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Let’s see what is Gujarat famous for !
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Gujarat is a land of color, love, beauty, business and exuberance. Famous for being the state of rich culture and heritage, Gujarat is one of the most jubilant states in India. Let’s celebrate the Gujarati culture today, for it’s own day.



1. Gir:


Gujarat is the proud home to the Asiatic Lion. The Gir Sanctuary is home to approximately 523 lions, 300 Leopards. It is a beautiful and peaceful home of the Lion and humans are allowed to take jeep safaris with the proper authorization in the reserved areas. The wilderness is pure and the land is beautiful. Perfect combination!

2. White Rann:


Apart from the beautiful culture, Gujarat has some mesmerizing landscapes that will leave you awestruck. White Rann of Kutch is one such place that welcomes people from across the world and celebrates the white beauty of nature. The Rann is complemented with the rich Kutchi culture.

3. Crafts:


Gujarat is famous for its handicrafts. The best part about these handicrafts is that Gujarat is that the innate culture of the land is perfectly blended in the craft. The beauty that the hard work of the local artisans yields into is just majestic. You will find some of the best Patolas in Patan, Zari work in Surat, Cloth printing and Bandhani in Kutch, along with some rich embroidery. The richness of crafts exceeds to wood carvings, bead works and jewellery. It is indeed a land of immensely talented craftsmen.

4. Festivals:


The very Gujarati Garba is a delight for the entire world now. Garba is the best time to bring out the true Gujarati in you. The nine days of Navaratri can be synonymous to sheer bliss. The cities look beautiful with the decorations and the people look even more beautiful in the traditional dresses. Gujarati’s celebrate other festivals with great pomp as well. It is a delight to celebrate Kite Festival, Holi, Janmashtami, Samlaji Fair, Diwali in the traditional Gujarati way.

5. Food:


How can we forget food when it comes to Gujarat? The traditional cuisine is so varied that it strikes the right cords with all the tastes buds present in the human body. The Gujarati Thali is like a huge combination to sweets, farsans, roti, Kadhi, sabzi and much more. The Gujarati food has a hint of sweetness in it that makes it unique in its true sense. And, you can’t miss out on the Gujarati snacks like Ganthia, Fafda, Chakri, Mathia… the list is never ending!

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.

Toh Kuch Din to Gujaria Gujarat me!


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