Hong Kong – The Best Of East & West

Hong Kong referred as ‘Fragrant Harbour’ is a city where east meets west. It is said to be a place with multiple personalities as a result of being Cantonese, Chinese and having been under British colonization. It is one of the most populated cities in the world. When we talk about the curious islands, then these amazing islands of Hong Kong are sensory delight and a memorable awaiting exploration for anyone. Escape into this advanced city limits on one of the world’s best transport facilities and wandering in a dynasty village, hiking surf-beaten beaches or scouring for sea shards on a deserted island.


Hong Kong is divided into four territories which are Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, and Lantau Island.

Hong Kong Island  is one of the most famous island where one can find Hong Kong’s highest skyscrapers and financial centers. The place is comparatively more clean and wealthy with a modern look. There is an Ocean Park which has fun, shows and mountaineer rides to enjoy the most near the ocean. The central part of Hong Kong Island has historical, political and economy. Victoria Harbor is responsible for the development of Hong Kong due to its deep waters by large trade ships. If we look forward to deep down history then Hong Kong Island was the part of Wanshan Archipelgao.


Ocean Park is the ultimate fun experience where you can find more than 80 attractions. Come face to face with the sharks and enjoy more than 2000 species of Fishes. Meet the Giant Pandas, the Red Pandas and the Golden Monkeys. Enjoy the beautiful South East China Sea view through a Cable Car which takes you to the Thrill Mountain where Ocean Wonders are waiting for you, the Dolphins & the Sea Lions.


Kowloon is the peninsula situated to the north of the Hong Kong. There are 8 mountains in this island that overlook the crowded developed city, among them the most famous one is Lion Rock. Kowloon gives an opportunity to shop in the chaotic street markets, mix of malls and residential places. It has a living area of approx two million people in less than 47 square kilometers. Kowloon is said to be the dense place in the world. It has many budget hotels and shopping street called Mong Kok. The other name given to Kowloon before the time of World War 2 was Kau Laung.


New Territory is the peninsula, among the three main parts that constitutes the Hong Kong. It is comprises the mainland of the Kowloon Ranges, Sham Chun River and Outlying Islands. Close to one and a half of Hong Kong’s population lives in New Territory, among them many are living in subsidized housing. The New Territories are spread over the large area and it is so mountainous that it is not possible to use all the land into housing and any other construction purpose, especially along the deserted eastern coast. The region is so different and unique from the city that it’s feels like exploring an entirely different country.


Lantau Island has many idyllic villages with a huge airport. Disneyland and Ngong Ping Cable car are most famous which takes to the top of the mountain. The island is considered to be the lungs of the Hong Kong. The people lives in this place are around 14,000 from over 30 different countries. The original name of the island is Lantau Peak and the Romanized Chinese name is Tai Yu Shan. Let’s start fun journey to 5th Magical Kingdom of the World, the “Disneyland” which was made as per the Feng Shui rules. Get amazed with the Parade dancing on the tunes of Disney music. Explore the seven theme areas with the 3D & 4D shows and last but not the least, the amazing Fire Works!


Seychelles – An Archipelago Of Legendary Beauty

If you are looking for a paradise with jade green water, gorgeous beaches and high hills cloaked with tangled forest, then indulge into the beauty and silence of Seychelles. It is one hundred fifteen Island country with a large number of perfect and distinctive islands. Seychelles is one of the most famous destination for its beautiful white sandy beaches, Palm forests, crystal clear water, Giant Tortoise, Flora and Fauna.  A dreamlike setting, Seychelles is an unsurprisingly choice destination for newlyweds. For those who are looking for more than a romantic spot, then this archipelago offers a unique and large number of high energy distractions. There are forest and long coastal walks, boat excursions, deep diving, marine parks, natural reserves and snorkeling to keep buzzing. The place will gift a clear blue sky and scenery along the hike is also breathtaking.

La Digue beach at Seychelles

Some of the most famous Islands are Bird Island, Cousine Island, Mahe Island, La Digue Island and Praslin Island.


Bird Island is well known as a world’s top eco holiday destination and a successful wildlife reserve. It is located in the archipelago of Seychelles, spread over 5 km covered in corals and lined with purest white sandy beaches. The name of the island became bird island because of the spectacular colony of 7 lakhs pairs of sooty terns in the island.  Bird Island is situated about 60 miles from the main island of Mahe, and is easily reached by plane. Its covered in corals and lined with the purest white sand.



