Deciding Europe Group Tour from India ?


For any common passenger, finalizing & deciding Europe Tour from India is a very confusing  job.

There are many Tour Operators who give catchy advertisements about wife free, child free or similar. There are many who advertise like, Book an Europe vacation & get Singapore or India vacation for free.

Every Tour operator will try to argue for their Itinerary & say ours is the best.

Its so confusing for customers, that he is going from one Tour operator to another comparing Itinerary, Price, Inclusions & we find that everyday his confusions go up.

Followings are the Tips , which can help him decide better & faster.

A)    Nothing is Free in this world:-

Free word is a gimmick used by the Tour operators & customer should sincerely ask questions & go in depth about the free aspects.

In fact , one should give negative marks  to the operator who does the gimmicks of free offers.

B)    Understand the problems of Europe Group Tours :-

There is around 4000 – 5000 kms of travel in Europe Group Tours in about 14-18 days. So we should go for tours which is having less Travel. Per day travel should not be more than 300 kms / per day .

This is the most Important.

C)    Understand the Hotels : –

In normal case in Europe all Tour Operators give hotels, which are around 30 kms from the city centre. Plus the rooms are smaller & no Porter is available. Many operators give exact hotel names and addresses on the last minute.

We believe that ,It is absolutely must to know the names & addresses of Hotels before you are booking the Tour.

D)    Know Restaurants & Food in Detail:-

Breakfasts served in hotels are very basic & practically no Indian items are served in Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner are in Indian Restaurants.

It is imperative for the Traveler to discuss the Meals, Restaurants, Menu Items etc before finalizing the Tour.

E)     Understand what is Caravan :-

In Europe , some local Tour Operators are serving the food in Caravans. Caravan is minivan , in which moving Kitchen is there . This Caravan moves with the Tour & serves Food to passengers . In places like London, Paris, Switzerland Caravan is illegal , so Caravan is not possible. Most important is when using Caravan, lunch is served on the petrol pumps or some parking area. People have to eat food in the paper plates standing on the Petrol pumps. In Europe, Climate is very uncertain, sometimes very cold, Rainy & sometimes hot. It is very difficult to eat outside standing on the road or Petrol pump.

So we definitely believe , Caravan should be avoided. 

F)     Knowing the Sightseeing:-

Understand what sightseeing are included in the Tour. Europe is the center of History, culture & Modern wonders. Make sure that the Tour Operator includes the must & the most important sightseeing of your choice.

We believe that one should focus more on what the tour operator is going to show than anything else.

Above are some Tips which will be very useful to you for finalizing your Europe Tour.

Have a Happy Tour to Europe

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Need Europe OR Schengen Visa For Europe Tour from India ?

Europe Visa from India, Europe Visa Form India

26 European countries have come together & formed a borderless world.

This is called Schengen Union & if you want to travel in these countries, then only one visa is required which is common for all 26 countries – called Schengen visa.

The 26 countries which are included are listed below.

Schengen visa is valid for
Austria Belgium Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Iceland Italy
Luxembourg Netherlands Norway
Portugal Italy Sweden
Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Poland Czech Republic Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia Malta
Switzerland Lichtenstein

All above countries have their consulates/embassies office in India. One can apply to any of these countries visas.

Now, most important point is from where you should apply & what the procedures are.

First and foremost you have to form your itinerary & decide which cities & countries you are going to stay.

In case of travel to more than one Schengen country, please submit your application to the Embassy / Consulate where you will be staying for the maximum number of days.

In case of equal stay in two different Schengen countries then, one has to apply at the Schengen country which is the first port of entry.

Please note that holders of a Schengen visa are still subject to immigration control and are not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries, even though they may hold a valid visa for these countries.

The Schengen visa is granted in the form of a sticker affixed on a passport, a travel document or another valid document which entitles the holder to cross the border.

We repeat that  Possession of a Schengen visa does not confer automatic right of entry.

Entry will only be granted if the other conditions laid down by the Schengen Convention are met, i.e. the justification of the purpose and the conditions of the trip and the possession of sufficient funds.

