IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai

Is your soul adventurous? A holiday with adventurous activities to participate is always a memorable one. A family vacation in Dubai will surely be fun and exciting specially for kids. IMG worlds of adventure in Dubai is an indoor amusement park. It is the first themed entertainment destination which attracts tourists from all over the world. The adventure park offers thrilling rides and other adventure activities which guarantee an exhilarating holiday to all the visitors. Here is a list of attractions and rides that will make your Dubai tour an exciting one.


Top 07 Places to include in your USA Summer Tour Package

This article talks about top 7 places to visit in USA while you are there for your tour during summers. After you’ll be done visiting these places, it is safe to say that you’ll be more than contended with your trip.


 USA is a country that we all have, at least once in our lifetime dreamt to go to. And it sure is worth all the hype out there. It is a unique blend of natural as well as man made marvels. The people here are warm and welcoming too, which makes this a perfect place to visit. Below is a list of seven places that you must visit during your USA Summer Tour Packages from Mumbai.



This place is on the Lake Michigan of Illinois. It is among the largest cities of US. the place is widely known for its bold architecture, its skyline is embedded with skyscrapers such as Willis Tower, John Hancock Center and also the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. It also has a lot of museums that you can visit to, in order to learn in depth about the country’s art, culture and history.

2. NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida


NASA Kennedy Space Center is renowned for the greatest space adventure on earth. There are a variety of activities that you can indulge in here include training like an astronaut, day touring of Kennedy space centre or attending a special event. It is advisable to arrive as early as possible to make the most of your visit to this place. The visitor’s complex opens up at 9 in the morning and the closing time depends on the season. There are options to dine in here and also to shop certain goodies to take back home as a souvenir.

3. Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam


Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are nature’s marvel in itself, a mere look at the Grand Canyon will leave you stunned. It is divided into east and west rim. You can visit the west rim for the best views. Hoover Dam can be clicked perfectly from the pedestrian walkway. Also, you must check out the Grand Canyon Sky-walk. Eagle Point and Guano Point offer the best view of Grand canyon. You can also opt for a helicopter and boat combo.

4. Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C


It is located in Washington D.C. and is its crown jewel for residents and visitors. It has different types of museums for you to visit and embrace them such as museum of American history, natural history, etc. One more thing that you must keep in mind is not to take a car, as there is no parking space along this place.

5. Hollywood, Los Angeles


It is an area in the city of Los Angeles, widely known for its association with film industry. The film making companies are largely attracted to this place due to its natural sunlight that enabled year round movie shooting and also the cheap scenery that the southern California landscape provided. Due to all of this, the place has gained enormous popularity and has managed to end up in this list.

6. 17 Mile drive, California


17 Mile drive route is situated in California and passes through a lot of eye-soothing places that hug the Pacific coastline. It has four main entrances to get on this beautiful road. This route also passes through famous mansions, golf courses and scenic attractions like bird rock, Lone Cypress and the Del monte forest of Monterey Cypress trees.

7. San Francisco


San Francisco is a hilly city on the extreme point of peninsula encircled by San Francisco and Pacific Ocean in Northern California. The main attractions of this place include the Golden Gate Bridge, year round fog, colorful Victorian houses and cable cars.

So hurry up, and plan your USA summer tour and don’t forget to include these places on your priority list. Happy travelling!

Best Self drive routes in Australia

They say “driving liberates a person”. Well, it sure does when you are driving in places like one of the most beautiful continents of the world. Australia is one amazing country with amazing beaches and picturesque landscape that will leave you awestruck.


A self drive trip is always a perfect blend of comfort from the soothing views by the roads and adventure. The land of the Kangaroos welcomes you with some of the best routes to drive on. You might want to drive on these routes in Australia tour packages:

1. The Great Ocean Road


The great ocean road in Australia is no secret. It is one of the most picturesque routes to drive on in the world. This national heritage is approximately 243 kilometres long and lies in the south eastern side of the country. You can take a ride from Melbourne to Adelaide on this route and you will have the time of your life. On your drive you can also visit Otway National park or Warrnambool and Apollo bay, Shipwreck bay, etc. Enjoy the ride!

2. The River Murray


The river Murray is the world’s third longest navigable river in the world. To embrace the beauty of the river, you must ride along. The river Murray is Australia’s longest river covering a distance of 2508 kilometres. You can take a ride from the Albury to Mildura along the side of the river and happiness will come along your side!