Cousine Island is about 6km off the west coast of Praslin. It is an island where nature is at its best beauty and we are only the silent observer of this beautiful dream. There are most exclusively luxurious villas are available to stay just on the tip of the finest beach on the earth.  Cousine Island is owned by a South African businessman, who has embarked on an intensive conservation program to restore it to its primal state. About 2,000 indigenous trees have been planted, and 12 endangered magpie robins have been introduced to share the island with a couple of thousand nesting birds and also famous for giant tortoises. It is one of the best and memorable island holiday destinations where luxury and comfort never came to an end.



La Digue is the third largest island in Seychelles. This island is famous for silky white sand and beautiful turquoise blue sea. The best beach in this beautiful island is Anse Source which can be reachable easily by bicycle. There are exclusively nice places to swim is Petite Anse, with its large smooth boulders. La Digue west coast, south of La Passe, is protected by a reef, creating calm water, ideal for snorkeling & other water sports activity. Besides these pleasures of beach life, La Digue offers horse riding, diving, fishing and boat trips. Diving instruction, expeditions and boat trips to tiny Felicite Island can be arranged at La Digue Island Lodge.



Mahe Island is among the largest and developed island in Seychelles. This island is the home to the Victoria, country’s capital and ninety percent of the Seychelles population. Extreme lovely wonder of this island is that it has perfect vacation with some exciting adventure opportunities, from exploring the forest and mountain to diving pristine sites and snorkeling with the most dangerous species like whale sharks. It has the highest mountain ranges in the Seychelles. For a stylish souvenir, Michael Adams, Seychelles’ most famous artist, has a studio gallery at his home at Anse aux Poules Bleues.



Praslin island is the second-largest island in Seychelles, take 15-minute time by plane from Mahe. It is most famous for the Vallée de Mai a World Heritage Site home to the distinctive coco de mer palm. It is a fascinating, friendly and fresh island to explore by foot, bicycle or hire-car. A number of excursions, including cruises, bird-watching and photographic expeditions are available from both Mahe and Praslin.



Prague-The City Of Hundred Spires

Prague the capital of Czech Republic is a beautiful city that boasts of many cathedrals, gold tipped towers, bridges and church domes. The city lies on the banks of river Vltava and has been a witness to Czech history for centuries. The city has remained untouched during the fierce World War 2 and it still maintains its many cobbled streets, church spires, cathedrals and walled courtyards by retaining its old charm and beauty. The other face of Prague is that of a modern and vibrant city that is full of energy, music, cultural art, fine dining and special events catering to the requirement of every independent traveler.


The Prague Castle is very beautiful which has been witness to the ancient history. It is considered to be the largest medieval castle in the world and has recorded its name in the Guinness Book. In this huge castle, one can stroll around the museums, the palaces, gardens, the squares and surely get amazed by the beauty of the castle which has been a witness to the era of many emperors, kings and presidents of the country. The view of the majestic vault supported by huge pillars and the colorfully decorated stained glasses that allow natural light to illuminate the interiors is amazing. The cathedral also has several tombs of kings, archbishops and saints. You can enjoy the panoramic and beautiful view of Prague city from the top of the cathedral which is equally rewarding. The Romanesque St. George Basilica is the oldest church inside the castle. The ceiling is beautifully made up of dark wood and the tall walls have decorated windows that allow natural light inside the church.


The Prague Castle Picture gallery has an excellent collection of art work since the rule of Rudolph II, who was an art lover. The permanent exhibition holds 107 beautiful paintings, and 3 statues which are the best of all the art work inside the Prague Castle picture gallery.

The Palace Gardens in Prague are some of the most beautiful the city of a hundred spires has to offer. You can smell the fragrance of bushes in bloom, listen to the rustling of branches in the wind and view the elegant architecture, fountains, winding stairways, proud peacocks enjoying the sun and breathtaking views.


