Scenic Rail Routes – Best Ways to Enjoy and Explore in Swiss Holidays

The Scenic rail routes of Switzerland provide amazing views of Switzerland. When Your are on Vacation to Switzerland, All these scenic rail routes takes you through mountain peaks, countryside, bridges, rivers, valleys and each is guaranteed to give you gorgeous views of Switzerland.

Below are the top five scenic routes in Switzerland:

  • Bernina Express:


Bernina express will take you from Chur in Switzerland to Poschiavo or Tirano in Italy. The train will pass over 196 bridges. If you are travelling in summer, you can continue your journey to Lugano by bus. What makes it different from other trains is it will give you experience of bus and it will take you closer to the Italian border.

  • Wilhem Tell Express:


Just like the Bernina Express, this route combines two forms of transportation: train and boat. You can start the journey in either Lugano or Locarno and travel towards Lucerne (or vice versa). From Lugano, you have to take a regional train to Bellinzona, and then you have to board the panaromic train to Fluelen. As with the trains, you’ll have those beautiful views of Swiss mountain and the boat will make stops at the villages near the lake until you reach Lucerne.

  • GoldenPass Line:


Another most scenic train of Switzerland is the Golden Pass Line, which starts form Interlaken and Zweisimmen to Montreux (or vice versa). The journey will begin from Lucerne and it will take you to several lakes pastures through Bruning pass and it will finally end in Interlaken. From Interlaken you will take a train you need to take another train and later you will continue your journey towards Montreux. Certain departures on this route will offer panorama cars to give unobstructed views of every gorgeous thing mentioned above.

This journey includes the most varied landscape of the Scenic Routes, from valleys and waterfalls to mountaintops and meadows.

  • Glacier Express:


Glacier express is the most popular route amongst the Scenic Trains and also the longest. This scenic route starts from Zermatt to St Moritz (or vice versa), although you can board at any point in between. The journey will take you through various mountain landscapes, bridges, tunnels in just 7 hours. Some of the inclines on this route are so steep that drinks are served in a special tilted glass to avoid spills.

  • The Chocolate Train:


This unique train starts from Montreux to the Gruyere region from where the famous Cailler chocolate come from. You can have lunch in Gruyeres and then depart for your journey to Broc, where you can visit the factory of Cailler Nestle Chocolate where you will see how chocolates are made.

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Things To Do on Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka is called “The Pearl of Indian Ocean”!!!

Not just the shape, but the country with its natural beauty is truly the pearl of Indian Ocean. My recent visit to Sri Lanka was fabulous where the full family has enjoyed the best holiday moments.

Sri Lanka, is the small country, but many sights to offer. If I close my eyes today, the glimpse of Sri Lanka comes in memory. The city & shopping, hill station & beach, world heritage sites, lush green tea gardens and so amazing sights with natural beauty!!! In just 7 days, with private vehicle, we enjoyed Kandy, nuwara Eliya, bentota and Columbo!!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites


How can I forget to mention, Sri Lanka is one of the top producing tea country in world. TEA means, tannin aroma of essence.

There are different types of tea like:

Green tea, black tea, white tea and gold tea.

Tea Gardens


One of the most memorable experience of my trip was the rafting on Kelani river close to Kitulgala. We enjoyed 4.5 Kms long river rafting and the river is flowing with lots of greenery surrounded. We also saw the sight of the movie shooted ” The Bridge On The River Kwai”!! And yes, the most exciting moments was when my daughter Dhruvi jumped into the river and started flowing with the water, was real fun!!!

Kitulgala Rafting


Kandy is the second largest city of Sri Lanka n it is famous for its wood factories, gem stone jewellery, silk clothes n sarees n Buddha’s Tooth Relic  temple.

Tooth Relic Temple


Nuwara Eliya, which is the hill station of Sri Lanka  is on about 6000 ft height. When Britishers ruled Sri Lanka, they have made colonial buildings and good tea factories and few are converted in hotels. Gregory lake and colonial hotel buildings makes the small hilly town look very beautiful.

Gregory lake


Bentota is the famous beach city of Sri Lanka which has amazing location resorts, fantastic water sports, Ayurvedic spa n massages to offer. I got really refreshed with 2 nights of my stay at club Bentota resort where one side we have Bentota river and on  the other side is Indian Ocean. The international buffet had more than 100 items to cater to all nationality passengers.

Bentota River & Beach


Columbo city reminds us to shop with lots of shopping malls like house of fashion, Odell n romafour.  Also, the srialnkan rupee is half then indian rupee so I find the shopping very reasonable for the brands available.