Short Stay Schengen Visa

The short-stay visa is the most common Schengen visa.

It entitles travellers, subject to the visa requirement, to enter the territories of the 26 Schengen States to pay a continuous visit or several visits (depending on the number of entries granted by the consulate), the duration of which does not exceed three months (90 days) in any half-year from the date of first entry in the Schengen area. As an example suppose you want to apply for visas from Italy.

In order to apply for a travel visa at the Embassy of Italy, your only destination or your main destination (longest duration of stay) must be Italy.

In the absence of a main destination (e.g. same duration of stay in two or more countries) you should apply at the country of first entry because your passport will show the entry stamp of your first destination only. Same with other countries.

For visas one need to submit proper itinerary & also most important is your actual hotel bookings. It is must that hotel bookings & all other bookings have to be genuine & consulate verifies the same with the hotel, airlines & other.

We strongly suggest that one should apply for Schengen visas only and only after your tour program is fixed & all your hotel bookings confirmed.

Change in program or hotel bookings can have very adverse effect at the time of entry. Be honest and submit the truth that is the most effective policy.

Many times consulate call for the personal interviews to Delhi/Mumbai or takes interview on phone. So please pick up the phone when it comes from consulate/embassy.

Sometimes consulate give conditional  visas, in that case you have to appear in person, to the consulate/embassy with your passport and arrival/departure boarding pass after you come back from the tour.

It is our observation that consulates are very sympathetic to genuine travellers, and most important is to disclose each and everything very rightly and truthfully to the consulates.

If you speak truth and if your case is genuine then consulates have all the plus feelings for you. There is great rush in the consulates in season time. Applying early with sufficient buffer in time is a very wise policy.

Otherwise it may happen that you may come into hotel, airline cancellations.

Again in the end we reiterate the followings:

  • Follow the truth and have genuine itinerary and bookings
  • Apply early for processing in time

We believe that Schengen visa would not be difficult, if you follow the above.

Have a happy Europe trip!

For more information on Schengen or Europe Visa assistance contact our visa expert from here. Also you can contact us for Europe Tour Packages from India.

How to get USA Visa from India? For America Tour from India

Applying-For-US-Visa?, USA Visa From India

To visit USA is everybody’s dream and to achieve that one needs USA visas.

However, most of us believe that it’s too difficult to get USA visa.

We are sure that to obtain visa successfully by following systematic procedure of visa application,

On the ground of truth & honesty need to be done.

Everybody would have to go for interview.

We strongly believe that, for USA visas applications (or any country visas application), And giving interview, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

One should speak the truth, declare all things transparently and all right information should be given to the consulates.

USA Visa Requirement

  • Minimum 8  Months valid Passport
  • Evidence of your proposed tour Itinerary/Sponsorship I-134
  • Your Last year Income Tax return
  • Proof of present occupation.

Basic Visa Process

  • First one will have to pay visa fee to the consulate that will take 72 hours for updating online.
  • We will fill up your online application and will send to you for your final confirmation & required correction.
  • Finally we will proceed for visa interview date to Mumbai & we will call to you before selection of online date.(you must have to stay minimum 1 over night in Mumbai)
  • One day would be the finger print and next day would be the interview.

Get the USA visa and choose our best USA group tour from India to enjoy the American holiday dream to your fullest.

More details on the USA visa process is available on our website Here. Also you can contact us for your America Tour Packages from India.

Desert Safari: A must to do activity in Dubai Tour Packages from Gujarat

Desert Dune Safari is a must do if you happen to visit Dubai, it is an adventure you will never forget! As you can see in  around 45 minutes we have driven to a meeting point where all desert safari tour operators gather as a tradition. Note that this is the entry point to the desert, so the drivers deflate  the tyres of their cars before entering the sands of the desert.

Desert-Safari-Dubai, Dubai Tour Packages From India

Now visitors, hold the seats as a  roller coaster experience on the sands of the Dubai begins! Riding over sands dunes and sliding off at 45 degree angles while being strapped  in a 4 wheel drive that is constantly  shaking from side to side, is a scary but fun experience you’ll agree. Oh you will surely have an adrenaline rush!