The Petrin hill, that used to be King Charles’ vineyards, presents wonderful view of Prague. An enthusiastic trekker can walk to reach the hilltop or take a funicular. The hill is famous for its TV tower considered to be a miniature of the Eiffel Tower. One has to climb the 299 steps to reach the top of the tower and get rewarded by the magnificent view of the city. On a clear day one can see the highest peak in the Czech Republic, the Snezka, which is 150 kms away. Next to the tower is the mirror maze which is a great entertainment option for children as well as adults and this will certainly make you laugh. Just nearby, from the Petrin observatory one can reach out to the stars and increase your knowledge on the heavenly bodies. The world famous Child of Prague in the Church of Our Lady Victorious in the Lesser Quarter at the foot of Petrin Hill which is said to have sensational powers.


A few minutes’ walk from the castle, the Old Town Square in Prague is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. The graceful Town hall tower proudly holds the world renowned astronomical clock which shows the time, date, positions of the sun, phases of the moon, the astronomical cycles and the moving statues on its edges. Moving further ahead, the Charles Bridge is also a fascinating place to be at sunrise when the rays touch the cold cobblestones and illuminate the artistic towers at both ends. A truly great experience is the local battlements on the River Vltava from where you can enjoy the sensational sunset over the outline of Prague Castle lying just opposite.


Not only is Prague rich in its cultural, architectural and historical heritage, it also boasts of its modern amenities making the tour more convenient for the millions of tourists that arrive every year. So pack on your bags and head for one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Europe.


Cape Town: The City Underneath The Table

Often known to the world as the Cape of Good Hope due to the rich history and its geographical significance. Cape Town, located on the tip of African Continent; is a vibrant city with a touch of adventure. it is the only place in the world where you can witness meeting of Atlantic and Indian ocean. The city offers, great outdoors adventure, water sports, historical monuments, and lot more to experience.


Table Mountain is a well known landmark of Cape Town, South Africa situated right in the heart of city and also featured in Cape Town flag. It is famous for adventure activities like hiking, cable way, rock climbing, caving and mountain biking among the visitors. The Cable way takes us from the cable station, about 300m above the sea level to the top of the mountain. Table Mountain is spared around 3 kilometers & from the top we can see one side city view & other side of the mountain gives deep sea view. It is the most iconic point, from where we can take breathtaking photos and scenic view of the Cape Town. Table mountain is also famous for its beautiful flora and fauna. The beautiful valleys and powerful streams make it a famous idyllic hot spot.


After exploring Table Mountain one cannot miss out the cape peninsula tour because it is one of the most beautiful coastal drive where we get a chance to drive between Mountains & Atlantic Ocean. Embark on the most memorable journey around breathtaking beauty of world renowned region. The place has surrounded by historic suburbs, awesome viewpoint and fishing villages on way of this scenic journey where Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet in a harmony. One can start its journey from Seal Island where the boat takes to the island through Haut bay and after completing the scenic boat ride continue the journey towards cape point through chapman’s peak.


Cape Point is located at the most south-westerly tip of Africa, where you can go on the top by walk or Funicular Ride (local call Flying Dutchman). From the top one can take a glimpse of Atlantic Ocean on one side & Indian Ocean on the other. There are lots of speculations going on that these two oceans are merging at this point. Cape of Good Hope point is one of the most famous spot for its scenic view where vasco de Gama came while he was finding the sea route to India. So this point has played very important role in the History for finding route to India.

Boulders Beach in Simons town is recognize for penguins and these penguins are known as ‘jack ass penguins’. For the best experience of penguin viewing, Foxy Beach is an excellent place to be, just a short stroll from the actual Boulders Beach.


Helicopter ride in Cape Town

I would say if you are planning for Cape Town holidays and if you don’t experience this beautiful & scenic helicopter ride over the city then your tour is incomplete. I have taken helicopter ride for twenty minutes which flew over Cape Town city & I would say the whole experience was breath taking. Leave from the V&A Waterfront and fly over the city bowl, the new Green Point Stadium, the famous four beaches of Clifton, the white sands of Camps Bay and the majestic Twelve Apostles before making an about turn back to Cape Town.


Hawaii – The Islands of Aloha

The only U.S state that is composed of number of islands brings you the best of beaches, nature’s pride and a true sense of ethnicity and culture. Whether it is chasing the serene dawn, parasailing in the glorious noon or the star gazing on a clear night, Hawaii will never disappoint you for sure. It can be a paradise for active adrenaline junkie singles and at the same time a dreamer’s home for laid back couples and families. In this amazing delight of God, there are a couple of things which are “a must do” for any visitor of Hawaii.