City’s Famous Mall


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Visit Global Village with Our Dubai Tours

Dubai Shopping Festival is a Shopper’s Paradise


This festival is a retail place inaugurated in 1996 for first time by the government of Dubai had 1.6 million visitors. It had an opening ceremony which gave a good start to the festival. The festival is organized to promote trade and commerce of the Dubai.

The festival is organized in the first month of the year for month for shopaholics. In the initial stage of the festival it was considered as a simple shopping place but in later years the more festival was gaining success it became an international festival which Dubai is proud of. The festival is a retail place which is going to complete 20 years in 2015.

But innovative programs organized year the festival becomes remarkable and unique. Dubai got the name ‘CITY OF GOLD’ during the awareness campaign been done in Dubai shopping festival .The whole festival is theme based on different countries which also attracts customers to experience the gesture represented the theme.


The festival has played a big role in promoting tourism of Dubai. As more and more time passed this festival is also known for its various entertainments programs. It is considered to be the most promising and entertaining festival of the globe. A slogan is also given to the festival which is “SHOP AT THE BEST”


Large number of tourists has been increasing every year which has provided platform for the international talents to exhibit their skills. The stage has entertainment such as street plays, special events, fireworks and fashion shows and other cultural activities. The festival has gained success for improving economic condition of the country. Visitors also get a chance to enjoy live music such as jazz, hip hop by the renowned artists.


As Dubai is a tax free country and merchants are importing products from other countries the festival offers wide range of cost effective products for people to buy. Visitors also have an opportunity to bargain for the product.

The festival also has different cuisines prepared from all corners of the world to satisfy their taste of buds. Cuisines ranging from Indian to continental, Chinese to French, Italian to all other Arabian gourments are been offered.

This festival helds at global village which is spreaded over 17 million square feet. Global Village is associated with DSF for a long run of its success. It is the major attraction during the Dubai shopping festival as global village. As the name itself Global Village represents the culture of various countries at one place.


All of efforts are been done to make this place more easy for visitors and also to ensure that everything is been well taken care of. They have kept an information counter which will help to guide them while traveling in the festival.

The shopping festival has an extraordinary closing ceremony to make visitors happy and to keep whole event memorable.

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Visit Orlando: The Entertainment Capital of The World with Our USA Tours


Visit to Orlando does not mean just Walt Disney world resort.

Orlando is called the “Entertainment Capital Of The World”!

Orlando – one of the most beautiful city I have visited during my trip to USA.  The major areas in Orlando are :  International drive, Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista. Major hotels and apartments are located on the above area where people have the opportunity to stay longer. I choose to stay on international drive with Rosen group hotel, from which the Walt Disney Resort, Indian food n shopping, all r close by!!!


Walt Disney World Resort – It has 4 Major Theme Park Named,

1) Magic Kingdom

2) EPCOT Center

3) Animal Kingdom

4) Hollywood studios


We require 1 full day to visit each park. I enjoyed Magic kingdom and EPCOT Center and could get the feel of Walt Disney resort the best.


I believe the visit to Orlando does not mean u end up with above parks, Orlando has a lot to offer.

How can we forget the NASA Kennedy Space Centre. NASA is a major central Florida tourist destination and is approximately one hour’s drive from the Orlando. NASA Education Technology team designs, develops, implements and evaluates the products and services that use technology to enhance the educational process for formal and informal education, as well as lifelong learning. NASA Kennedy space center, an excellent place for both kids and adults and it offers attractions like NASA Bus Tour, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Shuttle Launch Experience ,  IMAX Theatre, Apollo/ Saturn V Center and Rocket Garden.


Luxury on cruise

The fun on cruise, one of the best time I had with my family n friends. Port canaveral is the port from which many cruise liners operate 3, 4, n 7 nights itineraries.


We enjoyed 3 nights/4 days Bahamas cruise with Royal Carribbean n visited ports like Nassau and Coco cay, where we had the opportunity to enjoy the sun n sand, all water n beach activities. On ship, while sailing, we have options of swimming, jacuzzi, dance performances, captains dinner, yoga, indoor sports, dance n try our luck with bingo. I did not realise where our 4 days journey got over and I put on 2 kgs weight by experiencing 6 different meals in a day….. And yes, how can I forget, the spa experience of 1 hour looking at the waves of sea from a clean class of my massage room.

I could see different cruise liners like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian n also Walt Disney cruise ships during my cruise experience. But I find, we had one of the best experience with Royal Carribbean!!!!!