3. The Heritage Route


The Sydney-Melbourne heritage drive is one of the most famous routes in this country. It covers the country’s capital Canberra. This route covers some of the most famous landmarks of the country like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House. The total distance that you can cover on this route is 1125 kilometers approximately. It is one of the most fascinating drives in the country!

4. The Great Alpine Road


The great Alpine road spans from Wangaratta to Bairnsdale. The name of the road is totally apt as it is named after the beautiful mountain ranges known as the Victorian Alps. The road is magnificence in itself with all the mountains and rivers and forests around it. You could visit the Mount Buffalo National Park, Mount Hotham and many such other places while driving on this road.

5. The Red Center


The Australian outback is famous across the world. The Red Centre route allows you to witness some famous landscapes like Uluru, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. On this ride you can get lucky and see many Kangaroos and other wildlife. Make sure you visit the MacDonnell National Park while you are on this route.

6. The Great Southern Tour


You can take a round trip from Melbourne and visit some of the most visited places in the south. Some of the most important places to visit on this route are the Great Otway National Park, the Mackenzie falls, Grampians National Park and the Sovereign hill. Start the route with the glitz of the Melbourne city, enjoy the beauty on the route and end it again with the glitz. You will certainly remember this ride!

7. The Gibb River Road


If you are looking to explore western part of the country, the Gibb River Road is ideal for you. Enjoy you time with the scary freshwater crocodiles in the Windjana Gorge National park while you are driving through this route. One of the most amazing elements is that you can witness the wilderness of the flora and fauna of this part of the country on this route.

8. Indian Ocean Route


You can take a route of the loop while driving on the Indian Ocean route. Start your journey from Perth and visit places like Carnarvon, Exmouth, Coral Bay, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay and other such places and come back to Perth. It is a very relaxing drive and you will find some of the most beautiful colors of the country on this route. Don’t forget to visit the Kalbarri National Park while driving on this route.

So, don’t miss a chance to self drive during your Australia tour !


There is no other place like Goa when you wish to have all kinds of amazing fun and frolic. But, in this happening place make sure you visit these seven food havens if you are a vegetarian and non-veg food isn’t your thing.


Goa is one of the most perfect places to literally chill yourself out and turn your vacation mode on. Right from all kinds of seafood at your disposal to street side snack, you cannot thank Goa for anything more. But, if you are a vegetarian and you feel lost in the food culture of Goa, then you need not fret as these seven vegetarian refuges will give you the best of Vegetarian food that you can expect in Goa tour packages:



If you are amazed by the name of the restaurant itself, then you can always rely on this restaurant for an amazing food that it would treat you with. Decked up with not only a quirky ambiance, the atmosphere of this place is also outstanding which makes it even better for the people to visit Black Sheep. You are surely going to find the most happening crowd here as people from all age groups come here. The desserts and the Italian flavour will make your day here.

2. OUREM 88


If you are searching for a vegetarian restaurant in Goa which can serve you the best of vegetarian food then all you need to do is close your eyes and be at OUREM 88 which serves some of the best vegetarian delicacies one can expect. With a fine touch of European and British culture you cannot help yourself from making a way into this restaurant. And finally when you have made your way into this place and you are sitting comfortably then order for a portion of European food to satisfy your soul.



In this amazing restaurant, the first thing that will lit up your mood will be the ambiance which offers some beautiful views towards the sea. The sea- facing ambiance is a delight for many and finally when you are all settled to order for food, make sure that you order Margherita Pizza and portions of Italian Cuisine, combined with live music will surely do the trick for you.



 Zest in Goa is one of the safe places with not much of a quirky ambiance but some great food for the people who are in search of vegetarian food in Goa. You can always turn down to this place if you are looking for a filling breakfast alongside juices.



This place has an extensive menu with the major USP being its English breakfast that it serves. You might well be confused looking at the menu, over what to choose but you can always go for their Naan Bread or Jeera Rice which is indeed cooked to perfection.



An amazing coconut ice-cream awaits you at Banyan Tree. If you love Thai Food, then this will surely be a paradise for you. If you are looking for a Romantic dinner on your Goa tour then you surely should come here.



Away from the hustle and bustle, lies Edward’s Yard which has got some amazing food and making you feel better with its open space. Make sure you consult the chef before ordering your veg feast.

So get set and explore some interesting vegetarian delicacies in Goa!