A guided Mule trek through “almost vertical three mile trail” is the only way to reach the final destination of allusive town of Kalaupapa which is hidden by world’s highest sea cliff at a height of 1010 meters. Approximately 2 hours of hike through the dense tropical forest and breathtaking sea cliffs takes you one step closer to understanding and appreciating culture of the simple natives of this hidden village. However once you reach the settlement, your journey does not end but it begins. A guided tour through the village will give you a chance to explore the history of the village and visit some of the important landmarks to this history like St Damien Church and St Philomena Church. And if you are really lucky, maybe you can strike up a conversation with one of the natives who are ready to give you a firsthand glimpse to their world which is a world apart in itself!



The island of Maui boasts of tempting its visitors with World’s First and most technically advanced passenger submarine. This unique underwater experience brings its viewers close to exotic Atlantic sea life and coral reefs. What sets the whole experience apart is the journey into the sea; accompanied with professional narration and an opportunity to capture the picturesque sight through cameras. The submarine is fully air conditioned 48 passenger vessel which makes the journey comfortable even 100 feet below the water. The best part of this trip is that for the first time, the visitors get to experience an artificial coral reef constructed for the purpose of conservation and which has become home to the marine life in the Atlantic. This once in a life time experience is an enchanting experience which will lure you to this incredible island for sure.



How would you feel if you visit Brazil and miss out on the Carnival? Well, that’s exactly how you will feel if you do not unearth some of your precious time for this mind boggling experience. The Musical Drama has captured the ancient Polynesian Stories and molded them into music, drum dancing, special effects, a fire spewing stunt and world renowned fire knife performances to exhilarate its audience into the feeling of awesomeness. The performances by Natives breathe the life of their culture in this show and the musical finale with a lavish buffet of traditional food and a peek within the indigenous community’s living quarters. Such is this experience that even after you have left the island and years have passed, you will still sit back on your patio and reminiscence that one amazing evening filled with color, passion, music and intensity.



Whether you are a nature lover or a movie buff, this particular trip around the island of Kaui is something definitely that is going to interest you. Amongst all the islands of Hawaii, the island of Kaui is one of the most sought after by Hollywood. “The Descendants”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Six Days and Seven Nights” and “Fantasy Island” are few of the most popular movies that have been shot here. The striking beauty of Wailua Falls or Kiluea Lighthouse which has tempted those Hollywood directors is sure to enchant you with its serenity and unspoiled beauty. This trip will take you through the best waterfalls, serene coves and vantage cliffs to take in, the best Kauai have to offer.



It is no secret that most of the Hawaiian Islands are result of Volcanoes at one time or another. But to visit these beautiful islands and not see an active volcano is worst kind of crime a tourist can commit. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Main Island of Hawaii County will never disappoint a traveler in this respect. It possesses not one but two massive active volcanoes: Kilauea, the world’s one of the most active volcano and Mauna Loa, the most massive sub aerial volcano in the world. It is an exquisite experience; to not only see the bubbling hot lava from an active volcano but at the same time, there exists species of flora and fauna surviving around the hot molten lava.  A volcano is a scientific phenomena but its beauty is far reaching and everlasting and one that should be captured in heart and in photographs.


The different islands of Hawaii are like different hues in a rainbow – each one unique and splendid in its own way and if seen together forms for one of the most enthralling experiences in life. The Islands are not mere landforms surrounded by water but have deep attraction towards culture, people and the beauty that nature has endowed it which makes it a wholesome experience for every traveler to Hawaii.

Bali – The Island of Beaches And Temples

The moment we think about pristine beaches; Bali is the name that rings the bell. Many people have this impression that there are mostly beaches and nothing more to do. I happened to have planned my reunion with old friends in Bali for 15 Days and we exactly knew what we are going to do for the entire trip; Backpacking!!! The whole idea was to explore the place like a local, experience the local culture and return home with not only memories but with different perspective. At the end I wish I had planned for more number of days.