Depends on time we have, we can explore other parks like the Sea world where you can enjoy different shows like the Dolphin and the Shark. You will get the best roller coaster experience here.


Food n drink – hooters bar is the place for people to enjoy night out. Food is not a point to think about. U have lots of options of vegetarian meals starting from a roadside burger to pizza pasta to typical Indian as well as Gujarati food in the city.

So my trip to was Orlando was awesome just because I had the opportunity to relive my childhood again!!!

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Singapore in The Last 50 Years: Experience The Change with Our Singapore Tours


The island of Singapore was known to the sea travelers as early as the Third Century. By the seventh century, when the trade through sea developed, Singapore probably was one of the many trading outposts serving as an import-export port and served as the centre attraction of trade for Malay, Thai, Javanese, and Chinese, Indian, and Arab traders.

 A fourteenth-century Javanese people referred to the island as Temasek. As per local legends, there was sighting of half lion and half beast, it was due to those events the city of Singapura or the Lion City was named. The Malayan sultans and group of regional empires were the ones controlling Singapura back then.


In 1953 a British commission recommended partial internal self-government for Singapore. The very next year, Labour Front led by David Marshall, called for immediate independence and merger with Malaya. The same year, the People’s Action Party (PAP) was established under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, the future hero and legendary prime minister.

In 1957 Malaya was granted independence, and the next year the British Parliament elevated the status of Singapore from colony to state and provided for new local elections.


The small island country with limited source of income and without any natural resources was not the same Singapore that we know today.

 Singapore today is riding high on the Financial and Tourism wave the per capita income has increased to $78,744. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is considered to be the longest serving prime minister in the history. Mr. Lee’s contribution to the transformation has been phenomenal.

Small manufacturing base and little industrial know-how and domestic capital contributed much to the rapid rise of the unemployment. Today the unemployment rate stands low at 1.9%.

The Infant mortality rate was 82 per 1000 live births which now stand at 2. The average life expectancy rate back then was 62 which is increased to 82 mainly due to vast improvement in the health care and better quality of life that the government has worked to provide the citizens.

The early time was a violent period characterized by constant anti-colonial agitation, communist subversion and unrest leading to self-government and culminating independence. Post its separation from Malaysia, Singapore has grown at an average of 8% a year. The successful implementations into housing, water, sanitation, clean environment, nutrition, and education – all important determinants of health. Health care has always been placed high on the national agenda.


Singapore‘s land filling program has provided excellent results as the 581.5 km2 land has grown to an impressive 718.3 km2. The future land filling program has plans to grow the land size by another 100 km till 2030 that will double the size of the country from its original size. The Marina Bay area is an excellent example of the land filling program. The construction of the hotel Marina Bay Sands on Marina Bay is the most expensive building in the world costing $4.7 Billion.

After Monaco, Singapore is the second most populated or densest sovereign state. The 20th smallest country in the world stands 6th in the list of wealthiest nations.

Some of the famous brands of Singapore include Singapore Airlines, Tiger Palm and Tiger Beer. Over a period of time Singapore has evolved into a global meeting and events venue for big companies. The port has been one of the main pillars of Singapore’s economy for nearly 200 years and has played a key role in Singapore’s transformation into a global trading power for re-export. Much of this success is given to its strategic geographical location, stable government, and reliable workforce, pro-business environment, transparent legal system and sound infrastructure. Singapore has been and remains the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage.

Annually it receives an average of 140000 vessel calls at their port. The housing system is well planned and implemented to avoid any land wastage. The tourism sector has contributed a lot as over 15.6 million of visitors/tourists (with 7% Growth) in 2013.

Today Singapore has one of the best infrastructures, safe for tourists, pro-business approach and health care system with booming economy.

This Lion City has traveled from being a third world country to the first world, Are we ready to venture onto this journey?

Visit Singapore today and get mesmerized!!!

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Experience The Ever Changing San Francisco with Our USA Tour Packages

San Francisco – Never the Same

San Francisco Spanish name for “ St Francis “ popularly known as Frisco , is located on the west coast of United Sates of America. Situated on more than 50 hills within city limits, San Francisco enjoys cool summer Fog & Moist –mild winters. This Summer I had lovely Vacation on the West Coast of USA. San Francisco being Highlight of my tour I share my experience of the city which many have fallen in love with. (I being one of them)

On 18 April 1906 a massive earthquake shook San Francisco in less than a minute and ignited several fire that burned city for 3days. Even today City survives on minor earthquakes occur on regular basis. There are more than 50 hills in city of San Francisco… Horse cars were used as mean of transport in 1800’s.


