New Zealand’s Tourist Tax To Be Expected This Year
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Country : New Zealand

New-Zealand is one of those destinations which every tourist plans to visit. If you are someone who has been planning a New-Zealand Tour, it’s time you get going with your plans by availing the New Zealand Tour Packages as New-Zealand government is all set to introduce tourism tax this year.

The introduction of Tourism Tax means that travelling to one of the most beautiful part of the world is set to get expensive. The tax will range from 25-35 NZD and will be applicable to all the international tourists who would be staying for 12 months or less. The tourist tax would be implemented from the second half of 2019 and the ones who would be exempted from this tourist tax would be the short-haul visitors from Pacific Island Forum Countries and Australia plus children under the age of two and those tourists who would be visiting New-Zealand on specific visas.

The tax would be collected through ESTA style visa system and the money that would be collected would help in the funding for infrastructure and conservation. The government of New Zealand is accepting public opinions on the tax rule till July 15 and a decision regarding the same would be expected in September.

All in all if New Zealand Tour is on your mind then it’s time you make your way down to this beautiful country.


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