Our experiment with food was with, Sea side shacks and few high end restaurants. I would recommend; if you are in Seminyak, visit Potato Head Club and Ku Te Da both offering amazing view and top notch hospitality. Potato Head Club often hosts pool parties and is located right on the beach; whereas Ku Te Da offers more fine dining experience with huge variety of food. You can always find cheap and hygienic local food, Bakso! The food is actually cheap in Bali with average meal for one costing around Rs. 250 to Rs. 350.


Bali is known for its beaches; there are tourist beaches and then there are offbeat beaches that one can enjoy on Bali tour. Padang is undoubtedly the most peaceful, clean and very small of them all. Located in Uluwatu; it is surfers paradise and people looking to have quiet time. Canggu Beach, little north from Seminyak is the next upcoming beach destination. Surrounded by the rice fields and villas located near beach makes it ideal for people looking to spend time away from the city chaos. People come to Canggu for mostly surfing. Another beach that is making wave is Sanur, perfect for surfers and great night life. Seminyak is undoubtedly the capital of nightlife in Bali with great variety of clubs and bars which are opened till 4 in the morning.


Temples are Bali and Indonesia’s great heritage ranging from Hindu to Buddhist temples. One of the best temples that I visited was Pura Besakih located close to Mount Agung. It is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. The view surrounding the temple is simply a travelers delight; with clouds and mountains around. Pura Tirta Temple in Ubud is another temple that is home to nature hot springs, ancient architecture and Indonesia’s President spends his time in the villa located right next to the temple. Uluwatu Temple is another jewel located right on the cliff and the Kecak Dance (Part of Ramanyana) performed when the sun goes down.

There is more to do in Bali and explore which cannot be covered in 4-5 days, and there is something for everybody in Bali.

Highly recommend to plan your Bali trip.

AARE GORGE – Glaciation Beauty Of Swiss Alps

Switzerland is known for its natural beauty and people from across the globe travel to feel the experience and admire this beauty. One such natural wonder in Switzerland is the Aare Gorge which is situated close to the Meiringen town in the Hasli Valley. The Aare gorge is formed over river Aare that cuts through the limestone rock. Around 10,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, the glaciers started to melt and the violent water along with the melting glaciers started moving, creating deep valley into the limestone rock due to erosion. This process of glaciation formed Aare Gorge which is around 1.4 kilometers long and 200 meters deep.


The train journey takes you to the Aareschlucht  station where you get down for Aare gorge. When you walk further down, a small walkway leads you to the entrance of the gorge and which opens up your view to the emerald green waters gushing and thundering ahead through the narrow walls of the gorge. The view is simply amazing as you walk along the narrow bridge that is constructed along the gorgeous and easy walk that is mostly between 1 and 2 m wide, built up of wood, supported with steel frames, asphalt and gravel.

At the closest, the gorge is hardly apart and it is only in the afternoon that the sun rays gush into the gorge, making it look more astounding. While you walk on this carefully built narrow walkway, cautiously, you will applaud every step of the river. At times the paths will hug the rock walls while at other times you will walk above the green water.


At one point the river and the path would squeeze through an opening. Then the gorge would open out as the high walls soar toward the brilliant blue sky. At some places the volume of the water will raise while at some there would be hardly any water and only pebbles can be seen and the roar of the water gushing in the background can be heard. The experience is absolutely amazing. It is approximately an hour’s walk when you reach the other end of the wonderful gorge. The one hour walk is so adorable that you just do not realize how time passes by while you admire the nature’s beauty.


To access the Aare gorge one can board train from Interlaken or from Meiringen which is the nearest railway station and reach Aareschlucht. On reaching the cave like station, you can refresh yourselves with coffee, sandwiches and chocolates at the Aareschlucht Restaurant and move ahead for the stimulating yet wonderful experience. The entire journey would include bus and train journey, however, it is surely refreshing.

ALASKA – Land Of Heavenly Beauty

As I had traveled to a lot of scenic destinations like Canadian Rockies and New Zealand, I thought that Alaska will also quite similar. But No, it is absolutely gorgeous and has its own beauty. You cannot compare it with any other destinations. Alaska offers you ultimate natural beauty, wildlife, marine life encounters, deep thick glaciers, beautiful land scapes and a great weather from June to September.  The icing on the cake is the attitude of the people there. Alaskans are very warm, fun loving and  hardworking people.