For Dubai Group Tours, Dubai Package Tours from Ahmedabad, Gujarat Contact Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd.

Desert Camps

Camps: After a brief stop when we survey the immense majesty of the desert, the desert camp with its typical red, white and black cushions laid out in the majlis style, with the distinctive hubbly bubbly in the corner. There you cannot afford to miss the Desert quad biking experience. The easy drive on the sands will ensure to excite all your senses. As per the honoured tradition of the region, you are welcomed with a cup of fragrant Arabic coffee and dates which I am sure you’ll enjoy. Those wishing to pick up interesting souvenirs can do so. You can purchase sand art done by artists in glass bottles. Also you can have your hands painted with  Heena designs, and also you can experience a short camel ride. You can also relish different flavoured Hukkas in the camp.


As the evening grows dark you will be informed by the announcer about the performance of the mesmerizing belly dance performance by the fireside. There the beautiful belly dancer performs different steps of belly dancing. The crowd applauds each steps and enjoy the enchanting belly dancing. Later you will be awestruck by the “Tanura” dancer’s performance which will surely make a deep impact on your hearts. Do lay back and relax while the hosts get the barbeque going and lay out a delicious spread of continental and Arabic dishes, including both vegetarian and non vegetarian. They offer free drinks to all the visitors of the desert safari.


Last but not the least, you will be entertained by the fire ball performer. The performer plays with the fireballs and performs various steps with accuracy which you will surely remember.

All the visitors take photographs and videos of all the performers and have a gala time in the peaceful beautiful desert sands. Later all depart from the desert camps to their hotels from the deflation point in the cars with beautiful memories.


No wonder, desert safari is a must must do activity if you are in the land of deserts : DUBAI!

For Dubai Tour Packages, Group Tours to Dubai from Ahmedabad, Gujarat Contact : Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd.


Love Travel Tales – France, Thailand, Bali Tour Packages from Gujarat

With close to 200 – 300 million red roses sold and over 50% of marriage proposals taking place it is safe to say that Valentine’s Day is either the most romantic or nicest smelling day of the year. Forget the long stem roses, hallmark cards and diamonds, Flamingo is taking you on a trail of love tales from across the world, perfect for those that are single, married or other!

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris, Europe Tour Packages From India

Love Locks: Love locks are the perfect symbol of eternal love for you e votre chéri! A couple write their names on a padlock, lock it to the bridge and throw the key in the stream below to show their everlasting love for eachother. If that isn’t romantic enough then a kiss under Arc de Triomphe, crepes for two or sunset at the Eiffel Tower should suffice.

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Thailand Exotic Beach

Exotic Beach, Thailand

The love boat: Many cultures use knots as symbols of an eternal love that has neither a beginning nor an end. Meet your very own Captain Jack Sparrow as you sail around the islands of Thailand stopping for secluded swims and forest elephant rides, all the ingredients for finding romance.

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Put a ring on it: Engagement rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks maintained that that finger contains the “vein of love,” that runs straight to the heart. If you are chasing down that ring, book a trip for you and the significant other to Santorini for the perfect white and blue cliffs for the backdrop.

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Beautiful Bali

Beautiful Bali

Revive the love: Want to fall in love again with each other, Bali is the destination. The natural beauty and peace will surely evoke your love senses. One can enjoy the romantic couple Bliss Spa at Bali and revive the fond memories of love life.

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Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Romantic ride on water: Yes it is Venice, which oozes romance. Feel the warmth and closeness of your companion by taking the romantic water ride and enjoy the sweet nothings in each others ears. Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy with winding canals, gondolas, and narrow streets for losing yourselves together. Besides the spectacular Piazza San Marco and cathedral, there are many small picturesque squares and churches. Venice has many romantic restaurants and cafes where you can linger. Venice is Italy’s top destination for Carnevale festivals.

