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Things To Do On A Tour To Australia Besides Watching Kangaroos
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So much to breath in of Australia, and so many adventures to have fun in, it can be difficult knowing where to start, not unless you grab an Australia tour that will plan it out for you easily. There is a lot to see here other than watching the infamous kangaroos like so many different activities and wonderful adventures to live no matter what Australia tour you pick.


Here are 5 of the many best attractions mentioned down under:

1. Enjoy the view from the Great Ocean Road


There is a Great Ocean Road located in Victoria. Trust me when I say it is one of Australia’s definitive wonders it’s just plain beautiful and sure to leave you speechless. There are cliffs gently touching the Sea. This sight would be worth your time.

2. Kakadu National Park


The birds and reptiles of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory are crammed into ever shrinking wetland and to see them you are given a chance through any Australia tour. The most spectacular is Yellow Waters Lagoon the name unique in itself, which becomes an open-air zoo which is again something new. Grab a boat and expect to meet a lot of new animals.

3. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge


Take a Climb to the dizzying heights of the Sydney Harbor Bridge for a 360-degree panorama of the world’s greatest harbor. Trust me it’s awesome. Wearing special technological gears enables climbers ascend the bridge’s arch for the ultimate city view, 440 ft above sea level.

4. Take a Long Drive


A luscious and haunting in a good way experience is the 120-mile drive between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia knits together national parks, vineyards and a showcase of Australia’s diversity. At its best in spring, when the landscape erupts with wild flowers, but the Margaret River wineries dazzle all year round.

5. Ngadiku Dream time Walk


Taken care of by the people already living there, the Ngadiku dream time walk boasts culture and perfect preservation offers an indigenous perspective on the rain forest wonders of the dramatically beautiful Mossman Gorge in Queensland’s tropical north, this forest is not just a place to see but also a source of food, medicine and spiritual sustenance for the local Kuku Yalanji people.

Australia has so much more than the 5 things mentioned here and it is worth seeing with your family or friends. It will leave you with amazing memories for life. So grab an Australia tour Package today.


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