My Alaska trip started with an amazing 6 hours cruise to the very famous prince William sound from Whittier where one can see lots of Glaciers. While on cruise I spotted wildlife and birds like the bald eagles, seals & dolphins. But what had stunned me was the Surprise Glacier. And all on board the cruise could see the falling glaciers. The glaciers in the College and Harriman Fjords are worth a visit. In fact it’s a not to miss tour.


Next I went for the National Park tour of the Kenai fjords from Seward. Seward is a very tiny scenic town of Alaska. It is a gateway to the Alaska land when you are coming from Alaska 7 nights cruise. I was very lucky to spot amazing wildlife like the sea lions, Sea Otters and killer whales or Orca. We had an awesome encounter with humpback whale. She was in a very good mood and would swung and dive in the open waters in front of our cruise. We could see her just some feet away from us diving and playing for about half an hour. This is going to be a life time and the most memorable experience for me. Also, very scenic journey throughout the day, with dense spruce trees and Glaciers.


I had headed for Denali national park via Talkeetna. Journey till taleetna is about 3.5 hours. According to the local guides and drivers, we were very lucky, as out all the people travelling to Alaska throughout the year, only 30% lucky people could see the Mt. Mc Kinley on a clear day. What beauty it is !!!! From Talkeetna I hoped on a scenic Rail journey to Denali national park. The Dome Class service of the Wilderness Express Train is worth taking. The service, the food, the scenery everything wonderful. The wide landscapes which you can just fill in your eyes and save it for lifetime.


Denali national park has so many activities to offer. You can chose from Water Rafting, Dog Sledding, Dog Mushing, Flight Seeing, Glacier Landing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Hiking or just relax with a cup of coffee in you amazing lodges which are built in the lap of nature.


Anchorage which is like a commercial capital of Alaska sits on the terminus of the cook inlet. Surrounded by mountains on one side, the city is very lively, gives a chance for good shopping and great souvenirs. History lovers would find interest in the most famous Alaska Native Heritage Museum. I went for the Aurora Show which gave a glimpse on the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

Be prepared to stay with a rustic feel when in Denali National Park. Food will be more of American style but yes, Vegetarian is easily available. For sure Alaska is a place with undefined natural beauty, lots of activities, abundant wildlife and nice local people. I would recommend it to people of all ages to take a vacation in Alaska.

Things Must Adopt From Japan

The land of the rising sun never stops to surprise us with its hidden secrets and culture. Today Japan is synonymous to precision and perfection in various fields. The confluence of old and new, traditional and modern is the character one can find in every corner of Japan. Just like India, this Nippon nation believes in the principle of life after death.

It is amazing to experience how detail oriented these folks are! One can start noticing from the small things like drinks in the machines, out of the world food, car designs and constant rush to get things done; so it is quite easy to blend in and reminds one of the similar metro city with people who enjoys to work hard, cherish their food and loves machines. Another area where the world scientist and management gurus have undertaken studies is the Japanese style of working. The idea is to know how they are able to increase the efficiency and decrease the ratio of errors. Everybody is focused in one direction and motivated to create a safe, clean and efficient society.

1)  Perfection:


Perfection is very much synonymous Japanese products and their way of working. They enjoy and take due pride in the creation of the products. Bullet trains that are in integral part of Japanese life, are the perfect examples of the Japanese spirit of perfection. The train authorities apologize if the train is delayed by a few seconds. The documentary named, “7 Minute Miracle” shows how the train is cleaned and prepared for next departure in exactly 7 minutes. This perfection is maintained in the food, other public transportation.

2) Never forget your roots:


Hospitality and traditions are at the heart of the Japanese Culture. These traits can be observed in all aspects of day to day life. As a guest over for dinner, it is considered disrespectful to not slurp your soup while eating. Chopsticks are essential part of dinner table etiquette, holding them correctly and not crossing them while eating are considered good manners. Always take directions from salaried men; they are very accurate and helpful. Try getting lost and people will come to your rescue as they want to practice their English.