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Is Dubai Safe for Women Traveler?

dubai Tour, Dubai Group Tour From India

Apart from all the impressive sky scrapers and unimaginable architectures and interiors, during my whole Vacation Tour To Dubai the thing that did create strong impression on my mind and heart was safety I experienced as a female tourist. I had hailed a cab post-midnight to Diera City Mall for shopping and reached back to my hotel safely accompanies by interesting conversations with a friendly cabbie driver. All the cab drivers were friendly and would share details about their origins and personal reasons of relocating themselves for work at Dubai. Not even for a second I felt unsafe while I was either travelling though the well developed Metros, cabs or streets of Dubai.No wonder the malls were full of women enjoying their shopping during the late hours!

diera city centre mall at night

Moreover it is not uncommon to see women coming back home from work really late. Nobody will give you a second look, nobody will try to follow you, make passes at you, hassle you with lewd comments.

Dubai women

The girls can be themselves, wear modern clothes and travel all over Dubai with not stress looming in their minds “oh I am a girl, what if something will go wrong while I am alone out of my house!”

Does this mean crime against women does not exist in Dubai?

The answer will be no. With about 120 nationalities living together in a metropolis it is inevitable crime will exist and one gets to read about sexual crimes against women in the newspapers often. Dubai is also fighting human trafficking and domestic violence is also one of the issues here. But the rate of crime is much lower in Dubai compared to other cities.

Police has a major role to play

Dubai women2

The police here provides an amazing safety net for women by efficiently patrolling the city 24×7. Be sure to spot a Dubai Police patrol wherever you go. If a woman dials 999 for help they will be there in two minutes. And most importantly the Dubai police force command respect and fear among the people for their commitment.

Dubai Women

Another thing that keeps women in Dubai safe is the inevitability of punishment. There is no escaping. When a British woman was raped and kidnapped by three men last July 2012, they were eventually caught and in eight months the verdict was out and they are now in jail. Justice is delivered quickly and efficiently.

The other day a friend asked, “What is it you will miss about Dubai when you came back to Ahmedabad?” My instant reply was, “I will miss venturing out of my hotel room, even at unearthly hours, without a care in the world.”


Surely, in 10 years Dubai has achieved a lot. It has unique balance of religious values as well as modernism.

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Vacation Tour to Bali from Gujarat- From my Eyes – “The Ultimate Island”

Bali is known as the “Island of a Thousand Puras”, or “Island of the Gods. The mere mention of ‘Bali‘ evokes thoughts of a paradise. It’s more than a place; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.   Bali is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts, and performing arts.

Though Bali is Muslim country, it has 85% population of Hindus. It is well known throughout the world for its unique Hindu culture, the splendor of its ritual arts, and the charm of its friendly people. Bali is also called as an island of thousands temples. Temples are spread all over the island from a very simple to elaborate ones. In every family compound they have a family temple as a place to renewing contact with holy ancestors, and in each village there are three temples, which are dedicated to the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Wisnu, Siwa) such as,

Pura Desa is the temple to honor the God in his manifestation as Dewa Brahma – the creator.

Pura Puseh is for honoring the manifestation as Dewa Wisnu – the protector.

Pura Dalem is dedicated to the Dewa Siwa – The Destroyer.

Split stay in Bali in Nusa Dua, Ubud and Kuta/Seminyak offered me to experience beach activities, rain forest feel, night life and shopping.

Nusa Dua – famous for its beautiful beach 

Bali Packages, Bali Tour Packages From India

Nusa Dua means two islands. Nusa Dua is home to the most popular its Luxurious Hotels, Golf course in Bali and the main convention centre on the island.  Hotels like Melia Bali, Nusa Dua Beach Resort, Grand Hyatt, Nikko Bali and many more offer various activities like snorkeling, surfing n all water sports like banana boat, parasailing, fish fly, water scooter n many on white sand beach. My stay at Melia Bali was just amazing

Kuta – Famous for Its Nightlife

Kuta - Night Life

Kuta region is the centre of Bali’s night-life  It is located just an hour drive from Nusa Dua area. A large variety of clubs and bars featuring a young and active crowd will keep you dancing until sunrise.  It is a surfer central, by far the most heavily developed area in Bali. I had visited Rock Bar at Ayana hotel which is the lifetime unforgettable experience.  Kuta / seminyak offers very good shopping starting from local souvenirs from the street to all brands in the malls.

