailed from Cádiz on his 2nd  voyage on 25th September, 1493. At this movement he as having total 17 ships with 1,500 men around. Again they stopped in the Canaries and made landfall on 3rd November, 1493,. The expedition sailed through Lesser Antilles; islands were named and sighted, and some were landed on.

The Third Voyage

In 1497 Columbus got the finally authorization to made a third voyage after the Portuguese had sent Vasco daGama off to India. On July 31 he made landfall on Trinidad, 1498 Despite difficulties in a crew, Columbus stared Spain in May 1498. With six ship,. The next day he reached the mainland and thus encountered South America.

Founded pearls at islands near the coast, the expedition then sailed across the Caribbean to Santo Domingo. There were in revolt, and Columbus soon had to face a royal commissioner, Francisco de Bobadilla, who arrived from Spain of 1500 best powers. Columbus brothers were removed the Columbus brothers from the government and sent them back to Spain in chains. Although the ship’s captain was willing to remove the shackles, Christopher insisted on going before Ferdinand and Isabella bound.

Fourth Voyage

Royal command after arrival in Cádiz in November 1500, he mounted a fourth expedition. May 1502 he left Spain, made a landfall at sailed and Martinique to Santo Domingo. After many problems he finally rescued, and he reached Spain in 23rd November 1504.

May 20, 1506, he was pressing his claims at court. He was in believed that he had reached Asia. He no longer had the crown and royal support had, from 1495 onward