3) No Tipping:


Tipping has different definitions throughout the world; the western countries have set percentage to be paid/added in the bill. The same is not the case in Japan; there is NO TIPPING at all.  The workers simply don’t expect the tips from the guests in Japan. Even if someone tries to put down small amount of tip; they are being turned down. From high end hotels to the street side hawkers; the guests are served with humbleness and with heart. It is viewed in Japan that when you are paying for the service then why tip extra? There have been stories circulating in the media about staffs chase the guests to give them tip back that was left as a TIP. However there is different style of tipping that existed in Japan. If you want to tip someone who you think deserves it, and then simply put the money in small envelope. It’s very old custom, so always remember that it is considered to be rude when you just take the money out and hand it to the staff.

4)  Cleanliness:


The concept of cleanliness is attached to the spirituality. They consider that everything surrounding us affects our life. It may be also the last place to see men and women wearing white gloves for the clean-up. The hygiene is of utmost importance which can be seen that from the way they wear masks to protect themselves from the viruses.  One of the most amazing sights is the sidewalks; they are so clean that one can literally sleep on them. The paved roads look as if it was newly built. Such is the cleanliness that we can sure learn a thing or two from them.

5) Modern Toilets:


This is something the world is amazed to see how technology is blended into simple things in life. From fully automatic to water conserving toilets you can find them all in Japan. Today the government wants to market them around the world. On your next visit experience this technological marvel!!!

6)  Work ethics:

Workaholic Japan

People in Japan are very passionate about their work. They work very hard and demonstrate loyalty to their company. They never showed up even a minute to their job in Japan. If someone late more than three minutes to his job, then he can lost an hour of vacation pay and sat at desk with doing nothing for next seven hours. Japanese are mostly work around the group harmony principle. According to this principle, if any employee made a mistake, then he has to face public embarrassment for that mistake. Disrespecting the Boss even in his absence or indulging in office gossip is considered inappropriate.

7)  Safety:


When it came to safety, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. There is incredibly low crime rate and chances of any bad happen are slices to none. The media and government in Japan also promote the safe, lively and worry free environment. Everyone feel hundred percent secure, even the children roam around the mall, school and home without any adult supervision. Women are alone stroll back into the dark streets in both unpopulated and populated location with any worry and safety issues. They left their bags unattended at public places while going to bathroom.

8) Engineering:


In Japan, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the excellent and amazing sample of modern civil engineering. It is the largest cable bridge in the world suspended with no pillars. Japan is also famous for its most advanced technology and robotics the world ever made. A new age of robotics has arrived into the world of humans & Japanese technology has many variations in it. Japan is world’s largest manufacturer and consumer of robots. About fifty percent of world’s robot are made and utilized in Japan. There are different types of robots like Humanoid Entertainment robots, Androids, Social Robots, Guard Robots and many more. Japan employs over a quarter of a million in robot making industry. Japan estimates that number to jump over one million and expects revenue for robotics around $70 billion by 2025.

10 Adventures That Should Be On Your Bucket List

What’s life without Adventure? Explore the other side of this beautiful earth by going to the mountain biking, hike rough terrains, towering peaks, kayak through the fascinating rivers and be with natural in the outdoors. The world offers the desired adrenaline kicks to the adventure junkies. If your ideal holiday is less strolling around a new place taking in the sights and more dangling four hundred feet above them, then this is for you. From coming face to face with sharks to extreme sports that get your heart racing, these adventure activities around the world will be definitely appeal to the adrenaline junky in you. The following list represents the most popular adventure activities offered around the world, with tips on where you can do each one both near and far from home. Don’t just watch the adventure on TV; go out to experience it first’s hand.

1)      Everest Base Camp


Everest Base camp is like living a dream even higher than the clouds for adventurous and mountain climbers to climb up the highest point exist on Earth. It is divided into two parts, South Base camp in Nepal and North Base Camp in Tibet. Far from the conveniences and daily luxury routine, the trip to the camp saturate the spirit and provide a strength and peace. The supplies which are used during the base camp can be carried with the help of animals, mostly on yaks. The Everest Base camp route is one of the most popular trekking routes in the world with thousand of trekkers visited every year.

2)    Khardung La : World’s Highest Motorable Road


Khardung La is the highest mountain pass in the Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. The elevation of the pass is 5359 meter and a gateway to Nubra valley and shyok in Ladakh. Khardung La offers amazing views of the Nubra valley and roads winding up the mountain. The fresh air, scenic locations and the feeling of being on top of the earth have made this pass one of the popular tourist attraction. Traffic on Khardung La is regulated to ensure smooth flow of vehicles. Traffic from Leh towards Khardung La are allowed only from the morning to the afternoon. During the month from May to October is the best time to visit the pass.