This was quite time consuming and required lot of maintenance. In 1873 Cable Cars were introduced. San Francisco Cable Car have remained a symbol of the city ever since. San Francisco is one of the few places in the world. Where people can ride on a national historic landmark. The cable cars are the world’s last manually operated cable car system, in the U.S. These historic vehicles are not self-powered; rather they move using a mechanism that grips cables that run beneath San Francisco’s streets. I was excited to ride Cable car which was always part of Picture Perfect “San Francisco Post Card”. After waiting in long Queue at Powell Street. We in group of 50 hopped on to the Cable Car. Our Indian Sardaji Cable Driver was very accommodative with space. We covered distance of 0.5Mile in about 10 mins till Hyde Park… Hype Park Cable Car stops at top of Lombard Street.


WOW who must have not heard of World longest crookest Street -LOMBARD STREET. Having seen in numbers movies and now walking down the Lombard street walk way was dream come true. The crooked block is 600 feet (180 m) long, is one-way downhill and is paved with red bricks. Recommended driving speed is 8Km/h.


Golden Gate Bridge – Easily identified by its international orange color is perhaps the most photographed Bridge in the world. More than 10 years went in planning and only 4 years in actual construction. Bridge was completed in 1937, until 1964, the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 4,200 feet. .As I close my eyes today, the moment of taking selfie, at windy view point of bridge pavilion refreshes me. Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County. As I drove past the Bridge to Marin County, climate changed dramatically, and I could feel the Californian sun smiling at me. It was time to remove overcoats and enjoy Mexican lunch at the outdoor mall. With almost 260 days of sunshine California has very good options of outdoor malls. City of San Francisco does not stop here…


Suburban San Jose – is technocrat town with offices where loads of Indians have made their fortune. Stanford University provides best of education. My Writing this Blog brings me much Closer to City of San Francisco. I feel like not ending this blog here, but to continue with it yet again on my next visit to Sunny California some day.

Till then best wishes & Good health 🙂

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The First Taste of Spain – Fascinating Experiences on Spain Tour

Top five fascinating things to do while in Spain

Talking about Spain, the first thing that clicks my mind is celebrations, enjoyment, dancing, tasting variety of foods & drinks, awesome beaches to relax and lots and lots of fun.

Thanks to the Spanish culture, its people and its fiestas; Spain has its hands wide open to welcome all types of tourists from all over the planet. The magnificent leisure and hospitality facilities along with the splendid climate, historic sites, yummy food and many more things that make Spain one of the attractive destinations to enjoy the vacation.

Spain is a modern country perfectly integrated in the European continent located half way between Africa and Europe. It spreads out like a boost height in one corner of the European continent bordered by the Atlantic. The country has its most defining crowd with the silent solitude. Spain is a place where everyone has loved to come and who have stayed for long.


Festivals – Running with the Bulls & La tomatino

As Spaniards, their fiestas are also exciting. Running with the bulls takes place in Pamplona (Navarra city) on mornings of 6th to 14th of July every year, the running starts from their corrals to the bullring for the afternoon bull fight. Participants need to enter the course before 7:30 am from plaza de santo domingo. Two rockets are fired: one will announces that the bulls have been released, and second lets you know they are all out and running.

La tomatina is a tomato throwing orgy that attracts around 30000 visitors to a town. The last Wednesday in august makes one of Spain’s messiest and most bizarre festivals. Held in the town of bunol. Truck loads of ripe, squishy tomatoes are tipped out to the waiting crowd. At 1PM an explosion signals the end and the drenched participants don their stash of fresh clothes.


Adventure – Skydiving and Scuba Diving

Skydiving is one of the good adventures to experience while on Spain tour. This is breathtaking when you will fall from 15000 ft from plane. It gives almost of one minute free fall before parachute opens. Once parachute open you will be gliding on air with beautiful view of earth without any barrier in between. As we are not professional diver they give us training before flying also one of diver accompany us while jumping out of aircraft. There are many sites in spain from where they perform skydiving like near Seville, Barcelona, Madrid.

With Spain’s 4000 km of shoreline you will find great scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities year round. A good starting point is the coral reefs along the costa brava, the costa del sol outfits of Malaga.


Food – Tapas and Wine 

Dinner usually served between 9 to 12 midnight. And there is always time for pre dinner verity called tapa (food) with glass of wine.