Ubud –  Rainforest area, Spa & Massage and water rafting at Ayung River


Ubud is popular among tourists because of this location lies between the rice fields and forest that lies between the mountain ravines that create a very beautiful nature. Many hotels in Ubud like Kupu Kupu, Komenika and Bali Rich offers different style of villas where we feel like we are staying in between mountain n river n if we keep mobile off, we can truly forget the world. I also really enjoyed  visiting one of the local coffee “Luwak” plantation n coffee testing.

White Water rafting 


Bali rafting or white water rafting Bali is one of the popular adventure tours for local and international tourist in Bali. I enjoyed 9 km rafting in Ayung River for 2 hours n it was just amazing. The raft passes in Ayung river where both the side s of mountains the story of “Ramayana” is been carved. The artists have done creditable job for many years to explain the story of Ramanyana with the characters.

Spa n Balinese massage


There are more than thousand spa and massage centers which offers different treatments and Balinese massages for different durations. Bliss Spa was one of the best place I found during my stay in Ubud, most relaxing, most reviving.

Tanah Lot Temple 


Tanah Lot means “Land in the Sea” in the Balinese language. Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally “Tanah Lot temple”), and a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography. The trip to Bali is incomplete without the visit to this temple.

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Exquisite Beauty of Oman – Oman Tour Packages from Gujarat

I was very upbeat to visit this country from what I had heard. The reason being it was said that it is opposite of Dubai. No tall buildings, no highrise apartment or office complexes. Not the glittery lights or the fast pace of city no tensions on the face of people. But still rated the most improved nation in the last 40 years, a high income economy and one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

An interesting contrast wouldn’t you agree?

Oman capital city muscat is spread out among various hills and valleys. As soon as one enters from the eastern side crossing the Arabian sea one is delighted to see the mountains rising from the ocean bed.

Sur, Oman, Oman Tour Packages From India

Sur, Oman

Beautiful coves,few houses nestled   in the valleys between these coves surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Hotels located in these coves make beautiful locations for privacy and quiet solitude for getting away from the bustle of city life.

It has a very glorious past much older than the  other arabic countries. It was a very powerful trading country in the Arabian sea and Indian ocean and covered within it’s boundaries the Island of Zanzibar off the Tanzania coast, UAE, Baluchistan, part of Saudi Arabia and Yemen etc. It had trade relations with Kerala and the eastern coast since many years.

Their present king sultan  Qaboos Bin Said Al Said is highly respected and dearly loved by the people. He came to power in  1970 after sending his father the king in power to his retirement .He is responsible for bringing about the opening of the country to the world ,social changes and women education which is responsible for the biggest growth rate for any society in the last 40 years.He had studied in Pune and London.

It has very good relations with India and many of the kings trusted people in government are Indian origin. One of the big Indian businessman is Khimjibhai who is nicknamed the only Indian sheikh of Oman.

Though it has joined the first world link it’s well rooted in it’s culture. The city though developed  has retained it’s identity and architectural differences. The grand mosque  is a great architectural  marvel. It is one of the most liberal of the Arabic nations.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Oman

Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Oman

The Royal opera is classically decorated and with state of the art systems in place. Dolphin watching can be done just 10/15  minuites off the coast of muscat.

Royal Opera House, Oman

Royal Opera House, Oman

It’s most  unique features are,
1) Turtle  beaches, Turtles in their most natural habitat come to lay eggs on it’s shores .
The area is well protected and this cycle has been repeating uninterrupted for many many years.we were able to enjoy and etch in our memory this process
in the life of a turtle in one of the most natural of environment possible today on this earth. In the season you can find even more than 100 turtles at a time on it’s beaches.

2) The wadis are to be seen to be believed .straight scenery copied from the Arabian nights stories.These are river beds with greenery and water pools surrounded by rocky mountains. During rains these rivers get flooded as the mountain soil does not retain or absorb water.