3)      Cycling on Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge is a cable stayed bridge and one of the oldest bridge in New York City. This impressive bridge connects the Brooklyn and Manhattan city by spanning the East River, which made it world’s largest suspension bridge. It has a separate elevated walkway for bicycle and walk along the centerline. The main road or centerline has six lanes for automobiles, while the other heavy vehicles are prohibited. The sideway has been open for the cyclists and walkers. It also have a wide pedestrian walkway and city’s first dedicated bike lanes with more than thirty one hundred cyclists and four thousand pedestrians every day.

4)      White Shark Cage Diving


White shark cage diving is one of the most adventurous activity, which can be done in South Africa. The diving is hundred percent safe that can be done under most experienced crew. The custom made shark cages are well protected with a capacity of twenty passengers. White shark cage diving is breath taking experience, getting into the cage which is surrounded by great white shark that are roaming around face to face. The sharks are brush their teeth and tails against the cage but never attacks so strong towards the cage, as much as we afraid. Personal thought about one to one eye contact to the world dangerous animals is guaranteed exciting and adventurous.

5)      Mount Fuji Climbing


Mount Fuji is the highest and most prominent mountain peak in Japan. The mountain itself has the most attractive view and climbing through it, is the most rewarding experience for the hikers. The month of September is the favorable for such an adventure when trails and mountain facilities are available. During this period, the weather is mild, mountain free from snow and huts are open. Mount Fuji is very popular among the local and foreign tourists, from which one third are hikers. Everyday large number of hikers climbs the mountain.

6)      Skydive over lake Wanaka


Looking up to the mountain is easy, but looking down from the height of 15,000 ft above the land is most thrilling and memorable experience. Skydive over Lake Wanaka is most spectacular, intense clarity of sky, high altitude skydive and free fall from the fifteen thousand feet at two hundred km above the Southern alps of New Zealand. The scenic 360 degree view of mount aspiring and mount cook during the flight is breathtaking where glacier feed lakes and rivers. The New Zealand is the main hotspot for the airborne adventure.

7)      Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb


The ultimate bridge adventure starts from exploring and climbing the climb base of Sydney Harbor Bridge. The best experienced crew equipped with all outdoor gear based for the weather conditions, health and safety essentials. The climb leader will guide and entertain by telling the interesting stories about the history of bridge. On each step enjoy the most iconic and scenic view of Sydney, counted as a most beautiful harbor in the world. Right in the heart of Sydney, the top of the bridge is 134 m above the sea level. For the safety reasons, no need to carry the camera and phone because climb leader have all the necessary items and they also click the photos.

8)      Surf at Surfers Paradise

surf at surfer paradise

Surfers Paradise is a suburb with a wide surf beach which is very popular among the tourists. At Surfer paradise, it’s obvious to grab swim gear kit and head straight to the water to experience the surfing at one of the best beach on Gold Coast. The most vigilant and experienced lifeguards who are keep watching every activity going on the beach and guide everyone who need any help. There are lots of luxury accommodations with some amazing sight seen. Surfer paradise has lot to offer like visit skypoint deck on Q1, duck tour, cruise the waterways, Jet boating and much more.

9)      Cycling through Bordeaux Vineyards


Bordeaux Vineyards is stretch over a Dordogne river and wine produced near in the fertile valley with a huge area where biking vacation. While roaming around the vineyard with cycle one can enjoy the fields of sunflower, notable cave paintings along the river, architecture of churches and monasteries. Biking through the wineries while enjoying the weather truly one of the memorable adventure that not to be missed!

10)      Gorilla Trekking


When we thought about Gorilla instantly our mind takes us to the Tarzan and King Kong movies. Now it’s time to watch them live. Gorilla Trekking in the impenetrable forest watching gorilla closely feels amazing, thrilling and a lifetime experience. Tracking gorillas only done in South African mountain’s all year around in the city Uganda and Rwanda. There are only seven hundred eighty six mountain gorillas remaining in the world and all are found in South Africa.