Top 7 Places In and Around Singapore Worth Visiting

Singapore is one of the most visited places in the world which attracts thousands and millions of tourist each year. The country offers a wide range of tourist attractions where travellers can plan for their next holidays. This article mainly focuses on seven major tourist spots which can be considered while their trip to Singapore.


Simple reasons why Singapore is one of the favourite locations in the traveller’s list is because of the reasons like:

  • Safety cleanliness and hygiene
  • Strict rules and regulations for travellers
  • Exciting night life
  • Beautiful beaches & tourist spots
  • Comfortable weather
  • Friendly Singaporeans
  • English speaking country

There are so many things to do in Singapore that keeps your tour interesting all the time. From kids to adults and seniors, Singapore has something to offer each of its tourists. The rich culture and history of Singapore is also a major blessing for the popularity of this country. If you are planning to book a Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand tour package with your family or friends then you can consider our top seven must-visit places in Singapore specially researched and listed for our readers.

  1. Gardens by the Bay


You must have not seen an indoor garden like this in the entire world. Gardens by the Bay is one of the top ten indoor gardens in the world. It is a beautiful biome which has exotic plants from each continent of the world except Antarctica. It looks really beautiful during the evening with beautiful lightings and decorations.

2. Merlion Park


Just few minutes from the Gardens by the Bay, you will find the Merlion Park which is the iconic place in Singapore. If you are travelling to Singapore and then you cannot afford to miss a visit to the Merlion Park. The large statue standing at the height of 28 feet has the lion’s face and the body of fish. It symbolises the humble origin of the city as fishing village.

3. Marina Bay Sands


If you wish to taste the same flavour of Las Vegas in Singapore then this is the apt location. Marina Bay Sands is a five star resort property which has large casinos, shopping malls, live shows and much more. The infinity pool at the 57th floor of the building is famous for its boat like structure. If you wish to enjoy a dip at the infinity pool then you need to spend atleast a night at the hotel property.

4. Singapore Zoo and Night Safari


The Singapore zoo and night safari are two of world’s top ranking zoo. To experience the unique animals you can also visit the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Not only kids but also adults will enjoy equally at the zoo as you can find a wide range of animals in open enclosures. In addition, the experience of night safari will be an unforgettable experience.

5. Singapore Flyer


Singapore Flyer is similar to the London eye in London from where you can see the entire city. However, Singapore Flyer is designed like a large Ferris wheel which takes you 165 metres above from the ground level. Visiting during the evening will leave you awestruck with the beauty and lifetime memorable experience.

6. Cable Car Ride, Mt. Faber


If you have been looking for the perfect destination where you can express the love for your partner then this is one good location where you can plan. It is a ninety minutes ride that shuttles to & fro from Sentosa to Mount Faber. Gazing at the beautiful sky during the night and watching the bright stars, the experience will make the moment even more romantic.

7. Hawkers Food Market


Singapore is a perfect example of how people from different ethnicity can live happily in one country. So during your visit to Singapore it is important that you enjoy the lip smacking cuisines of various countries at one place. Hawkers food market is the ideal location where you can find pocket friendly and best food.

These are some of the major locations which we have researched and identified based on their popularity. If you are taking any of the Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand tour package and wish to add few more places in the list then please keep us posted

7 Reasons to book a Bali tour package today

Bali is a land which serves a different feeling in all. The feeling is difficult to understand unless experienced once. Bali tour packages from Mumbai will surely compel you to come back for a joyous vacation. It lives up to its reputation as the tropical paradise. It is undisputed favorite of Indonesia’s 1700 islands. It is also known as the Island of Gods.


Bali’s culture is dominated by a unique form of Hinduism that is evident in every aspect of Bali’s lifestyle. The island is known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to amazing religious sites as well. Bali has a bit of paradise to offer to all tourists be it exploring the distinctive culture, scuba diving in coral reefs, climbing an ancient volcano, or sunbathing on a broad stretch of beach.

Here is a list of reasons which will prove Bali is a must visit destination:

  1. The Exotic Weather


Bali weather is usually sunny, with tropical days and balmy nights. Most of the time is warm and humid throughout the year. Bali is located very near to the equator; therefore the climate makes it a year round travel spot. See sunnier days from May to September, while one can expect precipitation level to reach the highest during the rainy season with downpours between October and April. But be it the hottest months for lounging on beach or cooler and drier times for some outdoor adventures or enjoying the wealth of festivals, Bali is a place which will give a crave to visit again.

