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7 Gems of Experiences to Adorn Your South Africa Tour!
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Country : South Africa

There’s so much to explore, experience and look forward to every single day when you are in South Africa! Be it your love for the wild life, craving for natural beauty, appetite for adventure or the craze for unique shopping – this country has got it all for you!  Check out this ten of the tons of SUPER EXCITING EXPERIENCES that are sure to leave you love struck by SA! Getting over this majestic land of Nelson Mandela after a terrific trip won’t be easy, we bet!

1) THE RENDEZ-VOUS WITH PENGUINS TO MAKE YOU SMILE REALLY BRIGHT: Head to Boulders Bay and you will be stepping in to the natural habitat of African Penguins! Scoring high on cuteness quotient and adorability, they leave you smiling and marveling! Added to this joy are the surrounding majestic mountains and amazing ocean! All in all, this will be an experience that you will keep on revisiting in your mind for the rest of your life. Untitled design (14)   2) THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF CANGO CAVES: Are you up for something baffling? Check this out! There’s more to South Africa than what you see on the surface; quite literally! Its iconic Cango Caves take you to the ancient and mysterious underground world of astonishing rock formations – amazing enough to spellbound the adults and children both alike! You have walked enough on the earth all this while. Time to walk underneath it for a change and experience the vibes of a different era! What do you say? Untitled design (15) 3) NOT JUST THE WILD LIFE SAFARIS BUT A STEP FURTHER! HOW ABOUT KAYAKING WITH THE CROCODILES? The world goes ga ga over South Africa’s jungle safaris but you can go even beyond that! Try the very thrilling kayaking time where the only thing that separates you from crocodiles and hippos beneath the water surface is a fiberglass bottom of your kayak! Now isn’t that something worth bragging about once you are back home and flaunting your South Africa experiences to your friends? Untitled design (16) 4) PEEP IN TO THE CELESTIAL WORLD THROUGH JOHANNESBURG PLANETARIUM: If heaven really exists, here’s where you can look in to it from! Johannesburg Planetarium offers you house seats to gaze in the hypnotizing astronomical world of Africa! Enjoy the heavenly beauty up there, learn about the stellar world and feel being a part of the endless universe! While the regular tourists are busy checking out the places on the ground, how about going a step ahead and checking out the peculiar African sky too? Untitled design (17) 5) GO CRAZY, LIKE REALLY CRAZY, AT THE VALLEY OF WAVES: All you aqua fun fans, here’s where you will have a time of your life! Enter the Valley of Waves at the Sun City and you are guaranteed to go crazy with fun, thrill and laughter! A stunning and awe-inspiring theme park that is made to look like a tropical island, Valley of Waves offers a variety of water rides and a 1.2 metre high wave after every 90 seconds with a velocity of 35 km/h! Imagine the excitement! Untitled design (18)   6) THE TERRIFIC SCENIC BEAUTY OF TSITSIKAMMA NATIONAL PARK: Embraced by dense forests, river and mountains, Tsitsikamma National Park is all about Mother Nature’s sheer magnificence. Favourite amongst the tourists here is the Suspension Bridge at Storms River Mouth. It hangs just 7 metres above the river that’s about to merge with Indian Ocean this point on. Take up an adventure here or enjoy the walk that leads to the bridge, nature will blind you with its glory all the same. Untitled design (19)   7) EXPLORE THE FUNKY WORLD OF AUTHENTIC AFRICAN HANDICRAFT: Last but not the least; don’t forget to pick something up from this wonderful country that you will remember it by. What can be better than something artsy, colorful and ethnically African for that purpose? There are a number of authentic stores of genuine African arts and crafts pan South Africa. Bring back a bundle of artifact that you can rave about! Untitled design (20)


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