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizer in Spanish cuisine. A tradition of putting a lid (Tapa) atop a glass of wine or beer. Their purpose was partly to keep the bugs out, but to encourage people not to drink empty stomach.

Being gujarati I tried to find veg tapas option to try. And without a doubt I found many options available in almost all the restaurant and bars of Spain, to try i ordered Spanish cheese and tomato Pie and marinated carrots with olive. And proud to say it was just awesome in taste. To share more few available dishes which you can try while on tour: fried pepper with garlic, roasted pepper in oil, vinegar and garlic, cheese in olive oil.

Wine accompanies almost every meal in Spain, where people drink often but rarely to excess. Probably the most common premium red table wine you will encounter will be from La Rioja.


Happening evening – Ibiza

Ibiza is the most extreme of the islands, in landscape and visitors. A rugged coastline is interspersed with dozens of sandy beaches.

In summer from May to October every year usually the islands is a continuous party from sunset to sunrise and back again. Each clubs has something different to offer, theme nights, fancy dress parties and foam parties are regular features.


Music & Dance – The Flamenco

Music is everywhere and the country’s intense musicality will be one of your abiding memories. Meanwhile flamenco the music most readily associated with Spain is enjoying a golden age and its influence is felt through almost all Spanish musical germs. Flamenco song can sound like someone suffering from excruciating toothache. But love it or hate it, a flamenco performer who successfully communicates their passion will have you unwittingly on the edge of your seat, oblivious to all else.


Without a doubt, Spain is an outstanding destination in the world. There are many reasons to consider it as a best due to its warm climate, good communication, and great infrastructures, considerable to offer in quality tourism, and of course the friendly & hospitable Spanish people.

It feels like; would have missed the best experience of my life, If not travelled to Spain.

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Skydiving and Scuba Diving

Experience The World’s Finest Islands with Our Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand is a spectacular kingdom which features Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, with beautiful islands. Along with an exciting history & a unique culture which includes delicious Thai food & relaxing massage. Thailand is a modern capital city, friendly & happening people hence symbolizes Thailand’s “Lands of Smiles” reputation.

It’s no secret that Thailand has some of the finest islands in the world- travelers have been crazy about them for years & movies have immortalized their white sandy beaches & mystical limestone cliffs. The beaches are beautiful, affordable & offer just what we are looking for on a tropical holiday. Some of the most popular & beautiful islands in Thailand are Phuket, Krabi & Koh Samui. These islands are so beautiful that you don’t want to go home. The islands are so amazing that you can stay there FOREVER.



Krabi Is Located On The West Coast Of The Southern Thailand Along The Andaman Sea. The Entire Region Is Filled With Palm & Rubber Plantations, Cliffs, and National Parks & More White Sand Beaches.

As One Of The Famous Tourist Destinations In Thailand, Krabi Has Innumerable Attractions Which Ensures It Has Something Or Other To Keep The Tourists Entertained 24 Hours On Their Krabi Holiday.


Kayaking & sea-kayaking are the great ways to explore Krabi’s scenic beauty without damaging the environment. These slow, silent & sturdy “sit on top” craft moves unnoticed through different coastal ecosystems, mangroves, canyons & historic caves.


In every place you can see wildlife. Several species of birds are easily spotted, as well as monkeys. On Hong Island, the marine life includes brightly colored crabs, many tropical fish & birds & occasionally giant monitor lizard.

Hong- Island in Krabi



Krabi offers a rich marine environment for snorkeling & scuba-diving where you can explore colorful corals, underwater caves, & rock formations. If you are lucky enough you can even spot leopard sharks, dolphins & even turtles.



There are many ways to explore the spectacular natural environment of Krabi, but the most unforgettable experience to explore & enjoy the jungles of Krabi is being on the back of the “National Animal “of Thailand- Elephant.



KOH SAMUI is an island of the east coast of the KRA ISTHMUS Thailand. It is Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket. LIPA NOI AND CHAWENG BEACHES are the two most enticing beaches of Koh Samui.

Beautiful white sand, clean clear warm water, lush tropical gardens and large coral reefs are an integral part of these beaches, if you are a beach lover this is exactly the place you are looking for.



It is relatively a new addition to the night life scene of KOH SAMUI. There are about 10k to 15k tourists participating every month at this beach party on the island of KOH PHANGAN. You can enjoy the palatable taste of different drinks served at this party and you can also groove to the beats of the local instruments which are the main attraction of this party.



It is the Thailand’s Largest Island. It is situated off the west coast of Thailand of the Andaman Sea.