2. The Mystical Temples


Bali coasts are home to many ancient temples. Several of the temples have become the island’s most iconic landmarks, which features centuries old architecture and is set against exotic backdrops. Each temple here is unique. The temples are full of lively processions ornate decorations and festivity. Festive environment is created during temple anniversaries which come around twice a Gregorian year based on their local calendar.

3. Value for Money


Bali is the busiest and the most visited island in Indonesia. But surprisingly it is cheap to travel around here. It has so much to offer for so little money. Bali’s beach resort areas are definitely upscale and dense with among Bali’s finest resorts and restaurants; there are ways to get a cheap Bali holiday. With a little know about where you can sleep, dine, shop and get around the island charges much less than you have imagined.

4. The Pristine Beaches


The sound of the waves, the morning breeze is definitely something that a tourist looks at for the best place to relax on a vacation. Bali has a rich assortment of beaches, each of which is a favorite destination of its own. The beaches range from palm fringed white sand coasts to cliff guarded hidden shores. The beaches now welcome visitors in search of paradise with superb hotels and excellent facilities.

5. Rich Cultural Heritage


Bali culture is different and famous especially for its rich and vibrant arts. In between of your trip yoga, meditation sessions and visits of the finest raw food restaurants, you will get to learn about the local culture. Various forms of dance and music have made Bali’s art and culture most diverse in the world. Hinduism is the main religion here behind its development. During temple festivals music, dance, drama and costumes become a feast for everyone.

6. The Natural Beauty


The cultural treasures and famous landscapes found all around the magical island of Bali is something no tourist can afford to miss. The natural beauty here is spread across eight regencies. You can opt for bike rides through the rice fields, do night trekking up to the volcanoes or try and swim in the waterfall. Wherever you go, you will find amazing views of landscape and watch different climate zones as well.

7. Highly mouthwatering and delicious cuisine


The food here is undoubtedly amazing! Either you are vegetarian, a vegan or if you change your diet for a week or two, this is the right place to explore dishes. Selecting the best restaurants in Bali from world class dining venues on offer is a real challenge. They offer great range of cuisine, feature unique locations with awe-inspiring views, and artistic interiors. Bali knows each wave of visitors and is now truly first class dining destination. All the fine dining restaurants you will find the world’s most innovative and talented chefs.

So get set, and book your Bali tour today!

Top Places to visit in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is pure delight to visit. It is a place that can entertain all age groups. Dubai has some of the most fascinating theme and amusement parks here that will leave people of all age groups having the best time of their life. Here are some places which will make the kids of the enjoy the most and give time to the adults to relax for a while you are going for a Dubai Tour with family .

Places for kids to enjoy and adults to relax in Dubai:

  1. IMG World of Adventure

dubai kids special

The IMG world is the world’s largest indoor theme park and has four theme zones perfect to entertain you. The zones go by the name of Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley Dinosaur.

These zones have some amazing rides like Thor Thunder Spin, The velociraptor, The Power Puff Girls, Forbidden Territory and many more. Kids can have a great time here and while they are having their fun, the adults can just hangout some restaurants or go shopping and relax.

You can find restaurants Spice Valley and Samosa House for Indian food. If not that the adults can go watch movies with or without the kids. It’s the perfect place to entertain your entire family.

  1. Lost Chambers and Aqua Venture


kids entertainment in dubai

Lost Chambers is a place where you can overlook the beauties of the underwater world through glass tunnels. It has also got a touch tank where you can dare to touch starfishes and other things. It is a very innovative place and can make all ages enjoy.

Aqua Venture is one of the unique water Park built along side with The Palm Atlantis. The Famous rides are Leap of Faith which will simply takes you from the height of 09 story. The other rides which attract kids are aquaconda, zoomarango, shark attack and many more.

To add to it there is a Shuiqi Spa, Salon and fitness centre for adults to relax. To add to it you can also visit some of the various restaurants and food joints. Saffron restaurant serves brilliant Asian food here, you could check it out!

  1. Dolphinarium

kids friendly package of dubai

Dolphinarium is an amazing place to interact with the cutest creatures that live underwater. They have an awesome Dolphin and Seal show for visitors. The place also gives you a chance to swim with Dolphins and if you aren’t interested in swimming, then you can also visit the 5D Cinema and be a part of the amazement.

  1. Bollywood Park


dubai wth kids

Bollywood Park is one of those very rare theme parks based on Bollywood. It is spread over an area of 1.7 million square feet. You will certainly get dazzled with the live entertainment around and the cinematic rides that are ready to enthral you! The best part is its Bollywood all around! Feels like Bombay Talkies! For fine dining experiences you can visit Spicy Dhaba, Mughal-E-Azam Shahi Dining.

