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Planning a Tour to Australia? Check out these 7 places
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One of the world’s largest countries and the only country that also happens to be a continent, Australia is indeed an amazing destination to explore. With the holiday season around the corner, it would be a wonderful experience to head down south and spend a nice vacation in Australia. There is a lot that you can do on Australia tour packages  as a traveler. From experiencing the traditional lifestyle and culture of this nation to enjoying the bubbling nightlife and the iconic outdoor destinations like its sun-kissed beaches, this place is sure to offer its visitors something special.


Australia is a destination where you can spend a good amount of time enjoying your break from routine life. It is a vast nation and it almost seizes the imagination of the visitors. Being a dynamic and developed country, Australia has something for each age group. While there are plenty of destinations to visit when in Australia, here are 7 beautiful places to check out.



This Australian city is the 3rd largest city in the country and has a population of about 2 million people. Brisbane has a warm climate through out the year and is blessed with a lot of scenery and natural beauty. The locals here are pleasant, which attracts lots of tourists to this city. A visit here would be fun for sure.



Melbourne is a very popular city in Australia and probably you too have already heard enough about it. It is considered as the cultural capital of Australia and also an important port. This is a very well planned city and is known for a good lifestyle. While in Melbourne you can go for some fine restaurants, lots of shopping and not to forget the sports venues.

Alice Springs


Situated in the heart of the country, Alice Springs is a unique destination, which is home for the remote Aboriginal community. The desert landscapes here are amongst some of the most amazing attractions along with a lot of history, making it one of the tourist hubs in Australia.



Hobart is the second oldest city of Australia which is an intimate and a small city in comparison with the Australian mainland cities. Hobart is a place which has the combination of great architecture and a lot of natural beauty. It has a mild oceanic climate. This place can be a good option to consider for your trip.



Home to almost over 1.2 million people, Adelaide is amongst Australia’s largest cities. What makes it amazing is that, is it surrounded by some of the best Vineyards of the country. Adelaide is also situated in between the lovely Adelaide Hills and the Gulf St Vincent. The city also has some of the best churches and colonial architecture.

The Great Barrier Reef


Coming to one of the most unique, beautiful and serene sight of this country; the Great Barrier Reef is something you wouldn’t wish to miss. It is the largest Barrier Reef System in the world and is a great destination for divers and explorers. A Visit to the Great Barrier Reef is indeed an experience in itself.


One of Australia’s best cities, Sydney is a modern city with long history. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are some of the major attractions of Sydney city which are indeed a must visit for all. You cannot miss out on Sydney while on an Australian tour.

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