Phuket has a fantastic number of attractions. From land activities to water activities, from natural to pre- natural, you will always find something to do on Phuket Island.



If you looking for a crazy night out- Patong beach is the best option in Phuket.

You can enjoy all the activities at many of it fun destinations including parasailing, cable skiing, target shooting, Thai cooking classes, bowling, elephant trekking, go carting, batik painting classes & many more.

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From The Director’s Desk: My Vietnam Tour

My Vietnam visit.7 to 14 Nov 2014

It was a pleasant surprise a visit to this new country. As I return from my journey I could not stop myself from sharing my experience. The newly introduced jet flight Delhi to Saigon also called HoChiMiinh city takes only 5 hrs 30 min.via Bangkok.

And if you wish to fly from bombay you still connect in jet to the Saigon flight in Bangkok. Though not the most preferred timings. The fact that this country was ravaged with war between the superpowers Russia and USA have left their indelible marks even after 40 years.

Destructed Forest in Chemical Used in War


95 percent people still wear masks to cover their nostrils and mouth a glaring reminder of the air pollution effects felt by people from the toxic materials used by the Americans to avoid the communist North South border crossing. Huge forests were completely raised to the ground by this toxic gas and chemicals. To this day the grass that grows here is white in colour.

Local People



For so many years children born in surrounding areas were with glaring deformities. The war memorial museum of Saigon has a very factual story to tell about the harrowing times. A must see to know what had become of this country during those times. And equally important to understand and admire how today this small nation is so full of energy with their invincible spirit of Independence never gave upto foreign rule.

Saigon Riverside


By The Riverside


A must see on your visit should be the cu chi tunnels which are a live example of their spirit and guerrilla warfare .Best mode of transport here and back is the speed boat and the journey is about 1and 1/2 hour. One way. Best place to stay and enjoy late evening or clubbers is the dong Khaen or district 1 where the major hotels ,nightlife places are located. I am generally not enthused by shopping places internationally but was enthralled here by the beautiful craftsmanship and hand work of the Vietnam  people. The finishing and detailed workmanship and at most affordable prices.

Local Hats


Cu Chi Tunnels


You can even get your self a wardrobe stitched to your measurements in a couple of days. The city of Hanoi capital of Vietnam is located northern part.the old quarter is like a centre of activity where shops are open up from 730 upto 10pm. The town of hanoi has 4 million scooters and 7 million people as Per my local guide which is hard to believe. But as early as 730 you can find scooter traffic wherein lanes and junctions will be full of two wheels and drivers.

Two Wheeler Traffic in Hanoi City


The wholesale markets here have goods of all kinds right from souvenir to clothes, leather.etc. etc. The French quarter surrounding this has colonial buildings.a cycle rickshaw ride can be used to go around. 4 hours drive from hanoi is the halong bay where a one night cruise is highly  recommended to experience the mystic area to its best.

Cruise Along The Halong Bay



Cruise by Night in Saigon


Vietnam is a paradise for seafood lovers. But being a Buddhist country vegetarian food is well understood and indian restauras are available in major cities.

A visit here would be appreciated by someone who likes history ,culture,variety of food,shopping, Nightlife, spa and massages.

Also You must see:

Notre Dam Cathedral


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You have Seen the Movies, Now Experience the Sets with our Europe Tour Packages

There has always been a great connection between Bollywood and Europe. The phenomenon of Bollywood in Europe is not easy to interpret. Europe has always been a favourite destination for Indian directors.

Switzerland has been all time favourite destinations of Yashraj Films. When you talk about the legendary director Mr. Yash Chopra and his films, first thing that you will imagine is Switzerland. We dream about Switzerland because many Indian movies are filmed there and thus it becomes our dream destination. However these days filmmakers are keen on exploring newer location to shoot the Indian movies.

From ‘An evening in Paris’ to the most recent ‘Bang Bang’ many movies have an essence of Europe in them. Movies generally change the perception of people about different locations. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara showed Spain and this marketed the Spain tourism on a very great scale. Rockstar explored the very less known locations of Prague. Namaste London and London dreams- as the name suggests shows the locations of London. The list of bollywood movies and European location is never ending.

Famous Bollywood Movies Shot in European countries:

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge- Switzerland


Silsile- Amsterdam (Tulip Garden)


Bang Bang – Greece (Santorini)


Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani – Turkey (Pamukale)


Bachana Ae Haseeno- Italy (Venice)


An Evening in Paris- Paris


Jab Tak hai Jaan- London


Laga Chunari Me Daag- Switzerland (Lucerne)


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- Spain


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