  1. Legoland

kids special dubai

LegoLand has its own unique theme around Legos Building blocks! The park has got six parts which are based on various Lego themes like Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland! To add to the fun for Kids, they also have a water park for kids between the age of 2-12 and their families! It is a great place for kids to have fun and you get some good delicious food and amazing ice-creams as well. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Snow Park

dubai snow park

Snow Park is the largest Snow Park in the world. It is spread over an area of 3000 square meters of snow and is covered in Snow. The park is home to some Penguins clumsily tumbling their way to have fun with you and your kids. You can also enjoy skiing and other winter sports here in Snow Park. Spend some great time chilling with your family, literally!

  1. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

dubai aquarium and underwaterworld

The Dubai is very proud of its star attraction “The 10 Million Litre Tank” which is the largest in world. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the home to some 33,000 aquatic animals. It also have the highest collection of sand tiger sharks.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is situated in the Dubai Mall which holds some 140 Species of sea life. There are various way by which one can experience the Sea life.

There is one 48 meter walkthrough tunnel which provides you a complete view with Stingrays and Sand Tiger Sharks swimming overhead. You can also take a Glass Bottom Boat tour, go for Cage Snorkelling and even swim with the sharks with oxygen tank and swimming gear.

  1. Dolphin Bay at Atlantis

activities for kids

Want to Say Hello to Dolphins? Then you must visit the Dolphin Bay located at Atlantis the Palm. In Dolphin Bay you can interact with Dolphins, swim with them and have your picture clicked with them.

The Dolphin Bay is indeed a great place for everyone who visit this place. Here they befriend with Dolphins and specially the kids enjoy a lot when they visit this place.

  1. Glow Garden

dubai glow garden

Welcome to the wonderful world! Dubai Glow Garden is a leading entertainment destination with a feature of Glow Theme for the first time. It offers two theme parks in one location. The themed destination also offers several live performances by international, regional and local artists. It also features variety of dining options with different cuisines.

The structures are created by various artists around the world. The younger children can enjoy learning with fun in their dedicated area where there are multiple games and activities to keep them engaged. So get ready to witness an experience that will be one of the most special and integral part of your memories.

  1. The Dome Box

The Dome Box Dubai is located at Box Park in Dubai which is the next best thing happened to the UAE. It is a new kind of cinema where you will get a 360 degree theatre experience.

These movies are no regular movies; they are specially made movies converted into this format. You will find yourself journeying through space or deep into the nature. It will be definitely be great for little ones and a unique experience for grown-ups as well.

  1. Sega Republic


Sega Republic is a very well known indoor theme park at the Dubai Mall suitable for all age groups. It offers five different themed zones spread over 2 levels with 9 to 15 major rides and over 250 games.

It is a combination of the latest technologies with high entertainment value. Adding to the family indoor theme park, little ones can enjoy at the ‘soft play area’ which offers customized activities to keep them entertained for hours.

  1. Kidzania


Kidzania offers a unique experience full of realistic educational environment that allows kids between all ages from four to sixteen. The indoor educational entertainment centre is a city built to scale for children, with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and recognizable destinations in form of establishments sponsored by leading multinational and local brands.

The kids perform jobs here and are also paid for their respective performances where they earn official currencies of Kidzania for their job as a fireman, a doctor, police officer etc. The more they participate, the more they earn and the more they can experience.

  1. Hub Zero


Hub Zero welcomes you to the new world full of entertainment and thrilling rides and attractions developed exclusively for Hub Zero. It is spread over two floors with sprawling facilities including 18 major attractions with virtual reality offering different interactive experience shaped around some of the world’s most popular video games.

The attractions include laser tag areas, a virtual cave, dark rides, high tech driving stimulators, 3D tunnel, 4D cinema and much more. There’s also a large indoor adventure climbing zone.  Kids are going to have a gem of a time here.

  1. Quad Bike Safari

desert quad biking with kids

Dubai offers you an experience a Quad bike ride at the Arabian Desert. Take the thriving experience to ride a Quad bike in the sand dunes of Dubai. Arabian sand dunes are full of enchanting surprise, astonishing divergence and memorable experiences.

The Golden desert company is the one who organises this activity and is a member if an international group of companies which is one of the largest pioneer of rental operators in Dubai. The company is known for its professionalism and creative itineraries that they provide.