Wadi Shab, Oman

Wadi Shab, Oman

3) The desert experience
to stay under the starry nights with only sand and silence surrounding you was again a very Arabic experience close to nature.
The more adventurous can stay for 10to15days camping in the deserts like the bedouins. Land cruiser trips on this long trips can be a reality for the dreamers and adventure lovers.

4) The mountain of HAJJAR just 3 hours drive from muscat are surrounded by spectacular scenery and are called the grand canyon of the east.

5) Salala which lies to the south of the country is a tourist paradise during the monsoon months of July, August and September. The whole area becomes similar to a rain forest.

Salalah Beach

Salalah Beach

6) Beauty of Oman is in it’s mountains which are multi colored multi shaped .multi formations, it’s mountains are sandstone and does not retain any water so are without any grass or vegetation. The well formed out roads in this multi colored mountain area with peeks of the seas and wadis make for spectacular scenery.

Water Light & Rocks show - Muscat

Water Light & Rocks show – Muscat

It is not a very cheap destination but offers great value for money for those who care for quality accommodation, variety in nature, culture & scenic beauty.

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What is America to me…. – USA Vacation Tours &; Packages from Gujarat

United States of America, world’s greatest democracy, the global centre of Creation, Business & Entrepreneurship, is perceived by people in different ways. We find that many times people appreciate America but they do not know the hard work, commitments, efforts, risks which the people of America have put in and are putting in, making this country a super power in all respects.

As a traveler we will see,

1) Developed cities with sky scrapers

2) Try luck with Casinos

3) Shopping at world’s biggest malls

4) Visit to the amazing national parks

5) Experience the wonders’ of the world ” Niagara Falls”

6) Different cruise options from different cruise liners from different coastline

7) Visit to different theme parks

8) Enjoy the international cuisine and so on!!!!

We would like to emphasize on the wonders done in the pages of America’s History by the immigrants from all over the world!!! People have dreamt big and worked hard day and night to achieve their dreams!! Some of the examples are,

1) Empire State Building

2) Rail road network

3) Hoover dam

4) Panama Canal



On March 17 1930, the construction of the Empire State Building began, With a peak labor force of 3,000 men, framework rose at a rate of 4 ½ stories per week, and was completed on November 13. The Empire State Building rises to 443.09 meters at the 102nd floor. The Empire State Building was the first building to have more than 100 floors. It has 6,500 windows and 73 elevators, and there are 1,860 steps from street level to the 102nd floor.  The building’s opening coincided with the Great Depression in the United States, and as a result much of its office space was initially unrented. The building houses 1,000 businesses and approximately 21,000 employees work in the building each day, making the Empire State Building the second-largest single office complex in America.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Imagine in 1930, when most part of the world were still struggling to learn the modern construction methods, Americans built this 100 floor wonderful structure and that also in just 18 months.

We salute the American spirit for this.


Pacific Railroad

Pacific Railroad

The First Transcontinental Railroad in the U.S. was built across North America in the 1860s, linking the railroad network of the eastern U.S. with California on the Pacific coast. Finished on May 10, 1869 it created a nationwide mechanized transportation network that revolutionized the population and economy of the American.

The principal mainline railroads concentrated their efforts on moving freight and passengers over long distances.

Railroad that operates 8,400 locomotives over 31,390 route-miles in 23 states west of Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. On December 31, 1925, It operated 9,834 route-miles and 15,265 track-miles. At the end of 1980, Union Pacific operated 9,266 route-miles and 15,647 miles of track. More than 4000 people contributed in the construction of rail road.


Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives. The dam was controversially named after President Herbert Hoover.

Hover Dam

Hover Dam

Such a large concrete structure had never been built before, and some of the techniques were unproven.  Six Companies turned over the dam to the federal government on March 1, 1936, more than two years ahead of schedule.

  • Length of Hoover dam 1,244 ft (379 m)
  • Hoover Dam was constructed in five years
  • Height of Hoover dam 726.4 ft (221.4 m)
  • There were 112 deaths associated with the construction of the dam.
  • It furnishes water and electrical power to six states. Hoover Dam generates about 2000 megawatts of power. The dam now provides electricity to 29 million Americans.