  1. Dubai Ice Rink

dubai ice rink for kids

Here you will get to experience sheer delight of gliding along the ice at the Dubai Ice Rink. You just need to take the beginner’s class and let loose and join en evening disco session with friends and family. It assures unlimited fun for skaters as well as visitors.

It is newly refurbished which is now more dynamic and trendy. The cafes here offer a leisurely and relaxing time for the entire family. It also offer unique entertaining shows on ice adding on big screen telecast of popular sporting events.

  1. Motion Gate Dubai


Motion Gate Dubai is one of the best in branded entertainment collaborated from three of the largest and successful motion picture studios in Hollywood which are DreamWorks Animation, Colombia Pictures and Lionsgate which offers you a completely different world of innovation and creative storytelling.

There are five different zones at the centre which are Studio Central, Colombia Pictures, Smurfs Village, DreamWorks and Lionsgate. Here you will get to know things about behind the scenes, an experience with adventurous rides at Colombia Pictures, witness the magical world of the Smurfs, play the hero at the movie theme park – DreamWorks and thrilling attractions with live stage shows at Lionsgate to adore.

  1. The Dubai RTA Ferry

top things to do in dubai with kids

The Dubai Ferry was launched in 2011 by the RTA as an option for commutation which is constantly improving and expanding. The ferry is more of a tourist trip as there are three trips that run on the Dubai Ferry. The ferry runs multiple times in a day from each location, though the frequency and time changes at times so it would be better to check the routine regularly.

The boats are designed for comfort with including snack bar on board and various other facilities. It is a great option for tourists to see the city from the sea and get a view of some of the most popular parts of Dubai. Other options for this route are quite expensive so it is totally worth taking a trip on the Ferry to explore the water ways with stunning views to stare at.

So you wish to know more about the Dubai, then check our Dubai Tour Packages

Wildlife Sanctuary of South Africa- Pilanesburg & Kruger National Park

Africa- the word itself gives us visuals of beautiful jungles, raw wildlife and scenic beauty. This place is just perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. There are many National Park as well as the Game Reserves in South Africa.

Here are two of the main national parks that will just add up to the thrill of your South Africa Tour package. No other place can be better than Pilanesburg National Park and Kruger National Park which offer you the best wildlife adventure of your life. To know every detail about these national parks keep on reading.

Pilanesburg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park is set within the crater of an ancient volcano formed by overflowing magma before 1.2 billion years.The total area of this National Park is around 572 Square Kilometers. The formation of rocks and the landscape at this place are a definite reminder of its volcanic past.This relatively small sized park, and its uncommon ecological richness, dramatically increases your chance of encountering the Big 5 (lions, elephants, Cape buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros) in their natural environment. You will enjoy a leisurely Safari experience which will leave you stunned. Your South Africa tour package will be incomplete without visiting this place.

How to Reach Pilanesburg National Park?

Pilanesburg National Park is nearer to one of South Africa’s main city i.e. Johannesburg. It takes around 03 Hours to reach here. Pilanesburg National Park can be visited all over the year. Sun City is around 10 Minutes from Pilanesburg National Park.

Why to visit this National Park?



The main reason to include this place in your South Africa tour package is the uniqueness of its location. Pilanesberg National Park is situated in a transition zone- between the dry & wet forest vegetation. This place is home to various flora and fauna. Various famous species of wildlife can be spotted here which includes the Big 5, Sable antelope, Roan, wild dog Tsessebe and more than 350 species of birds.

Where to Stay at the Pillanesberg National Park?

The Pilannesburg National Park offers some unique accommodation options which suits tastes of everybody. Here you can enjoy the Safari Tents tucked in bushes to the luxury lodges you can find it all. Some of the Accommodations are:-

Bakubung Bush Lodge


The Bakubung Bush Lodge is a fusion of African Wildlife experience with the Modern Day Luxuries. The Bakubung Bush Lodge is situated inside the Pilannesburg National Park.

Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge


The KwaMaritane Bush Lodge is situated on the slopes of volcano in the heart of Pilannesburg National Park. This place is very unique where you can rejuvenate your mind and body in the amazing wilderness of Africa.

Ivory Tree Game Lodge


The Ivory Tree Game Lodge is situated on the Pilannesburg National Park’s North Eastern Region. The Closest gate for this lodge is Bakgatla Gate. The Ivory Tree Game Resort is an oasis of luxury which provides various relaxing activities like Swimming Pool, Spa, Outdoor Dining. Here one can enjoy the traditional Zulu Dance, African Band, percussion show and many more.