The history of the Panama Canal goes back almost to the earliest explorers of the Americas. The narrow land bridge between North and South America offers a unique opportunity to create a water passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Panama Canal that connects Pacific Ocean with Atlantic Ocean

Panama Canal that connects Pacific Ocean with Atlantic OceanPanama Canal

France began work on the canal in 1881, but had to stop because of engineering problems and high mortality due to disease. The United States took over the project in 1904, and took a decade to complete the canal, which was officially opened on August 15, 1914. One of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken.

Today, the canal continues to be not only a viable commercial venture, but also a vital link in world shipping.



NASA powers inspiration that encourages future generations to explore, learn and build a better future.

Fifty years after its founding, the national Aeronautics and spaces Administration arguably leads the world in exploration, standing on the shoulders of a long line of explorers throughout history. Its astronauts have circled the world, walked on the moon, piloted the first winged spacecraft, and constructed the international space station, Its robotic spacecraft have studied earth, visited all the planets (and soon the dwarf planet Pluto), imaged the universe at many wavelengths, and peered back to the beginnings of time, Its scramjet aircraft have reached the aeronautical frontier, travelling 7,000 miles per hour, 10 times the speed of sound, setting the world`s record. How did an agency with such varied accomplishments come into existence? That’s Why you must visit NASA when you go to USA.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Apart from this, there were many areas like oil industry, aviation industry, automobile industry where they have worked so hard and created the revolution!!! Visit Flamingo’s American Dreams tour to experience all the above wonders of USA!!

We salute to the American spirit of creation & entrepreneur.

For us America is,

The great leaders like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, F. D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther.

The great businessmen like Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and so many.

The great scientists like Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, and Alexander G. Bell

The great Hollywood Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Elvis Presley, and many more.

The great Sports persons like Michael Phelps, Serena Williams and many more.

America stands up due to its people, its democracy, its desire to accept all Religions and encouragement of creation.

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Centre of economy, shifting from west to east – Hongkong, Macau Tour Packages from Gujarat


It is much talked by economist around world about that money is moving from, West to East. It is said that by 2030 China would overtake USA in all economic parameters. We don’t know whether that will happen or not, but it has really happened in Gambling. We all know Las Vegas was ones the biggest Gambling hub on this Earth.


Las Vegas, Nevada


But today Macau has overtaken Las Vegas. Macau has almost 40 casinos, more than one per 1km.

Venerian macau, Hong Kong Tour Packages From India

Venetican Macau


The chart, reproduced from The Economist, shows betting revenues in the top gambling destination worldwide.



Macau is ahead on revenue by a considerable distance and easily tops list for dollars spent per visitor.


Macau money: This chart – taken from The Economist – shows how much more revenue Macau makes compared to Las Vegas.


On average, gamblers lay down $1,354 in Macau casinos compared to just $156 in Las Vegas.



The reason for this is the coming together of two factors – the rapid expansion of China’s wealthy middle and moneyed classes, and that country’s insatiable appetite for a flutter. Macau is the only part of the vast country in which gambling is legal. Macau is known worldwide as “Monte Carlo of Orient” as the economy relies heavily on gambling.


Between 2008 and 2012, Macau’s gambling revenues grew by a whopping 29 %  a year on average.


Macau is predicted by experts to become the first $100billion gambling market thanks to improved links to the Chinese mainland – including a planned 30 mile road bridge connecting it to it’s sister Hong Kong – as well as capacity expansion at border-control to reduce waiting times to enter.


Macau has 33 casinos of which biggest is Venetian Macau.


Waterway emulating Venice at the Venetian Macau


23 casinos are located on Macau Peninsula & 10 on Taipa Island. Some of big and famous casino’s are

·         Casino Lisboa

·         Wynn Casino

·         Sands Casino

·         The Galaxy

·         The MGM

image 5 galaxy-macau

The Galaxy Casino

image 6 MGM

The MGM Casino

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