Game Drive at Pilanesburg National Park


Imagine being just few feet away from the giant African Lion? Experience this as you take the game drive at Pilanesberg during your South Africa tour.


Wander around in an open safari vehicle which allows you the closest encounters with the wild creatures. You will come across abundance of rare species like cheetah and wild dogs and not forgetting the birds from varied species. The game drives are generally conducted during the cooler hours of the day to see the activity of the wildlife. The game trackers will share all type of knowledge regarding the wildlife throughout your drive. You will find amazing wildlife photography opportunities as well.

Kruger National Park

Explore the vast landscapes and the spectacular African wildlife at South Africa’s most exciting safari destination- The Kruger national park. The Kruger National Park is spread over the area of 19, 485 Square Kilometers, which makes it one of world’s largest national park. The diversity and density of the animals living here is unparalleled and every Africa’s iconic species- lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, hippo, giraffe and zebra-live their dramatic days out here.

How to Reach Kruger National Park?

The Kruger national Park is well connected with the both Roads and airport. You can reach Kruger National Park from Johannesburg that is approximately 7 hours by road.  Also you can reach Kruger by flight, there are 03 airports to reach Kruger National Park
1. Phalaborwa:- situated at Northern Section
2. Hoedspruit:- Situated at Central Section
3. Kruger Mpumalanga:- Situated at Southern Section
4. Skukuza Airport:- Situated at South Western Section

Why visit this National Park?

Guided wildlife activities are abundant and accommodation is both plentiful and great value. The most unique activity of the park is the sunset game drive which begins with marvelous views of the sun going down the forest landscape & ends with a night time drive in the forest.

Where to stay at the Kruger National Park?

The Kruger National Park being one of the largest National Park offers a wide variety of accommodation to visitors. The accommodations range from safari camps to exclusive
game lodges.

Protea Hotel Kruger Gate


This hotel is located near the Paul Kruger Gate. The hotel is around 07 Hours drive from Johannesburg, 85 Km from Mpulmanga International airport. The hotel is a prefect combination of modern day luxury tucked in the middle of wilderness. Here you can enjoy the relaxing Spa as well as mouth watering delicious cuisine.

SabiSabiLittle Bush Lodge


The hotel is located in the Sabi Sand Private game reserve, which borders the Kruger National Park. This resort offers luxury with privacy as it offers the accommodation is 6 free standing private thatched huts which provide exclusive privacy to the guests. It is perfect gateway for the family as well as for the couple to enjoy their time in wilderness combined with modern day luxury.

HoyoHoyo Tsonga Safari Lodge


The lodge is typical because the rooms are small round cottages made up of thatched roof
and color scheme of earth colour. The lodge reflects the Tsonga Culture and hospitality. The lodge is a perfect combination of ethnicity and luxury. The private huts provides exclusivity and privacy to the guests.


Game Drive at Kruger National Park.

The best time to experience the safari in the early morning or in the afternoon. You will depart from Hazyview (or from your accommodation in the surrounding area is) in an open safari vehicle and you will be taken on a thrilling experience of a guided tour of the Kruger National Park.

5 things that cannot be missed on the Garden Route


South Africa is a very unique destination filled with diverse natural beauty, unique wildlife and some unique adventure experiences. If you are planning a South Africa holiday, the incredible Journey along the Garden Route is a must do. You are sure to be mesmerized by the infinite shades of brown and green arising from the presence beautiful country houses, the large tracts of evergreen forests, spectacular bridges, incredible valleys and picturesque coastal towns. This Symphony of natural beauty gives the region its name.

Garden Route is a 750 Km. long stretch on the South Eastern Coast of South Africa, starting from Cape Town & Ending in Port Elizabeth. The temperature in this region remains mild & as it is sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and mountains ranges. Whether you are on your family holiday or honeymoon, this region is sure to leave you overwhelmed with its beauty & the diverse experiences it has to offer.

1. Visit the Garden of the Garden Route: Tsitsikama National Park


Tsitsikama National Park is a stretch of 80 km in between the Nature’s Valley and Storms River. In the local dialect, Tsitsikama is translated to ‘clear water’ referring to the Tsitsikama River that meets the Indian Ocean in this area. Walking on the Suspension bridge located at the mouth of this river is the highlight of this Park. It is not only thrilling but also gives you amazing picture opportunities. You can also take some time to explore the various hiking trails in the park.

2. Experience Bungee Jumping from height of 216 Meter at the Bloukrans Bridge


You are an adventure enthusiast looking for thrill of your lifetime? Bungy Jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge is the thing for you. This Bridge offers the highest commercial bridge bungy jumping at a height of 216 Meters. You can also opt for the Bridge Walk which takes you to the bungee jumping spot on the bridge while walking on a glass platform.

3. Click a Selfie with an Ostrich at Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn


The Ostrich are the largest birds in the world & of the few birds that do cannot fly. They are natives of the African continent & Oudtshoorn is the ‘Ostrich Capital of the World’. This place has a number of ostrich farms & experiencing a tour of one such farm is a must do. You have a chance to interact with Ostrich and with the experts who shares in depth knowledge about Ostriches. Also, you can see these amazing creatures run at a speed of 70 Km per hour.

4. Take an adventure tour of million year old Limestone formations at the Cango Caves


Cango Caves, located near Oudtshoorn, are one of the South Africa’s great natural wonder. It is a network of limestone caves that stretch for 4 Kms under the ground. You can opt for a Heritage tour that takes you past the major limestone formations like the Cleopatra’s needle, a 9 Meter high rock formation, or the Leaning tower of Pisa. These caves were discovered before 200 years & it is believed that one of the guides walked 29 hours to reach the end of the cave & he was 25 kms. away from the entrance at the end of his journey. You also have a chance to relive this guides experience by opting for the adventure tour that lets you crawl deeper into the cave, literally.

5. Experience Sky Diving from 10,000 feet!!


The fantasy of every person is to fly freely in air. In order to have your fantasy come true you can try your hand in Sky Diving at Mossel Bay. Mossel Bay sky diving offers amazing view from the top.

So you wish to have the incredible experiences while visiting the unique Garden Route of South Africa, then check out our South Africa Tour Packages.

5 Restaurants which you must visit in Dubai for a memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and you might be scratching your head to make sure that your Valentine Dinner Date comes out to be as one of the most special one. There is no doubt regarding the fact that if you are in Dubai, you are surely going to spend some lovely time shopping or visiting exotic locations which might make your day better.  But V-Day surely has to be something more than that and to end this day on a romantic note, a dinner date in Dubai is one of the most happening things that you would ever want to live and make it happen. So, here is a list of five restaurants in Dubai, where you would really love to go on a dinner date and make love not only delicious food but also the quirky setup. So keep aside all the plans and head down to these places where cupid will surely strike :



This undoubtedly has to be one of the most romantic set-up a restaurant could boast of. This high end Mediterranean Sea Food Restaurant  has all the reasons why you should be here. This restaurant is spreaded over a pier that is mounted over the ocean . There are not one but several USP’s of Pierchic which makes it as one of the best International Tour Packagesplace to be here for Valentine’s Day. If you wish to propose here, then it would surely serve as icing on the cake. You can later on spend some cosy time and hog onto delicious food that it has to offer.



At.mosphere is perhaps one of the world’s highest restaurant.  Nothing better, than dining out here in the best of your outfits and building castles in the air. This restaurant sits comfortably on the 123rd floor of BurjKhalifa, where you can wave hello to the world or maybe, shout out louder your lover’s name and feel proud about it. Once you are out of it, after having the amazing food they offer, especially desserts, you would realise how interesting this place is.



This waterside restaurant will make your evening much better and brighter, it will fill not only your stomach but also your soul. Walking in to this exotic romantic place with your better half, would make you feel very special. The lounge experience here would nonetheless giving you an elevated feeling.  When it comes down to eating good food at such an amazing place then you should always try your hand in European and Spanish cuisine.



Dine in at the private dining areas that Maui Beach Bar has to offer to you. Apart from the beachside location and the romantic setup, often couples come down to this place. Soak into the three course meal that is generally offered here, which is nothing less than an awesome treat for you. Enjoy the food that is laid out on the table infront of you, or walk hand in hand with your lover. In every case, you are going to love it even more. The rose bonbon at the end of your day, designed for the lovebirds will win your heart.



If you have ever fantasied about dining in, in a floating restaurant then this is the place where all your questions will be answered. With a lovely interior that this place is decked up with, international cuisine that is served here, be It veg or non-veg has especially been made to make sure that there are no loose ends on this special day.

Be at any of these romantic restaurants, in Dubai and make sure you make the most of this day with some lovely environment and good food. Cheers!

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